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Kitt Sep 2023
Somewhere in town,
a dog licks at the hand of a child.
a man with no shirt plays hacky-sack alone
The stalwart city has come crashing to her knees,
and so against his own he kicks the bag
again and again
as if he could raise the razed ground
with the power of a child's game.


By a fountain on the curb
men with long hair and guitars sing together,
only strangers before today.
a woman who saw someone
gasping in vain for smokeless breath
inhales deeply from a cigarette.
A saxophone sings out sweet and low,
his melancholy tune sung
for everyone who can only hear
the screams, long gone silent save for in memory,
where they pierce as loud as sirens.

a boy walks to the movies with his mom
and asks her what the sign says.
she reads to him:


and, baffled, he cannot understand why
a free movie
and a sugary drink
and a tub of popcorn
brings his seamless mother to tears.
Descovia Sep 2021
I'll forever remember Nine. One. One.

'It was more than just an emergency distress call.

We cannot fight a spiritual war with physical force.

We realized upon many tragedies fallen before us.

It takes nothing more than open minds,
and joyful hearts, infinite with abundance to make a difference

On this very day, some had oh so, little to give.

Some decided to give it all.

You have only
two given choices, while you are alive.

To shine until your light fades

or spread darkness in the name of sin.

The sun will be on the rise to arrive again.

Unfortunately, not for those departed us on this day.

A dark day, marked in history.
Enough tears to fill our oceans,
many spirits became broken
ashes and animosity burned the sky.

Casualities composed from the destruction

Many innocent lives did not deserve to die.

Where our prayers and magic, revive the eloquent memories

of our loved ones everlasting afterlife, in eternal paradise.
Destructions and malice strong to break steel
Weak against the dreams and foundation of the American will.
My heart goes out to every one of you
whom have lost someone and/or a part of themselves on this unholy day.

Kimberly Anduaga & Descovia
SophiaAtlas Aug 2021
If **** is the victim's fault,
Then 9/11 was the building's fault
For being so **** tall and crashable.
It is NEVER the victim's fault.
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
the ex from
High school
Though not dead
Has come into the darkest recesses of mind twice
This week
As a murderous
And deranged
Hotel and airline owner
I have seen him work with the mob
His air maintenance
Painting his jet liners
With the blood
Of mob hits gone wrong
This is the same Islamophobic
Ex I had to deal
With in school
Freddy Escamilla Sep 2020
I sit beside you,
two sets of eyes glued to a splotched canvas before us.
I in the driver’s seat,
you in your captain’s chair.
I’m asking all these questions, but,
are you really there? I worry
when I look at you, and the
shock is painted on my face.
Others pass me under the moonlight and
tell me to leave this place.
They say, “you better get outta here, and get
while the getting is good.
This job will turn you inside out
and make you misunderstood.”

I sit beside you,
two sets of eyes glued to the canvas, as if it will restore us.
A cassette tape is forced through my brain,
the night’s events replayed.
My finger tap upon the glass,
and your hair is frayed.
Your figure in the captain’s chair,
with skin as cold as tin.
Which one of these got to your bones,
which one did you in?
Do you remember sights and sounds,
you wish you could forget?
Is that look upon your eye,
one of anger or regret?
Trauma is etched into your skin
like cracks on a weary canyon rock.
I need to know how you turned to you
if only you could talk.

I sit beside you.
Our eyes are glued to the splotched canvas, that which holds nothing
for us.
I work in an emergency ambulance. I was green, enthusiastic and filled with a sense of altruistic fulfillment. This attitude later became confusion and concern that I made a mistake as I continuously met people who seemed to have stared into that proverbial abyss for too long and became emotionally corrupted by it.
Jim Marchel Sep 2020
We will never forget...

The last day dawns on my life
And I don't know it
As I wake up to golden rays
Of sun knocking on my eyelids.

I kissed my wife good morning,
Got up out of bed
And tucked her in again.
Naomi spent 10 hours last night
Delivering a new mother's firstborn.
I didn't tell her good morning
And I wish I told her I loved her
But I didn't want to wake her.

I sipped my coffee on the way to work
As if it were any other day,
My only worry was if I had spilled any
On the new pink and white
Polka-dot tie my daughter Elise
Had bought me for my birthday
Last weekend
Or the new Bostonian shoes
My wife gave me
With the card that read,
We love you from top to bottom!

I walked into the conference room
And checked my watch:
I was 9 minutes early
To the most exciting moment
Of my career:
My first pitch as project manager
For the new country club going up
East of the city in Glenwood Landing.

I was 10 minutes early
To the most helpless moment
Of my life.

