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What if instead of
Being a child
Of God

A chosen sunbeam
In a generation
Of chosen sunbeams

I was born to be
A child of

Moon shine in a
Bucket that used to
Collect cow dung

But that brightens
Everyone's day who is
Rich enough in ramen

To afford
My luxurious

Walking out of
His light and in
To the shadows

Of Her
I breathe

Deeper than I ever did

With Adam,
Or Mother

Lighter in the
Cold Autumn air
Then I new possible

While stuck in God's eye and heat,
Growing hotter every Nod
Forsaken year this planet spins!

Here in the
Land of Nod
I Am Free

Accepted for the
The broken man
That I always was

Nod requires no
Animal sacrifice,
No mercy killings

The gardens require gardening
But they haven't been
Easy since Eden

Not after God
Kicked you out,
Sound familiar?

Maybe we had our problem backwards
Maybe we were just worshiping
The wrong Nod-****** God

Nod was just
Waiting here
For us all

All along,
For you
Updated 9/16/2019
Michael Hole Aug 23
Another year passes,
Not sat on our arses,
But living and loving, us all.

Good times and bad,
The happy, the sad,
Victories won, big and small.

So wherever you are,
Estranged or afar,
Party tonight ‘til you fall.

And to all of his friends,
Michael Danger Hole sends,
A Happy New Year to you all!
Dante Jul 29
God lied. Women were born from the earth.
Crawled from the sea. Risen from your lake in the wood.
They were made from the dead fires of earth; formed from the ash,
Running, Screaming towards God their name.

It was man who came second.

It was man who was God’s afterthought,
pulled from the side of the almighty Woman.
If you don't know by now, all my writing on women includes trans women.
Sudden jolts amidst an occupied mind
I see you
I feel you
I touch you

I go back to the moments unchained
untamed and fierce
Exhilarated with blood gushing
from uncertainty
Titillated for your every inch

These moments of longing for your existence is a jab to a frail heart

Deep down there is truth in a notion where you are only a temptation

Merely a decoy for delight

For my memory deceives me with depth
but the reality is facile

A clouded echo yet too real and alive
hard to resist
hard to excise
Alex Frass Jul 6
Eve wrote to the Devil and I
wrote to Eve.
I guess the only time we wrote
to each
other was when I cursed
her while sitting on the bathroom
I wrote to tell Eve
that I never loved her
that the only reason I bit
the apple was because
she had brought it.
I wrote to Eve, and Eve
wrote to the Devil.
I guess the only time
we wrote to each other was
when I wrote to tell her to bring
my **** back. The jackets
my grandpa's watch, and even
the necklace.
She wrote back.
"I'll get your things,
we ought to meet down the middle."
She wrote to the Devil : " He is
gone, now, you take his place..."
I wrote to Eve
and Eve wrote to the Devil.
I guess the only time we wrote
to each other was
when I had the gun ******
in my mouth, I nearly did it, but
here I am. Still,
I wrote to Eve, and Eve, well,
she wrote to the Devil.
the senses.
Eva May 26
You were everything I want, nothing that I need
But I grew out of wanting the apple on The Tree.
Andrew Apr 24
I live inside my shell
In a world I will leave
So I feel compelled
To live my romantic dream
But people tell me it's not Adam and Steve
And what they really believe
Is I'm going to Hell
Well they can call me Eve
And this is where I fell
kerri Apr 15
Be my Villanelle,
The assassin to my heart.
Stab me,
Five ******* times.
Show me your love.
I was watching Killing Eve and all I can think of is how hot Villainelle is.
meadowsweet Mar 17
I am Eve
and I will always eat the fruit.
You can tell me I can go back,
you can tell me I can forget my nakedness,
forget the cold,
and still,
I will eat the fruit,
I will have the knowledge.
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