God is all of us collectively

collectively we are all of God

Engaged in a dance

of inhaling and exhaling

curling and stretching

imploding and exploding

Occasionally He and we...


in the middle

blurring the lines between universe and atom

The pressing of atoms against

other atoms in a desire to feel

something other than themselves

To still their loneliness

they seek intercourse

they crash into one another

abandoning duality and embracing oneness

You cannot tell where one ends and one begins

They become alpha and omega

horizon and sky

the orgasm

Love’s confusing joy

Where it all end


And where it all begins

That explosive ecstasy

that moment and eternity

that intercourse

gives focus to an energy and new life is born

Movement happens creating waves of sound

Their patterns and rhythms being the song that you hear right now

Shadow, light, line, texture, color, shape, space, and form

create the ballroom dance of the image before your eyes

And then there is breath

The caress of memory on your Inhale

the crashing release of the Exhale

and the undulating attempt to fill the Void in between

The hunger... the longing… the suffering...

for a turkey sandwich in your mouth right now…

Yearning for a human touch is what creates a new world

a new Universe and the cycles repeats

An element is born and somewhere

a star explodes scattering its seed across the universe


“I AM…”

LeV3e Jan 27

The Eyes
We see with our
Not what we need
But what we greed

My jagged teeth
Feed me bloodshed
My brain NEEDS it
By God as I pray
I'm being preyed upon

Do you taste my Soul?
Swallow my whole
Sucked down a black hole
Lets talk about how
None of this is even fucking real.

Practically real at least
Floating out in space
Existing as geometrical shapes
Shaded by our history
Trying to remember
How exactly light works?...

Alia Feb 2016

He asked: "What are we?"
She answered: "Atoms working in a battery"

And by that she meant us humans, we're atoms trying our best in what's not going to last; a battery, and that battery is the life we're living. It's eventually going to reach an end.

Tamara Ramadan Jun 2016

I don't belong to myself.

These atoms that frame

Everything that I am

Aren't even mine.

These cells don't especial

My small being.

Because they belong

To the extinguished stars.

They belong to the suns

Around which orbited

Planets of all shapes

Of all matter,

Around which orbited

Their moons.

I don't belong to myself

I belong to the


Heavenly bodies

Whose light probably

Still travels, wandering,

Lost without a source,

Just like human souls.

Every scintilla in my being

Belongs to the dark abyss

Of outer space, to the stars

That once shined, to the stars

That someday will,

To the creatures we'll never

Even know existed,

To the creatures that will

Never know we ever did.

I don't belong to myself,

Because the weight

Of my body is and

Forever will be

Too heavy for my soul.



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Kaanan Apr 2016

Some nights you will feel

like there are thousands of galaxies

exploding in every inch of you

and you are burning too bright

to ever be looked at directly,

And some nights you will feel

impossibly small, like your

entire body could slip through

the spaces between atoms and

never reappear in this world again,

And some nights you will feel

like a paper doll, carefully crafted

and easily blown away, fragile,

too delicate to ever be touched

And some nights you will feel

like each cell in your body is

made of the strength that holds

the whole planet together,

And that is okay, because you are

made of stardust and minuscule

atoms and breakable bones

and the building blocks of

everything in the universe,

and you are too alive to never

feel anything more than human.

Ella Byrne Apr 2016

I want you to know
I have loved you
From the moment our laughter
Mixed with cider, inky black skies
And orange street lights.
I want you to know
I still love you
From tight hugs and soft kissed
To tear stained cheeks and hurt.
I want you to know
I will always love you
Like atoms, we will always find our way to each other,
No matter what
We will be together.

Written in November 2015.
Sofia Mar 2016

dear chemistry,

you are a detective
you hold scientists
in an enchantment
of protons and neutrons
you dissect me
identifying the components
that allow me to waltz
across light and holy ground
while you are bound
to seek solace
in what my atoms
cannot give you
i cannot give you motion
or allow you speed past me
that is my task
my task is to entrance
philosophers in the "whys"
and "hows" of my force and energy
and i'm sorry that
you are bound to be prose
when you seek to be poetry
i'm sorry that if you were a musician
you'd have all the words
and i'd be the melody
we'd be the song
that could never meet
i'll meet you in between the horizons
when my masters
speak to yours
pondering on what allows
the why to occur and
how does the event happen
i'll meet you in between
question marks and white coats
i'll meet you in the next life
when maybe the future
will allow us to be trees
instead of branches
my arms will spread
to reach out to your matter
past the artifices
and your atoms will
race towards me
all force, energy and velocity
and i will ask the "whats" and "hows"
and maybe you will answer the why
and maybe the answer
will be a discovery
a phenomena of sentences
all questions already answered

always yours, physics

inspired by my physics and chemistry teacher. she teaches both subjects how poetic
Jess Perry Jan 2016

It's not the memories that hurt.
I seldom find myself lost amongst those painful reveries.
No, it's much deeper than that.

It's not logical or tangible.
It's an inexplicable feeling,
Or lack there of.
A void.
Deeper than conscious thought.

It's molecular.
As if the atoms that create my existence mourn your presence.
Perhaps they grew fond of the way our forms were intertwined.
Vibrating in unison to an unheard melody.
They moved together in harmony.
They united for a time only to be torn apart by shallow egos and petty differences.

That's where the perpetual longing originates from.
They grieve your absence with an incessant hum that whispers your name throughout my body. Pleading with me to fix this.

Sounds better than admitting I actually miss the bastard.
It's not me, I swear, it's my goddamn atoms! Do I look like a physicist to you!? I don't know how to reinvent the atom!!

Makes sense to me.
Though it's not quite poetry.

(Well atleast that rhymed)

Whenever I see you it seems like all the beauty in
the world collides and  nobody ever seems
to notice because it all happens
with every single one of my atoms
sensing every single one of yours.

Mila Berlioz Sep 2015

It might be love
It might be fate
It could be so many things
As a quote says "My atoms have always loved your atoms"
I think that explains a lot.

Basically, I love you
And I love how you get mad at me
It makes me love you even more
I find it cute
I find youcute
I find cute when you say my name
I find cute when you call me baby

I love you, and I love your flaws
I love you

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