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4h · 45
Heading Home
The morning shore
Is in place
And it will lift
And separate
Smiling wide
As the high tide
Reaches places
Meant to be unattainable

I am ready for
Sensory overload
Your thoughts resting
On my shoulder
Your smile wide
As giftedly so
You pull my strings
And head for home
1d · 317
& splendorous
this afternoon of us
barefoot in the grass
Noontide escapade
& pageantry
the mural on the wall of your heart
says you agree
Loving outside of ourselves
constructs the nook
I feel what you feel
There's an au fait air
between this man & wife
bound in codex
this breath of life
Sehnsucht [ˈzānˌzo͝oKHt] : yearning; wistful longing.
Between the envelope and gondola I'm lighter-than-air. Montgolfier-style? Not really. I ascend as a prayer with his eyes wide shut, timid in the feel for heaven. Speaking of heaven, some say it's no longer a gated community, but the association fees have doubled. Really I float like a Yost, flaming onboard for the photo shoot. The morning pass is for the kids with spending power. The noon move, and media darling, catches the Comic-Con crowd just stumbling out of a parent's basement. The night drift, drink in hand, mimics the trigger man who got his days confused from too much killjoy. Laissez-passer both giveth and taketh away -- there is no immunity in the sky, no amnesty to assign my crimes to. I'm just your smiley actor on the Netflix trail. You love me for a season or until my balloon gets popped. Whichever comes first.
2d · 86
Perched against the fluvial
in respite from the wind
an ex-animate, eolian tumbledown
made from bone & decay

Deep within
its unearthly womb
sits the curled elongated shape
of the perfect organism
BLT's continued challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, eolian.
3d · 144
Sometimes clouds
Sometimes rain

Sometimes a little gray
to wash away
the inhumane
Look closer...
the winding trail
is baked to perfection,
bearing the scars
of a caesarean section.

Only the snakes
dare travel along I-8,
one-by-one the seasons lie prone,
in heat this sun will castrate.

The burnt aspects on faces
don’t smile or frown,
they peer out as residue
to places perished in the wake of
a cityscape’s head trauma,
calling out to the heaven’s above
as they await her to rise
with wings from these ashes,
in anticipation for a day ne’er to draw nigh,
even the steady fall of acid rain
will fail to wash away such genocide.

A favorite haunt transmutes
into a ghost town,
burning into the ground
the heat seeps into the soul,
and the procession begins again
for whom the bell tolls.

Towers of steel melt
as popsicles on the pavement,
the sun’s punishment
is constantly transcendent,
the noise of sparks and hums
rattle the spine,
today’s forecast is a good chance
of saturnine.

Eerie colors at dawn
make for a spectral scenic view,
picnic lunch in the park
is categorically taboo,
the hunters of men
swoon in subjugation to this tyranny,
weather’s wrath was everyone’s destiny.

Live a little, die a little,
pretend it cannot happen,
but in the end we all windup
as peanut brittle...
Blindfolded in the center ring

The crowd wants blood

Everything forgotten
to pandemonium

The bell rings

The round begins

If nothing else
one thing is certain

We're in for the fight
of our lives
Jimmy had a dog named Barnaby.
He was just like one of the family.

He did what most good dogs do.
He kept Jimmy company, even ate his homework a time or two.

But no matter how hard Jimmy tried,
Barnaby would never, ever fetch a ball.

Oh, he typed, he vacuumed, even mowed the lawn,
Yet, wouldn't retrieve any stick at all.
From the Poets Unite Worldwide anthology: Children We Are: Poems For Children (Children books Book 2)
May 28 · 339
Empirical Sand
Carlo C Gomez May 28
I see waves
and candy-filled holidays
I see beach *****
and florescent seafoam
I see barely clad soccer moms
playing in the surf
with their children
I see Humbert
eyeing the teenage girls
I see the beauty
of an Asian sun
I see bikini ties come undone
I see predilection
and his friend, ignorance
I see the same social distancing
by the color of one's skin
I see newfound paranoia
I see the old pleasure
and pain
I see a broken whole
in a mere afternoon walk
on the shore

