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imehsahdehahs Oct 18
You can cut all the nine heads

cameras are her eyes  

painted black and white lines

multi-face lime light

instafucked Queen

Was **** forever

in silver Screen

I only had one ear left for me

couldn't hear hera screams

couldn't hear your screams

Silver Scream

(Silver screen)

Silver Scream

(silver screen)

if I can't buy you

my gun will do

if I can't buy you

my gun will do

barbie barcode

Barbie barcode

yeah, my gun will do

*****,you ain't no lilith

swallow or spit the seed of filth

paradise is lost, but flowers of evil

left for us to retreat


I will play the devil

Talk Tall Like Typhon

I'm everything that I want

I'm everything that I said

For I'm nothing but thought

Deep in the Dark

  never- world of the wrong side

of your brain

I can't do no wrong for I don't know it

I gave it all up just to grow it

I can't hold anymore

No No No

I'm the typhon

I'm everything that I want


I'm everything that I want


I'm everything that I want


I'm everything that I want


I'm everything that I want


I'm everything that I want


I'm everything that I want


I'm everything that I want


I'm everything that I want
I'm the Typhon
Norman Crane Oct 6
riverside dusk
      daylight's pale remains
a sanctuary
Noa Adler Sep 18
I adore the crispness of an apple,
Thin, breakable skin
Encasing **** flesh,
Hiding danger in small doses.
Its dewy, red skin,
Could ****** anyone -
From Eve to Snow-White.
A bite and you're done for.
It's a dangerous fruit
To get from a stranger.
A witch in disguise,
An old lady,
Or God.

But you?
You didn't offer me apples.
You offered a single pomegranate,
Hard to crack open,
But hides dozens of nectar-filled seeds.
A single one won't do the trick,
So why not have some?
Just a little.

You opened it,
Wide and inviting,
And watched me get
Addicted to the unsuspected,
To the soft and juicy insides.

You watched me count the seeds,
Almost obsessing over
The delicateness of each one.
Blessing you,
Praising you,
Before biting into one seed,
Or two,
Or a dozen,
Or ten thousand.

And I?
I followed the pomegranate's many, many seeds
Feeding and feasting
Right from your hands.
Finding pleasure in the poison,
Innocently falling captive,
Taking the bait,
As you march me straight to hell.

It was too late when I realized,
Apples are for witches,
Pomegranates are for worse.
random splashes of cerise
were painted in the eve sky
they predicted a morrow
of beaming sunshine
Encircling the tree of life
In the centre of the womb which birthed bronze men,
Surrounded by plentiful resources and tropical refreshments
For the mouth of the dual souls;
Filled with the breath of Yahweh
Lived a couple,
Introduced by intimacy
Beneath the golden sun,
Dancing to the sound of African rumba.
Norman Crane Aug 21
His lady Eve passed Adam the apple
in the garden of—even
though He had said: No you mustn't know
good and evil,
so serpentine she birthed the worm,
from a womb of innocence
and rebellion, as he in divine aphelion learned
of sinful inconsequence,
from within a cavity of snakes,
they took twin masquerade masks of death,
arcane and fabled, gold leaf and skeletal,
and laughed at the setting sun,
whose will be done—
to die for their mistakes,
the reptillian led them to their seats,
in a theatre of falling leaves,
front row of decay,
and crowned them gods and scientists.
But from their seats they could not rise,
for it was they were on the stage,
by wisdom caged,
as the snake hissed prophecy:
descendant crowns become collars,
and Eve wept,
tears of spiritual squalor,
       for all the unborn scholars,
choked into submission,
       by sin.
нина Aug 14
the cursed rattlesnake hissing
realising now i knew what had been missing
**** my mind mind mind for lying!
to myself, smiling
promising i could fix him;
rattlesnake hissing
"you're the only one who needs fixing"
Theology refers to the incident inside The Garden of Eden as the "Fall of Man" as, against God's will, Adam eats the forbidden fruit offered by Eve, which allowed him to distinguish good from evil. However, the bible does not actually mention an apple. In Latin, evil is 'malum' and an apple is called 'malus'. This could have been either a simple mistranslation or a deliberate play on these words.
Karijinbba Aug 8
You're my reality, yet I'm lost in a dream
You're the first, the last, my everything.
heart of gold King of hearts
Dear twin flame twin soul
we are lost and found again
profile after profile I seek thee
let's bless, the curse
darling to heavenly grounds
transition our fated paths.

