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Hammad Nov 2020
If you can read
I am an open book
-  full of gibberish
but If you have
The Cipher of love
You can decrypt it,
unlock it's secrets
and explore my World
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
I wish I could leave you in the ash tray like all all my stress,
I’m struggling to quit this, to quit us

This wrong side of heaven
This pairing

But I let the pollution fester

I want to leave you in the ash tray,
but what if it still burnt
and started a wildfire.
Moth Aug 2019
lurking over us
a mystery a puzzle
an eye that sees all
Jasper Jul 2019
It was the first time that I met her
She was shy and quiet, pure and innocent
That day was the most memorable for me
It's like we've known each other for long
Like talked to each other for so long
Laughed at each other for so many reasons
Loved each other so hard
Over and over again, it's like a cycle
Vented frustrations at each other
Even to the point that will end our time being together
Happy times have ended so fast,
Each and every moment did not last,
Right doings became wrong, without having the time to ask.
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2019
I always thought
if I was to go unknown
as a writer, then I
would draw my word…
But no ways, not when I can
own the cipher
to unlock my world!
Rj Jan 2019
nqxg aqw.
dozdbv, dozdbv.
cqxdpq vh cqaxjc rb yrwlqnm bqdc,
qdt y sqd'j iqo q vksaydw jxydw.
xnt bntkcm's gdzq ld, zmxvzxr.
lgg dgkl af qgmj gof zwsv,
dtz'aj fqbfdx iwjfry ytt rzhm ktw dtzw tbs ltti.
pdbeh brx'uh guhdplqj ri ph.
zrxogq'w wkdw eh lurqlf.
.-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..- --..--
.- .-.. .-- .- -.-- ... --..-- / .- .-.. .-- .- -.-- ...
..-. --- .-. . ...- . .-. ;
written in code ooohhh. you can probably guess the last three lines are morse code, but the rest of them are all different ciphers. its not very well written, cause i wrote it line by line, but if u care enough go for it. shouldnt take more than 15 minutes anyhow.
Josiah Sim Nov 2018
Can you see me?
The Dybbuk Nov 2018
I reel you in with honeyed words,
That only you can read.
I reel you in with hooks and spears,
I reel to make you bleed.
I speak to you in riddles,
Decode them with my smile.
I speak to you in poetry,
I speak to you in guile.
It's not you I'm deceiving,
I'm too busy with myself.
I write my book of ciphers,
It's there for you on the shelf.
If ya didn't catch Poe (M.A.)
try Poe (M.B.) because
this is not po' Poe's poetry.  It's just ANu poet trying not to be Poe but me.
Cipher games continued from Poe(try) to be me(op cit) Good luck
Nope not better than Poe
try as I may not to mope
I don't even compare....
I might be a bishop but he's
definitely the Pope
Trying out some cipher games
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