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Oh you're gonna feel that
Be positive on all things
Hard to be when they
Sawed off your **** legs
Where'll you run to now?
Àŧùl Aug 2021
In between my legs
is my missile and
I want to launch
it to your crotch.
My HP Poem #1937
©Atul Kaushal
Mark Wanless Feb 2021
i love her long legs
that go always to heaven
i don't have to dream
little lion Feb 2021
I have taught myself to believe that everything happens for a reason... how else am I supposed to cope with the endless, torturous hurt that barrels through my body day after day,
wearing down my bones the way
trains begin to wear down their tracks;
the piercing shriek of the wheels spinning against
the push of the brakes mimicking the
cry of my legs struggling to hold up the
nineteen year's worth of
trauma and heartache and exhaustion
threatening to come tumbling down onto
the tracks while my
heart is forced to stare helplessly on,
an innocent bystander
to the impending tragedy that will
forever scar her for life as she is
forced to watch me lose mine?
There has to be a reason
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I have been trying to control the need
Escape ruthless desire
Hide fears within quiet looks
Start to falter and tire
For each time you leave my side
Another day crumple into a ball
Try to stand up by myself
Every attempt immediately fall
Way too wobbly to carry own weight
Legs always buckle and cave
Powerful devotion I feel for you
Holds me captive
A slave
When I try to regain balance I just get even unsteadier
Deepali Oct 2020
"CHOICE" 💬 🦟
What you see is not what it is...
So what it is, might not be as its been seen.
"Now close your eyes and let the body rests where it wants."

What if our head is not the thinking factory or are you ready to make a new factory?
But, this time no source of eye rolls
and you will see your legs are also
thinking souls.👁

This time thinking is no longer
than, 1second tip tap tip...
it starts tapping its way to next direction
which is left and there goes the
right behind...
Like your feets giving you the way to make it stay...
to the journey of this nector you pour which is insane.

Unfortunately 🕳
Its time to rethink the steps we take
on the shows we should ignore,
when we loose our mind's
game roll..👁
Yes? the 1sec power makes your way. . .
is it the 10sec beat droped in your vain...  "CHOICE"🦟
Choice is always yours let the decision be not made by legs when 1sec  thought slip goes greater than the 10sec thought process you try to achieve to follow it for the good paths.
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
A tall silver trailer

In my backyard

When I was a little girl

I wanted to fly

I figured out

How to climb

Up and up

To the top

Of that silver trailer

Pacing left and right

I wanted to fly

Let the wind

Get tangled in my hair

Lingering on the edge

I stood there


With sun teasing my face

Confident, unaware

Of gravity

Hesitant for a moment

But patience taught me

To enjoy the view

Of neighborhood of rooftops

I wanted to fly

So I jumped

Off that silver trailer

Soared with arms open

Then fell

To the ground

Feet landed first

The ground jolted by body alive

Crouched there for a moment

For I had flew

Smile collected along with bruised palms

Hadn’t been afraid

For I knew the ground

Would catch me

I laughed and danced

For I had flew and found freedom

Collected rooftops upon my descent

I never regretted finding the ground

Or thought

It was a hindrance to be born with legs

And not wings
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