All the eyes
Turn over here
There is something
Entertaining and Interesting that
Needs you to pay notice
To it  , so
Invest some energy here
On something that will
Not dissapoint

Thank you every one to pay attention over here

Clinquant stars shied away from her splendor
Harrowing nightmares banished from my sleep
Rambunctious, my soul singing in tenor
Illicit smile, this heart is hers to keep
Sophrosyne; she's the envy of many
Tall tales, myths, legends; all insufficient
Intellect complements her high beauty
Nay nebular thoughts, for she is sapient
Eclipsed behind her eyes; wondrous kindness
Morning zephyr at the end of winter
Allure that cured this poet's mad blindness
Roused the humour in this foolish jester
I wished her joy, from the very first sight
End may come; she's the source of my delight

Jim Davis 7d

To Live
Open your heart
Let love all in
In the lost heart
Victory is love at the

©  2017 Jim Davis

Is it cheating to steal one's own poem just posted for today's HP theme #npmacrostic

He had given her his
And it killed him
This is how love kills

Journey of Days Apr 20

Trying I promise
Really I am
Understand me please
Symbiotic with anxiety
Trauma screwed everything up


was asked to speak briefly on the effect of PTSD on trust

this was my answer

think I nailed the 'brief' requirement
Sally A Bayan Apr 15

i am struggling
my sense-seeking mind, reasons
with my confused, but forgiving heart...
to go, or not to go,
to do...or not to do,
go with traditions...or start a change,
to be absent, damned

this battle exhausts me...though,
i any time, whatever i do,
especially, this lenten season
God is everywhere, i so feel Him,
He is near i think of Him...

it doesn't make me less of a Christian
i just have less things to do
this thursday, friday and saturday...
for, i opted for something else:

in my solitude, i would have---

E-NGAGE in contemplative be strong, to
A-VOID all kinds of meat i so hunger not be
T-ROUBLED, when tremors of the soul, seek to destabilize...

I know myself...i've come this far,
traditions may change, things may falter,
but, Faith in Him.....


Copyright April 14, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

Acrostic Annie Apr 12

I hate when I have writers block and I

Can't think of one thing to write about
And I just sit there
Never able
To come up with an idea

Thinking too hard doesn't really
Help much, so I just sit silent
Instead and hope for the best
Never have I gone more than one day without
Kicking some words around

On my notebook paper and
Filling the columns with doodlings

Never helps much
Yet I sit fuming and
Throw my pencil at the wall
Hitting the same spot every time
Never will
Give up on poetry

The writers block will end sooner
Or later and I will be back to

Writing furiously with a new
Raging power
Inside my very soul
Touching each and
Every person with my magical words

Marvel at your magnificence and madness.
Orbiting rainbow hues of mirth and sadness.
Opaque auras swimmingly swing moods.
Night of the full pink moon broods

4-12-17 (C)

Musing on the moon for National Poetry Month!
Thanks for reading! K:)
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