Welcome to
the empirical sand

What you see
is what you get
BLT's continued challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, empirical.
May 28 · 535
A World Lit Only By Fire
Carlo C Gomez May 28
And a little wind


And the coming blasphemy

By the numbers

The sign says
"Open for Business"

Opinions are mixed

As are the numbers

Let's give the world a spin now and see what burns
May 26 · 360
Star Boat
Carlo C Gomez May 26
Under the bow
of a failing nebula
floats a time capsule
full of unused bandwidth
and disappearing summers

Swimming-pool eyes
they're in remission
discovering Columbus
on the starboard side
of this standard suburban saltbox

Fragility and risk is this
cosmic companionship
rowing to latitude
through dark matter
seiche or refracted

The oncoming tide
will mean a migration of steep passages
"though shiny, sculpted pebbles
spoke of frequent waves
the sea was docile that day"
Inspired by the poem "in love with to the north sea (swinburne)" by fellow HP writer, beth fwoah dream stclair.
May 26 · 215
Destroy, She Said
Carlo C Gomez May 26
Mommy drinks because you're bad
Destroy, she said
But remember
The practical pyromaniac
Burns responsibly
Carlo C Gomez May 26
You or me

You then me

But never
You and me?

The more we walk together
The less we know one another
May 24 · 371
Carlo C Gomez May 24
Channel all your pain
to the summoned fields of my sun-baked heart

let me be your long-suffering, xeriscaping soil
--once rain-fed by this love--

now as parched as

the plateau where we bowed our heads
and pleaded for mere drops of forgiveness
BLT's new challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, xeriscape.
May 22 · 171
Neon Velvet
Carlo C Gomez May 22
I remember when I first saw you
in such a state,
shifting with the direction of light,
viola shaped,
the boudoir door slightly ajar.

Rings exchanged,
veil removed,
the bells had chimed for us,
and then for
ships in safe harbor.

The pitter patter of
surf cascading in
from an open window,
otherwise hushed,
turnt and *****,
dimples showing
whether you smiled or not.

Turnabout was fair play
--azure hues in moonlit pastel
caressing the folds and ties
around midnight’s chemise
--the lure of velveteen
and vast soft canvas of pearl
--areolae circles and quaint triangles
in the thick of things,
gift-wrapped in elegant fur.

Belle-chose, under
the waxing, waning crescent
of dainty omphalos, yawning in chiaroscuro,
red-faced and piqued,
quite shy coming out of the shadows.

The batting of lashes,
the lingering scent of bouquet
--like the seduction of flute song,
I followed and followed
until thoroughly lost within you.
May 22 · 168
We Could Be Spiders
Carlo C Gomez May 22
to be your
all webs
and legs
and tasty things
in the parlor
and then when
the eggs
hatch away
it's curtains for
you and me
May 20 · 241
Carlo C Gomez May 20
The eyeshadows
Of her favorite color palette
Were every bit as neoteric
As they were triturated
--broken to pieces
Inside a mailer
Without bubble wrap
Based on a true story.

BLT's new challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, neoteric.
May 20 · 576
Carlo C Gomez May 20
Stay inside
Play it safe
There are much greater things to miss than a day at the beach

Beginning with life itself
Carlo C Gomez May 19
The big man upstairs
Once and for all
Disabused me of the notion
That he was in fact
God himself

And just my landlord
Living on the top floor
Yelling at me
Through the wall
That my rent is overdue
BLT's new challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, disabuse.
May 19 · 152
Love and Gunpowder
Carlo C Gomez May 19
God bless wartime for lovers
And the heart's desire
For all things ammunition

The seminal spark
Of randomology
Runs as an aqueduct
To the mothership
Fascination is found
In strangeness
And its sister's alien sigh

The fun of fear
Is teeth and biomechanics
And morbid curiosity
Of what lurks in the brazen alcove

Abducted on Sunday morning
Returned in time for kickoff
Dressed like a fugitive
With a hole in your head
Souvenir of the brave and the new

The body's warm jets
Begin to stir as a powder keg
Any kind of love you've had
Is always far sweeter as a memory

A memory, angel
Inspired by Madilyn Cook's poem with the same title.
May 18 · 186
Exiguous Me
Carlo C Gomez May 18
inner places of bijou

stone and mortar
of the exiguous me
wants the sweetest suspire
the complete rapture
to be within the maze
of you
BLT's new challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, exiguous.
Carlo C Gomez May 18
And stems

Long stems
Leading to painted toes
Pointing at trouble

A whole hour
In a cold shower
And she still has all the power
May 17 · 120
Whiz Quiz
Carlo C Gomez May 17
Are the pedals on a piano
There because it once was a vehicle?