At 8:45 I said good morning
To many fine ladies and gentlemen...
Bankers, lawyers, city representatives,
A union boss, some secretaries,
And a stenographer in the back.

The same words I would never again say to my wife and child...

And immediately I was thrown
Through the air
And knocked against the righthand wall
Of the room.
I was utterly confused
And my face burned
From the coffee I had been holding
That now stained
My beautiful polka-dot tie.

It would be nothing compared to the heat I would soon face.

Outside our 111th-story window
Rose an obsidian plume of smoke.
We all knew something terrible
Had happened just a few floors below.

The fine ladies and gentlemen
Of a moment ago
Quickly turned into uncivilized beasts
As the lights went out
And the piercing scream of the fire alarm
Shouted louder than the new mother
Experiencing the pain
Of her first childbirth.

Smoke very quickly came from below
And filled the floor with the foulest odor
I had ever smelled:
Burning rubber, sulfur,
And burnt hair.
Others in the room sealed the door shut
With expensive overcoats and undershirts
From Armani and Burberry.

They tried the phone countless times
But the line was dead.
I looked down at my watch
As a bead of sweat fell from my brow
And landed on my new tie:

Today's date.

The fire alarm got tired of yelling
And the room was filled with an
Uncomfortable rumbling sound...


...and the hysterical wails of the
Fine ladies and gentlemen in the room.
Some prayed, some wept together,
Others wept alone.
The one thing we all had in common
Was the persistent coughing
From the obsidian smoke
Slicing our lungs.

I looked down at my watch:
The heat was now almost unbearable.
We huddled around the window
Jack or John or Jim smashed
With the powerful throw
Of a mini-refigerator.

When I gazed out the window
At the same sun that kissed my eyelids
This morning,
I was calm.
I thought of Naomi, who was
Surely watching on television
As her family called her to make sure
Her and I and Elise were alright.

Daddy's alright, baby girl.

I'm alright, Naoms.

Gary or Greg was the first to jump.

I'll make it home to you, angels.

Sophia or Cynthia was next.

Please, God, get me out of here...

Jack or John or Jim
And Patty or Peggy
Were each other's last hug
As they fell
Like two stars from heaven.

I couldn't see
And I couldn't breathe.
The sunlight was the last thing to kiss me.

Before I jumped
I felt my girls.
I touched the tie on my neck
And the shoes on my feet.

I love you both

From top to bottom.
Written 4 years ago, I always repost this on 9/11.

M Salinger Sep 2020
It's been 19 years
and America
is still

The death & destruction
carries on
without prejudice,
taking all in its wake
and leaving sorrowed
loved ones

Man creates man.
Man destroys man.

The only constant is the earth
below our feet
& our conflict with each other,
from whose blood and ashes
a new one
is born.

When will we wake to see
we have been the masters
of our own terror
all along?
In loving memory of all the lives lost and affected, now and then.
We remember another

sad day many

lost loved ones.

May they rest in peace

love and prayers go out

to the families.

My son was only

1 years old when

the twin towers fell

and many lives were lost.

We still sit and cry

for that solider that

never said goodbye to

his little girl.

We grieve today

for those lives that were lost.

So tell those you love

what they mean to you

and hold them dear you

never know when they will

get called home.

So we cry for the

tragic 9/11 when the

twin towers fell and lives

were lost.

There will be a time

that there will be no

more pain,

Our and  tears will

be dried.

So today we thank the

Soldiers and ones

on this 9/11 day.

May the LORD be with

your loved ones always.

We carry this  pain

on this tragic day 9/11.

© 2014 Benita
Staebell McCartney
such a sad and Tragic time I still cry over this my son was only 1 years old when the towers fell so he doesn't know we speak to him about it.

To remember 9/11
We wake up
Every morning,
Not knowing
It may be
Our last
Let’s love ourselves, for tomorrow is uncertain.
To the victims of the 9/11 attacks
I apologize as a Muslim and a human being
For what those ******* did to you
If I had the choice I would die protecting
As for the *******
Who ******* up everything
Might I suggest
An apology to vics, muslims
And to Allah and Mohammed
For acts of sheer insanity
And murderous rage

‎لضحايا هجمات الحادي عشر من سبتمبر
‎ أعتذر كمسلم وإنسان
‎ على ما فعله هؤلاء المتسكعون لك
‎ إذا كان لدي الخيار فسوف أموت وأنا أحمي
‎ أنت
‎ أما المتسكعون
‎ من أفسد كل شيء
‎ قد أقترح
‎ اعتذار لفيكس المسلمين
‎ وإلى الله ومحمد
‎ (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)
‎ لأفعال الجنون المطلق
‎ والغضب القاتل
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