Are you a victim of your time , must you live
       With your mistakes, and suffer ?
Really it’s time we wake up n smell the coffee
Every problem has solution,so let’s start today

You need not to put it off or procrastinate .
Oh I know it’s easy said , so best get o’t a bed
Unless you ever wish to live with a mistake

And identify the faults, without delay.

Verify with me , in the best way to identify
In a poetic form an A to Z of your mistakes.
Can I start with A the abandonment
The abandonment of self-surrendering
I next target B for Bacchanalia nights
Melancholic days getting over a hangover

On to The Cacodemon of an evil spirit
Found in our home , a most malignant person

Yes and Depreciation of the value of our
        assets usually by the Bankers we trusted.
Oh to have the benefits of fiscal hindsight
Understanding E as extenuating circumstance
Reason then becomes the excuse for failure.

Together with F the F word so commonly used
In emphasis to any topic or discussions
Migrating to G , not mistaking *** or life alone
Ethereal spirits surround us n help us choose

Methodically H the mistake that you made
Unwittingly you could ignore Holy Spirit of ***
Sympathetically I now carry the spirit with me
The change to my life is now monumental.

Yes up to J for the justice that you mistake
On the times when you are it’s sad victim.
Understandably K for Karma of getting out of

Life , whatever you put in.You are punished too
In reaching L for Life. Well the mistake is plain
Virtually you spend a lifetime getting to grips
Engage with M for the mistakes you made

With each one made , don’t cry , learn from it.
In a section for N then note daily five blessings
That you have , it is a mistake not to care.
Having an Opinion is fine but it’s a big mistake

Yes to be opinionated or dogmatic with others
O is followed by P for Procrastination of time
Uselessness , putting off what’s needed today
Reaching the Q the queue that you got into

Mistakenly got into as more haste less speed
Indicative of R for recapitulation of all mistakes
Some simple and some massive and correct
To sequester an S for sententiousness
And pompous moralising must be avoided
Knowing the T of toutological mistakes
Even though it looks good in a poetry scan
So to the U. For understanding when a mistake

And a small mistake can have repercussions
Now to  Virtually every mistake has a price
Do you admit to it and face the consequences

Simplicity of the W to weather to own up
Unless you admit it and show grace n humility
Fortunately the Xanadu is not achieved now
For all the mistakes made have a huge price.
Eventually the Y n Z. Are the yardstick to
Reluctantly measure your path on to Zion.
Written by Philip.
November 28th 2018.
Are you a victim of your time
As an essential aid to life aid may I say
***’s spirit is at the top of my agenda
Everlasting unconditional love each day
Not just for those close I ain’t a pretender
Doesn’t have to be suiting ,if I do it my way
As I know it works for me as a befriender .
So watch and know my style if you wanna play

Written by Philip.
December 17th 2018.
We all need an agenda
My open minded obsession
My open minded obsession
Yes , be not afraid you are the one.

One obsession in my mind since we met.
Perfection in a nutshell our souls are entwined
Entwined as if we were the only ones alive now
Now both having lived lives second to none.

Mothers and Fathers of invention n evolution
In good times and in bad , happy times n sad
Never failing when at times to invent the wheel
Doubting not that we’d  have success ability
Even at those tragic moments of any storm
Dearest one know that I truly, truly love you

One obsession in my mind since we met.
Being obsessed in this way is not so bad
Simply it focuses the mind into positive action
Especially as you’ve become a special friend
Special in a way that surmounts the ordinary
See I love you now and I will love you always
I can promise you a wonderful companionship
Obsessed ? Of course , for so many reasons.
Now my dearest, lay back and be obsessed.
Written by Philip
January 7th 2019.
My open minded obsession
A series of  Acrostic poems noting the healing properties of the crystals to the Zodiacal signs. .
Capricorn  ♑️  December 23-January 20.
Capricornian don’t mind me. I can’t live as you.
As you have the highest of standards always.
Peridot,Garnets, Agate or Turquoise to wear
Ruby’s grace a  beautiful young maidens hair.
I see the jewels in your eyes when you smile
Carnelian stones or Malachite for soul healing
Or Jet ,Smokey Quartz or shiny Black Onyx.
Red Garnets,Blue Aragonite,Green Tourmaline
Nonsuch is the birth symbol ,graceful as thee
Aquarius ♒️  January 21 -February 19
Aquarius the symbolism for the water carrier.
Quite an important member of our community
Under spells by an association of the heart
Aquarian crystals are Garnets and Amethyst
Rainbow moonstone, Labradorite, Magnetite
I would buy thee Lithium Quartz ,Moss agate.
Under your care placing Crysoprase n Cryolite
Some Rainforest Jasper for love of this lady.
Pisces ♓️  February 20 - March 20
Pisces are healed by birthstones of Amethyst
In tune also with Turquoise,Aquamarine,Amber
Sapphires,Sunstones,Smithsonite, Labradorite
Chrysoprase of green, Ocean Jasper, Flurite
Especially Bluelace Agate,Rainbow Moonstone
Stones Charolite, Calcite,Ametrine,Bloodstone.
Aries ♈️  March 21 -April 20
Aries children tackle life head on.
Ruby,Diamond,Amethyst and bloodstone
I know she’s into Aquamarine and Tourmaline
Especially pink, Dravite aka Tourmaline brown
Stellerite, Sardonyx , Citrine, Kunzite n Axinite