Are there long lines tonight
At the nudie fish market?

Is that a ****** dressed as your wife
On the Lord's day?

Is your depression building its own
Glorified bomb shelter?

Do you pray for what wilts
As equally as for what blossoms?

Did someone ***
In your sandbox again?

Was it you?
May 16 · 141
Those of My Blood
Carlo C Gomez May 16
familial sea
asteroid debris
plagued black sun
the chain undone
derivation drought
acetylene light burnt out
sands of a surname
run through veins as aspartame
in departed sons & daughters
blood is thicker than water
but drains ever so faster
Carlo C Gomez May 15
The hunter child
Born out of fear

Shed of its skin
Along a feral frontier

Hold the low note
And feel the sting

To feast upon our hearts
Is the primal thing
May 13 · 147
Plastic Cups
Carlo C Gomez May 13
It's a small world
for some girls. They live

in shadow
of the Himalayas,
and other assorted mountainous
peaks. They daydream

of being followed
by the camera eye,
adored for the top heavy
weight they carry with
a grinning bounce. They want

to be a cruise ship,
stacked to the deck.
They want to be
fashioned with torpedoes,
a bombshell to
reckon with. And so they lie

on a table
to become a sculpture in plastic
for a renowned
architect. A mad scientist
in his own right,
experimenting with his creations
on fragile psyches, banking

on insecurities,
giving them a deflated hope
that what God didn't
bless them with,
his derangement will.

It's a mind game.

A mantra to "she who sends up gifts":
if you feel as good as you look,
all is well.

There's no harm in that, right?
Let's ask Pandora...
For individuals considering breast augmentation surgery, take note of the following statement from the FDA:

“Breast implants are not lifetime devices; the longer you have your implants, the more likely it will be for you to have them removed.”

Millions of women worldwide have developed symptoms after implantation in the 50 years they have been on the market.

These symptoms have been coined “breast implant illness.” From minor irritations to greater health challenges, research supports that in some individuals, both saline-filled and silicone-filled breast implants can cause significant adverse health effects, leading us to question if breast implants are safe. In addition, implants have been found to increase the risk of certain types of cancer.
May 12 · 316
Love on Clearance
Carlo C Gomez May 12
She shot me
With a pricing gun

But no one
Would buy a word I said

She then felt sorry
And put me on discount

Now I get plenty of attention
Yet never felt so cheap
May 11 · 159
Alt Karlsbad
Carlo C Gomez May 11
The well dug deep
She is one to forever keep

She dances naked for me
In the coin fountain
She wears **** boots
On the balcony
Amid raindrops
And not a stitch more
For the hyperbole

It's the perfect dividing
Of night and day
This well of ours
From which we play
In the 1880s a former sailor named John Frazier dug a well in the area of Carlsbad, California. The water was discovered to be chemically similar to that found in some of the most renowned spas in the world, and the town was named after the famed spa in the Bohemian town of Karlsbad. It is now a favorite vacation spot.
May 10 · 395
Know Your Chromosomes
Carlo C Gomez May 10
X & Y
Love chimes

Vectors of heredity
The strong staining
Of dyes

Sisters really
One the original
One the copy
It's all in the packaging

An extraordinary feat of engineering

They form books
They tell stories
But no author?

Come build with me
The gift of eternity
"Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing, as regards the days when they were formed and there was not yet one among them.” -- Psalm 139:16
She still can't comprehend
How the space between them
Once measured in fingertips
Must now be calculated
In light years
May 8 · 1.2k
Marshmallow Land(ing)
You and I,
we floated upon
clouds of cotton candy,
felt the warmth
of the butterscotch sun,
and with eyes tightly closed,
we kissed each other
like wishful stars of sugar.

