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Ian 1d
Dreamy thoughts of the future meander,
Leaving a desire, dare say a fire raging within,
Endeavor to never allow the present the power,
To capture, and smother what presses valiantly forward.

Despite the dreary realities lying before me,
What comes beyond is the enticing peak of the journey,
A bastion of becoming what is so desperately sought,
The person I've endeavored to be.
Change is all I want,
Smiles all day to flaunt
Vibrate with succes,
Always saying yes!
Yes ‘can do anything I ever dreamt,
My presence could make historycal dent!
Don't waste your time,
Cause I won't waste mine
I've got my mountain to climb!
It might be your bedtime,
But it ain't mine!
Got my perfect rhyme,
To find,
I won't stay behind!
Marla Toledez Apr 16
My existence weighs heavy today,
Heavier than any moment to precede it.
I must decide now what will be my way,
If I shall rise to victory or remain defeated.
But in all truth, I feel not afraid.
Other challenges, I have vanquished
Lacking that languished hand of aid.
Yes, life is my special stage.
I shall revel in it's light,
As well as that of my new age.
Frost Apr 14
What to do when you're disappointed at yourself

Go outside at night time
Look at the sky
See those twinkling stars?
Imaging them as if they're all of your achievements
Not many right?
But think of this
There are millions of stars at the sky
Which cannot be seen by the ***** eye
Because its too far away
It's just really hidden

Got the memo?

If not

It just means that
You have accomplished more than you think
You just haven't noticed it
Be proud of yourself
And when in doubt

Look up above
Just a really random optimistic thought
Mitch Prax Apr 14
No matter how dark
your petals may wither
just remember to keep shining
and pushing through the dirt.
Mitch Prax Apr 14
It's when no one believes in you-
that's when you have to come through
but oh, it's such a hard thing to do.
Ed C Apr 13
I feel like a clown
makeup running down
my face, from the rain,
the pain of feeling clouds
blocking my sunshine dreams
ha ha haaa.....
Aroody Apr 11
Indeed many people saw,  
The misery and pain, life had brought,  
But they didn't think of giving up,

They brushed their shoulders,  
Ready to go for just one more round,
They didn't think of giving up,  

When they were stuck in rain,
Hopeless of seeing the sun ever again,
They didn't think of giving up,

Even when the diagnosis said,
They probably wouldn't live so long,
They didn't give up,

As they saw the cold hearts of the rest,
They still believed and continued to love,
They didn't think of giving up,

Because a wise man once said:
Optimism is what keeps us alive!
Hope and always hope
Ed C Apr 11
Knock knock.
I heard it in my sleep,
in my head,
I heard the knocking
between the weather change,
between the fleeting cold mornings
and the calm of the sun on my afternoon skin.
I heard the knock of it all coming together,
the season, waking me from the nightmare.
Seasons changing brings a new reincarnation of the spirit
I seem to lean
into my shadows, failures and faults.
That ***** too natural
and my downward leaning too easy.

What darkness have I learned?
What sullen seed has
merged into the deeper passages
to transform
into thorns?

Is it my repeated stumblings
or the sin of another
inflicted early
but now forgotten?
Maybe it’s so terrible
my mind has stashed it way way down
now a fungus still alive in the dark?

I feel too at home
dwelling in that cave
and I am in need,
I am sorely in need
of light,
enough lasting exposure
to **** the blight
scorch the itch
and set me leaning
into an upward pitch
to thwart the dark

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