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Let it be. .... (Acrostic)
Let it be.
Every time you wonder
That there may not be a ***.

I would let it be, let it be ,let it be
The task is yours to solve ,let it be

By assuming you have *** spirit within you.
Eventually you will solve it , let it be. !!!  
Written by Philip November 5th 2018.
Know when to stop. Let it be.
A Poem ~ A valuable lesson learned as a child
Composed by Philip October 7th 2018.
A valuable lesson learned as a child.

Valuable for all the obvious reasons.
And when it comes to my minds filed
Labeled “Experience “ that is its location
Unless you are so pure. You know what I mean
As seldom in this world only Angels are pure.
But as you know, life is a series of experiences
Life is a precious hour or a hundred years
Every now n then you learn a valuable lesson

Live it , learn from it , store it in the memory.
Eventually you have a wealth of experiences.
So where am I going with this poetic analogy ?
Sometimes a valuable experience surfaces
On this occasion I was about five off puberty
Not knowing much with *** fearing practices

Learned the Commandments not new to me
Every Sunday would read n recite At masses
A sacred list of ten as *** watches over me.
Repeating verbatim in our daily Bible classes
No Gods before me , nor taking *** in vain
Even remember to keep holy the sabbath day
Daddy and mummy would ever be honoured

And most important know “Thou shalt not **** “
Shalt not adultery commit ;Whatever that was

And the big one of all Thou shalt not steal.

Children under Gods eye cannot steal.
Having no mind bearing false witness because
I would not covet neighbours wife or goods.
Like at the time covet was not known to me.
Did I ever imagine how good life would be ?

An Acrostic poem. By Philip.
Written Sunday 7th October 2018.
A valuable lesson learned as a child
An exercise in manifestation
Usually when you want to manifest something in your life,
it is because of the emotions that it will enable you to feel.
For example, if it is a material possession
it may allow you to feel more successful and proud of yourself.
Or if it is a relationship it may allow you to feel connection, intimacy and union.
If it is a new job it may allow you to feel the excitement of new challenges.
If you want greater wealth it may allow you to feel free and able to make enjoyable life choices.
So start to drill down on why you actually want what you want.
This clarity will allow you to start praying for the emotional qualities first and allow you to start to come into vibrational alignment with what you are wanting,
and of course this will make it so much easier to manifest.
So start your day by thanking *** and the Universe for bringing your manifestation to you in easy and joyful ways.
Then spend time accessing the joyful feelings that you want from your manifestation
and carry those feelings throughout your day, just like you would if you had already manifested your desire.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
An Acrostic Poem based upon the above text.
Usually ,when you wish to manifest something.
Select yourself a Sacred Space to meditate.
Uncompromising access to a higher self
A feeling of emotional control is the one state
Like a magic wand of success ,a golden ring
Limitless love as your unconditional promise
You can be free to offer this ,as on the wing

When embarking on a fresh career or journey
Hail and anticipate that certain, new success
Excited in the field of that new challenge
Never doubt yourself ,trust in your certainty ;

You wish for wealth to ensure that confidence
On a scale unheard of by your group of peers
Unless you aim that ,high independence fails

Will you drill down to what you really want?
Is your dream impossible? Let wind in to sails,
So start your day by thanking the Almighty
Have a series of thanking the Universe as well

The blessings that you have in  life are such
Only now to understand their true wealth .

Manifestations starting with the first step
And carry those qualities all day long.
Note at least five gifts to be grateful for
In the following hours add them one by one
Finding and researching all the known virtues
Expanding each from groups of Seven.
Starting with the first being that of “Faith”
Then listing the second virtue now of “ Hope”

So on to third virtue we know as “Charity”
Oh , they are the easy ones that come to mind.
My list then comes upon my friend “Prudence”
Each of us appreciates the next as “Justice.”
Then the sixth virtue to live by is “Fortitude”
Have you seen the final virtue to live by?
I have and I recommend you make a friend
Name that friend “Temperance “ he’ll be there.
Go now and manifest with all your heart.
The above “Poem “ is a channeling from a section of the book ( Page ....). As an example of an Acrostic style. The first letter of each sentence forms the content vertically.
Try this around the content of the book and share it with your own thought patterns .
It is interesting as to what prose or poetic verse manifests itself.
Good luck. Philip. 28th September 2018.
Now try an Acrostic yourself and run it passed me.
Usually when you want to manifest something in your life.... Best write it as an acrostic
Everlasting love is a commitment  

Everlasting love is a commitment.
Virtual reality cannot ever compare
Everlasting reality is my love for you
Reality that continues unabated
Longer than  affairs of the heart
As my darling I know you by heart
Since the first Happy days meeting
The first day of the rest of my life
I discovered an everlasting love
Not withstanding your aloof brow
Golden are the moments shared

Love's unconditional commitment
Only true lovers understand it .
Very close encounters promote it
Especially within thy noble form

I love you so much my Barbara
So much once to inspire my mind

As constant is my wish to praise

Composing lines of loving prose
On each and every living day.
My mind races with the inspiration
Mastering words of literary giants
In songs of praise dedicated to thee
Then understand my commitment
My commitment ,to my darling girl
Everlasting love is my commitment
Not just for now but forever always
Thank you for our life commitment
Philip. 22nd January. 2017
Everlasting love is a commitment
Title.        Never take for granted
the greatest power, the power to choose.
                ( An Acrostic ) of 50 lines.
Never take for granted the greatest power.
             The power to choose !
Every concession,or subsidy in whatever form
       As a contribution or donation to charity
Value this as a highest prize , volition is the          
   Sacred power to choose ,use that power well
Efficacy empowering the production of results
   By marching forward in a positive direction
Ranges of choices sometimes oh so wide as to
   Make a decision very difficult indeed.