It's a crying shame
our parachutes failed to open...
May 7 · 160
Where Kings Die First
'twas a time of risk
to rule the throne,
foreign skies stole his queen,
framed mischief in the shape
of her childbearing hips,
spun a web as thick as thieves,
went for broke with the catapult,
and sent his merry dreams
up in smoke.

'twas a time of risk
to wear the crown,
arrows to cleave thy heart,
jealous siblings in want of their own
ruby covered kingdom,
pushing thorny daggers
into one's side.

where kings die first
they drink from the poison cup,
tell all thee faithful villagers
only two weeks more
until the clouds lift,
and their precious queen
shall return to re-pollute their minds
with a new philosophy,
a new misogyny:
women's hatred of women,
killing her daughter's father
for a song and dance,
and the outside chance
she can ride on top.

there the lingering scent
of betray, dismay, this day,
and a closing ******
will reach over the castle wall.

on some besotted morning,
painted as the saccharine sky,
she'll wave at Jehu's returning chariot,
and he will press her handmaids
into service by having them
toss her to the dogs.
I steel myself for the familiar
--the dark cylinders
of half-smoked cigarettes,
I can feel it in my lungs.

"Magic begins with blood," you said.
"Don't get stuck on a dream."

That could never be.
I dream of someone new each time.

"For me, I'm your sorrow
calling in your dreams.
For me, I'm your shadow
howling in the streets."

My hands, they close
around the throat,
until that whispered plea
becomes a silent sonnet.

"You'll be happier in your grave."
May 5 · 247
Don't just settle
For being someone's
Flavor of the month

Learn what it takes
To make love stick
Sweet coma canopy,
brain bath in solemn loops,
a gentle washing away
of handprints,

Makes the bed,
blanketed by dreams,
rest upon reimagined partitions,
instead of the jagged edge,

But there are holes
in the architecture,
pliable infrastructural tunnels
to navigate through,

Lucky termite splinters
the mind, this delicious library,
and feasts upon before all acquired
souvenirs settle into books,

It's then a young turtledove lifts
off toward October next,
searching for the dry twigs
with which to build closure.
Inspired by an art exhibition of Oscar Oiwa, using only Sharpie markers.
May 2 · 332
Reconsidering Sylvia
Sylvia didn't waste time

She kept time

In a bell jar

On her nightstand

Next to the blissfully whirling blackness of eternal oblivion

All in the hopes it might one day grow wings

And lift her beyond the owl's talons clenching her heart
for Sylvia Plath (1932-1963)
May 1 · 178
Piano in an Empty Room
Unyielding notes
Silhouetting umbra
Breaking through
Architectural shadow
Flickers of bloom & bounty
From a sleeping
Satiated bride
Reposed upon
The chaise longue
Softly interlacing
The accidentals
With a final grace note
Before absolute stillness
Apr 30 · 347
Crown of Thorns
Carlo C Gomez Apr 30
Little girl runs screaming to mother
about her encounter
with the ribbon man

Teenage girl believes herself
free to be a trampoline
offering all sorts a rugged bounce

Newly installed queen
rules over her anathema and sacrilege
with shiny neurotic scepter

Powerless to discern
shelter from serpent

Incapable of entering
into the kingdom of love
See the poem "She'll Hide Underneath Covers" by fellow HP writer BLT.
Apr 29 · 151
Carlo C Gomez Apr 29
"she was weeping, banally, in the moonlight"

We, in some strange power’s employ, move on a rigorous line

Our thoughts broadcast in reverse of linear time

Laying down fresh electric cable so our minds can again spin webs and half-eaten threads

To stand ready for launch from
Cape Canaveral

Young astronauts, and cultural fallout, spun in exhilarating swirl of places and vividly half-described incidents

