Mystic Ink Apr 13
I will try to Pause,
the next sun rise
So that

So that,
We can celebrate
New year eve
Till next year

Be there

Be there,
I may need help.
Genre: Fiction
Let me come home
Help finish the chores
Send you to bed
So you can put on that bathrobe you like
And you can clear your head
While I finish up the work
As you get relaxed
I hope you smile with the smell of candle wax
Because this is my favorite part
Even if you don't feel good
I'll slip that bathrobe off and be as gentle as possible
Until you fall asleep
You're only feeling twenty percent but I need to give you my one hundred and twenty
Nothing would make me feel more confident
Knowing I pleased you
You're in a world of Boys and all I want to be is your Man
Sure, I always have a plan
But it would usually mean
Coming home to you and thinking of how good I can give it to you this time
I'm not a magician but I'd sure love to keep the magic going
Not the boringness the ones before gave you
But multiple sheets needing to be cleaned per week
And a quicker pile up of undergarments in the hamper
Your insecurities will try to damper
But let me show you
How my Eve should feel
When I'm in her sheets
overladen snow covered crackle and crunch
though, this skeptic owned a doubtful hunch
that such 24/7 round the clock whether coverage
     would make laughingstock of forecasting
     how Jack Frost feigned being out to lunch

and merely his
     (or maybe he hiz a her saving
     best surprise for last, thus Jackie Frost,
     cuz women feel snubbed, shortchanged,
     excluded, and being bossed
around feeling pinched at emotional,

     physical, and spiritual cost
with million plus women marches
     that did exhaust
yet, brought more equitable treatment,
     and now risk being lost
in space at the outer limits
     of the twilight zone or tossed
     into the maws of Earth vis a vis

donning miner for a heart of gold,
where a frayed life line offers tenuous hold
nonetheless, despite risks to life and/or limb
     females can experience em bold
dinned journeying
     exposing them to in extremis cold
and worthy bets
     at gambling halls upon casino bluffing,

     thence, slapping (with poker face)
     upon table a winning hand
     abruptly forcing game to fold
grinning ear to ear while she scoops up gold

repudiating ugly rumors stereotyping women,
     within which many other arenas
     the devastatingly constricting mold
now upon many another proving grounds

     non verbally, smugly,
     and proudly assert" i told
     you so" garnering, inviting, and
     kickstarting kudos where,
     their overdue praiseworthy virtues extolled
which hard fight now pits

     more gals to enter the scrum
letting actions speak louder than words
as bragging rights allow them to keep mum
though insinuating

     rightful opportunity to whisk plum
ming access, where once (and still
     to a lesser degree)
     men didst unfairly prune
     and hurl cruel names like hey "scum

     bag", and/or other unflattering brickbats
     versus increasing plaudits showered from
on high spelling vic tory
     toward equality effacing glum
scowl into smile breaking out
     finding more men grudgingly
     bestowing deserved accolades
     re-evaluating degrading

     the fairer sex with dumb
asinine barbs, now underscoring
     befriending opposite gender
     making ladies in waiting
     tubby a worthy chum

now, this bum
seeks Alma Mater dames
     and graduates of
     Hard Knocks School Alum.
elizabeth Feb 22
joseph had a lover before he knew of jesus,
she went by the name of lilith.

she was by lengths and widths the fields of fungus and weeds,
with stiff ribs and taut stomach, more than what he could afford.

yet still he'd stand on her doorstep,
waiting for her to take the rose from his bleeding hands.

she took the petals in her tilled fist,
and left the thorns stem behind in his soft palms.

she in the loss of his innocence as a teen,
indulged himself in fertile soil and dampened moss.

ten days later, she grew wings and flew away, looking for the pit of a peach,
or something sweeter to call home.


he had a lover of the names adam and eve,
he found them in the garden of eden.

they were a pair of lungs,
seemingly carved from the same tree.

they were less than two people, but more than one consciousness
divided by layers of gold skin, muscle, and bone.

both more than willing to step into the flesh of one another,
as they had tasted the forbidden fruit together.

cheeks pressed between molten thighs, licking the ichor of what he imagined to be god between blond curls.
his or hers, he did not know.

