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Isaac Oct 23
You are a soul,
Born inside a body.
You are more than
A clump of atoms.

You are precious
And valued by ***,
Not a careless piece
Of his creation.

You are a whole world
In and of yourself.
Let your personality shine
In ***'s magnifying presence.

You belong with your creator.
Allow him to show you that.
He is ready to bring you close.
You were born to be with him forever.
Written 24 October 2018
Sage Aug 17
He remembered when he first held her
her grace and holiness glowed
Galaxies, millions of ever-changing stars within her
and worlds created within her flawed soul

He remembered when he first saw her
he saw worlds build themselves in her
he was overjoyed by their galaxies shifting alike,

he remembered when she saved herself
with stars that would outshine the creators’
and galaxies that would outlast our own
The moment the first atoms of life erupted together
and collapsed on eachother
and her galaxy stretched beyond herself
and beyond all creations

He remembered it all
Tsunami Aug 15
Our atoms were in the same vicinity when the universe was created;
how lucky are we to, once again, cross paths.
once again,
To brush our atoms
One against the other,
feel the familiarity of "oh we've met before".
The universe has fallen into place many times since I have glanced into your eyes
Alas, he takes my breathe away.
stop falling in love @me
Wided Ben Jul 13
Say it;
*** doesn’t make mistakes

Talk to me in the language of atoms
tell me that divided is a myth
yet life goes on riven

Tell me that we’ll still roam the same sky
even if we separately collide
even if we don’t make a sound

That our destruction is beautiful
even when shatters is all there is
that remnants are proof of existence

Say we existed, existed but never lived
tell me how we ended the moment we started
tell me that time is flawless

But lie to me about relativity
I swear that’s how I stop rearranging the stars
to alter our destiny.
Anya Jul 3
So **** Endless
The blue sky
about to swallow me whole
Are those really atoms?
A patchwork quilt
So intricate
Not even
So intermixed interwoven
Just a mess
Just a mass
Including me
Swallowing me
Psychorange Feb 12
Something with origin, or something without?
Mad screaming atoms amassing together?
Or multiplying genders that rain in the weather?
Righteous knights armed back at the heretics?
Evolution gone wrong by genes you inherited?
***** to be. ***** not to be. I want s'mores.
I'm not trying to good. I'm trying to be original. Edgy like a table.
I was born in eternity
Where Mother and Father are One.
Born in the sound-filled silences of space
Where stars are made from swirling dust
And life in sudden proton meetings
Springs into being; male and female,
Atoms that split smaller, smaller ever smaller
To the never-ending core of |Being.
From these I too became a Man,
Leaving my vast and luminous mansions for your sake,
Letting myself grow smaller, smaller to fit your minds;
A ***** in an egg, my beginning the same as yours.

Sons of Man, Sons of ***,
I will show you how atoms come together,
Larger, larger, ever larger.
Plants, animals, men, suns, galaxies beyond time,
Growing in size and structure.
And you will grow with me through the dark tunnels of the mind,
Slipping from Death to Life, from Dark to Light,
Till we together shall inherit
Those boundless, beautiful places
Where Father and Mother are One.
Tony Oquendo Nov 2014
We are
   all at once
          the same
yet different

Bodies drifting through a timeless space
Navigating the maze of life

For now drifting apart, until we are made whole again
Andreas Simic Oct 2017
Who Am I…©

Am I a biological cocktail
Of atoms and genes

A being of enlightenment
From another cosmos

A melding of time and experiences
Twisted into a known identity

A confluence of memories
That will one day fade into thin air

A figment of my imagination
Or yours

A spiritual being going through a human existence
“We are human beings, not human doings.

Every once in a while we need to stop and smell the roses,
Hear what is really being said, taste the essence of life,
Touch someone’s heart and see life for what it truly is,
A journey with rest areas.”

Andreas Simic©
Paula Sullaj Oct 2017
You are slowly occupying me,
Inserting your complementary energy
   in my multi-electron soul.
The sedimentary stones of experiences
twist my perceptions.
Devour me slowly.
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