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Time is the wrinkle
On my otherwise nice life
It keeps secrets
It places blame
It determines value
It comes with cost
It measures war
It holds out for love
It reminds me
To pick up the kids
From school at noon
Reel me in, tune me out
I'm at its every beck and call
The length of a passing glance
a moment of complete chance
...from one breath
to the next

When fingers entwine
where planets align
...from one breath
to the next

In the measure of a kiss
at the core of coupled bliss
...from one breath
to the next
For her day at the beach
She chose big time
Fun in the sun
And wore dental floss

Not real safe for the top heavy
Too strong a frolic
And she might well crash
Upon the shore like a tsunami

But that was the least
Of her problems this day
For when she bent over
You could see all the way
Down to Florida
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