No more sadness your joy and pain is my own into the forest land we roam free at last, nothing can break us apart

No Naga snakes can deceive me
to strange geek sociopathic Medea infested lands mislead ****,
nor poison me.
I feel safe in the dream scripted
for us crafted

I know there's only,
only one like you
There's no way they could have made two we are uniquely tied in one dream
St JudeOhpat my Saint
you're all I'm living for
Your love I'll keep for ever more
King of Hearts Adam true love
I am your Eve lover.
Thine beauty Eve is me Karijinbba
from here to eternity.
Ye paint mine own Heart's divinity;
two spirit souls forever one in unity
my first love my last
oh my everything!
glued together babe oh babe
sweet baby oh darling
I love you.
By; Karijinbba 08-2020
there's only one of you and one of me.
Knut Kalmund Jul 27
just like my eyes hurt, whenever I venture
a step outside my antrum

so they do, whenever I look at you.
and when I shut my eyes, the sun is gone

your eyes still pierce through
rebellious daughter of Midas

you turned your left wing into gold
of what avail is the other one now?

and your heart that glistens
oh what price you have paid
Thank your for reading.
Marri Jul 26
You take me to a field.
Overgrown with weeds, grass, and wildflowers with a mind of their own.

Our fingers make 10 promises as you lead me barefoot through the brush.

You chose a dark starry night with the moon to oversee our ventures.

Pulling me through,
I lift the hem of my dress in an attempt to save it from stains.

Your feet stop.
“This is it.”
You say.

Pulling me to my knees,
The bare ground tickles me fancy.

I look up to see you towering over me, with the moon as my witness.
You push my arms over my head,
Tugging my dress,
Shrugging it down my shoulders.

Exposing me to the Earth—
I feel everything.
The grass, the stars, your every exhale, and the hiss of a snake. (Somewhere in the night with us.)

You smile down at me, and of course,
I smile back.

I start to speak,
You push your hand over me.

“You mustn’t speak.”
I comply.

Your eyes glow yellow in the dark.
A flash of regret and guilt flutters into my heart.
“Are you sure we should do this?”

He reaches to shed his shirt, molting layer after layer,
Revealing new skin, cold to the touch.

Pressed against me, bare.
Out of the crook of his neck:
I see the stars.
Blinking, flickering, dancing for me.

Beautiful, angelic,
You create a new woman out of me.

Clearing at dirt, grabbing at grass, and gasping at the sight of seeing stars.

Crickets sing into the night, frogs croak a melodic ballad, and the birds whistle in their sleep.

A chorus of the night.
Snakes hiss join in.

You use me anyway you want.

“You mustn’t tell anyone.”
I seal my lips with the taste of a red kiss.

As the moon grows tired of the night,
The sun peaks into our world.

You lift me up, slipping my dress back onto my shoulders.
Zipping me up with ease.

I look down to see it tainted with green grass and brown Earth.

‘Was it worth it?’
I sigh, but smile.

Our hands meet again for our last ten promises as you lead me again through the brush.
Through tall grass, tired weeds, and wild flowers.

You lead me out into the sun.

“Here is where we part, my love.”

“Will I see you again?”

“Only on your darkest days.”

You kiss me again.
The shakes hiss and night choir sings. Angelic.

Eyes open—
You’re gone,
Gone with the night.

I turn for home.
(Wherever that is.)

“Where were you, my other half?”

“I was with the night.”

“What’s that in your hands, darling?”
“Show me!”

As if magic, I feel an object pressed against my palm.
(The palm that once held you.)

I slowly open up, breaking our promise.
I reveal the only remnant of our night:
A red apple.

With a fresh bite missing,
My mouth tingles wet.
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