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Tai Roberts Aug 10
They say that we are made of stardust,
Sixteen billion years of history and beauty.
Our atoms have arrived here from the far reaches of a distant universe,
Of a place that I will never know.
When I die, maybe I'm not saying a last farewell.
Maybe I'm going home
A 50 word poetry challenge
Bellissima May 13
I long for intensity of juvenile love.
The captivation, the torment
the way my heart split atoms.
thesa May 7
i'm happy because i know
one day my body will dissolve into its atoms
and that's when i will reach
Dominique Apr 28
Atoms are mostly hollow
But not on buses on golden afternoons
With people on my shoulder and a cold drink
Rolling around on the floor-
No, not with my coat on my knees
And a joke on my lips
Never with sunlight on my hair in London
Not on a bus in mid may.
bus journeys with people I love in summer are the only times I really feel my life is going anywhere positive.
Atoms scattered upon water, grass and ground.
Mother gathered the collection of atoms. Then ate them, drank them and inhaled them.

Specks of light interwoven to create my source code.
From warmth into the dark, my dream was cut too short.
It was cut much too short.

Where was her ******* to cry milk for me?
Where was her arms to embrace me?
I was supposed to have a long dream,
but it was cut too short!

You grabbed a hatchet to cut my dream,
Snuffed it out like a candle in the cold winter breeze.
I needed someone to guide me through my dream.
I needed you to guide me through my dream.
Through my dream, I would have found awake.
Now I sleep, never to awake.
Chicken Feb 18
We variations
Striations of the light

We still
seek each other

all of our might
all of our might

Til we collide

You and I
visible collision

No thing to measure

'Cause we're

You do the math :D
minute atoms
make me up
positive and negative
energy swirling
churning out dreams
defiantly protecting my perception
space is where i fly
endless freedom
balancing on tension
lucid divide
ionic bond
are we not rare
earth elements
disciples of Mother Nature
drifting in the vast
bestowed powers and abilities
seeking the magic
you have the power
share warmth
share love
share a hug
heart yearning
touch so deeply felt
just show yourself
self love
reflection to follow
World War 2
Managed to break even the

Thought to be unbreakable,
I know. I know :)
Angel Dec 2018
"Look at how tragically beautiful the sky is, it's a graveyard of stars" I said

"How can you say so?" He asked while looking at me

"For all the stars that are twinkling and glittering that paints the night sky has long been dead and empty, yet it still shines so bright, it is dead yet alive. It still gives hope and to everyone that finds the meaning of their existence. Even though they are dead they still glimmer in their darkest.
Everyone will love you if you are dead just like how they love the stars
I think every atom in my body are remnants of the universe, Iron in my blood, Nitrogen in my DNA, Calcium in my bones and Carbon in my soul is who I am, I have stuff in me as old as the universe humming with different verse.
I wish I am a star wrapped in a skin the light you are all seeking has always been within." I answered

"Now, I'm ready to become one of the stars"
Isaac Oct 2018
You are a soul,
Born inside a body.
You are more than
A clump of atoms.

You are precious
And valued by God,
Not a careless piece
Of his creation.

You are a whole world
In and of yourself.
Let your personality shine
In God's magnifying presence.

You belong with your creator.
Allow him to show you that.
He is ready to bring you close.
You were born to be with him forever.
Written 24 October 2018
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