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From the last supper eaten with the twelve,
To His ascension into highest Heaven,
The Son of Man endured, and drank His cup,
Obeyed the higher will of Father God.
And the one man that ever was truly guiltless
Submitted to a trial by the law;
And guilty found, He spilled His spotless blood
For me, for us, for every human life.
Thanks be to God for His great sacrifice.
Thanks be to God for His longsuffering.
Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift.
Thanks be to God who gives us victory.
In trying times, may always I remember:
Golgotha proves the road to Paradise.
Fheyra May 12
My Spirit, I dropped
My neck, how tragic!—
Oh, why was I doomed?—
What a shame of love,—
Beset me for living
How poor was my trial?—
That king caught me— Just to be his vice!
Surely, I was a noble queen—
'Til the justice defied me..

Coined by 30 years,— Now deriving for 25 years,
This automatic era seemed haste for me,— Where people work less with limbs,— And more with chained machines
All tenses are verbose,— of such faint vision;— When all the dots meet,—
Perhaps, gallops are faster than wheels.
Whenever I daze in my reflection,
I morbidly feel the bruised mark on my pelvis,— whence Homer penetrated it,— And this slit scar on my nape— of my husband's infidelity
Oh fate, may thou all wrath in flames..

I was not an outlaw!—
Thou all praised a sculpture,—
And smashed it, when it was bore!
Thou bidded swears— To a bedswerver's norms!
My downfall revealed thy disgraced offerings— Traitors!

—My poor, poor queen— Do not weep,
    For I shall be great,— This lady will
    dissect the hypocrites, and clothe
    the faithful—
    I shall be the image of your tragedy
    and glory
    This is the order of my commitment
    I am a ponent;
    I am a defender.

Quote our testament:
"We art the culprits and victims of our own plot. If an admiring rogue invades thy core, it shall weakened thou as culprit into an ever victim— To be held in judgment, and to be both perceived as no innocent."

—The conviction of worldly accomplices,
    This shall be the vengeance of an obsolete sentence.—

Altaira, with me,—
Thou art neither a corpse—
Nor a bit of ash;
'Tis the time for ruling
Your Majesty—
Cheers to the jury..
This is the final sequence! The whole story was about a woman having her past life regression, and in her pasf life, she was a queen who was betrayed and beheaded. The rage of the queen still lives in her body, but her present self knows that she should be persistent to provide justice for herself, and to her country.

Remember from "Rituals and Joviality", the Spirit is the voice of the Psychologist that helped her meditate and see her past life. The "Saith the name of an Altar maiden" line referred to a command, for her fo say the word, "Altar", because it resembles the name of her past self, which is "Altaira".

Now finally, she became a judge in the end.
Justice is served.
Karly Codr May 7
My trial is over,
I have none left to give.
I've fought and I've fought
Why do I still live?
The darkness awakes me,
It haunts my soul.
My thoughts are uneven,
They've taken a toll.
My heart is breaking,
Pulled by a thread.
Pains in my chest,
Show that I should be dead.
The music inspires me,
You cannot die today.
I open my heart,
My thoughts do not stray.
I am just gonna keep writing my depressing poems and you guys can keep reading them and we'll all be great. :)
Lemon Apr 18
Something. It was always something.
And whenever it was nothing
That something came crashing in
Amplifying, magnifying, falsifying

Nothing is ever as hard as living
Nothing was ever as easy as quitting
Surviving was unforgiving
Dying was unremitting

A broken heart and broken bones
Diverging cries that we condone
Death is whispered in unwavering tones
A vacuous home; an empty throne

No one lone thing could change the world
For better or worse, all unknown
Transcendence be the killer of all
Be a hero, die alone

A broken heart and broken bones
Diverging cries that we condone
Death is whispered in unwavering tones
A vacuous home; an empty throne

A tattered quest
A broken trail
A sin confessed
All’s bound to fail
A heart of stone to anchor down
A heart of gold, a thieves’ crown
A heart of ice to thaw the beast
An injured heart, long deceased

A broken heart and broken bones
Diverging cries that we condone
Death is whispered in unwavering tones
A vacuous home; an empty throne

A damaged soul, laid to rest
Unforgiving and unremitting
A hero's tale, told at best
Rescript and falsely fitting
Dez Apr 9
I pray tonight
For thy light
To shin so bright
That I lose sight
Of this earthly plight
And all I see is thy might
Thou, which hast shewed me great and sore troubles, shalt quicken me again, and shalt bring me up again from the depths of the earth.
(Psalms 71:20)
I don't want this
To be understood

Just for a while
Can we think of that time?
Where the leaders don't need to
Trial the trust
Every time

I don't understand how they digest
Inedible ****
I don't understand how smartly we are misguided.
I don't understand their blind supporters.
I don't understand whom they stand for.
I don't understand the basis needs.
I don't understand their priorities.
I don't understand

And I don't want this
To be understood

Being outsider
Jay Nepal
Genre: Observational
Theme:  Humanity above Politics
Author's Note: What if we need the drugs, but are given placebo?
Physical quarantine
Mental prison
Virus as guard
Who won’t let us out

Travel is danger
Love across borders
Loss of his touch
Rips my heart out

Trial of patience
Mental endurance
Are humans stronger?
****, we won’t bow out!
Randy Johnson Mar 23
I dumped my girlfriend when I learned I was being used.
She decided to get revenge, I was falsely accused.
She said that when she came to my house, there was no escape.
She said when she refused to have *** with me, she was *****.
She's a ***** and a two-faced liar, I didn't lay a finger on her.
But when I looked at the jury, I believed that I was a goner.
I was wrong because I was found not guilty because of lack of evidence.
My ex-girlfriend became enraged and things became scary and intense.
She pulled out a gun and shot me.
Luckily, I survived after I had surgery.
She shot me in the courtroom and her fate was sealed.
The only thing that she's sorry about is that I wasn't killed.
I was found not guilty by a jury of my peers and I didn't have to do hard time.
My ex-girlfriend tried to ****** me and she's rotting in jail because of her crime.
Chandler M Feb 8
We did it!
Saved the city
I call my home
It doesn't feel familiar
Did we forget to
Put something back?
Cortal Avenue
Not the same
We won
So why am I not
It's time to celebrate
All I can ponder
Is the next challenge ahead
Without another
How will we grow?
Sometimes though
I wish it would stop
No more trials
Peace, come to me
I don't want to win
Give me a haven
Reject the legends
I accept tranquility
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