Euphie 4d
The kind of letters we write
are ones that are written
with a light touch.

Your hand wandering
in between my legs,
while making my hips twitch
with pleasure.
love is blind,
we are used to that,
but have you known,
love has legs,
it ran away,
or did you know,
love can't speak,
probably that is why,
she left without saying
it was inspired by a tamil song
Abby M Dec 2018
Some sit on a pile of books
Not knowing the worth of their seat
Not knowing that the paper holds the tongues of a thousand souls
They sit on their bright future
If only their legs could read
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Remember so well my
school days, most of the
time In summer spent
gazing out of the
classroom windows
I would watch the girls
from school around the
corner come by
I remember one such
the day a girl came to
our the school she stood
outside, watching with
excitement seeing her
rolling up her shirt and
tucking It Inside her
knickers then did a
cartwheel up against the
railings there showing off
her lovely legs She loved
flirting but I didn't know
It that day but this
girl would become my
wife her name
The schoolgirl who became my wife
J Oaks Sep 2018
Is there a cloud under that tree?
Is there a cloud under that tree?
a small moth ***** its wings
it's in the cupboard
it's in the cupboard
a feeling sends a nerve to hover
and be strung out
a nerve sends a feeling to cover
and be shut out
Six legs clutched to dusty rosewood
eyes spread and eyes should
breathe kindly in life
Six legs clutched to dusty rosewood
eyes spread and eyes should
breathe kindly in life
Glowing light
Pushes through a line
It pushes through the line
It's bright and it's close to mine
glowing light
closer but through my fingers
tighter but shadows linger through
this light
glowing light
a moth ***** its wings
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Silky smooth thin legs
Such a rare gemstone today
In America
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
Everything plus-minus,
Venus, I beg you
to sponge me
All her fishes
Swim to surplus
and I imagine John
and all the people living
in peace but your niece looks
like Octopus
A priority the postman comes
Again twice got sponged
paid another
wet your

His sturdy strong
Milkman diary
but so many legs
But not enough time
Seattle rain
dating site
of Squid
She said to put a
lid on it
With such fluid
of water legs

They can really swim
Diet of fish my mask had
holes Swiss cheese lace
The golf game hole in one
I am home cooking
Calamari all knifed
inside like
Samkari  Uncle Sam
Sponged in with a lady
in her Mercedes

All squid-crabmeat
Those fish cakes water
crabby women
Sponge Bob aquarium
what an age
The college sorority
took over
the man's legs
Colliegate Girly
Fun side
authority sponge me
anytime no cell phone
So precocious hair rinse
So fictitious
legs so pompous
Something always
more flirtatious
Sponge wet lips
she thought things were
clean delicious women
why do we
get devious wanting
what others have
You cannot share
your way too jealous
everyone became about the
The next winner New Jersey
Mrs. Cleaner not the dry ones
joy luck don't press me out
Club sandwich of legs
Got sponged
I Apple phones
too much of a bite
She got bugged
things had to change
They deleted
everyone's name
Those monstrous

Mother in laws belly buttons
with gems rings of octopus
Everytime the same things
Octopus every October
They were Cowboy riders
And baked trio swingers
Quickdraw Mcdonald burglar
the gun always the silencer
Those sponge ladies love
to clean with their dancer's legs
Hitting some ***** spots
with her sponge
Those octopus men muscles
Leg lift Taylor Swift
Men love their leggy
eating muscles
Snake eyes of Venom
That jellyfish way too clean
Those surrenders
and wet calender
They got suspicious email
But lemons are the climate
Of October clean
Halloween became
beyond nasty
Thirteen sides slippery
Got slimy at the Door concert
Jimmy with his Morris(sons)
Octopus caused a vigorous
scene smashing pumpkins
There is no science to an
Octopus and sponge
But she loves her computer
and it was
an infectious disease
She was overly had

Cleaning it with her sponge
Eating her blueberry
sponge cake big mistake
She became on this sugar
leg kick really sick
So reckless or
Wheres her thesis
What a day for the sponge to
be doomed with curses
Sponge talk ***** lounge
Cafe with mud packs

Sponge sticking to Mamas
Octopuses garden wanting
to hold your hand
The Beatles pin cushion shaped;
like an Octopus needles
I am the Walrus all doodles
Meretricious appliances
Her child had
Octopus performance
What allowances

Woodstock New York
The concerts heavy rained on
Purple haze Octopus
You needed to ring it
out on the clothesline
This felt like a pipe dream
The Octopus needed
more money

All burlesque Cher legs I got you
The seamstress what madness
The butterfly lost her wings
Hannibal all Octopuses cannibal
They were sewed into the
Octopus picnic outing
Salads calamari tomato rotten
Got crush from her leggy

Going out of the country but
I cant back down
Tom Petty got sponged
with a  million buggies
Dr. Seus Octopus in the hat
Her legs got flat
That's a Jerry Mcquire Hire
Octopus got so baked I wonder
who made the fire
Got sponged into something but the Octopus is everything too leggy feel the buggy  but how much time do we really have make it leggy and get into this action
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Lie down in this bed,
hmmmm, your legs are much too long.
¡CHOP! Now they fit great.
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