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lake Sep 10
i need to find some strength
to get through today
cause the more that i wait
i might make a mistake

cause everything happens for a reason
and flowers never bloom out of season
it never goes according to plan
with my feet still stuck in the sand

it's all just target practice
i miss and miss till i got it
i never really aimed correctly
but once in awhile i get lucky

most of the time i'm tired
of all these shots i've fired
and i don't have what's required
and the date has now expired
Johnny walker Jul 22
When Is Uk DWP going to take responsibility for their disgusting behaviour
toward the disadvantages
vulnerable people of our society
Sadly through 5 week waiting times for much needed benefits, many people have taken their own lives through being made
What kind of society are we now living In that turn
against It needy I don't get this there  nothing wrong
helping other
In need but surely you first take of your own for I'm convinced charges will bought against this Tory government crimes against
Department of Work and pensions unbelievable
crimes against Humanity against the vulnerable of our society while them selves get richer shame those MPS
Who sit back and let this happen and they won't my vote forget about It
Farhan Ahmed May 20
Speak of facts,
Speak of reality.
Judge thy acts
Find thy sanity.
Too judgemental
Chabadtzke May 2
Objection, your Honor!
On behalf of the accused,
I demand that this excessively
    harsh sentence be reduced!

Beside that, Your Honor
Can judgement be dispensed
Behind the subject’s back
    and without hearing his defense?

Moreover, Your Honor
Is this what you call fair?
To destroy, with zero evidence
    a man and his career?

But answer me, Your Honor
—Though I highly doubt you can—
Who gave you the authority
    to judge your fellow man?
CautiousRain Apr 30
Don't tell me the dragon's been vanquished,
surely he has more fight in him!
I would have guessed
he'd shoot me another riddle,
make me run in circles
wondering who would die first;
I would have thought that
I'd spend my whole life
with a sword in hand,
chasing after him.

Is it true?
Has he fallen off his plateau, his crevice
crumbled before him?
That brute lizard finally gave up?

What's left behind him,
I'd try to see and delve into his caves
searching for clues if I believed it,
but something makes me think that
just because he's dead to me,
doesn't mean he's been vanquished.

Don't tell me the dragon's been vanquished,
it's surely not that easy!
I had thought that maybe,
he wouldn't give up his bed of lies,
tossing and turning,
his chest bellowing with flames and smoke,
I expected a temper tantrum or
roaring deceit, screaming acid and blood,
and I imagined my sword
falling to his feet.
I can't believe this **** is official over
you know, I thought it'd never end, and truly
I'm scared that could still be true
Poetress2 Apr 2
They'd stand before a Judge,
their trial would soon begin;
These Saintly men of God's,
would be judged, but once again.
The Prosecutor entered the room,
so confident and strong;
Beelzebub, the evil one,
would bring up all their wrongs.
He'd point his crooked finger,
and name all their mistakes;
All the failures of their past,
he'd remind these Godly Saints.
Then entered the Great Almighty,
the one and only, I AM;"
He would have the victory,
o'er the one who had been ******.
The Courtroom doors then opened,
and in walked Jesus Christ;
He would be their Advocate,
disproving Satan's lies.
"We all know why we're here,"
Satan grinned in sheer delight;
"To prove these Men of God's,
are imposters of the light."
He pointed his crooked finger,
at each one he cheerfully named;
"You see this man before you,
he's lied for his own gain.
And this woman is a sinner,
she cheated on her spouse;
She practiced to deceive him,
no remorse did she announce."
Now Jesus had enough of him,
so He slowly began to speak;
"You do know, Heavenly Father,
at times all men are weak."
God gave Jesus a knowing nod,
for He saw them white as snow;
No sins had they committed,
no sins did their pasts show.
Empire Mar 27
Some lessons you can’t learn
From reading a book
From listening to others
You have to learn them
For yourself
And You knew that
Which is why
When I begged You for
You answered me
But not with easy gifts
You answered in tests
Because to fight well
I have to train
So You let me go through
So that in the end
What I gained
Would hold real value
And all the while You held my hand
सच एक जानलो, जितेँ हे हम खाब मे
उठ्नेका लाख कोशिस, मगर, रहेते हे उल्झनोमे —२
वक्तने थामली, एक वार, फिर घडी —२
क्यू होता, हे एसा, हरदम मे बेखबर
समरनेको कास, नही लग्ता, कोइ देर पल
तस्विरमे, रंग समानेको ,बाकिहे देर अभी
मे यहाँ हँु ,पर साँसहे कही थमी

सच एक जानलो, जितेँ हे हम् खाब मे
उठ्नेका लाख कोशिस, मगर रहेते हे उल्झनोमे
सगँ किया जोगीका, दुनीया, कहे मुझे पागल
उठ्कर फिर गीर्नेका, आया, फिर बालापन
रंग नही गेरुँका लेकिन, चाहतँे मेरी जोगी —२
साथ नही साँयोका पर रहु मुस्कुराते जही —२

उम्मिद मरी , आशाए नही लो देखो खुस हु अभी
वक्तने थामली,  एक वार, फिर घडी
क्यू होता, हे एसा हरदम मे बेखबर
सच एक जानलो, जितेँ हे हम खाब मे
उठ्नेका लाख कोशिस,  मगर, रहेते हे उल्झनोमे —३
Genre: Gazal
Theme: Longings
Lotus in her palm
Flowing delta tumbles down
Nile queen of peace
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 86
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