BA Khan 2d

The scriptures had a name and I became Eve,
The ancients often worshiped me,
The wise sealed lips in front of me,
The wisdom that mystics think of me
To Hindus I am Kali and Parvati too,
Yet I love and bear the lovers too,
I am a woman with beauty and brains,
And a worrier riding equine manes,
The mountain song and the Dolphin of the blue sea,
And Honey bee kissing the bosoms of Rose beauty,
I am the one with all these graces,
And I bring happiness to all new faces,
Does it matter what I am now and then
As my Gaya relaxes like perfect Xen.

Description  of female..?

Open your door and turn on your lights. It's time to give candy on this magical night.
Carve your pumpkin with a happy grin, then light the wick so it shines bright within.
Voices whisper out in the street, you should go up to the house and say trick or treat.
So you grab a bowl of candy delights to give to the children of the night.
As you dropped a handful into their sacks they all scream with wonderful delight.
This is why we all love Halloween night.

Halloween is one of my favorite nights.
Becca Lansman Aug 23

Let your wet lips leak the forbidden fruit onto my plate.

I will eat

Swallow you
whole and beg for more.

Sweet boy, let me into your Eden to pick your apples.

What a beautiful life we could live
as outcasts.

Maria Etre Aug 10

Just like a flower
take your time
soaking up
the brightness
of the sun
and bloom
into a ripe
mature fruit
the Adams of the

Death is the mother of beauty; hence from her,
Alone, shall come fulfillment to our dreams
And our desires. Although she strews the leaves
Of sure obliteration on our paths, ...
--from Wallace Stevens' poem "Sunday Morning"

In Eden fair did Adam and Eve
live in perfect harmony.

"No plant or animal devoureth we,
only ripe fruit as falls from the tree."

By bright-green lily-pads in sphagnum bogs
the herons waded gracefully,
bullfrogs croaked their deep, clear calls;
bluebells, delicate yellow buttercups
were rampant; larks sang in the mulberries.

"No pain or hunger knew we there,
only the sameness of Eden fair."

Even the bounty, the beauty, the civility,
the rich perfection, stretching out like the wall
of the great oval garden, day after day,
year after year to eternity,
grew tiresome.

"No shame in our nakedness knew we ...
nor lust, nor desire, nor carnality."

It's the exogamous, the unfamiliar,
which stirs in us the deepest passion,
the basso continuo of mortality
which gives to desire its piquancy
--of which they knew nothing in deathless Eden.

"We wanted to look outside the wall.
We didn't mean from God's grace to fall."

Their lack of control, their disrespect
invited tragedy....
But to deny what one feels,
to deny what one is
is to risk even greater calamity....

"God expelled us from the Garden.
Now we'll know death and all that's human."

Discord ... despair.... Are you better off?
Coaxing grain from the cracked, parched earth?
Maybe you paid too much for your freedom?...
Maybe you wish you were back in the Garden?...

"There be good inside the Garden;
there be good outside....
There is no perfect Eden."

Hear Lucius/Jerry read the poem: .
This poem is part of the Scraps of Faith collection of poems ( )
Bianca Jul 24

my mother was water and my father was fire
sure thing that I came out steam
forever convicted of ether
but you know, we’re as miserable as
your worn out shoes
maybe only when we sell our souls
we start to love more
just like stars shine brighter
when they fall
(don’t frown like a phlegmatic astrologer
our city won’t sleep tonight)
i’ve heard that unhappiness is trendy now
don’t you know about second hand love?
i was wandering for so long just to find yours
like the skunk of the world
where are you?
why am i talking, we’re emotionally broke
sitting on a park bench
sometimes poverty was everything i hold dear
because the diamonds belong to, hmm, men
Eve wasn’t deceived by the serpent
she was tempted by the man
but what’s a woman?
she’s exactly what the man can never be

chipped tooth Jul 13

Who are you, a Man?
A God fearing creature made in the image of God,
And like Our Lord, you are surrounding
Even when I hide from you.
For whom his own Ego are the gates of Heaven-
God, why are you afraid?
That I may not love you how Eve loved the apple.
What is my pleasure if it cannot please you,
But you shall be appeased in knowing that my love is fruitless
By design.
As though I'm the Virgin herself, crack my rib
And tell me that no woman deserves your Son
Who cannot sacrifice her heart
to a Man of God

Alienpoet Jul 12

Woman, your beauty hides your brilliance
You have to be resilient
To survive in a world stolen by men
Even when you are the closest thing to god.
Woman, you are maligned
Hidden by religions veil
They tell the tale of Eve throughout time
The sinners tale
Original sin another story to enslave
Don't they know a mother's wisdom can save?
A man from falling fruitless from a tree
Hanging desperately.

Sofia Jun 11

God will give you a boy
And call this love
You will call this duty
I will grow the fruit

Adam will look at you one day
And call your nakedness shame
You will stare him down
And call this power
I will pluck the fruit

You will read the Bible
And feel your ribs as you reach a verse
You will question why they have written
You as less than whole
You will burn this book and write your own
I will give you the fruit

Hunter Moyler May 20

When the Lord split the adam
It wasn't a clean cut.
A heftier half received the whole,
The other a supplicant for scraps at the
Table's Wayside.
(only if it didn't want those stinky leftovers

Eons since, not much's changed
The portlier portion still retains
Rights to nuke the other slice
When enmity sticks its foot in the
Meaty muck of the mind

"But it's not my fault," it says,
Still blaming that little snake it likes to hold
Like a teddy bear on a forlorn night

What God hath torn,
Let mankind reassemble.

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