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How well the postures of sins,
Full of comportment towards life and its foes
Studiously unveiling the possibilities of hope
Withering profoundly by edges surplus
From wrangles of time and ****.

But rues are inevitable
And savored by many of us,
Whether gambled by the present or a past
Moribund by a future undone.

So note the consequences
Of what love can do
The silly pride of its excuses
And salute its behavior to all.
I searched for you
High and low
Looked up at the heavens
And beneath the Earth
And when I think I’m completely lost
You guide me to nirvana
For all of my pain is lost
And I am one with my shadows

I want to let go of the past
But the scars remind me
Of the consequences
For existing in this life
A mere mortal am I
I’m nobody to tell you
How to live your life

If love is what you seek
Then look no further
Love yourself, and reach your peak
At the end of the day
I can’t take your pain
Though I wish I could
But you would never learn the lesson
That life is formidable
But not cruel
Mae Jan 13
when you've enjoyed doing things
that are prohibited to you,
and consequences are chasing you.
overthinking. unfinsihed
Emily Dec 2018
The choices we make are determined by standards.
Depending on the setting, the time, the place.
We act as soon as the moment to respond occurs.
The choices are done involuntarily.
Our minds decide our decisions in the time period we are given.
Whether or not we are ready our fists speak before our mouths.
But our minds see the after effect before we do.
Our choices affect us by the people we surround around ourselves with.
The ride or dies, the always there no matter what, the ones that once they hear a siren you are on your own.
The choices we make lead to the consequences we endure.
The consequences can handle us but we cannot handle the consequences no matter how much we tell ourselves we can.
our choices lead us on like a dog being led by its owner.
The owner keeps walking but the dog distracted can't help but become lost.
Seeking that owner figure it longs for most.
That sense of love, the sense of acceptance.
That once we are accepted by that one person our consequences will disappear.
Like a magic act once they disappear they reappear.
As blinding as the smoke effect is once it clears you cannot find acceptance.
Only consequences by your choices.
I've made poor choices. We all have. no one is perfect. No amount of love in the world can save us from our consequences.
Waynepatrick Dec 2018
Decisions tailor our destiny,they are ingredients to life's recipe,
They sew each individuals fabric and do their awesome magic,
Fine choices bring rejoice,bad choices leaves regret,
It's all up to a person, the power lies on their hands,
Some are well versed in this deed,some make the worst,
Whatever is done,consequences will apply to everyone.
Anubhab Biswas Oct 2018
You were just the yarn, I thought,
for dreams that were mine to weave;
you were always cold, I felt,
and warmth was solely mine to give.

I told you to keep your hair untied
opinions, I believed, were mine to leave;
you found no home in this house I own,
your absence, in fact, is now mine to grieve.
W Oct 2018
She felt like she had nothing to lose
Maybe that's why she dived
Head first without thinking of the consequences
Tala Oct 2018
And she realizes
What a mess
She has become
For trying to gain
Everyone's approval
That even
Her shadow
Left her
In the dark.
Xaela San Sep 2018

You two fight and argue through nonsense claims. Which sometimes result to physical fight without realizing the consequences of breaking this family apart.

I hope someday, somewhere beyond this figthing; I can see and feel the family we had before again.
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