They tell me that Eve was weak,
That sin was born from her deceit
But I say let the woman speak!
There's more to her than you may think

They say that she defied the Lord
And thus gave birth to all discord
But no one ever deigns to wonder
What really tore this paradise asunder

When God gave man the gift of will
Within their hearts, free thought instilled
Did he mean that only men could reach
To touch the fruits of secrets deep?

Eve, with glowing wonderment
Heard a voice within her heart
She couldn't tell just what it meant
Why her aching soul reached for the stars

She was condemned for listening
To that ancient song within her mind
That song that calls all spirits wild
The sparkling fire within that sings

I've always had a different interpretation of the story of the first humans in the Garden of Eden. Here it is in poetic form. Please enjoy.
CGW Oct 31

Death flys sorrows kite.  
Wanders into minds young and old.
Dancing children upon the wings of golden youth.
In the dead of night all things bright turn dead at the slightest fright.
The gates of hell will open.
Upon the devils thrones rests his absence.
He walk at this hour.
He watchs us.
Don't blink.
Do not think.
He will crawl right into you and burrow in you like a bear for the winter.
So when you wake him he'll hang you by the throat.
Happy Halloween!


we interpose a law
and untamed that entangle a flair
as earth is barren an air afield with hedgerow  
sing with apache but really encounter frost tonight

faint sounding bird calls
drifted on the eve's lazy breeze
of a tone low set
listening harder one heard
a leather-head's distinct pitch

BA Khan Sep 21

The scriptures had a name and I became Eve,
The ancients often worshiped me,
The wise sealed lips in front of me,
The wisdom that mystics think of me
To Hindus I am Kali and Parvati too,
Yet I love and bear the lovers too,
I am a woman with beauty and brains,
And a worrier riding equine manes,
The mountain song and the Dolphin of the blue sea,
And Honey bee kissing the bosoms of Rose beauty,
I am the one with all these graces,
And I bring happiness to all new faces,
Does it matter what I am now and then
As my Gaya relaxes like perfect Xen.

Description  of female..?

Open your door and turn on your lights. It's time to give candy on this magical night.
Carve your pumpkin with a happy grin, then light the wick so it shines bright within.
Voices whisper out in the street, you should go up to the house and say trick or treat.
So you grab a bowl of candy delights to give to the children of the night.
As you dropped a handful into their sacks they all scream with wonderful delight.
This is why we all love Halloween night.

Halloween is one of my favorite nights.
Becca Lansman Aug 23

Let your wet lips leak the forbidden fruit onto my plate.

I will eat

Swallow you
whole and beg for more.

Sweet boy, let me into your Eden to pick your apples.

What a beautiful life we could live
as outcasts.

Maria Etre Aug 10

Just like a flower
take your time
soaking up
the brightness
of the sun
and bloom
into a ripe
mature fruit
the Adams of the

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