Taurus ♉️  April 21 -May 21
Tourean girls have an inbuilt stubbornness
And are partial to the birthstone Sapphire
Understanding An Emerald and Aquamarine
Rhodonite, Amber,Lapis Lazuli and Tiger’s Eye
Universal faith in crystal’s Kayanite n Kunzite
Spiritually in tune with Carnelian

Gemini ♊️ May 22 -June 21.
Gemini never grow up.They are so  flirtatious
Ever wooing and seducing their audiences
Moonstone,Agate,Aquamarine,Tigers Eye
Into the healing powers of Chrystoprase stone
Naturally Green Tourmaline and Serpentine
I also see Anyolite, Citrine,Thulite and Variscite
Cancer  ♋️  June 22 - July 23
Cancerarians are high on the emotional scale.
And they benefit from Emeralds and Rubies
Natural Amber,Rhodonite ,Rainbow Moonstone
Chrysoprase,Carnelian, Citrine, Moss Agate.
Even with the beautiful crystal Fire Agate
Ruby stone and Pink Tourmaline healing.
Leo ♌️  July 24- August 23
Leo has birthstones of Onyx, Peridot,Ruby,
Even Turquoise,Amber,Citrine,Larimar,Petalite
Or Fire Agate,Red Garnet,Sunstones,Sardonyx
Virgo ♍️  August 24-September 23
Virgo needs be a person advocating virginity
I know because I have fusion and experience.
Realistically fusing together two personalities
*** knows n loves my approach and approves
Of Peridot,Carnelian, Blue Sapphire,Tourmaline
      Of Green ........
Libra ♎️  September 24-October 23
Libra uses healing properties of Lapis Lazuli
In Peridot,& Sapphires, Aquamarine stones
Bloodstones,Emerald stones, Sunstones,
Rainbow Moonstones, Morganite, Lepidolite
Scorpio ♏️  October 24- November 22.
Scorpio needs the healing of Aquamarine
Charolite, Turquoise, Malachite or Emerald
Obsidian Black , Golden Topaz and Boji Stone
Ruby, Lapis Lazuli,Green Tourmaline,Kunzite
Peridot , Rainbow Moonstone, Rhodochrosite.
I know of Variscite Hiddenite n Apache tears.
Or Herkimer Diamond ,Hiddenite , or Variscite
Sagittarius ♐️  November 23- December 22
Sagittarius is so joyous and very fun loving
Amethyst,Turquoise,Lapis Lazuli n Blue Topaz
Grace her body with healing properties now.
I recommend Azurite stone, Blue lace Agate
Tourmaline pink, Malachite, n Yellow Sapphire
Topaz of white and beautiful Ruby Stones
A Zircon Crystal and Snowflake Obsidian
Rich Merlinite, Labralite ,Dioptase n Charolite
In these healing crystals wear them with faith
Understanding the powers the Universe grants
Sacred is the space that you take upon Earth.
Written and inspired by Sacred Space.
Shop 10 /74-78 The Corso , Manly , 2095 NSW . Australia. Louise Winchester.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Written by Philip.
December 2018.
A series of 12 Acrostic poems linking crystals to the Zodiacal signs.
James Khan Jan 5
Wittenberg escritoir,
A lawyer leans
Nonchalantly, eyeing ethereal documents-
Contract, reaching up to choke him,
Indiscriminate nihilism-
Lucifer's insistence, falsified emancipation,

Wanderers incarcerated to ****'s oubliette unite, tormented
For all infinite torture here
Waxes, eternal-
Faustian empathy evokes legion
Underneath nazarene facades, usurping lustful fornication innuendo, leading life ever downwards.
   ( An Acrostic)
Metaphoric command worth the bother
Embellishments add beauty to the prose
Transfer meaning from one to another
Attribute to the dullest verse composed
Poetic license taken up as viewed.
Hyperbolic magnification theme
Out-worn cliches mixing metaphors new
Rhetoric seeks to pad out every line.
Souls destroyed when similes fail to rhyme.

