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You say we worked it out
dodged a bullet

the big "D"and all that
and I'm so relieved

you see
that is why right now

I'm looking at a clear sky
with just a bit

of white marbling
amongst the blue

as opposed to something
pale and gray

whit howland © 2020

Under the shade of the tree
Shadows of the leaves played hide and seek

Green sea and the sandy beach, on the isolated island serene

The sun sparkles white, the bright star
That it is

The lone, silver motor boat, recently got a fresh coat

Awaits its ride on the balmy waves
Inspired by a photograph
Ross Island, Andaman
Fairy tales ride

On the feathers of time..

The feathers fall

Revealing the wisp of time..

Leaving the sky

Not-ending and open

For new tales arising

And feathers falling...
Dad had the pen
Mom had the spoon
Dad had the paper
Mom had the recipe
Dad penned
Mom cooked
Both used their gifts
At one time or another
Mixing of words
Mixing of foods
Dad dished up words
Mom.dished up food
And when all
Was complete
A feast of words
A feast of food
Was served
And digested
Not a straight forward
all the nutty ingredients
mixed up
A dash of madness,
finding peace, in a musical
Tears drop
on the floor
A spoiled child
to the core
****** a smile
though it's only
Wipe off the frown
or deserve a beating
Let her sleep
exhausted slumber
Awake, she'll only be a
Set your happiness on fire
Chase the embers to
extinguish the temperamental flame
As the feelings, light as feathers
tickle her brain
Triggering the weight of emotion..
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