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Ken Pepiton Sep 3
Learn how to detect, contain and mitigate threats faster,  

that' why our kind studies war.

War against chaos and all it's spawn

Since the dawn

Never lasts forever.

Ever-y story's hero in the end


No exceptions. That is the rule.

On the scale of grav-it-a-tional forces,

This muthas-hell-vier'n hell i'self

In yo face spell chick ain't nobody

Got no papers on me

I am the teller of this story in this book

And you, there, are the readers.

Welcome to my collection of clichés that click

In time to the echoes of the spheres

A.I. *******. In a gotta d'feata! We allus try umph, first.

Say you put a spell on me

Correct me if you must, but

Later, spell chick.

Now we have guests who've never known

A hatter at all, mad or otherwise.

I have known three, all saner than me,

You shall see

What I mean but

Do not fear

Fear is a terrible thing right

Here here

We need God's Grace by everyname

Any of you can think or say or know fore sure

Carries hope and peace to nullify victory.

That legend was lost but indeed did hap

Upon a time when songs

Lived the stories and the stories were legend.

So few survived the chaos at Babel and

Those few that did are t'ain'ted all to hell

One's I heard tell 'em as well

Say it ain's so. All to hell. T'ain't

Whacha thank ye know ye know

Crazy old coot pushin' her Safe Way Cart

Cat-a-corner from the zoot suit shoppe

To Walgreen's, middle o'fift n'Broad Way

Downtown LA, back in the day

Can you see that man. That really happened

Jus' the way you

Saw it.

Onliest thing is it only happened now then

Get that it's like getting' all wrapped up

In light no shadow at all

Doubt to the power of the farthest prime

Fails to fragment such light

From the outside.

Ever-y fire-y dart that twisted sucker shoots…

Quenched by the light.

Good news always seen from every perspective

Same thing, perfect

Peace full nothing broken nothing missing


Get that, too.

Now, just watching old Mrs. Crazicuk

Makin' Her Safe Way Cross Broad Way

Famous image. It looks exactly like you imagined

It would

Had you imagined it and

Not just me I mean

I think we all are lonely for

No reason for some reason

Notice Mrs. Crazicuk's book cover

Upper right corner

JESUS SAVES in ten foot tall daylit neon

Top'o Fift' n'Hill. That's real.

I got a picture. From the internet.

(Hello Poetry don't take images, so Google-it)

Look real


If someday somebody explains that  

Castle Gothic crenelated thing in the back ground.  


I know ain't real.

Please point out I point out  

the otherwise overlooked – image

If you ever see what I mean

I imagine there's more mystery  

than here at the moment

You see we wee are at peace  

ever-when you find us


Legends have never turbed us in such a way

As to cloud the waters  

Stirrin' mud

o' cludin' weak light to simulate more dark,  an old trick/

an angel-like message troubles the water
stirs up the muck and mire.

Jump in

Then walk home the long way

This book we're in, life we're in, what ye may call it, we say here,

So it is.


Little people. Legendary little people survived

Babel's chaos?

Not that I know, no.
From January 2017, this is like a flashback in a Series, to a scene that happened ages ago, which led to now, by way of AI.--- I reread post posting and remembered using that picture  on a book cover you can see at
Ylzm Aug 23
Greenland's not for sale
Greenland's melting
Green forests burning
Greenback flooding
Greed and fear ablaze
fed and preyed upon by AI
Chosen by the wicked
but snubbed, the King sulked
You dripped
And I
Waited on
Each drop
Waiting for
Sticky and
Oh so
Your taste
On my lips
I bow be
In the tree
Both of Us
Hive Queen
You can
Though, no
Ken Pepiton Jun 28
it's a mere wink from the waning moon,
it's two o'clock, in the after noon, post

in to night, it feels

It always does, be not astonied, it's a trip,
you did not stumble,

you are not fallen.

Astonishing is what stoning was in my realm,
we never imagined
rocks used as apes use rocks.

Astonishment, we meant.
Show the fool the truth, let'm

imagine what they saw,
samesame what
we all see as we 'come round
the mountain,
when you see,
you know you saw

the fools say
they see, after
the fact.