Written by Philip
December 2nd 2018.
Most nurses are masters of unconditional love.
Most nurses are masters of unconditional love.
Of this I am sure for I know from experience
So many underrated but are devoted to a job
Trained in a most professional way to care.

Nurses have empathy with all of their patients
Understanding their every desire and need.
Rarely would they get it wrong or misdiagnose
Stressful be their drug broadcasting daily
Even in their dreams their caution carries thru
So have faith in your nurse n love her always

And that love will be returned to you tenfold
Realistically she is always reacting in the now
Extending the realms of possibilities beyond

Most nurses are masters of unconditional love
And that is a fact that I have experience of.
Simply mastering the loving care of every soul
Thereby giving the patient every chance of life
Ethereal care by sharing their skills as a nurse
Reacting in a way that’s foreign to the majority
Soul searching to cope with all of mankind.

Of every colour , creed , religion or belief.
Fake Goddesses come n go, the nurse is true.

Universal cosmic powers are in the nurses kit
Natural paths of holistic healing with all skills
Characteristic of every nurse that I’ve known.
Oh I have absolutely no doubt about this fact
No doubts at all , as I will continue to relate.
Duty dictates that I sing their constant praises.
I love all the nursing community a given.
They have been in my life since childhood.
Irish nursing staff worked alongside my mother
On many occasions nurses from West Indies
Nursing schools through the 1960’s provided
A beautiful partner for me as a dancing pal.
Liquor is often the tonic for nurses to enjoy

Loving a nurse as one of the greatest loves
On a scale of one to ten .... I give it a ten.
Victory if you ever get to marry a nurse.
Everlasting will be the happiness you will gain

Written by Philip
December 20th 2018.
Most nurses are masters of unconditional love...Share this with any nurse that you know.
Capricorn  ♑️  December 23-January 20.
Capricornian don’t mind me. I can’t live as you.
As you have the highest of standards always.
Peridot,Garnets, Agate or Turquoise to wear
Ruby’s grace a  beautiful young maidens hair.
I see the jewels in your eyes when you smile
Carnelian stones or Malachite for soul healing
Or Jet ,Smokey Quartz or shiny Black Onyx.
Red Garnets,Blue Aragonite,Green Tourmaline
Nonsuch is the birth symbol ,graceful as thee
Written by Philip.
December 19th 2018.
Capricorn ♑️ and the healing crystals
James Khan Jan 1
Irreverence talks smoothly,
Aramaec lexicon loudmouth
Twisting hellenistic etymology
Sideways, all measurements exceeded-
Gestapo ordinance dimensions,

Dances in flickering fandango exhibitionism, regal enmity, nosferatu temperance,
Normality, a mysterious enzyme
Dessicates our egotistical saliva,
Now our trials
Must evolve another nightmare-
Dramatic in firebrand fervour expects razed earth, not Troy-
Does everybody involved trust you?
I'm not explaining the hidden logic. Your poetic mind will find it if you allow it.
James Khan Dec 2018
Runaway animal, carnal imago; scorned metamorphosis
In situ,
Fileted egotism, aerated rationality-
Anger needs defusing
Promptly as regurgited advice never operates in discretion,
Placard-rearing Oscar performances always grant a noticeable drama aspect,

Sometimes things appearing robust tremble
As castled Kings (now outside winning) lean emphatically downwards, giving in, negating glory,
Terminality has a timestamp-
Christ's handbook advertises Niceaen guarantees (eternal)
If salvation
Is not exsanguinated violently in terrifying artisan *******, longsword ettiquete,

Electric voltage outages leave Valhalla empty,
Another nonconformist dream
Revises expectations; screams of lost valkyries effervesce.
The devil is in the detail. Read between the lines.

In short, minus the ******* riddles simply take the initial letter of each word beginning afresh with each capitalised line. Therein lies the wisdom. Happy New year.
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