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Renae 5d
All roads seem blocked
All exits taped off!
This and that
always get in the way
I ask and wonder and
I don't feel okay

Am I worthy??
As though
you should answer...
Are you?
Who am I to choose

There are hidden things
I cannot see
Your heart, your soul,
your memories
Your trauma, your fears,
Your meant to be's

That crashed and burned
broke your heart...

Who am I to think
you're too broken to restart?

Can I assume you
have no right to life?
That you're cursed
unloved & shouldn't
been born... right...

When I look in a mirror
I only see me
So I ask myself,
Am I worthy?
And then I answer,
most certainly.
RobbieG May 9
Barely scraping by
arms to my side


Shoulder to shoulder
confined within the edges


Within this life
within these problems


To worldly temptations
battling my self-worth


Values disarrayed
confidence shattered


Power in faith
strength in love


Lost love
faith unfamiliar


By myself
for the first time


Poetry came along
after a long distance


Providing an avenue
allowing a healthy vice


No longer alone
with my feelings


Forever learning about myself
through my own words


Words forever kept
and some far to long


Bad memories, dark tales
past trauma, a bitter heart


The cause of myself
the cause of who I was


Others can affect us
and they did to me


However the most important
lesson poetry has taught me


It doesn’t mean they can
control my feelings


When you are of sound mind
when you are of a good heart


When you wear your heart on your sleeve and actually care


You will attract the energy you strive to become


We must save ourselves before we can save someone else


We must love ourselves before we can love someone else


We must want to be saved and loved to become both


Faith is calling my name as it’s weighing heavy on my heart


This life makes no sense without there being something


Thoughts of why I have been so unconvinced or scared


As a broken person I had no foundation to build from


I felt undeserving and like a hypocrite knowing my sins


Afraid of knowing what’s right but going against his word


Bitter from a childhood past that wasn’t his fault nor mine


That’s the only way to explain the way I treated us both


That explains why my relationships always failed


In life most things are self-inflicted, but we must find the


Poetry saved me, poetry taught me , poetry shined the light


To what it was that caused this, to the importance of love


For better or worse poetry never escaped me


The truth is a poet will never be alone unless they want to be


It’s in our hearts, it’s in our mind, our souls and gives purpose


My words aren’t combined letters but rather released


I write with rawness, the ink my blood, my pain becomes yours


My happiness and self-growth also equally transferred


But who I was, I wish on no one nor those feelings


It was a necessary journey but one I’m glad has transformed


So my deepest apologies to anyone that felt left in the dark

aha May 7
no, i am not a first grader
incapable of knowing when to capitalize
and i type in lowercase to be nonchalant
i don't capitalize 'i' because

i am not important
my self worth is lower than the Mariana Trench
it's hard for me to even address
myself without feeling annoying

i am not more important than the word prestigious
i'm not more pretty than the word beautiful
i am not as nice as the word affectionate
i'm not as secure as the word trustworthy

it's so hard to reprogram your brain to accept
that you can be of some worth, that you can be
desirable at all after years of too much thinking
and being alone and trapped in my mind

everyday i must try my best to remind myself
that the subject of a sentence is being
complemented by the beautiful words
like the way a close friends complement you

i have to remember that there are people there for me
even if my head tries to tell me otherwise
it's a struggle every time, but
just have to try
it's hard sometimes to remember that everyone has worth, even yourself...
Kota Apr 25
i wish i knew my worth
but it comes and goes as it pleases
like a tide pulling in and out
but i am nothing like the sea
i am a drought
waiting for rain and lemon poppy colored pollen seeds
Lilac Apr 21

Jewel in the hands of  ignorant
Is just another stone
But a jewel in king's crown
Is as precious as his throne
stillhuman Apr 14

I finally get up, i leave you behind
Now i'm free


I cry of joy as mom holds me in her arms
Now i feel


I paint 'til i can't feel my hands anymore and my cheeks hurt
a sweet ache caused by my smile
Now i create


I look in the mirror
I don't see a stranger
Now i am

But not really
I'm not
Not now
Practice makes progress, i guess
Cae Apr 14
I'm not gullible, you know.
I know second chances
are just excuses.
I know I have to stop counting the stars for those
who wouldn't even stay up to see them glow.
I know.

I can't keep breaking myself to fit their template,
to make them feel perfect.
I know I need to start burning bridges
with the match that has always stayed unlit through my temperance.
I know.

I need to stop looking through rose-colored lenses.
I always hoped that when I took them off,
nothing would change.

But maybe it's good that
I finally see what has really been in front of me.
I just need some quiet
Some peace
Because these voices are screaming at me tearing me apart
Just one day to not be told how worthless I've become
These voices are tormenting me making me insane
I just want some peace and quiet
Even just one day
Self talk, our own demise
deadhead Mar 26
When did we become
a thumbs up or a like?

At what point did we lose
our own self-worth over
a photo?
MG Mar 24
I am humiliated
that I have ever let worthless men,
determine my self worth.
I am like the ocean.
Soft, breaking, blue.
But vengeful, strong, and powerful.
Oldie from 06/19
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