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Srujani Jun 4
In the part of growing up
I realized that
crying is not a sign of weakness
anger issues are never an excuse
out spoken is not attitude
introvert is not an abnormality
keeping secret is not a matter of pride
being busy doesn't count under fake
choosing alone doesn't mean hating people
being sad doesn't mean you are not happy
and feel of home doesn't always need a house

meaning of words always do differ beyond people
time really do heal everything eventually
choices doesn't count with any friendship
mistakes are meant to be done just to learn
and perfection is almost an illusion

in the way of growing up
I tend to cherish the stays than crying on lefts
love these abnormalities which were always nah's being a kid
feel happy in dark days just remembering
the proud time of future remembering this today
I tend to thank my trauma which I used to hate the most
I tend to accept the reality just while am writing this!
The day I found there's nothing beautiful than to grow up
I felt my heart knocking in happiness
and I don't know why
Neelam May 23
Thinly spread aphorisms

wafting through morning breeze

The joyful radiance of this hindsight

addictive, soothing balm for weak spirit

The unknown aural scene crafted by songbirds

mustered from eternal Being

Overpowered the dark veils
This poem draws the contrast between the utter hopelessness felt by home bound people during lockdown and the glory of the nature which fills us with optimism. The songbirds are the most beautiful phenomena on earth, they bring us light during the uncertain times.
Hamas terrorists let rockets rain on Israel

Israeli soldiers shattered Palestinian dreams with shrapnel

I learned that cancer killed, again! Shyra this time. RIP

Gray, rain, pouring down depressing large tears, non-stop! Just weather, or is it?

Bleak reality, Ina got diagnosed. Hello cancer my old fiend!

Pandemic work from home blues, lonely stares at screens, empty flat, inward screams, ahuman void.

The world would’ve been less brutal without your malevolence. I hope, you do better, tomorrow. I really do hope so!

Just now! News: it’s a boy, Tomme! Lungs inflated, first screams, first breath. Hope a tad elated.

Death and life, a full circle
Bad days come and go. Take life one day at a time. Sometimes bad days end good! So today was still a good bad day!
Ahmad Attr Apr 24
Such a windy eve
The dark clouds are covering my porcelain sky
I’ll be leaving tomorrow’s morning
Are the gathering to cry?
My head is muddled and I am frightened
I am restless as it is all too sudden
I’ll be leaving my home, my town soon
With heavy heart, I amble on my balcony
Suddenly, there is gleam
From the distance crevice of heaven
It seems the sun isn’t ready to sleep
The gold feasts at the tips of the smoky clouds
In the cracks of my sky, honey pours all over it

Such a windy eve
I spread my hands open
The cool gust passes through the gaps of my fingers
I can feel it, the farewells
As though I am the heart of this town
Taking in all the essence
I can hear it, every little thumping heart
Every bird, every child
This town, never asleep, never silent
Tomorrow I’ll just be a memory
So Why not a happy one
I look forward to the life calling me
My star will always light the sky, wherever I’ll be
Martin Boško Apr 12
Hear the bells of Freedom sing
Promise of normalcy the ringing brings
Joyous people dance in the streets
This Sound of Joy is what the world needs
Written after the 2020 US election results
Mohit Ramola Apr 9
Confidence is my armour
Optimism is my saviour
I wander in the darkness
And kiss the silence
Don't tear my wings
Don't force me the rings
Even if I get thrashed
I will land into my saviour's arms
My armour would be holding my palms
Lucy Apr 10
I thought that we
Would be together forever
My first and last love
All at once
I still feel that way
For our future.

But I am not well
My future is unsure
Whilst yours is clear
Like crystal
I was drowning
Trying to stay afloat
To stay with you.

Now I am treading water
It is easier
Every day it is easier
I have learnt a lot
To do things for myself
Before I can do things for you
For us.

I have more optimism
Than ever before
Yet I worry
That maybe yours
Is gone
Or maybe, I hope
You feel the same.
Ralph Bobian Feb 27
What is optimism?
Optimism is when honest isn't...
It’s when you have to use that word
Cuz what you keep wanting to happen
Ends up happening different
It’s when that night demon in your head
Is telling you to give in but you refuse to listen
And talk back to it instead like
“Hey everything happens for a reason” ya keep on dreaming

That’s when you try to make lemonade out of the lemons that life’s handed you even though they’re rotten
That’s when you pour cold water over dead flowers
Only to watch them drown when you were just trying to make them blossom
That’s when you look at the glass as half full
But ignore the poison in the glass that’s it’s half full of regardless

When that hope that you’ve always
had slowly turns into denial
so you deny that you have no hope
And it becomes a cycle for you to cope
With something you can’t let go
But have long forgotten...
Ya it’s easy to say the sky’s the limit
When you’re chin’s kept up
Because you’re scared to look down
To see underneath your feet is rock bottom

Optimism...neurotic.. caustic..  
so what is optimism?
.. optimism is toxic
the word HALLELUJAH looks like a smile
the more I look the more I see it
the letters create a lovely curved line
... am I the first one who noticed?

I see strange things that nobody sees
thank universe there are not thousands of mes
what a strange world that would be
seek people, not words, that are smiling at thee
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