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Axion Prelude Apr 30
"I Love You, my darling.. before I sleep, I'll trade whispers with the sky, and tell the moon all about you.."
You are my light. This dream may be true, someday...
stillhuman Apr 7
Of all the anger
and hurt and pain
I am left with
Nothing but a mere memory
Nothing but two bare bodies
lost deep in understanding
each other's pieces
and muffled laughter and
glee kept hidden
as to not overthink
each carress
and fond eyes looking back
and trembling hands
touching so soft
barely there
All I remember is your tenderness
Mia Apr 6
She was good at goodbyes
And he was bad at them.
Together they were one collision away from pain.
And yet somehow when his need met hers.
There was calm inside the chaos.
He was patience incarnate.
She was unconditional love.
The two, a connection so deep.
A feeling in their souls.
That this wasn't meant to be goodbye.
But a hello that never got old.
Learning to not say goodbye when it gets rough.
preston Feb 10

Don't speak directly to her--
you will melt the skin  off
  her bone-frame

Instead, find the parallel-words--

ones that will float alongside her
as she walks, so as she is able-
she can pluck them--  like
wild roses along the highway

Sometimes, love takes a
amount of creativity--

the name of the game is
  its destination
not the control of its path

SiouxF Dec 2020
You are
The glistening snowflake,
The valiant snowdrop,  
The fragrant cherry blossom,
The shimmering ocean, and
The abundant harvest,
I am there for you and you for me,
All year round
My sweet love.

You are
My ray of sunshine,
My shooting star,
My waxing moon,
My rainbow magic,
My inspiring muse, and
The meaning in my life,
I love you
With all my heart.

You are
The sunshine in my step,
The smile on my lips,
The twinkle in my eye,
The timbre in my voice,
The tenderness in my touch and
The passion in my kiss,
I’ll always love you
And a day.
I found the remnants of this old poem while sorting out some paperwork which surprised me as I didn’t know I’d attempted poetry before. I tidied it up so it flowed and sounded better but the draft wasn’t too bad for an initial foray into poetry.
Shame the love didn’t last forever either!
N Feb 24
I will heat the soup
you forgot to drink

After I kiss the space
between your eyebrows
yann Dec 2020
It makes my heart beat fast fast fast
When you say you love me, more open than you've ever been before,
And i know it's because i let you take my heart with you and trusted you not to break it,
It's soft isn't it ? makes you melt,
Lets you know that love is a gift i gave you
And you give me too,
And my heart,
It does love you.
about a friendship that became very tender, when before it was only teasing and unsaid soft words
Grace McDonough Nov 2020
I realized something.
Tenderness gets you nowhere in the face of apathy.
Apathy is ruling us.
It is ruling me in my heart and in its grotesque reflections.
I cower at it and forget myself and whimper and say all the wrong things.
Hateful things, as my heart is on fire.
There is an anger in me, a blood red rage and then there is calm, cool, unaffected apathy.
It does not rear its head like the bull of my anger, but sinks like a stone.
Makes cool my bones.
I would rather spit fire, I’d rather let it wreck my lungs.
I wish I could scream it out or fight it out or **** it out or maybe just forget it exists.
But it remains frozen ice throughout me that weighs me to the ground.
The magnet that pulls me down down down.
Maybe this is the doomed, inevitable thing I’m feeling, the fear that my apathy will never melt away.
That I’ll never see the brighter days.
The stars in me keep choosing the wrong things and i’m lost in a galaxy of apathy.
Tenderness would melt me.

A case for apathy-- maybe I would get some sleep.
cousin to a poem i wrote about a year ago this month, 'apathy'
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