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I set sail to turn my artistic utility
Woven into my fingers by Yahweh,
Into bellyful profit that my days on this rock,
May be not yoked to soul
******* labour.

Though fear overwhelmed me
When i beheld many who
Sank by self doubt,
Zeal took charge of my helm
And steered me back on
To my heart's content.

But this voyage is without
Bothersome icebergs
United under Satan,
To hand me over into
Apathies jaws, that i may
Scurry to my
Heart's contempt.
It is the habit of the cynical
to believe themselves too smart to be optimistic;

This allows them the privilege of being unhappy,
even when they are right.
Jammit Janet Oct 18
You bloom in adversity,
Feeling life at its fullest,
Solving problems left and right,
Mindset sharper than bullets,

Persistent at every task,
Unafraid to show fear or cover it with a mask,
Using brute honesty to prevail,
Conquering darkness,
Healing ails,

Planting seeds,
To a brighter future,
Dissipating gloom & despair,
Releasing the fragrance of hope,
To grace our air,

Shine with the sun,
Absorb its power,
Become one with the Universe,
Flow, you beautiful flower.
Sarah Flynn Oct 17
each moment that you survive
takes you one step closer
to the time when
things will be better.

it might still be far away.
it might not be an easy journey.

but right now,
you are reading this

which means you are awake

which means you are alive

which means that
you have survived
every single moment
up to this point.

you have survived
every heartbreak

every loss

every laugh

every smile


you have survived
through times where
you weren’t sure you could do it.
but you did.

and now, you are done reading.
now, you are a few minutes
and 127 words closer
to seeing better days.
better days are coming.
just keep reading.
just keep breathing.

keep breathing…
keep breathing…
keep breathing…
Bina Oct 17
i talk in short sentences
because the more i hear myself speak,
the more i hate the sound

i’ll give you all the love i have today
because im afraid that someday you won’t be around

i looked inside my anxiety
and you wouldnt believe what i found.
a mountain of love
topped with a crown.
it spoke,
“embrace me and you’ll never drown”

Jammit Janet Oct 14
Bewildering silence,
Words without violence,
Rage on hold,
As I close my eyelids,

Let go of attachment,
Let go of the pain,
You are unbreakable,
Don’t listen to your brain,

You are the symphony of understanding,
The audience of your dreams,
That makes you feel heard,
Fulfills your every need,

You are the embrace you seek,
The match to light your fire,
Passionate comfort,
Available at every hour,

You are resilient,
You are strong,
Flowers bloom in your footsteps,
After every setback,
Every fall,

Delve into your Universe,
Shower in your love,
For you are more than enough,
You are divinely whole.
Working on improving my self talk and self comforting skills.
Like this

I woke up
White heart
White soul
White thought

Let no one contaminate
Thank you
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Dope
Are you familiar with that feeling?
The one you get when you finish a good book,
Or when your favourite TV series ends?
Or even, when one chapter of your life closes,
And you have to step through the threshold of a new page?

Well that threshold, for me
Has always been a great towering wall.
I'd always have the means to climb,
But never will I want to or feel like I should.
It seems that I'm needlessly clutching at straws,
While the guns of change point to my temples, drawn.

Somehow, I eventually had to scale through the fears,
And just nick a few pieces from every threshold I pass.
You know, when days are looking pretty cloudy ahead,
I'll just reach in my pocket and look at them
To see how much has moved, and smile.
I just realised that it's reached that point where I have to cross again.
James Rives Oct 4
we tried to find solace
in unknown deepness--
warmth & respite, ignored
in favor of stranger, atypical strides.

the sounds made sense at first,
then didn't.

imagine asking a question you never want answered,
posture straight and ears turned sideways,
cupped in hand,
yet deafened by sadness.

we weren't going to work,
but only time could tell us no
so firmly we stopped denying it.
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