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Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
Straight from the ashes that burned bright and cold
I’ve risen to the chaos that spawned that day,
My wish upon the stars rising bright and be folds
For the future I've seen will never fade away.
Monsters and enemies swarmed us like black fireflies
As we were stuck within the blazing sun,
Hearing the siren that came from upon the bright sky
We proceed to escape, watching soldiers run.
What yet lies beyond the naked eye’s truth
Will be swift, merciless and sharp,
All the friends I've made within my youth
Has betrayed me, leaving me in the dark.
Heed my request young warrior of the night
Don't be scared or stunned for even a second,
Draw your blade and face against the blight
And rise to the top with soldiers beckoned.
For a fraction of a heartbeat I come to my faith
As the eight maidens sing in unison within the cold,
Reaching out from the darkness of the void, I hesitate
As my lost story begins to shift and unfold.
And as the tainted leaves start to descend and be rotten
Deep within me, an energy comes out untold,
I am the protector of the withered and fallen
I am the true commander of my soul.
Anya Jul 2018
I can easily play
With words
With meanings
Twist them around
Sometimes gaining gold
Other times, dirt
But one to me
May be the other to others
R Nov 2017
I turn on the radio
"What do you like?"
Anything really,
"What do you like?"
I can't really explain
"What do you like?"
Things evoke feeling
"What do you like?"
My tastes are too plain,
"What do you like?"
Please leave me alone
"What do you like?"
I just want to listen
"What do you like?"
Whatever I want
"Do you listen to music?"
Not anymore.
NeroameeAlucard Feb 2017
I can't kick this slump
For as much positivity and thoughtfulness mixed with a little bit of sexiness
I can't seem to get away from my own rattled restlessness and seemingly seasonal breaks of unexplained sadness,
It's driving me to madness as i get agitated at my own slightest imperfection and even guitar playing is starting to lose its infectous nature,
but i sit in between 19-2000 nurtured not to hate you see,
But what happens when you can't stand what looks back at you in the mirror on some days?
Do i just remain in this daze or slowly but surely probe myself out of this maze?
Breeze-Mist Sep 2016
No matter the distance
Between you and I
We all share
The exact same sky

There are some differences
Between you and me
But our connectios as humans
Is what we all see
You know this world is warped
When you have kids singing popular songs about ***
That's all you hear on the radio nowadays
That's what you see devouring us from within
I do not want my daughter growing up in such a plagued state
She will be a woman of change
And my sons will be the beacon of light to carry that trope away
Into a more apposite society
If i even decide to have kids, that is.
But this comes to mind when i think about kids.
Pretty normal, right?
Artists have a right to write about *** in their songs, and *** itself isn't a bad thing, it's quite a gift when done correctly. It's just that it's exposed so distastefully to our young women and men of the generation and it's reproaching at the highest level. Teenagers need to learn how to handle it the right way and kids shouldn't be exposed to such a negative version of it and be influenced by the wrong words. It just feels like *** is more pushed out there then the other things and it's annoying. I totally understand the parents these days being kind of overprotective. I'm becoming one of their younger kind. To reiterate, i have nothing against *** but it's so degraded now that it's seen as terrible. It's something only adults should be doing on paper but if young adults are smart enough about it then that should be fine too. Everyone has a right to their choices, but i believe that America is too sexualized and it needs to be toned down enough where the kids aren't so influenced by it.
Lizzie Apr 2015
We're probably very different,
You and I
But maybe I don't want to feel disconnected
When our viewpoints don't match
When I become separated from you

There's more to life, you see
Than focusing on our differences,
What separates us

When we disagree, we disconnect
From each other
I can feel it
You can feel it too
Don't tell me you can't
I've heard those words
Enough to know they aren't true

So please, when I say
Let's not discuss politics,
It means
I only want to remain close with you
I don't want to be pushed away

So now, rather than re-hashing old news
Like politics, or rather,
What separates us,
Let's explore what unites us,
What brings us closer to each other
Within the beauty of where
Our commonalities lie

Because as I said,
I just want to feel close to you
AvengingPoet Oct 2014
I drink my water straight from the tap
and I feel my conscious wearing thin.

My reasoning is fading into a mist
with too many viewpoints trying to seep in.

I must choose to decide
and freewill is all I’ve got.

I don’t believe in the stars or the planets
and fate is a lie handed down.

Somedays, I simply feel like an addict with a pen
because I have no choice besides.

I try to crawl out of the quick sand
and can only hope for one more sip of water.

That is all I can ask for…
one more sip of water…

…I don’t want to crawl anymore.
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
Chilling thoughts**
No one sees themselves
outside of themselves
like they ought

to see myself as more than me
I self taught,
myself to see someone else
as more than my thoughts.
please surprise me soon life.
Mira scott Jun 2014
I like to think that I'm a mixture of a sunflower, a lioness, and a tortoise.
simply because a sunflower is
vibrant in color,
flows softly and carelessly with the wind,
plain and simple,
Intriguing to say the lease.

why a lioness?
because she is Queen of the Sahara desert.
she is loyal,
she is independent and does not fully need to depend on a male,
though when given the right one, she'll go through many lengths to accommodate him.
she is also full in color,  plastered with battle scars to prove that she is of worth
and can handle the meat thrown at her
with nothing but scavengers surrounding her,
tempting her.

why a tortoise?
because they are slow and steady,
live on land with feet as claws, being able to dig into troubles and come out more wise than before.
Also they can retrieve back into their cave for as long and as endless as they want,
solitude is acceptable and perfered.

one is noticeable yet, easily breakable and disposable.
one is lazy, yet keen
one is small, yet can take on the world for three hundred and thirty years.

I'll be forever, and memorable, and radiant.

— The End —