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Marina Oct 9
Remembering the way
you pulled me close to your heart in the promises
of never breaking me

staying here, dancing in my mind
in public
in the dark
making the tensity in my body, release
telling me you love me, keeping yourself hostage
in my body,
i listen deeply.
i am home to you.
no matter where i go, you're chasing me out of love.
Tony Tweedy Jul 29
My arms would hold you, secure you, protect you.
My lips would cherish you, desire you, worship you.
I would comfort you, hear you, listen to your needs.
I would live for you, breathe for you, be dedicated to you.
My goal would be to feed your smiles and laughter.
Always to respect and honor you, care for and about you.
I would gladly be what you want and what you need.

Who are you? Where are you?
Loneliness is not an easy thing...
Dante Jul 19
You held my hand. Touched it, caressed it.
Mindlessly, I let myself be felt by you.
Secretly, somewhere in my heart I was dancing.
I woke again, like I had before.
From closeness of you. From a dream.
From tenderness.
the second, actually.
Joanna Jul 19
This winters brought a quiet peace within me. I fear nothing and sense such release, though it is a cold and windy time.

The joy that should be there is finally mine.

Funny how the season's change; one-day sunshine and then the cleansing rain.

Sort of like winter in a young girls heart, depending on spring to keep it from tearing it  apart.

And this time it is all mine, the joy, the love, the contentment I find. It's mine for a season and on into the year. 

A time of loving and being loved is finally here.
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Tony Tweedy Jul 16
I think back on the good times and the memories that we made.
And in my quiet moments those great times are all replayed.

I remember the laughter and tenderness of the time we had shared.
And feel so much less lonely thinking on how you once cared.

Of course there is a melancholy sadness in knowing it has passed.
But we built so many memories that the warmth of then will last.

Do you recall those moments when we shared intimacy and fun?
Or are they all your past and in memories, then made you none?

I think often of the passionate warmth of you entwined with me.
And feel again the excitement of how those times could be.

Always with some loss, but too an overwhelming sense of pride.
When you were once my lover, I have to put those memories aside.

I keep selfishly those memories that you and I have made.
Musing often on what I could have done to ensure then had stayed.

I think of you often in that wider world out there.
And hope you kept one good memory as proof you once did care.
Inspired by both my past and Lorraine Colon who writes some simply amazing and insightful stuff. I wish I were as adept at cutting through and seeing it real.
Dante Jul 4
Tenderness is your weeping, Love is in the wetness of your cheek, I have heard you begging yourself for the forgoing of your defenses. If love is the path you reach for, your legs only need walk it. My dear, abandon hardness. Become the light love is drawn to.
the mood for cancer season this year....
Joanna May 15
The pulse of the spirit is about love. It is not about the rage of this worlds pain.

It is about a life transformed that will never be the same. The voice of healing has nothing to do with what man has in mind. 

The heartbeat of truth and the presence of hope, have nothing to do with a slippery *****. 

And ye,t for the one who will listen, it is about bearing fruit, and a hidden rose about to take root.

The path of peace has nothing to do with less noise, it is about, entering each day, with the promise of ease.
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Micaela Jun 20
this is the hardest thing
letting someone else have
so much control
over my heart
because i love him

this is the best thing
letting someone else have
so much tenderness
for my heart
because i love him
Dante Jun 21
Your peace must be achieved not through violence but with it, Alongside it. Wield your violence without fear of its power. Love must know pain. Rebellion must know blood. Peace must know violence. You have nothing to fear when kindness sings behind your battle cry.
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