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I’m checking on old friends
Looking them up; asking after them
The girls I knew in my younger days
are women now
They’ve grown, blossomed, and matured
moved away, been to college, found love
married, each have children, a house, a car
Their happiness makes me smile
until my smile turns to a frown
when I see how far they’ve come
and I realize
I’m still here
© 2020 Velvel Ben David
Lieke May 18
White and gold horses.
Gracefully gallop away.
Ripe me is set   free.
7 May
Alaina Moore May 14
Aim to be the person
you dreamed you'd be as a child
in spite of the world crushing your dreams.
I asked my dad to lend me one of his hats
I got Booked for a part in a popular tv show as a field worker
How about that?
It’s perfect. That’s where I come from
In the early morning hours he stopped by my home and left me one of his favorite sombreros and a small lemon cake
The memories lemon cake brings are bittersweet
Years ago, when I was a kid and I was too high, lemon cake was the only thing I could eat
Now it’s the life I grow inside of me’s favorite treat
Feelings that a lemon cake could bring
Are tangy but sweet
Like my adolescence
I take a bite and memories surrender
And they’re welcomed,
I’m grateful to be able to remember
Where I come from.
As beautiful as the starts went

Our life suddenly hit us with a dent

All of a sudden our life had changed

Only to realise that all of your life wasn’t always arranged

You start to think about all the ups and downs

And you keep skipping all the days of frowns

Then u come to a conclusion that we have yet to start our day

Again get hit by a stone which lead you to astray
this is a poem about how our life changes with adulthood and how life gives us minor ups and downs frequently and coping with such problems in life
Ar Apr 10
The hands of the clockmaker and his sundial troughout the following days: one shall perceive their scars and healed by one who stays from the first second to last. They may indicate the best for worst, the light for the darkest hour. And by the end of their lives, their red dots will be tangled. No one spits fire nor bleed ice. Bathed in sunshine, washed in rain. Until they discern the contrary of their sides of the world and pelted by their own shadow of their childhood.
by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy Michael Burch

Every day we whittle away at the essential solidity of him,
and every day a new sharp feature emerges:
a feature we’ll spend creative years: planing, smoothing, refining,

trying to find some new Archaic Torso of Apollo, or Thinker . . .

And if each new day a little of the boisterous air of youth is deflated
in him, if the hours of small pleasures spent chasing daffodils
in the outfield as the singles become doubles, become triples,
become unconscionable errors, become victories lost,

become lives wasted beyond all possible hope of repair . . .

if what he was becomes increasingly vague—like a white balloon careening
into clouds; like a child striding away aggressively toward manhood,
hitching an impressive rucksack over sagging, sloping shoulders,
shifting its vaudevillian burden back and forth,

then pausing to look back at us with an almost comical longing . . .

if what he wants is only to be held a little longer against a forgiving *****;
to chase after daffodils in the outfield regardless of scores;
to sail away like a balloon
on a firm string, always sure to return when the line tautens,

till he looks down upon us from some removed height we cannot quite see,

bursting into tears over us:
what, then, of our aspirations for him, if he cannot breathe,
cannot rise enough to contemplate the earth with his own vision,
unencumbered, but never untethered, forsaken . . .

cannot grow brightly, steadily, into himself—flying beyond us?

Keywords/Tags: child, childhood, boy, son, growing up, maturation, puberty, adulthood, manhood, flight, flying, soaring
Van Xuan Apr 6
When was the last time we dance in the rain,
Laughing at simple things.
When was the last time we enjoy playing outside,
Not minding if we will end up sweating.

When was the last time we laughed so hard without thinking about the world,
Just us sharing horror stories at night.
When was the last time we live so happily,
Curious about the future, about how we will grow old.

And now here we are, stressing ourselves,
Adulthood at it's finest.
When some of our dreams fail, our efforts became useless,
And we can't do anything about it.

We thought we can do everything once we're older,
Yet here we are, hearts begin to break and smiles starts to falter.
How I wish we'll be like that again,
Once we fall we'll just stand up and kiss away the pain.

How I wish we can be that happy,
Dreaming about those fairytale stories.
How I wish we can bring back time,
And stay as kids where problems are small like figuring out how to climb.

Those times where I'm so eager to find the answers to my questions,
Feeling so exhilarating for the things unknown.
I miss being the kid I am in the past,
Where Christmas is still special and know lots of spells to cast.

I miss those times where I can be who I am,
And dream of what I want to be.
Where I can sleep all day and eat plenty,
No worries, no more responsibilities.
I wish I didn't grow up, and stuck as a child,
So I can be more bolder and wild —in spirit.
This is from my student ☺️

J.M Neko
Katie Mar 25
If failing to be responsible
Means that I can wake up on my own
Attend my classes on time
Eat when I'm hungry
Get my homework done
And go to bed when I feel like it
Then I'm fine with being irresponsible

If failing to respect religion
Means that I can believe in modern science
Love who I want to love
Hang out with the people I like
Dabble in whatever practices I want
And worship what I believe in
Then I'm fine with being a heretic

If failing to be practical
Means that I can stay single if I need to
Get married if I want to
Have to a job I'll never grow tired of
Make enough money to pay the bills
And buy a house of my own
Then I'm fine with being a dreamer

If failing to live up to your high expectations
Means that I can make a life for myself
Learn how I want to learn
Believe what I want to believe
Live how I want to live
And be who I want to be
Then I'm fine with being your Failure of a daughter
Tess M Mar 14
just hit my second decade
will it be my last?

are the questions
I ask in uni
worth the breath
I waste on it?

the papers I write,
the presentations I complete,
is anything worth it?

no one knows
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