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Mesmerized by your dark eyes
Under gas station florescent lights
Rummaging through deep pockets
Demanding money be put in the bag
Emphasis on the curse words with
Ripe and rosey dried cracked lips

Malevolent spirit doing a danger dance
Enticing me into your territory

Decadence in your worldly hatred
A bitter sweet flavor on my teeth
Demanding and forever ******
Dismal with a soft sweet center
Yes. I'll see you on the other side.
POV: being attracted to the man robbing the gas station you work at.
Kyrie Hajashi Apr 23
Sail far my dear heart
Away from her name
Row fast, my dear, row away
Away from her flood and her flame
Her heart untamed.
I bet you guys knew what is an acrostic poem right?
it's a poem where each first letter spells out a name or an object.
Martin Boško Apr 16
Voices whisper through the night
Ambient darkness illuminated by fixed points of light
Masked terror escapes sight
Painful screams after a surprising bite
Inaudible villain taking flight
Rapid movements, leaving site
Escaping, but sowing fright
Listening to break up songs
Obsessed with romantic movies
Nostalgia shows the worst of wrongs
Evading all good happy thoughts
Lamenting over Facebook beauties
Your days tinted, sad and gloomy
Nicole Mar 27
Beauty is in the
Eye of the beholder, they say.
Another being might not
Undo my reluctance.
The hours pass by with no recourse,
Yet you stay, and

I’m relieved.
Seeing your truth before me,

My pleasure is yours to command.
In curves and sweeps, you take me
Near to Heaven -
Enamored, I am.
Äŧül Mar 21
A poem is not
Your crass, Because

A poem is not a medium to abuse,
Or a collection of cuss words.
Roses should pour from its phrases,
The poem must always be beautiful,
Aye, even if angry or hateful.
My HP Poem #1916
©Atul Kaushal
jia Mar 8
lived in his heart is this ounce of pain
every moment just seemed to pass behind his back
victory was all in vain
igniting the fire within his world of black

at last, humanity's strongest appeared
cradled in his palm are the tears he hid
keen as the blades that all have feared
ending it with his own blood to bleed

reaching with no one to depend
meek as he absorbed the reality
as he asks himself if this is the end
not yet for he is the strongest of all humanity
DElizabeth Feb 16
W~ white whispy flakes slowly drifting to the ground
I~ indoors, bundled, huddled, snuggled, & cuddled
N~ nature's greatest showcase
T~ trees trembling naked in the bitter blowing winds
E~ eyes sleepily gazing at the warm flickering candlelight
R~ resting...resting. . . r e s t i n g . . .
Quinn Adaire Feb 16
F-flippantly finding four friends of mine praying
I-in cages bound wrists floundered hopelessness
N-nevertheless, the day after was flaying
E-everything, it was changing, don’t worry, I’m fine.
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