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Virginia Eden Jun 2021
At dinner,
I give her my peppers
she gives me her celery,
and this is how we say I love you.
Pr nandni May 2021
Competition should FETTER among the animals of jungle only
Because when it comes to humans they make it JUNGLY
STUDENTS competes with each other to get 1st rank
Other completes in flowing river to hold the plank...

When Envy plays in the cradle of competition then,
A sister crushes WISHES of her sister
A brother knowingly pushes his brother into DEBT
Not the every deed is the demand of your soul , except SERENITY
All those NASTY Things is the greed of your body.......

Before sleeping faces of betrayal, deceive & lies,
Appears right before my EYES .
They left me in trouble, but promises to help others
Declaring themselves a social reformer, a new THINKER .
CHARITY begins at home didn't they learn !!
Even after all this I want to embrace them ,
Ready to forgive putting my dignity at STAKE .
BUT they'll are enjoying without even realising their MISTAKES
Competition always takes place at the cost of one's life
Whether it's an animal at JUNGLE or animals at HOME .....
" Competition is never good... especially when it hides ENVY in its lap...."
Påłpëbŕå Dec 2020
Is love simply

give and take?

an ionic bond

is all what we make?

Or do we come

with applied conditions

"Share To Adhere"

like covalent bond-sums?

Wait....or is it pure

and so **** selfless

as if coordinating our

lives for someone else's?

Or maybe it is

a feeling so deep

felt even when

distance we keep?

But I believe

we have bonds

that are beyond


Because we humans

aren't mere elements

bonding with each other

isn't just an experiment!
solEmn oaSis Oct 2020
ang kaakit-akit
**** bating-
ang siyang wagas
na nagdala ng madamdaming
mga katanungan
mula sa iyong puso patungo
sa iyong kasintahan,
gamit ang ibabaw ng
mga matikas na alon...
walang pasubali na ipinahayag mo
ang iyong pangmatagalang
paglalarawan sa marami,
bagaman ang mundo
ng magkabilang dako
ay pansamatalang natutulog na
... ang kagandahan niyon
ay mananatiling gising pa rin.
Dahil siya ang natatangi **** daigdig
at ikaw nga ang makulay niyang pag-ibig!
At mula sa iyong napakalambing na pagsisimula
Mayroong "kayo" na magsasalo sa magdamag
habang heto si Ako...mananatili ring tapat
at gaya niya na di nakakalimot sa akin!
Kaya naman sa iyo aking mahal,
Malayo ka man sa akin ngayon,
lagi pa rin namang merong "tayo"
Maulap man ang papawirin
Ating babagtasin
ang araw at sinag nito
hanggang sa isang kabilogan
na lang ng buwan
ang aking pananabikan at bibilangin ko!
Sa pagsapit niyon
matamis na katahimikan
ang siya nating mabubuo!
tanging sa ating pagniniig
nang may buong kasabikan
ang mga himig na maririnig!
mula sa simula hanggang
sa ang wakas ay magsilbing hudyat
na sa langit nating inaasam
ay magigisnan ang malakidlat
na tilamsik ng ating pagsusuyuan
Di-kapara ng naunang magsing-irog
mula sa bukana ng talon ay nahulog
at kapwa bumitaw sa ere sa gitna ng kulog
pero tayo...Hindi tayo sa patibong matutulog!
patutunayan nating Hindi tayo
ang tipong mauuwi sa TaLiwaS
dahil sa katunayan nga mahal ko
sa pamagat pa lang binungad ko na ang SiLaw aT
labo na nananahan sa pagitan ng tukso
at ng bahay na inaakala nilang
panghabang-buhay na tahanan!
Transferring my feelings
of longingness
from formal norm
into a tagalog love-poetry
Karli Z Oct 2020
Attached as if our skin
is patched together
by the red strings of fate
that signify forever.
reyftamayo Aug 2020
isa pa, itagay mo pa
tatlong ikot na lang ubos na.
hindi malamig,
ubod ng lamig.
iisa lang pala ang tama.
ibigay ang pulutan
doon sa malakas kumain.
pagkatapos nito, isusuka rin.
reyftamayo Jul 2020
Ang ilaw sa tabi ko
Sa gilid sa harap paikot
Naghalo sa kisameng kasama
Ang antok-hilo kong ulirat
Bingi na ako sa tunog
Ng patagilid-pakalat na musika
Habang pinapaypayan ako
Ng higanteng bentilador
Naisip ko
Mas mainam siguro
Nasa bahay lang ako
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
within the blurred lines
of our wild nights
we found a clarity
connections we find in others that can't be defied
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2020
I. The Boy With The Cuckoo Clock Heart

Born with a frozen heart,
abandoned in

One kind physician
laid her hands upon him,
in a bit of medicinal salvation,
by placing a cuckoo clock
inside his chest.

Now an orphan,
among peculiar friends:
tear-filled flasks,
eggs containing memories,
and a man with a musical spine.

There's but one catch
for this boy:
his heart is fragile,
he must never, ever
fall in love.

Existence is undoubted.
But without this one emotion,
can he really live?

Love is a bitter token.

II. The Girl With Glass Feet

"It was a humid night,
later to become a hated night."

Upon an island sound,
feet first, she is slowing turning
into glass.

By sheer happenstance,
she meets a shy boy
who lives there
with an extreme fear
of being touched.

As she slowly disappears,
she untethers herself
from self-pity,
by teaching the boy the value
of interaction.

Inchmeal, he begins to reach out
and feels everything
she has lost to the night.

Love is a bitter token.

III. The Snow Child

"November was here."

A married couple,
in Alaskan remote,
suffering from one great sadness:
no child of their own
and unable to talk of it.

He's buried by
the weight of the outer ice,
she's crumbling
from inner despair.

And so on a rare
friendly day trek,
they built a child out of snow,
outfitted with mittens and scarf.

A day later it is gone,
remembered only in absentia,
yet there appears
a beautifully arrayed
creature of winter,
a little, lissome girl in the woods,
hunting with the red fox.

In wishing to understand
these encounters,
the couple come to love the child
as their very own daughter.

Yet will she ever accept them
as they do her?

Or see them
merely as snowdrops?

Figurines frosted over by
the harsh landscape
they each wander?

Love is a bitter token.
BLT's continued challenge - to write a poem using the Merriam-Webster word of the day, lissome. It's in there somewhere.
It's been 47 days now and I really don't know when  all this is going to stop so I could finally gain access to you.
The sweat that dripped down my body each time I honoured your invitation.
At first the sweats were irritating, I would whine about it or hurry home to wash it off but with time I got used to it and appreciated it.
Most times you leave me in a lot of body ache that takes days to heal....
47 days, that's all I needed to truly understand how important you are to my career, most likely my world.
I grew up dreaming and making up stories in my head about being an actor but not really you.
I always get angry each time I had to choose you over sleep or fun time with my friends.....
Little did I know you meant more than the fame or awards being an actor would give to me......

47 days and still counting with no idea when I would stop cause even when this is over, I'm not sure the rules that would be enforced to contain this virus, would favor us.
But the few times I spent with devoting certain hours of my day to you was and would most likely be one of memories i can never forget.
The bonding, the jokes, insults, anger, joy and fun you always give the people that comes together under you.
I'm really looking forward to having you back to either dance to drum beats or music and move from one stage direction to another, giving life to dead scripts.
             Much love from your biggest fan
        Pearlspoems 😘
It only takes a moment to realize how beautiful things you take for granted is
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