chipped tooth Jul 13

Who are you, a Man?
A God fearing creature made in the image of God,
And like Our Lord, you are surrounding
Even when I hide from you.
For whom his own Ego are the gates of Heaven-
God, why are you afraid?
That I may not love you how Eve loved the apple.
What is my pleasure if it cannot please you,
But you shall be appeased in knowing that my love is fruitless
By design.
As though I'm the Virgin herself, crack my rib
And tell me that no woman deserves your Son
Who cannot sacrifice her heart
to a Man of God

Alienpoet Jul 12

Woman, your beauty hides your brilliance
You have to be resilient
To survive in a world stolen by men
Even when you are the closest thing to god.
Woman, you are maligned
Hidden by religions veil
They tell the tale of Eve throughout time
The sinners tale
Original sin another story to enslave
Don't they know a mother's wisdom can save?
A man from falling fruitless from a tree
Hanging desperately.

Sofia Jun 11

God will give you a boy
And call this love
You will call this duty
I will grow the fruit

Adam will look at you one day
And call your nakedness shame
You will stare him down
And call this power
I will pluck the fruit

You will read the Bible
And feel your ribs as you reach a verse
You will question why they have written
You as less than whole
You will burn this book and write your own
I will give you the fruit

Hunter Moyler May 20

When the Lord split the adam
It wasn't a clean cut.
A heftier half received the whole,
The other a supplicant for scraps at the
Table's Wayside.
(only if it didn't want those stinky leftovers

Eons since, not much's changed
The portlier portion still retains
Rights to nuke the other slice
When enmity sticks its foot in the
Meaty muck of the mind

"But it's not my fault," it says,
Still blaming that little snake it likes to hold
Like a teddy bear on a forlorn night

What God hath torn,
Let mankind reassemble.

Shofi Ahmed Apr 8

Not even the heaven did
encompass Adam forever
nor can do the earth.
But with a woman, with Eve
He is got his perfect match.

Don't blame the snake
That's the easy way out
Don't blame the woman either

Would you rather be trapped in a garden
Where ignorance is bliss
Yet even in the day you're in the dark

"Oh no she didn't?"
"Oh yes, she did!"
The cleaning lady said
She went there just last Tuesday
cleaning house, and making beds

"She'll cause a scandal!"
"Only if she's caught!"
Gossiping at their leisure
ears always open and astute
spreading all the rumors
vying to be too cute

"I know her BF knows!"
"How can that be so?"
"He's been sneaking round the windows,
peaking in, while on his toes!"

It doesn't really matter, what the convo's all about
Only that it's overheard, dispelling, any doubts
Real or imagined, the damage real and insane
Wiggle-waggle wonders, with imaginary claims

Ya can usually see these crones outside the local deli, pretending to talk in hushed tones. :\
Prathipa Nair Jan 25

Had a lonely walk on a silent afternoon
Followed by the whistling of an eve teaser wind
Without a second thought moved my legs fore with a smile
Wind alluring me with its delicate touch
A trial of making me fall for him
With an unshaken heart walked towards my home
Taking deep breath giving a teddy hug
To my mother standing in the gate

This time of year, I often hear of new beginnings
A slate wiped clean, a "do over"
All mistakes forgiven and all debts pardoned
But no wrong is right without effort
Effort is futile without a plan
And a plan is not justified without practice
This time of the year I reflect on my preparation
This time of year I reflect on my presentation
This time of the year I don't wipe my slate clean
I look for the catalyst of the mess I've made
Because this isn't a new beginning
It's a continued effort, to one day, get it right

Alienpoet Jan 2

When Christmas and New Year's Day are finished
and you are tired and all your energy has diminished
When all you can do is creep into dreams
Of being in a new year
Yet having one toe dipped in the past
Sleep and dream of happiness that will last
Tomorrow's not going anywhere
The present is all we have
Yet we can make more memories of good times had
and they can live on with us
Good times to discuss
With our friends who we trust
So start new trends in the new year
Make new friends and lets be clear
But get some rest for now
Because you have worn yourself out
and yet the future is ours
For the taking
whether in dreams or reality we are making.

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