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There are three constants in life
And happiness lies in their acceptance

The first is time,
Which has existed longer than us, and will outlive all of our problems

The second is ourself,
The only one you can truly know

And the third is death,
Which is something I haven't quite gotten figured out just yet
Over the long years
Draped in happiness and leaves
Still grows old and dies
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 77
Xallan Feb 7
I wonder when you will die.
It is inevitable,
I suppose.
But I have been so focused
Upon my own mortality, I forgot
All about yours.
With your jovial pursuit of nothing,
No impossible search for purpose
(Destined to end)
You seemed immortal.
For a short time, you gave me joy.
*give me joy.
On drugs like those,
Mourning is unnecessary.
The future will not come to you,
Not while you move
Nor while you rest
Not in my arms
I cradle your mind in mine
You will never need to attain rest
While you are at peace with me
And I have a piece of you
That you cannot live without:
Even your heart.
And without life, you shall never die.
Save a love, save a life.
PoserPersona Feb 7
How sad the trees be
when winter comes as fall leaves
and the flowers die

What consolation
is Venus’s forsaken
yielding spring to rise?

For once staring death,
summer fastens by a breath
and the flowers die

Yet made to know doom,
trees tither the chance to bloom
yielding spring to rise
the trees lost to me as I
reach underneath to pick myself back from
the cold hard depths of
deaths satisfactory grasp
I continue to reach for a blooming
rose that is all too pure to reach
I settle for a bit of grass
wandering around the new fountain
of this old, new town
I reach for the image of my love
grasping and pulling,
she vanishes into the blackest waters of a now old fountain of my youth
I now look out for a sign of fellow “being”
I grab my neck thinking of new ways to comfort myself
in the black lagoon of this broken white marbled fountain
sleeping underneath the old broken tree
reminded of my youth I make a plea
A plea for the old, the weak, and all those beneath
I plead for my love, she now carries my knees
for me time stands still and I'm not strong willed
broken and still, the world moves without me
they find the truth and everyone leaves
I've made my peace with it and grew well
I'm not young, no longer in a shell,
but I still believe in my own personal ****
lost more memories today
Edward Jan 18
A red flower,
Once pretty,
Lying down,
Petals torn,
Stem broken
Marla Toledez Jan 15
She wails at me
From her forgotten cove
Perched atop a steel mast.
I listen to her,
Though shrill her voice rings,
Yet I do not run.
People scamper away like ants
Escaping extinction,
But when she beckons,
My feet stay locked.

The fire cleanses all
As it nears,
And her voice
Shall lead me to...

enjoy your life
before it's time
to say goodbye

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
i won't be ready
when death decides to take
me to infinity.
nobody will be.
but i'm never going to be ready
if death decides to take
you before me.

that's why i've prayed
for death to take
me before you.

- katrina ******
before anybody freaks out, i'm completely okay! i'm not having some mental breakdown or existential crisis. i've already dealt with both.

here's why i wrote this piece. i do write about death a lot. in a way, it helps me deal with it and manage the inevitability much better than i used to. writing about death normalizes it for me.

this particular piece right here was written during a time when i had a severe existential crisis. i kept asking myself, "what's the point of anything if it's all going to end someday anyways? what is the meaning of anything? what am i even doing? where am i going to go once i'm gone? what happens to everyone?" blah blah blah.

the truth is, i think about death every single day. but death really scares me when i think about losing a loved one.

my mom once told me, "the hardest thing about death isn't you dying, it's losing someone and having to deal with the loss after they're gone."

i sometimes think about what life is going to be like when a loved one passes away. i've never lost a close loved one. i don't know what the grief is going to feel like and it's terrifying. i can only imagine how painful it is.

what if the pain is too much to handle?

i admit that i've asked god to take me first. ultimately, i have no control over what He decides to do. when you love and care for someone so much, you can't bear thinking about what it's going to be like to lose them. so sometimes you think it'll be easier if you're gone first.

instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
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