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the night,
I now
hold you
deeply, as
the sun
of your
only your
light in
of lips
on my
as the
petals of
the sky
us, in our
I ask
for the
in the
is light
“love is
in the
for we
see each
other as
we are,
in all of
time in
the touch
of your
on mine,
you are I,
from the
in skin,
to the
we return.
xandra Nov 2020
the way the atoms in the atmosphere sink into our chest,
and despite the crisp air, make us feel heavy and drained inside;
but simultaneously, the air invigorates us and ignites our bones, teaching the beauty of stars as they crash over us.
~for some reason our body becomes tied to the rain
Cox Sep 2020
I never had a care for atoms,
or the ones that were made up in stars.
I only cared about the ones in you,
that built and made you the person that you are.
Nolan Willett Sep 2020
There’ll be another day
When the night is through
A time to get away
A chance to start anew

There will be another year
When the year ends
To reappear
And make amends

And when the world is dust
Swallowed by the sun
Apathetic atoms will not fuss
Over the fact that we are gone

‘Cause one day the Universe will die
Everything will become undone
But human experience imply
There’ll be another one
The uniVerse Sep 2020
Listen if you please
to my twisted soliloquy
I’m not from around here
I’m just rumors on a breeze
I come from afar
some say the mountains
others the stars
like an absent friend
you will remember me I promise
or else your names Thomas
mine is Adam the first
I am the atoms that burst
the very fabric of being
the fabric of genes
denim, denial, destiny, defile
I've been here a while
and I will be here a while longer
even though I don't belong here
the oceans don't know my depths
the mountains have not reached my peaks
all these beliefs I have not kept
for there is something greater that I seek
but I cannot utter its name
some may call it love
but that has garnered too much fame
for you've mistook love for what is fake
because it's not something you can take
it's as simple as a breeze
the same that carried me
yet unlike I it has no needs
it's as full as the oceans
and tall as the mountains
I had the notion
that I could just pen
write my own legend
but that too must END
hiraeth Sep 2020
We collide
when thoughts connect
We bond through
the gravity of words
And when we hold
each other
Our atoms seem
to touch
Cox Aug 2020
Time takes place in moments. A lot of the time I want to keep still.
Capture the moment.
Become the air and live amongst every atom in our universe.
To understand life, but to live it without questioning... wondering...
To be the air, or to be nothing at all.
Tran Thuy Anh Mar 2020
Why do I exist?
But for the promiscuous chaos
Of stardust pirouettes
And tumbling atoms
Their attraction fathomable
Through the gravity
That weighs heavy
On my heart

For whom do I exist?
But she who crumbles me
Within her palm
Into fine powder
And blows me
From her fingertips
As I evanesce
Into air

For what do I exist?
But to seek the infinite
Because the finite
Is crushing
Where I sit alone
Waiting for an end
To being alone
Tran Thuy Anh Mar 2020
your words, warm
my blood and the atoms in
my DNA, shatter
me as you lay your pious hands
upon me, gaze
passing through like fire
over water, lies
ever so still and apathetic
through it i meander, sleep
patient to possess the senses
while i crawl inside myself, and weep
slowly and elementally because
you cannot, love
me the way i need you to
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