Two equally ,typically undesirable alternatives
     We get to know typically as a dilemma
An act of choosing to take up one option as
     Opposed to another to maintain momentum
Knowing that there’s no apparent option rather
   than the real , you have “Hobson’s choice”
Embarras de richesses you become spoilt for
     Choice, is the other side of the coin.

From the comparison betwixt the humble poet
      And the power hungry “Megalomaniac,
Optimising in an act of choosing between the
  two, voluntary ,of one’s own free will Choose
Rights to act or judge by your power of choice
   you may call this discretion,one or t’other

*** grants such power as yet unmaterialised
    and unrealised which he labels potential.
Relinquish that potential at your peril
   you may never live to see that choice again
An area of power and influence you may get
    to understand as your domain but reflect
Never take for granted the greatest power,
   the power to choose.
Twitter and chat with all and sundry
    relatives you’re born to, friends you choose
Even if you use your power of wit n influence
   and see it as weight n clout you throw about
Delegate or depute and assign somebody to
    make your choices for you. No don’t quit !

The A to Z of choices takes no time to ponder
    If you take for granted the power to choose
Even by commencing from “A”. Aha . Eureka!
   you have chosen first time lucky .But wait. !

Great though he may appear as the “Boy”
  of your dreams, will he stand the test of time?
Retiring back into your shell ,your”Colleagues“
  At work never choose to know the real you.
Every “Demi-*** “or “Elder”that you meet ,
  give respect to ,spoil it all by choosing not to.
An “F” word muttered under your breath .
    A “Gender” question,which choice of path?
To “Hero-worship” then a real life commitment
      “Interpreters “ of choices thru a Drago Man
Established in the art of choice as lead by
  “Jesus” Christ “Knowledge “that it will not fail

Superimposed, will “Liquidise “and blend
    all the choices that are available “Mmmmm”
To the most “Natural “smoothie that you have
   ever chosen to drink. “Ohhhh” yes. !  

Pause and “ Pause” again ,do we really under
    stand the power of choice. Procrastinate  !
Oh put off until tomorrow, “Quit” whilst ahead
      “Realise” your winnings in the now.
Weather you “Seek” perfection ,or an easy
    way out . “ Take” heart it is your choice
Ethereal choice becomes the mother of
    invention, when and where necessities dwell
React with an un-earthly prowess and ability
   to establish what was to be the right choice.

The “ Virtual “ choice that you could have
   made under the circumstances, bono-fide.
Having and knowing you have the power
    Of choice, it leaves it in your hands.
Even if you get the choice “Wrong” this time
    it is your mistake , no one else’s

Pretty soon you will know the error and mark
  It with an “X” n strive to get it right next time
Only “You “ have this individual power
   To make up your own mind .You do, don’t you
We can all be as”Zealous “and pedantic as
   You like in life but choices win through .
Even if you can’t be bothered to take the
   Choice to read this poem, on and on and on.
Reacting in a moment of impatience.
  “ what am I doing wasting time reading this?”

To have a power of choice is a valuable power
    not granted to all people of the world.
Oh stay with me ! Tell me that you understand
    the meaning of this poem. Do I make it clear

Can you choose? Do you choose? Are you
   exercising a sacred power that you’re given?
Holy power, not given to timid mice sitting
  on the fence waiting for the right choice
Oh no ! Never take for granted the greatest
    power, the power to choose.
Onlookers and bystanders are you learning
   from any of the simple examples I have set?
See unless you see and understand the good
   and bad choices made by man thru ages .
Earth and the Universe would have failed
  In its quest to provide a Heaven that we seek
Written by Philip. 2010.
Never take for granted the greatest power the power to choose
I saw her standing there.
I saw her standing there.

She looked at me and I  Well I could then see
An Angel in the guise of a pure Madonna
Well that’s when I told her my wife she’d be

Having learned to live alone I was for her.
Every day for weeks I begged her to be free
Rich poetry I gave not taking no for an answer

So many weeks of calls she’s was wise see
The way I looked was way beyond compare
And she would never look at any another
Not since she saw me standing there.
Did I say that we lived many miles apart ?
I at the time had no place of fine abode
No rooms to call my own to impress her so
*** knows , I must  to put my act together

The solution was a nice sea view apartment
Having made the nest she put me to the test
Empowering me to be her true n faithful lover
Reciting poetry I found my life it turned around
Each time I saw my darling standing there.
Written by Philip November 5th 2018.
Yes I saw her standing there. From then there was no other.
Day tripper. (An Acrostic)
Day tripper.
An Angel of the streets
Yes  looked good in the dark with light behind

