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zz Feb 9
You make me feel
like a monster
for  years

I did believe you
But you don't
even know me

And you
own me
Sarah Delaney Oct 2021
I remember twirling around in circles, bare feet on the gray concrete floor of the one car garage.
The space filling with the thick smoke from your cigar drifting about, filling both our lungs with the poisonous chemicals.
My five year old self wearing a loose fitted Barbie dress,
“Daddy, look at me! I’m a Princess!” I shout with laughter, posing dramatically.
“Not now, the adults are talking!” You said sternly.
I cower away from you and go back to my childish dancing,
Oh, how badly I wanted your validation,
Your love and attention.
But I was a mere child,
Not worthy of your time.
Perhaps, that was how I learned to be silent,
To be submissive.
How I lost my voice,
But did I ever have one to begin with?
You stole my voice before I even found it.

Sean Achilleos Aug 2021
I'm going to cut your supply
I'm going to starve that destructive fire from oxygen
The one which burns within you
That desire to hurt
I'm going to sweep your breadcrumbs from my doorstep
Take back your sullen energy
You who delight in sowing destruction
Look into the mirror of your empty eyes and see what's inside your toxic well
Your jealous empty heart contains nothing but deceit and destruction
Your blatant lack of empathy has unveiled your deepest secret
You have showed the world exactly who you are ... and finally we believe you
No more alibis for you
And once a serpent's head has been cut off
It will rage out of control ... but only for so long
Before it is no more
Like one who has been struck with madness
Like an addict without a drug
I am no longer your supply
I will save my empathy for those who deserve it
And I forgive myself for unknowingly enabling you by buying into your games
But most of all ... I'll be good to myself
Written by Sean Achilleos
10 August 2021
Nynke Jun 2021
She was the light
You threw her gas
Lighting her up
Turning it to flames
Ending in smoke
~ N.N.
Kelsey Jun 2021
Why settle for less
Than you know you deserve?

A flower wont sprout
If it doesn't get what it needs.

Why should you?
I quit my job today. Im finished with the emotional abuse whether they admit it or not. I refuse to work hard in a space where i dont get what i need
The darker my dreams get
the less I look for the light.

I can only see the duality
between my perceived reality
and the one you present.

I wake from gravity slipping
from the rot surrounding me
where everything is meaningless
unless there's someone to tell you that it isn't.

where everything is meaningless
once someone tells you that you are
and it turns out to be true
because they’ve shown you the nature of man.
Elisa Cinelli Mar 2021
I was Harriet the Spy
to cope with your cruelty
thank god for that movie

Memories gaslight me anyway
whispering that I was wrong
and not good enough
Ahmad Attr Feb 2021
Don’t fly away, stay at home with me
Let’s play our favorite games, me and you
In a little room we built for two
Don’t fly away, the world’s scary place
Your wax wings will melt away
And you’ll fall in the deep sea, so stay
At home with me

I know it’s our time to leave
Our birthplace, our safe place, our nest,
A home we call at best
I know it’s time to end our disbelief
And spread our wings
But I can’t fly yet
My wing’s will get wet
From crashing waves of the life
And I’ll fall in the deep sea
So stay at home with me

Don’t fly away, I’ll chain you to ground if you do
Trust me it’s not my first time to stop you
It’s just that I cannot move, so stay
In this little room we built for two
A poem about jealousy and sabotaging others to appease your own unwillingness to grow
Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
You will rise again

You have been beaten down

You have been abused

You have been torn down

You have been told you were nothing

You have been told you can’t do it

You are plagued by residuals

You are tormented by demons

You are tortured by nightmares

You are attacked by PTSD daily

You are reminded of it all by your scares

You are so tired of it all

Yet you survived all of it

You continue to live each day

You continue to smile

You continue to thrive

You continue to overcome

You continue to be strong

You continue to rise

© Seductive Poetry

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