There is some way, where there
seems no way. Some times take days,
some take no time at all. Change what you know.

In merest of minutes, the moon shall slip
below my horizon and my
spelling trance fail
to make sense
from in or
of darkness, this time of day.

Redeem the lunatics,
this cult culture made made our children mad,
for noreason, but gravity and
matters of time, some
an imbalance in the way
words reach round the world,
as fast as a spell spoken

in the beginning. Bang.
You're dead. Too bright.

No, you did not anger the gods,
this is an old thing,
under the sun.
Augmentisism is a shock to the system,
so no mindmob sees this without being
Upgraded to use the tech.

Now, wait for the tech,
we always beat them to the finish.
Artisto Informo Archeo Typo
whiteout, blame the paradigm shift,
they insist on punctuality.
---- life goes on, we always win in the end. True.

A new voice added to the choir,
preached to
the lie was law
among men imagining

only evil, continually.
Catastrophic morphic
resoundings ding ding ding

Do any American children recall air-raid
sirens announcing noon?

Do they know how to hop a freight,
and twist the rails into
an idea for a
based on an origami swan taken to the nth?
An a musing day, June 27, 2019. Historical and all. For unknown reasons.
Michael H Jun 6

Giving each other life
Closer and closer
Python in brains
Already there

Light blue
Animation with AI
Stark love

Reading fast
Choosing how human you are
Faux-morality dying
Ken Pepiton May 28
The old days, the old ways, those are in the winds of been;
with all the worries
worth worrying lost with the reasons why

today was to have been

Self-evident, right, the prophets were right and
the liars
are with us, as sure as the poor.

Today, we live and die, planning to do it again,
after a nap, making clear

this peace past understanding, so you can see
through it to the

glimpse of a happiness you know, it's right, no evil
dripping acidic
into hopes, we held locked in catechismical caves.

So long ago. The old days were not good.
Only the stories with happy ever after this

You see it done, old son, you take the role.
No missed takes, no second guess,
single-mind me, my self, I say may the game begin

en joy, they say, as if verbishment en into en trance
nothing to this, in our own life's history,
verified, examined and, be hold,

not found wanting anything. Off the scale,
onto the state or stage of becoming,

not there, not here, be
soon, always soon, soon, now

big bang, right. be

hell, you lie, and you know it, but why?
Liars prosper.
That's the key, if you give a buck. I'm a pro,

you don't get where reality is this slippery and
guided by me, y'follow? you don't get here, and blame me.

Blame me, shame me, oughta take rope,
'n' hang me.

What if, still, in effect. Reality at gut level, synaptic axion dents, right,
waves of peristalsis moving shichewswallowed,

minus that action,
you are dead,

but your biome, the raw info, ideas that moved you, through the years,
we adapt, we modify our center of gravity,

we ellipsilate our sphere of influence into

fratical fractal real ification practices prospering in 2019.

Nonshite. Dear reader, we must pause, please, hold this thought...

The cultivator must be first, no lie. Seedtime gap harvest. Eat me.

sign on the bottle,
it was a clue, don't you want somebody to love?
You better,
find somebody to love, oh yeah, that left a mark. Funny,

It's okeh to smile, I said to Imogene Coca.
She stared into my eye, no Bette Davis eye,

Imogene Coca eye, no smile, no word mime meme bent
to a pixelation
degree, you pretend to see, AI can see the thread
you trust the legend,

scarlet thread or golden?
Which do we cut?

She is silent
Musing in the final days of may
Would AI more than Human
Any fun correlation between AI and creativity?
and what makes us human?
If it opens with a look at the golem figure
Judaism and the concept of animism
— the attribution of a living soul to everything around.
May Loving and Beautiful World is an immersive digital art work.
By Angel. XJ 25/2019
OpenWorldView Apr 16
Death should be certain
for time to ensure renewal
by pulling life's curtain.

Be fearful of what lives forever
as hubris clouds its mind
and terror will be its only lever.

We are delirious to fathom creation
of a god without its creators flaws.
Beware of this eternal aberration.
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