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Chase Pamplin Jan 26
To move the chills

I give you within your skin.

Every muscle to create a graceful smile.

My eyes have already captured an endless amount of your time.

You are no doctor but the prescription of your presence is something one should always recommend.

Let’s make love Retro again.

To make the love one cherish fell every sensation in their body is a privilege. Connect with their mind. Create with them. Love them. Hold them. Do it all just because. The energy between two beings is everything.
Love is not blind
Love has eyes
a face, heart and ability
to feel and touch
your deepest inner….

Accessible, not for everyone
like you, there is only one
i came, i saw nothing but i conquered
my fear phobia
mental inability
ego my person everything i do is ever
i look in the mirror i am not there
can you tell me where i am
that i don't even know myself anymore?

My girl the name is Love
your sweetest place on earth
you know that like no other
it's worth the most to you
you travel in many countries
you have roamed everywhere on this globe
you will always find the same Country, i hope

My girl really doesn't know where that is?
take a look in the mirror
do you see that Country?
that Land is called Love
Love is not blind, has
a face, heart and ability
to know and know it
look longer in this mirror
you will see that Land rise
that Country where you stay in more often
than you ever expected
your deepest inner…..

©Sylvia Frances Chan
The Land called Love, our true conscience
Jenny Ochoa Aug 2019
those butterflies you get in your tummy, when you look up and they are already staring at you, with a smile so lovely...
that tingle you feel in your soul, when they pull you in for a kiss while they caress your face, desire is their goal...
the sensations you provoke to my body, one look one hug one smile and my emotions sky rocket out of my body...
Frankie Gestone Jul 2019
When the dust clears and you are near
The air brushes a wind straight through your hair
Sensations I cannot explain, sunshine or rain,
I see you see me call your name
In silence, the desperate call, I wait each night
If the stars align, and Jupiter meets Saturn, then it is the time
The gate will open and you will meet the lover’s nest
The owl awaits and watches the hawk below Venus once the sun sets
sushii Jun 2019
I know I have let you all down.
My heart stings at the sound of my voice.
I’ll give the people what they want.
My heart aches at the feeling of my warmth.

I can feel your words cut through my back.
Silently whispered between the walls.
I can feel your lips brush against my neck.
Sensations felt long ago.

I sense your eyes boring into me
It was there for a long time.
What do you say when I’m not there?
It was said for a long time.

I’ve been sad for a long time.
I’ve felt bad for a long time.
I’ve thought about this for a long time.

I mean it this time.
**this isn’t an actual suicide note. If you are feeling suicidal, the hotline is 1-800-273-8255. You are not alone.
Nolan Willett Apr 2019
A resurgent nihilistic philosophy
A second lost generation
Disillusioned with the being of nations
Lost in their own antipathy
Confused by new sensations

A political theorist I am not
I like to wander in hills and clouds
And pick out kindred spirits in crowds
A thousand wasted battles fought
A thousand raggedy burial shrouds

The bohemians revel in their nonsense
Shall I my conceits and imaginations forsake?
Maybe a decent Lawyer I would make?
What is real and what is performance?
Which side of me shall I deem fake?

To which should I my attentions give
My unceasing love for liberty,
or a discontented bourgeoisie?
Material things I need to live
Yet still I am most lifted by poetry
Wolf Oct 2018
Listen to the pitter patter
Paws of black padded pink
Hear the raindrops spray once again
To rest on silky fur
Taste the honey on a spiked tongue
Coating paws in bittersweet
Smell the dry sunlight whisk away sour memories
As the cat carries on
Watch the puddles catch every step
Paces always constant
Feel the blood pool beneath
The cat leaps off the path
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
I have two hearts now
one for each of your eyes;
one inside my body,
one in yours

twice the joy
twice the pain

I haven’t seen all that much during my years,
let alone done…
but I’ve felt for lifetimes ahead
and you are… truly…
the best of it
Kelsey Aug 2018
I cannot breathe

My nostrils caving in on themselves
The sensation of impaling arrows piercing my chest

My body is heavier than it was
A minute ago
When I wasnt thinking
My breathing.

Twidling fingers
The twitch of my jaw
Restless legs: a mind of their own

This bed doesnt feel as comfortable
As it did
When I wasnt thinking

"Just breathe"
"Its all in your head"
"Sink into the mattress"
"Dont look at how late it is"

My mind is much louder now
Than it was
When I wasnt thinking
My anxiety.
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