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dairy Oct 15
in the vast wasteland
we seek shelter
from the storm

from radioactive shells
we fled
danger, danger, here they come

we were alone
but not lonely
we were anxious yet filled with excitement

our heart beats faster
than the ticking of the geiger counter
as we approach our sanctuary

and there, away from the fallout
we found solace
under the neon stars

as we run away
we drank one last pint
of our carbonated liquor

and we stayed, waiting
as society collapse
as the world crumble

we were calm, we were happy
because we were lost
but we are home
Julian Delia Sep 14
The bomb’s flash is blinding,
Brighter than any kind of lightning.
The enormity of the mushroom cloud is frightening;
A monstrosity both terrifying and grotesquely enlightening.

The eyelids instinctively board shut in fear;
Adrenal glands working overtime,
More in this moment than a whole year.

Yet, eyelids seem useless,
For the reality leaves one speechless.
In this moment, you will see an X-ray of your own vessels and bones.
It will feel like a ghastly omen, like the earth itself shakes and groans.

And then, the shockwave hits, gut-wrenchingly raw;
A fallout so powerful, it might break the bones you just saw.
A cataclysm of impossible energy, an apocalypse that ends in sheer awe.

The nuke –
Admired and feared from afar,
Trepidation come alive, a door to **** left ajar.
The symbol of being forever at war,
Apocalyptic nature in its demonic core.
Loved only by its makers,
Hated by most living on earth’s many acres,
Respected by all.
This is an extended metaphor, up to you to make the connection.

Special dedication to the Atomic Veteran Society.
Ellison Sep 2
Like grains of sand on a beach
I lay down to rest
But I still blow away in the end.

I can't sit or stand now, and
My legs liquify
To the point where I am just water.

Come by round the town and see
What may you find
In the nuclear town that I made.

Here I dissolve looking out
My cracked window
I awaken without any rest.
Same syllables, same ****.
A grizzly man just sunk a stripe in the corner pocket
Another bought himself company in a glass
One pulls out a cigarette and sticks it between his lips
Soon a spark ignites and a spirit starts to rise

Over head the hum of jets fly by

Across the street sits an old rusty park
Two kids are there, who knows from where
They look happy to be free
A dog squatting just behind a tree

The flying angels left their halo

A block down the street
People gather to watch the lighting of the Christmas tree
Some in the coffee shop
Sipping on sugar and caffeine

The halo starts to whistle

The town is lit up as to say thanks to our lord
Instruments take the stage
Rock around the Christmas tree begins to play
Children yawn and parents laugh as it’s getting late

The whistle shows his face

The festivities stop
Screams of panic fill the night
Kisses and hugs, loved ones holding tight
The smoke in the bar has risen ceiling high

The face opens his mouth and laughs out loud

Silence overtakes the night
Just for a split second before a column of bright
Cauterizes the flesh and melts the bones
Once a joyful town, now is gone

This was the third one tonight
Ellison Aug 13
Yes, everything is so clear
NEW-clear, right?

Because like the explosion of anger I get
When I see some poem better than mine
Everything is newly clear.
It is new clear.

Or, not.
See, I've been called careless. Delusional, a couple times.
But do you think I give a **** about my silly rhymes?
Or how about each person that's floated in and out of my life.
Everything is very clear.

I want you to take the word "nuclear"
Splice it and make it something better.
I did "NEW-CLEAR".
I'm angry.
And no amount of heated words will satisfy the mushroom clouds in my mind.
Did this very very quickly.
The blast woke that great and terrible monster,
Godzilla, from his slumber
at the bottom
of those darkest depths,
titanic nuclear thing unfurling
at the heart of the abyss.

Reptillian eyes glimmered in the murk.
Stretching out his arms and legs,
beating his tail against the ocean floor,
Godzilla began to swim towards the city.

Godzilla stopped sleeping. The whole world
seemed rife with opportunity,
profits to be had.
And, in the darkness of night,
Godzilla stomped his way towards the city.

Godzilla got a new motorbike.
The engine’s roar soothed him,
for a time.
And, in the darkness of night,
Godzilla stomped his way towards the city.

Godzilla found another woman to use,
his reptilian desire overcoming
whatever remained of his humanity.
And, in the darkness of night,
Godzilla towered over the border of the city.

And, in the darkness of night,
Godzilla’s throat began to glow.
Sizzling blue fire crackled in his mouth,
and then the city was dust and shadows,
a Hiroshima ghost.
Lies became animals
And you'll be in a nuclear family.
Inside I am bleeding to songs of insanity.
Today I took my life
And blew it all away.
a Pulitzer Prize winner
tells us in an interview
in TIME magazine
that a necessary part
of our future energy
must be nuclear

no word
     about the hazards of nuclear waste
     the advantages of alternative sustainable
          and renewable sources of energy
     or about reducing energy consumption

very strange
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