Though her behind sagged She were a tripper
Ripping through every penny that she made.
I knew her when she was young n beautiful
Pimps ran her life now and oh how she’d aged
Persecuted by the cops with the tricks to play
Eventually she became the tripper every day.
Rita was the meter maid of Liverpool they Say

Written by Philip.
She had a ticket to ride
But she don’t care.
November 4th 2018.
Day tripper. She had a ticket to ride. And she don’t care.
The levels of loneliness of a poet of longevity
The levels of loneliness of a poet of longevity.
Have I been there today ? But it’s easy to be.
Ever heard the expression “ idle hands n devil”

Loneliness fills the empty void if you are idle
Expanding loneliness to fill that barren space
Virtual reality I know that’s not the answer
Ever watched the kids these days at play ?
Levels of loneliness expand within availability
See when spare time gathers you start to feel

Occasionally being reminded of those bygones
Friends and family you’ll not see again is real.

Let that not bring you down, try meditation.
Only then can you believe you are in control
Not giving yourself time to be at all maudlin
Each day loneliness can be kept at bay.
Loneliness is a dull sloth that can be tamed
In not letting things get to you in any way.
Not giving up to the inevitability of old age.
Even if bits keep falling off your body ev’y day
Stoop n build ‘em up again with worn fingers
So many times in life you seem to hit the rocks

Oh yes I know ,you say , “ tell me how you feel”
Feelings ? Well I’m pretty sure you’ll fill y’socks

Anyway , they all can see that you’re still real

Poets are a very special breed of person.
On a scale of one to ten I guess a nine.
Experience fills their minds to overflowing
To the point where they’ll burst or put it right

On that occasion best sit an’ write a poem
Friends can then receive it straight overnight

Love each friend you have “Without condition”
Only then can see that friendship is alright
Nothing ventured,nothing gained , a fine ideal.
*** granted us the sacred power to choose
Ethereal guides stand there in our background
Vicissitudinous opportunity presents itself.
I as a poet and friend  I know this to be true.
True as the nose upon a happy poets face.
Yours is the life , yours the opportunity anew.

Written by Philip
November 18th 2018.
The levels of loneliness of a poet of longevity
I appreciate the comforts *** grants me daily
                         An Acrostic.
I appreciate the comforts *** grants me daily.

And I ask with a willing heart ; May I contribute
Perhaps if I list at least five without obligation
Poetry is the first gift that I today can attribute
Rhyming line after line in our poetry Legation .
Easy when you’re under the spell of your Muse
Clever to add value n share gifts to the World
I appreciate the comforts *** grants me daily.
Another gift that I see is the love everlasting
Today and everyday so unconditionally
Earth Angels guide me always keep romancing

Treat others as you would be treated.Tenderly.
Home’s where a heart is n your jig for dancing
Eternal everlasting friends best to practice on.

Can you appreciate all the comforts you have.
Only me for one, I do yes I do . For *** I’m one
Memory is the next comfort that I cherish of all
For it serves me well and as far as I recall
On occasions ,I talk remembering to pause
Reacting to the other persons conversations
The secret is not to talk at one ,be mutual.
So tell me can you really appreciate your gifts

*** needs you not to attend church to praise
Oh these days Gods spirit is environmental
Dedicated to you by his will and your intention

*** you carry with you and that is inspiring
Remember to thank him for your gift of rhyme
And know it really doesn’t matter at all t’rhyme
Now do you appreciate the gifts of comfort
The command of the English language a plus
See the words that you accumulate daily.

Making three words fit where you should one
Especially on a poem with a syllable count

Dear poets ,that is a true gift of ***’s spirit
And let no man (or woman ) tell you otherwise
I appreciate the comforts *** grants me daily.
Let me say the number is beyond limitless.  
You can read my words n challenge if you will.

Written by Philip.
November 17th 2018.
I appreciate the comforts *** grants me daily
Poem Ref 027

We had better to talk in metaphors
We had better to talk in metaphors
Every time we open our mouths to speak

Have you thought , how it’s misinterpreted ?
As the listener you pass it to your brain n then
Depending upon your intellect or vocabulary

Between bull sh** or beautiful prose
Everybody gets to talk in metaphors
Tongue twisting Twitter patient trash
Time and time again it’s so misunderstood
Each dull mind resorts to that freeking F word
Rather than the composition of a good reply

Then we’d best to talk in metaphors.
Only then does it season verbal prose.

Talking in metaphors displays an active mind.
Active mind negates the essential need entire
Like a good metaphor can be twisted in a fight
Knocking arguments,do you know what I mean

If you talk in metaphors you have a chance
Not only winning an argument but saving face

Metaphors have been around for many years
Eventually loosing their initial meaning.
To shoot that messenger or be in the hot seat
An eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth satisfy
Procrastinating has become a thief of our time
Holidays all around the world Perfect Paradise
Only we had better talk in metaphors for life
Really it guilds the lily of the English language
So step up to the plates  ,friends , give it a try
Written by Philip. 26/9/18.
We had better to talk in metaphors
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