he saw the serpent seething, and the next morning,
they had left him while he was asleep, a kiss and several coins pressed into the scars of his palm.


he had a lover before when god was just an idea
and there was no life after death.

joseph had then met mary.

who had the luck to cheat on him with god?

mary had a little lamb, shrouded in fleece and hay,
born in a manger and caroled by holy men.

mary wept tears of joy as the lamb of god / second adam / messiah
was birthed from her womb, warmed in blood.

joseph wept, as healing himself as if he were blind / mute / demon-possessed man would not help someone like himself, someone who craved sin so desperately.

a woman whom he loved, he did not any longer.


joseph was approached by angels
holographic lenses flicked angrily, the bright lights blinding-

betrayal is not an option.

then they stopped short and dropped silently,
crucifixion to those warning against god.

for who needs anything but a heavenly father?
Mystic Ink Feb 14
Before Adam and Eve
I ate that apple

Never, you were taught. umm
Theme: Ask my contemporaries, they witness.
Caleb Luke Feb 13
You allowed the sea to answer,
In the eve of sunrise;
When there truly was no love.
Just 8 ball responses passed over to the blind side of a two-way mirror.
Where we both saw a fool.
Yet yours has one heart,
And mine had two.
loving something that cannot express such feelings
Lyda M Sourne Feb 13
I know that we're over
But it still fucking hurts

I know I should move on to others
But my heart still lurks

At the thought of you

I'm torn in two

Like a heartbreak

On Valentine's Eve
Maida Rasool Feb 12
As much as I tried to hold it in
The pain comes out like an uproar from my throat in the form of a
Silent Scream
The beads of water started falling down one after another
No Sign of Stopping
I hit the wall and tried to Scream but my voice was melted by the
Sound of my Head
The world turned into a blur and
So did all the Sounds
The tastes, the smells.
Everything was gone, the last painful emotion
Slammed against me before I lost all
Feeling of Feeling
Everything the darkened into nothingness as I passed into the
Oblivion of Unconsciouness
Stefania S Feb 12
birds take flight on a windowless night

but the crows

continue to gather

nosy beaked

wings, oil-streaked

they have no business among us

watching our eyes


silences our lies

and the den grows quieter


without the heat

stalking pointed feet

one falls prey 

after another

stolen eyes

long gone dry

the widow reaches for her master

gun in hand

sleeping sand

the crows do finally scatter
SelinaSharday Feb 12
Adam  and Eve Come Together Again.
In His Image

My husband rest on legs of hope and liberation.
Perseverance and dreams are worn as a well pressed suit.
Like a brassiere Will and Endurance
strapped themselves about my chest.
In His Image!
Determination has stitched itself within my frame.
While truth as a necklace and faith as a hat. Decorates me.
Power and Strength grows within his bones.
Laced with Privacy as Cuffs of Patience cover his wrist.
The two of us were traveling on different roads with similar trials.
Roads that would one day meet up.
As I studied at a underpass searching a marketed village.
I had chosen to set up shop as tourist.
Endured abusive mishandlings as the towns people shopped.
Our shoes scared with marks from a weary journey.
With Patches hidden in hearts places.
We both born in the same month with a years difference,
Fifteen days between our birthdays.
The same seasonal love of Winter tied us.
Our taste buds linked by the similar cravings in food.
Compatible are the Holidays we adore.
In His Image!
The best of likened characteristics thought lost in others,
found in each other to be greater than.
Desires thought only in dreams, brought into our reality realm.
So much compatibility thought to be magically unbelievable.
Goals patterns us into blanketed fabrics, woven into fabulous designs.
Prayers laid before a higher Throne Room.
Searching, finding discovering one another.
Promises we hold fast to. Instilled with patience.
Substance of things hoped for, Evidence of things unseen.
As the distant Moon, we are Moons of privacy.
I the feminine to his masculine.
Only the glow revealed love sealed in gold.
We Live away from the Villages we have traveled.
Away seclusion, growing, waiting, planting, singing.
Trails coming we prepare for. Standing this time as One.
Together United together we come.
We take our places now in Heavenly Galaxies.
He my Adam I his Eve!
This new generation This Adam This Eve..
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