Experiments explored in zero gravity

Starlight, starbright
first time I apogee tonight

Impaled upon the high temples of Min
flowered in the sun

A collective come undone

Circumferencing quicksand
as worlds tilting badly off-center

In the death ovens  
they go spiraling down into driftglass
Apr 29 · 316
Memory Lane
Carlo C Gomez Apr 29
I tried taking a trip
down memory lane
but it was closed
to thru traffic

So I called the department
of transportation
and they told me
it was all in my head
Carlo C Gomez Apr 28
We smelled your scent
we signed a lengthy confession
we drew a composite
and picked you out of a lineup
yet still you walked away
scott free

time we implicate you
a little bit more


A preponderance
of the evidence
suggests duct tape
over rope

you're my willing hostage
you love something about me
but this is all about
keeping you quiet
Stockholm Syndrome - trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.
Apr 27 · 164
Costa Brava
Carlo C Gomez Apr 27
Beaches get jealous
But I'm not repentant

She brought her bikini
And changed where she
Thought no one could see

Heaven knows at sixteen
I was full curious

I saw the goods
Lost my equilibrium
And fell down the embankment

To this day
I may have selective memory
About events

I do, however
Remember the reach
And the bend

And how I swear
Her belly button winked
Apr 26 · 239
Water Unto Wine
Carlo C Gomez Apr 26
We're in the cellar
Aging with the wine
Building a well
With bottled water
So far underground
And scared again
Signs from heaven
Please form an orderly line
Carlo C Gomez Apr 25
Kids wear you
as a Halloween mask

The only thing you've ever
been invited to do is leave

You've known the term
'social distancing' all your life

Even Covid-19 crosses the street
when it sees you coming
Apr 24 · 138
An American Elegy
Carlo C Gomez Apr 24
The field's on fire

and natural selection

loose in the commons

dying to ****
killing to die

this is no dress rehearsal
no prank

the breath of life

into playground psychosis

the finger of a false god

summoned in the blackness

to try and choke humanity's
guiding flame

(but on it burns)
The Columbine High School tragedy occurred on April 20, 1999, killing twelve innocent students and one brave teacher.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 23
Life In A Glass House
has me In Limbo,
Climbing Up The Walls.

There's A Wolf At The Door,
and I'm afraid he'll blow
this House Of Cards down on me.

"There, There,"
black-eyed angels said to me,
"you need to be Optimistic."

Hey, I'm a Worrywort,
I Might Be Wrong,
but 2 + 2 = 5.

Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
Down Is the New Up,
this virus thing deserves a Ful Stop!
All song titles are by Radiohead.

In response to BLT's poem "Talk Talk Tribute." The challenge is to construct a poem using song titles from one band or musical artist.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 23
Everybody Loves a Happy Ending.

But so too,
Everybody Wants To Rule the World.

It's Elemental,
and I Believe,
indications of a going Mad World.

Still Brian Wilson Said,
“Sorry, the Closest Thing to Heaven
begins by Sowing the Seeds of Love
and ends with Swords and Knives.”

Maybe Our Days Are Numbered then,
if so, Shout
your Famous Last Words
like The Prisoner
as Tears Roll Down.

For the Love of Cain
just let it all out!

**** Love.
Watch Me Bleed.
All song titles are by Tears for Fears.

In response to BLT's poem "Talk Talk Tribute." The challenge is to construct a poem using song titles from one band or musical artist.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 22
On the second floor
of a department store

At the DMV
appointment window

In the kissing booth
on Coney Island

Anywhere around
her pineapple grove
Part 3 in the Brenda series.
Apr 21 · 699
Good Morning Beautiful
Carlo C Gomez Apr 21
Wrapped in a warm blanket
With my wife / fellow prisoner
Where we share a brush with life
As the outside cacophony of
The paper boy
Throwing the morning edition
Of the wreckage
From the day before
Smites the window
Apr 20 · 189
Not Every Ocean Can Swim
Carlo C Gomez Apr 20
Where I end
And she begins
Is open for debate
There are places
We overlap
Blend together
Little between us
Is on the surface
Some are long entrenched
Others postpartum
And they will hold on
To the bitter end
Ebbing and flowing
Careening and crashing
So many create
Their own storm
Those wise enough
Allow them to drowned
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