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Kellin Sep 26
Adulthood will sink into my skin
it will decay my bones to sand
it will ease the memories from my head
it will make me feel dead
Mia Sep 18
A garden in the backyard,
The garden of our dreams
The garden of our childhood,
Do you see how odd it feels?

Our hands no longer touching
The softness of the mud,
No longer flowers blooming
Does it scare you that I'm mad?

Our mom still swims in tulips
Father withered years ago,
Maybe if we close our eyes now
We won't have to see him go.

That's the garden of our childhood
The garden of our dreams,
We can never face adulthood
For its poison still exists.
Pour another
Gin and T!
Soak in the din.
Sins sung phase into crescendo,
laughs leave our chests and wallets open.
It's just alcohol for dinner, tonight.
What? No lime!

God, I thought I was grown up.
Joel Mathew Sep 8
You know, it just sunk in.
All these years I've been trying to be an "adult" trying to solve his problems,
And I just realised I'm one year away from becoming one with the same problems,
And I can't tell this cursed world saying "you can't put a kid through so much pain..."
Lets go into the sun
Let me put my sunscreen on
8 O’clock on a Sunday night
Squad ready up and fight
Pour a whisky on the rocks
Sitting in a sorrow
What happened to the kid in me
Being happy and giddy
Wanting to be like Mike
But here I am, rocking a mic
Wondering what my life will be like
Ally Ann Jul 31
There are things they don’t tell you about getting older,
how one day you will realize
that the home you grew up in
no longer feels like home
and you’ll be yearning for somewhere else
even as you are sleeping in the bed
that you slept in as a teen,
these changes come slowly,
but hit you all at once.
They do not tell you
that you will look the same
as you did last year
and last week
but you will feel like the world
shifted a few inches overnight
not telling you that it was going to do so,
but leaving you to pick up the pieces
of the memories it left as it moved,
you will grow to understand
that some things will never make sense
no matter how much you shake your fist at God
and cry into your mother's shoulder,
they do not tell you that you will not always be able
to cry into your mother's shoulder
or call your dad when your car breaks down
or feel comfortable in the places
that used to make your eyelids relax
into peaceful sleep,
they are too busy learning these things themselves
that they forget to tell you the things
you wish you knew
before it was too late.
zahra Jul 21
"i am an adult"
are the words that escape her tongue
sixteen, barely seven
she thinks she is an adult

still reaching the top shelf with her tippy toes
laughter loud
she thinks she is an adult

speaking about politics
social justice
her life
she thinks she is an adult

one day soon
the weight on her shoulders will heavy
feeling the responsibilities
eyes dim
soul tainted

she will realise she does not want to be an adult
The Whisper Jul 15
I tell myself that I’ll one day,
Have everything I’ve always wanted
And more.
But as life passes and my time on Earth
Grows shorter and shorter.
And my struggles only seem to get harder
And more trivial at the same time,
I wonder if it’s even worth losing my hair or if I have invested enough, or even at all.
Eva Jul 14
I wish I could have a conversation with
The girl I was ten years ago
And the woman I will be in ten years.
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