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we are the sand on which man with his ever arrogant gait
treads. we are his tools, his land, his obstruction,
his children’s playthings, his building blocks
bounded only by the limit of his imagination.

to him, we are docile, but we are in conflict,
refusing to give way, robbing each other of the space
for breath, for drink.

we outnumber man as stars do, yet
our friction renders us subservient
to his hands.

we could be so much more.
if it were not for this
friction, this ****** friction,
we could bury oceans
and change the course of rivers.

it is my hope
that a great raptor shall beat her wings,
uniting us in her wind to rend flesh from bone,
that man’s blood shall be our water,
a medium to swallow him whole,

and we shall be dyed red like our brothers
on a former earth

who killed the god of war.
i submitted this to my university literary folio. im not allowed to disclose the results of the deliberations, but im still proud of it and id still really love some comments.
emlyn lua Sep 22
-recovered from the papers of codename ‘Wolf Spider’, spin doctor for the Purist resistance-

his Machinery is glitCHing: o so human
imperfect beings produce imperfect creations
yes, I believe: a jealous god creates warFull people
metal is flesh is plastic is flesh is metal –
hybrid creatures, and yet one species only

to come so far and yet still be at the basic
his steel claws are tipped with choking poison
recovered from the corpse of Socrates himself
war is fitting: slaughter of life
for the sake of stealing Death

his Eyes unfaithful to himself, he is not the only observer
the naïf does not read the Terms and Conditions
of his own (not his own) body
throughout my life I have seen the necrosis
caused by blind faith in humanity’s humanity

am I stuck in the old ways? perhaps that is true,
but in the Old Days of the Old Ways you could tell with a look
what was born and what was spawned from a factory
only the brain remains, they have not yet found
a way to binarise my soul
if anyone could tell me how im supposed to make things italic on here i would heavily appreciate it (i had an account years ago i remember it being like asterisks but that didnt seem to work?)
Starry Sep 5
Every day
after the pub
I see this tree
With the Jacko lanterns face
On it
Is it carved or
Shove it in
The face haunts
So one day I go visit the Facebook tree
To see for myself
With out driving by it.
Starry Sep 4
As I walk
Into the forest to calm my
Mind it does not work
And so I screem
So loud that my soul
Leaves my body
For being in
Because I wouldn't cool off.
Starry Sep 4
As the dark witch
Her darkness
She let's the sun be un eclipsed
Her soul
Leaves hear body to go to
To be free of its evil
Starry Sep 3
I live in a
Yes s e v e n
In the form
Of a great Dipper
As i moon gaze every night
Until midnight
I see
The mooons
Clear as day
Neverr get enough
Of this sight at all
In my surreal world
Starry Sep 1
One night
God and the great satan
Were in the graveyard
And trade souls
From the
And from the ******
The blessed when to paradise
The ******
Where cast
Into the hell fire
Every Halloween.
Starry Aug 31
When I see a
Clear dusk sky
In the evening
I like to imagine
We have more neighbors
In our solar system
And that we have more moon
Like that of a scifi or fantasy novel
Back to reality.
Starry Aug 30
The face of the devil
All over the universe
Hoping to cause
Nuclear trouble
But instead his face melts aimlessly
What will mankind do.
Starry Aug 30
From be young the
There is a word made of geodes and crystals
And above the the sharp
Crystals float
Alien jelly fish
Maybe I am dreaming.
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