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Raven Feels Apr 7
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, you can bleed without a shed of a drop of blood:}

in surrender to the real

a shirt is torn a cut was named a deal

for the release to greed then the skins to bleed

I draw you margins a put test to bend to kneel

to the torment in the heat you shoot to feel

in there where I see

no one has a view but me

your veins of pure temper dripping in jealousy

raise in no empathy

                                                       ­                ------ravenfeels
Gabrielle Dec 2020
Rain befalls the afternoon like a heavy blanket
A blanket under which I rest
Legs crossed and crossed and crossed
Neck curved as a comma,
The smallest body you have seen

Nothing is mine
My arms, my hands, my head
The water that falls
Lands on nothing that belongs

Nothing is ours
The sky, the ground, the air
Skin becomes wet
Skin and water with no owner
This poem is about feelings of depersonalisation and derealisation, as well as discomfort in one's own body.
Marisela Veludo Sep 2020
As time goes by
These feelings get stronger
Painful sensations
Dont want to feel it no longer

I can't breath
I am suffocating
My head is exploding
All this, we're aggravating

A slap through my face
A knive through my heart
Excruciating pain
I can't take it.....its alot

Addiction to the pain
Is making us insane
Magnetic forces
Distorted in all sources.
Mikaela L Jul 2020
I am running water,
Held at the waist by a sweet dam,
Silenced by fighting leaves,
****** in my direction by the whirling wind,
Everything reflects on me,
My waters wonder, "who am I?"
For my reflection, I don't see,
I see a mockingbird atop a tree,
I see the white sun above me,
I see the world as I experience it,
Can it see me?
Ava Courtney Apr 2020
I miss it, I miss being unable to breathe while you devour me with your lips.
I miss the way you used to look at me; with a sense of wanting; lust.
I desperately miss the feeling you gave my body when you ever so gently caressed me with your hands.
I keep trying to erase the memories, the feeling, the sensations, for what we had was an illusion.
It was made to make us feel good, but it wasn’t real. Our feelings were hidden within the foolish lies that lied between our lips.
You left me addicted, begging for another taste.
I lust for you, unsure of my love for you.
I can’t look at you without feeling resentment. You walk past me and my heart skips a beat when you look at me. It sends shivers down my spine and the butterflies in my stomach escape from their cage.
It reminds me of the feeling I got when your lips were pressed against my neck and your hands firmly around my waist.
A moment of sheer ecstasy, a memory on replay in my mind, a moment that was over too soon.
What we did was wrong, but everything about it felt right, it made me feel invincible like the weight of the world suddenly vanish from my shoulders.
When we were together, lips pressed against each other, chest to chest. Our hearts beat as one.
All the anger, fear, regrets disappeared for a moment for three minutes, everything felt okay. From the very first time to the last.
For I cannot forget the first time, a moment I've been imagining for a while, no longer a fantasy.
I had tasted many lips before you, but it was only ones that tasted ever so sweet, only yours that turned my butterflies into fireworks, yours’ were the only ones that satisfied my craving.
You satisfied my craving once again, a moment I thought would never happen again. This time, brief, aggressive. You grabbed me by my waste and our lips touched once again, leaving me hungrier than the last.

Weeks passed as those two memories looped in my mind, leaving me wondering what we were becoming and if there ever was an end.
For it happened again, this one more special than the other, maybe it was the way you bit my lip, or maybe it was the way your hands were placed on my body. But it felt different, new, it felt like raging fire within my bones.
Once again weeks passed by and the fire slowly extinguished, leaving me wondering if I’ll ever feel that way again.
One. Last, Time. We shared that moment one last time. I didn’t know it then but that was the last time our lips would ever touch. This is the one that's causing the most pain, that's leaving the most wounds on my rugged heart.

I remember you walked towards me, our eyes locked on each other, saying things that we couldn’t express through words, feelings too strong to verbalize. My heart kept missing a beat, like it was the first time. You were standing in front of me and your eyes fell to the floor, you started talking nervously as you sweetly caressed the necklace hanging from my neck, you looked up and stared into my eyes with hunger.
you put your hand on my waist and pulled me closer, and my mind went blank, my mouth watered and left me with a craving for your lips. You pressed your lips against my glossy lips and the room fell away, everything disappeared except for you and me, I had never gotten so lost in a kiss, You kept pulling me in closer, Like I wasn’t close enough, It felt like an eternity, like there was no end. But then you stopped to whisper in my ear, you tell me that you had to go. I deny it and swiftly turn around.

You grabbed me by my belt loop and pulled me back. Your stomach against my back, you gently pulled my hair to the side and whispered serenity in my ear, I felt you breathing against my neck, kissing it ever so gently.
Our breaths became heavy while sinful thoughts ran through my innocent mind. You gave me a newfound feeling, a sensation that I never wanted to end. But I could taste the end on your lips, leaving my body aching.
It ended just as quickly as it started and you've left me with this pain and emptiness and I'm hungry for you. When you left for the last time, you took a piece of me with you. It was our last goodbye without a word being said, no explanation or reason.
You walked away.
Chase Pamplin Jan 2020
To move the chills

I give you within your skin.

Every muscle to create a graceful smile.

My eyes have already captured an endless amount of your time.

You are no doctor but the prescription of your presence is something one should always recommend.

Let’s make love Retro again.

To make the love one cherish fell every sensation in their body is a privilege. Connect with their mind. Create with them. Love them. Hold them. Do it all just because. The energy between two beings is everything.
Love is not blind
Love has eyes
a face, heart and ability
to feel and touch
your deepest inner….

Accessible, not for everyone
like you, there is only one
i came, i saw nothing but i conquered
my fear phobia
mental inability
ego my person everything i do is ever
i look in the mirror i am not there
can you tell me where i am
that i don't even know myself anymore?

My girl the name is Love
your sweetest place on earth
you know that like no other
it's worth the most to you
you travel in many countries
you have roamed everywhere on this globe
you will always find the same Country, i hope

My girl really doesn't know where that is?
take a look in the mirror
do you see that Country?
that Land is called Love
Love is not blind, has
a face, heart and ability
to know and know it
look longer in this mirror
you will see that Land rise
that Country where you stay in more often
than you ever expected
your deepest inner…..

©Sylvia Frances Chan
The Land called Love, our true conscience
Jenny Ochoa Aug 2019
those butterflies you get in your tummy, when you look up and they are already staring at you, with a smile so lovely...
that tingle you feel in your soul, when they pull you in for a kiss while they caress your face, desire is their goal...
the sensations you provoke to my body, one look one hug one smile and my emotions sky rocket out of my body...
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