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Sasha Raven Apr 2019
For sure, I will prefer Steemeum and Steem!
They are so amazing, great, but you will deem?
And, all the time, this incredible app just runs,
it will shine in all its glory, like a million Suns!
Steemeum is just the beginning, it is just a start,
we are inviting you, to take the role, to be a part!
You might say: "He is just so stupid and so green!
And so much empty talking, I have never seen!"
All you need is to create a Steemit account,
to me, Steemeum app is a source and a fount!
Yes, I have a feeling, that Steemeum will rise,
I hope some day you will say, that was wise!
Sasha Raven Apr 2019
Have You ever heard about the JSEcoin,
I am inviting You in Their team — to join!
It will fly, very fast, straight to The Moon,
so create an account today, or very soon ...
It is a cryptocurrency and very easy to mine,
in the nearest future, it will shine, shine, shine!
You wonder, maybe You are so confused?
I was too, doubted, but now I am amused!
And, all my words have not been spoken,
on the net, read more about the JSEcoin token!
It uses small amounts of electricity — CPU power,
JSEcoin seems to me, like a mighty tower!
Elliot Prusi Mar 2019
The crumbling, earthen stones,
over which I clamber entrap the ghosts
of those who left before their time.
The cool, glassy tunnels through which I crawl
threaten to give, and bury my corpse
beneath the boulders and rubble.
The creaking catwalk to which I cling
sways ever slightly in the absence of wind,
teasing my toppling doom.
The mammoth steel drums
loom heads over mine, their rattling
and rumbling ceased decades ago.
The rotting apricot timbers
wedged into the endless darkness,
no longer support the tonnage of slabs
hoisted higher than my eyes will find.
The wrought-iron machinery
long stopped in time,
lies warped by the weight of gravity.
The soaring windows
spider-webbed and shattered,
litter the floor with their fractured bones.
And the walls and floors
and ceilings and doors
that once bustled with the liveliness of labor
lie silent.
Written by a man inspired by the beauty of old, abandoned mines.
Zachary G Jan 2019
What brings might?
What is it that makes you fight?
What is just,
What is right?

Why are we fighting
Why are our children dying
I’m buying time
Now I survive by mining

Mining my hopes
Sawing my dreams
Breaking knees
Sweating on the breeze

Hopes gone
Family lost
Dinner on the table
I have not...
Rebel wars if they lose... thought for food
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2018
People are here.
I reach out deep within
to the place of various hue and vibrancy
to paint it in the air and on me
but that place is empty.
You can hear them if you listen
When the wind blows in the night
The people who once lived here
Who are gone now, out of sight

The buildings, many shuttered
Housed ten thousand at it's peak
Now empty, vacant, skeltons
Once vibrant, now, so bleak

Silver once was mined nearby
Thousands flocked here for the chance
To strike it rich, be wealthy
Uninvited to the dance

For all that comes with promise
The devil comes as well
With money comes temptations
As the small town starts to swell

Business and homesteads
Spring up where once was none
Lawlessness is rampant
The law is by the gun

Saloons, hotels, and harlots
Soapbox preachers, grab your purse
We all cannot be winners
That is just the boom towns curse

Like a zephyr in the desert
A boom town changes in a flash
Prosperity will vanish
And so does all the cash

The boom town dies as quickly
As a flower in the snow
Scattered now back homeward
With nothing left to show

The earth takes all she's given
The buildings may still stand
But, the mines are all now empty
There's no value to this land

Listen to the voices
The wind let's them sing out
You can hear them in the darkness
That's when the locals all come out

A ghost town is a relic
It shows the best and worst of man
So, listen to the wind now
Hear their stories if you can
Sandra Lee Jun 2018
        Unsafe, Hazardous
          Polluting,  Contaminating, Fouling
        Waste,     Blight,     Damage,     Liability
        Spoiling,  Dirtying,  Poisoning
       Tainted, Unclean
This is a Diamante poem, shaped like a diamond. Thanks to APriCoT for her influence and encouragement. See her poem Global Warming for information on how to write one.
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