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Àŧùl Dec 2023
Good morning, my dear Yogini,
A bright future awaits us both,
Under this surreal open sky,
Really it's what you taught,
Inspiring me through Yoga.
My HP Poem #1956
©Atul Kaushal
Pagan Paul Jul 2023
S – Sit down with me
N – Nibble my neck
U – Undo my top button
G – Gently massage my chest
G – Glance at me longingly
L – Let your inhibitions go
E – Enjoy the moment.

© Pagan Paul (04/12/18)
An old poem revisited :)
Heavy Hearted Apr 2023
A, always absencent and afraid
D, in such distaste;
A, for anger- absoloute
& M, cuz mans a ****** Waste:

Is this a written name?
Of this friend or potential lover
How he Reels this unique pain,
Too bad he wont discover:
That I'm the one whos truth's attentive
Not the one with words incentive-
Take ownership, & be repentive
Your minds absolutely unretentive.

I don't believe that you have this gift
To heal and unlock a Better version
of whoever you think you are-

What you've been given, you must shift
Enjoying that fake xannax bar?

A lthough you hurt
D ont hurt me too
A lways iconsiderate-
M anipulated too.

A man disrespected me and i dont tollerate that from little *******
Àŧùl Sep 2023
I am very happy now.

Loving my days as they shine,
Over the edge I pushed sorrow,
Viewing my love grow mature,
Enjoying the achievements I am.

My most adorable person,
On Earth and in the universe,
My father comes next.
These days I'm a Probationary Officer at the State Bank of India.

My HP Poem #1713
©Atul Kaushal
Eloisa May 2022
Call someone.
Read a book.
Enjoy the sun.
Allow yourself to breathe deeply.
Take a walk.
Express gratitude and kindness.

Muse and meditate.
Add a daily entry in your journal.
Gain clarity about your passions and strengths.
Invite positivity and act in service to others.
Connect yourself meaningfully to people and things around you.
I’m currently in the process of untangling my uncertainties and finding my ikigai.
Ikigai- the state of having a deep sense of purpose, or reason for being- a raison d’être (as they say in French). It is a combination of the Japanese words iki and ***.  ‘Iki’ meaning ‘life,’ and ‘***’ meaning ‘worth’ or ‘value.’
Marya123 May 2022
Anxious all the time that this world isn't for me
Fearing failure with every opportunity
Racing heart, trying to breathe, to think, searching for air,
Agony, so many emotions, too aware
Intrusive thoughts that don't make sense, loud, amplified
Dying before death arrives, I'm a coward inside.
Deep Feb 2022
In the midst of this fleeting crowd, I

Lived like a hermit in seclusion, in search
of truth and purpose, saving the
vestiges of the bygone era, but one day you
entered in that hermitage like a deer, onwards

You became to me what stars are to the sailors,
Or gravity to earth, or library to an aspirant,
Under the shade of your love, I want to grow.
to find more, read the first letter of each line
Deep Jan 2022
Recapitulate in your mind a love story
I'm about to tell,
The two mortals madly in love, went
Up above after a curse,

Joined the other stars, one appears
in the evening and the other vanishes,

Curse was that they'd meet only for
A second after
Long wait of 24 hours,
Love was still intact between them,

Moments loaded with
Emotions still come, tears trickle and fall,

           It is that falling tear we see
           when we see a shooting star ⭐
Bryan Dec 2021
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