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Irene J 3d
I'll bear the consequences of falling in love with you.
Yet, you always make my heart flutter,
whether you sincere of your feeling,
or even it was just because you are that kind of person.

The pain will forever scar,
but the love will stays.
hoping that the consequences will turn around to you.
Is it fool that you keep having feelings towards that person?
Di Verce Sep 25
They choose their fate
By their choices
To be caring or no
I merely enforce it
Wish they'd do betta
That quiet moment
I questioned

With courtesy
Deity replied
"I believe in you"

Lifting the veil
Everything changed
That moment
I knew
Genre: Spiritual
Theme: Question Answered
Latifah Aug 21
Some things feel like
They’re going to stick with me forever
But they are my choices and decisions
Whether i was or wasn’t fully aware of the consequences
And I have to live with them
Remember them each and every day.
Carl D'Souza Aug 1
To act with humility
is to be aware
that I am unomniscient and uncertain
so I need
to be on guard
against the unforseen
bad consequences
of my action.
Mimi Hachiko Jul 28
The girl with many faces
While trying to embrace it
Took an unexpected turn
Looking for more to learn
Rough roads ahead
Even with the meds
Swerving left and right
Speeding into the night
A crash has yet to come
But the night is young
She tenses for the impact
Prepared she is to react
The hardest part is the time
It takes for events to unwind
Into something less abstract
But now the damage is contract
Valentin Jul 3
I want to wake up next to you
And for once, face the fact
Not ignoring you
Not being afraid of you
Not running away from you

Just because
I desired you yesterday
I craved for you yesterday
I was the perfect lover yesterday
Full of hopes and dreams, yesterday

Making you understand, today
We had a great time
But I am a solitary man
Unfortunately not comfortable with
The consequences of my actions
in a brief moment of silence
between the laughter and the violence
before my face was caught in brawl
after i said what i should not
right in the moment of misfortune
when i briefly felt tortured
right as i felt i was a *******
and then i collapsed down on my ***
in that moment of regret
why did i say what i have said
i should have thought about it first
and now my face got stamped with fists
but i guess we learn from our mistakes
attackers getting dragged away
im being asked if im okay
of course i am, it aint my first fist-crash
i shake it off and start acting like a ****** afresh
though his reaction was rather spastic
guess thats what i get for being actively sarcastic
about my inability to be serious and how i often come off as an ******* in conversations, leading to unfortunate outcomes. the pseudo-poem written in 8 minutes.
Gods1son Jun 25
Isn't it illogical to expect apple fruits
After sowing orange seeds?
Isn't it easy to understand that
What you give is what you receive?

He wants a devout and loyal woman
Even though he sleeps around,
How does that sound?

He wants his kids to respect women
Even though in their very own eyes
He treats their mum like a punching bag

She wants a team of dedicated employees
Even though her attitude is of that
Who doesn't care even by a bit

Life has its way of mirroring
Or magnifying what you give
Which ultimately comes back  
to you as a harvest.
Some call it Karma, it is what it is!
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