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When people say
they always mean
and there is always a time
for love,
but there won't be an always
for romance.
I want to love somebody,
not dwell on romance.
I want to support and care,
not kiss on slow dance.
I want to fret and worry,
not hugging in France.
I want to be always there,
not hope on some chance.
I want to love---
seeing the world
on an unchallenged
spectrum of optimism
that unconditionally comforts
the damaged
people who are hinged
on unintentional cynicism
which tries to manage
to live on a world
that forgot the feeling
of loving
another individual.
I want to tell people
that it's alright
to be vulnerable
because I am ready
to be there (not square)
and care for those
who felt falling from the air,
scared that they're
falling out of love
from their friends
they can rely
anytime, anywhere,
yet anyhow,
they would tend
to stare
in to the abyss
where they're
left behind.
I want to make people
the warm welcome
back into the reality
that they, too,
are still part of this world
that can also love
without anything to ask
in return.
I want to love,
and that's how I want to love
because there might not
always be a time
for candlelit dinners
and intimate showers,
but there would
always be a time
for comforting shoulders
and get-together's.
so go on and love
If you want to see what becomes of optimists just look upon the faces of those people coming out of betting shops and casinos.

A pessimist will tell you that optimism is an addiction that will cost you as much as you are willing to wager and eventually the house will win.

You can only be as optimistic as you are lucky.
I bet you I am right....
Austin Hunt Sep 16
**** jenkins says to drink more water

I’ve been dehydrated
living at sea, pirated
but "here’s the tea", I made it
to some knee high waves
passing my feet, I wade
and start to deep dive away
into some me time, maybe
now I see why I felt
Like I was 3 lives away from
something sweet, like honey
from a beehive, I think
I tried to deny away that
It was me, my way of
painting free skies grey, as
if my green eyes glazed and
then left me blind to rays of
blue that define days and
nights, that we find stay in
every designed way the
sun and streetlights aim their
light at things like bays where
Otis sings tides away and
water brings life paving
ways for tree lines, shaving down
the screen time slavery where
pictures we like wave at
us from behind eight gigs
of our own devices, waiting
for an e-vite to say, “welcome
to the free life”, take us
back to T-9, making typos
due to key size, lately I
drop speed by lacing
life with Jeep drives, break from
running it’s the Suite Life, saved time
is a dream mined straight from
underneath shrines made to
teach us “decline today, to-
morrow’s reclined shade is
worth the bee line”, race against
the streamlined weight of
the “keep grinding” wages, get
your lease signed, waive your
rights to free fly, pay with
card get denied, straying
from the street signs may just
get you steep fines, say that
we can realize today that
we can reply, “hey, let’s
fall asleep by the lake and
watch the leaves fly away and
maybe drink wine that tastes a
little refined, play some
songs that beat right against
the heart and keep finding ways
to really greet life amazed
by every tweet by jays of blue
that leap by faith into
the color”
Asunna Sep 14
Maybe one day you'll feel okay.
But for now just sit and harbor the pain,
You'll be better for it in the end.
One day you'll be stronger than before.
But today vulnerability is a-okay,

Because in the future nothing will be able to conquer you.
Henry Bladon Sep 13
first makes me
imagine a poem
that talks about
an ink-stained sky
and brooding clouds
and chilling air,
all of which
can be taken as
ominous signs of
impending doom;  
but that can be bad
so instead lie still
and listen to the
comforting melody
the rainstorm plays on
my old tin roof
Max Sep 9
I noticed that I always say
"It will be alright"
When things are difficult.

And I never broke that promise.
Just noticed it
Espresso manic Jun 2017
Two birds took flight from the same tree,
one flew east to Eurus’ realm.
Seeking warm lands and sunrise's embrace.
The other flew west to Zephyrus' palace,
In search of the gentle winds
and harsh conditions.

Intending to get as far as possible from one another
and yet, life had other plans for them.
Escaping the past does not get you far
and what goes around comes around.

Years later, the two birds
discovered the world was round.
Mitch Prax Aug 30
Let yourself become
an elegant sunflower
in a field of thorns

5:24 PM
Eloisa Aug 5
I heard the call of the old trees,
so I took my tired heart for a walk in the woods.
Peace, healing and energy embraced me.
I rode the wind again and gladly found my spirit of optimism.
The sounds of the water, the birds singing, their magical rhythm gave me power.
The delights of summer.
Hope's Shore

Hope deserted me on a distant shore
Tide weary, pebble strewn and waves implored,
Do not stand upon this cold listless beach,
Watching each breaking crest, fall out of reach.
The seabirds will mock and caw in disdain
As they spy tears that mix with spray and rain.
And winds begin to sound their mournful wail
While the clouds spit and sting with raging hail.
Face the sea, shingle groans and constant sighs
Where the bitter bones, frozen marrow lie.
And walk away from the advancing tide
Head hung sullen low and with dented pride.
For hope was never cast away to sea
Hope remained landbound contained within me.
I turn away from wave, wind and sorrow
Face the storm, 'til a better tomorrow.
In times of grief, there is always hope, there has to be.

Written in a quiet moment of reflection, thinking of my daughter Milla who passed away aged 10, in December 2016.
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