I have reached the point
At which I have
Nothing better to do
But write poetry.
I'm waiting for an attorney
To return my call,
'Cause I'm filing for divorce,
But I know I have no control over the situation.
Rumi said that.
Last, night,
When I got in a fight with my wife,
Before calling 911,
I shouted,
"I'm Chairman Mao Tse Tung!"
Maybe, I AM Chairman Mao Tse Tung.
Who knows?
I seem to have a certain strange charisma
Among Chinese people recently.
It's true
When my Father returned from China.
He gave me a Mao Cap
And a Little Red Book.
Maybe, he was preparing me
For the role?

I am here

I was there
when you died
a handful of yards
from where I stood
on the most perfect of days

I now stand
on a seaside boardwalk
reciting your names
reading thumbnail bios
you liked the sun,
sea, surf and shore
you deeply loved
your family and
carried this place
within you as a
sacred sanctuary

But for that awful day
I would not know you

The day that bowed
Trinity’s holy spires
the clattering commotion
the destructive noise
tumbling, collapsing, splintering
our civic civility
consuming you
dashing many
seashore dreams

Yet your love
was not consumed
in the flames of acrimony

Your names
forged in bronze
etched on boards
written in sand

in wounded hearts
of those you loved
and blithely spoken
by a lifting chorus
of ever present waves

Righteous Brothers,
Ebb Tide

(double click image to read the names)

Holy Saturday 2017

municipal memorial for 9/11 victims
Tara Roumes Apr 2

You crashed right into my life,
I do not know why,
It hurt worse than a knife,
Why was it us who had to die?

You caused misery and pain,
The world was in trauma,
Making people go insane,
I wanted to hold my mama.

She had gone to work that day,
As the planes crashed into the towers,
She leaned forward just to pray,
Hoping it was over by the next hour.

You made anger into irate,
Taking innocent lives,
Now the only word we can think of is hate.
You took away husbands from their wives.

There are children watching the news,
You made them fear the world,
Now there is a mark on their life just like a bruise,
You made them feel afraid, now laying on the floor curled.

It will come back to you,
Hate, irate, misery, pain,
Just look how much we grew,
Now you’re the only one crying in vain.

You crashed right into my life,
I still do not know why.
Now the world has much strife,
And you are going to be the one to die.

Never Forget
Terry Collett Mar 17

It's starting to rain,
Young Sabrina said,
Sitting up in bed,
Gazing out of her
Window, taking in
The city and sky,
And the changing of
Weather. The city
Looked quite different in
The rain: looked fresher,

New born, as if some
Giant had lain out
In a shower with
All parts unclean cleansed
And made new in look
To gaze of the eye.
But who was there to
Tell now that Jude was
Gone, who to lay her
Head against, who to

Hug to for warmth or
Human contact in
Her big double bed?
He would have touched her
With his finger down
Her spine, have kissed her
Shoulder with his lips,
Have bitten in play
Her soft tender thigh.
That was what made her

Choke up, made her cry:
That knowing he'd not
Do that anymore,
Not be there with his
Love and embrace, not
Be there to gaze at
Her, eye-to-eye, face
To face. It's raining
Hard, Sabrina said,
Parting the window

Blinds with her fingers,
Taking in the block
Of tall offices
That came into her
View across the way,
The greying skyline,
The dull day. But who
Was there to relate
The fact of rain, who
To share her body

With, whom to sense her
Grief and pain? Jude had
Died: 9/11.
No final kiss; no
Fond farewell; just the
Silence of lost love
And an empty bed,
And a vacant space
In her heart and head.

A 2009 poem of mine. Now available in my book of poems Be Your Fantasy.
jdotingham Jan 23


is when metal s p r e a d  like jam.

d.d. #35
Karah Wilson Nov 2016

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children. Lives lost, bonds made.
Wreckage, heartbreak, turmoil, destruction. Questions. Pleas.
Heaven and Hell. Shock. Dismay. Loss and hospital. Sirens.
Help. Help. HELP!
Goodbye, goodbye.
“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”
“I’m going to die; I’m going to die!”
Crumble from the south.
Crumble from the north.
Smoke, rubble, lives.
Open mouth, tears.
Questions, calls.
“Are you okay?”
“I love you.”
“Be safe.”
Cops, fire trucks, ambulances.

jdotingham Nov 2016

Woke up:
                 Had a smoke,
                                          Made breakfast,
                                                                       Watched TV...
                                          My phone rang,
                Had a smoke,
Shut down.

Woke up:
                 Had a smoke,
                                         Went to work,


Axel Torrico Oct 2016

I have to leave i am way behind
My soul is here my life is not
No one can tell who i have become
I fell of my words call 911

Rebecca Lynn Oct 2016

It was just another day
didn’t think about anything
never thought that anything could go wrong,
but I guess I told myself wrong.
Holding my books so close to my chest,
started to think about the ones that I love best.
Next thing I knew, I grabbed my phone and called you
got the voicemail, so I started to say…

Are you alright, okay.
I’m just thinking about you today,
calling just to hear your voice, just checking up on you.
I have an idea on where you’re at, but I hope it’s not true.
I’m dearly missing you

The phone beeped & I knew something was not right
you were there that very night.
I just wished you could pick up your phone,
so I can tell myself that I’m wrong,
but ever since that day.
I pick up the phone, & leave a message at the tone,
because I know you can’t answer your phone

Are you alright, okay.
I’m just thinking about you today,
calling just to hear your voice, just checking up on you.
I have an idea on where you’re at, but I hope it’s not true.
I’m dearly missing you

It’s still just another typical day
now I think differently
& I’m thankful for everyday I had.
I just wished I could somehow get you back
I desperately miss you  & I still call you.

Are you alright, okay.
I know that you’re thinking about me today.
I’m calling just to hear your voice, just checking up on you.
I had a sketchy feeling about things, now I just want you.
I’m dearly, I’m desperately missing you

9/11 inspired story. The italic is what she says.
Breeze-Mist Oct 2016

I was just looking at some old comic art
About that time that some see as a start
And the artists all believed that we'd come together
To rebuild and outlast this terrorist weather
But looking around fifteen years later
It seems that our paranoia turned out to be greater
These artists believed that the change in the world
Would result in courage and unity untold

Well, guys, I'm so sorry that we let you all down
If you time traveled, you'd be dissapointed at what's around
Instead of becoming a United planet
Built on peace and courage unlike that before it
We've become this frightened, always fighting thing
I'm sorry for all of the things that we bring

I'm so sorry about the middle east
And about the NSA, and that's just the least
I'm sorry that techniques like waterboarding
We're used and that we don't find it abhorring
I'm sorry we couldn't look past race
To solve the hatred that we face
I'm sorry that one's orientation
Still affects how they're treated in a nation
I'm sorry we didn't learn respect
Because we hurt who we said we'd protect
So to those past artists who've come here to visit
This isn't the world you wanted, isn't it?
I'm so sorry the world turned out this way
I'm not really sure what else I can say

The writers thought we'd change for the better, but things just keep getting worse.
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