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i'll love you always,

without knowing my worth,

lying to myself without knowing yours

holding these scars and all.

i dont know who you are

but the next one I meet

i want to stand where I can see

never running when my life is hard

our flaming minds,

falling deep in torrential seas,

still hoping you can love me.
Holy smoke!

This is a drag.

I've come to depend upon it.

the dead tree is gone now

cut down

branches scattered as it hit
solid ground

changing the view
it has not rained a long time
thought it did a bit last night

did I tell you about the sapling
now in view?

i miss the old thing
and think how nice to know

that I can love a dead tree
While strolling in the rain my thoughts got wet.
She rates at
twenty-seven degrees,
a bit of a tease
if you ask me,
but no one asks me
I am only the camera.
'Life is a cabaret'
Haloed harlot in the midnight moonlight
      To dance beside your spectral grace
      The fluid motions of your body so tight
      Together we will set the pace

      Misty shadows of towering mountains
      Lakes and streams cool waters flow
      Towards the oceans like shining fountains
      And beauties we’ll forever know
Strange as it might seem this is about the martial arts warrior's stance.
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