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beads of salt and sweat edge
the Cuban sandwich zest from
the tip of my tongue
flavors of my own theme song
echo in my throat

I'm merry ******* footfalls
on hot concrete snares
and the groans swinging
between my thighs take lead
singing cat whistles
along Main Street

snakes will be snakes
and tight cotton shirts
is asking for venom vial shots

don't worry though
those are my brother's loosened trousers
I'm a sweet gardener
I hold doors open
and voted for Hillary
I'm blinding reflection
standing over the hill

but don't shake my thoughts
with your pepper singed howls
cleaning you up messes my stride
dress like a lady and
monsters look for prettier things

oil stains dripping through
the elbows of my shirt
writes working man sonnets
across noir alley doorways
named Touch But Don't Tell

keep quite and use the suggestion box
and don't blame me for chromosomes
genetic randomness isn't my fault
biochemical cocktails don't drown babies
you just fill your bathtub with them

why do you need life jackets
to fill my shirts
empty your oil can and get a promotion
so you can buy your own

I'm tattered sheets stuffed
over hotel window rails
you're a frail damsel selling dreams
I won't buy, I peep keyholes
save digital copies and call the cops
stop screaming and let me save you

your fingers compress a sweaty glock
rioting my stomach
your tones too ******* loud
remember I loaded the bullets
so at least credit me the shot

beads of blood and sweat
whisper cat o' nines tails
see I'm your martyr
but only on favor street.
Laura Apr 23
All this time I was looking for art

I didn’t think it could be
these words
Twisting and writhing in their effort to
escape and
Making shapes
Those strange distortions

The words that slip
So easily from my thoughts
Into my ears
But trip
When they reach my tongue

These silent prayers
These words unsung

They barely cross my mind
Marya123 Feb 1
'Fake it till you make it', I'm told
As I tremble under the weight of fear
It's a warm statement, yet one so cold
What do I fake if nothing's clear?
The path to success is paved with questions.
Orchid T Aspen Dec 2019
When he throws you                 at the wall,
and hugs you
and bites you
and screams in you
and kisses you,

let it be back then,

when she threw you                on the floor,
and stomped your filling
and snapped your stitching
and sliced your corners
and kissed you.

Tighten your throat
and you can go to bed again.
Prince Oct 2019
I want a mural of her painted on my wall in her ******* & bra standing at the door for me,
I'm coming in for the night kiss her lips & grip her thighs as she steps backwards into the room,
Baby how u been I've been missing u all day is what I see when I look into her eyes,
Pick her up into my arms let her know everything's going to fine papi got you,
Tasting her heart shaped lips as sweet as honey ¢ as soft as the pedals of a rose ¢ the smell of  her hair remind me of fruit,
Lay her down on the bed spread her legs then put my head where her Kitty is...
Osiria Melody Sep 2019
I would not like to see the day
When my books are on the shelves

I would not like to see the day
Because my insecurities cannot be tamed

I would not like to see the day
When my creativity is all that I sell

I would not like to see the day
Because I want my words to die in vain

I would not like to see the day
When everybody knows my name

Dedicated to those who dialed 1-800-IMPOSTERISM and never received word on why you're still suffering to this day.
always anxious Dec 2018
I breathe in until I feel like my lungs might explode. I tighten my neck muscels and before I can think - My entire body is tense.

I'm trying to supress it. It has ruined so much but I will not let it ruin another moment...
I grind my teeth trying to supress it further, not realizing that grinding my teeth ... was a tic too.

Letting my mind slip for a second; I come to find that I have failed - once again
I flick my head, blink my eyes violently - turning the day into a stop motion movie - Once again I already know the plot.

Everything is moving in slowmotion around me - my body moving too fast to hold it in I fail - once again my body is dancing to a beat that is not mine.

I feel the pain in my neck. It is sore from giving into the neverending urge - once again it is strained from constant twitching and has been for god knows how long.

I try to ignore the pain and focus on supressing what's coming next, but being distracted by the pain I fail - once again I flick my head and exhale as fast as humanly possible. The exhale doesn't come alone - it never does. A pallette of sounds escape my mouth.

It was not me making those sounds, but the lungs affected by the pain are mine.
I feel the cycle starting over - once again.

It goes through me like a wave of energy.
I have been robbed of the control over my own body - once again.
The power to fight back has ... vanished.

I go to bed early but sleep late; battling this force with every shard of energy I could possibly have left - Once again leaving me exhausted enough to finally sleep, despite the constant twitching.

They say it's a chemical imbalance in my brain.
Too much dopamine is released.
As far as I'm concerned dopamine is a "Feel good hormone", so why does it make me so miserable?

I lay here thinking about when this cycle will end?
And when it finally does end, when will it restart? - Once again...
I suffer from tourettes syndrome. This poem is written about how it feels to have a tic attack
- an unknown length of time filled with constant tics. It can last anywhere from 2 minutes to 24 hours.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
the day i learned that you could actually die from a broken heart
i was so confused because i have never felt that pain
how could someone be that sad?
i didn't understand until i met you
and i knew if i lost you
i would die from a broken heart
my heart would stop operating normally
my heart would have no reason to go on
i wouldn't want to go on
i would die
i would actually die
the muscles of my heart would ache
it wouldn't know how to keep working
it would forget how to keep beating
it would forget how to pump blood
i would die without you

I don't believe anything
I'm so tired of watching my back
For nothing

Or is it nothing?
What if it's something?
Do they see me as something?

Something to toy with
Something to talk about
Behind my back with

I love her i do
But i'm terrified too
That she's toying with me

Whenever i leave
Her arms and her sight
She tells them of our night

And they laugh
For i'm so foolish
To think anyone would love me

I love him i do
My brother i've trusted
For years since we climbed trees

But when i see him
Talk to people i've
Never met

And they laugh
His lips make my name
Did he ever think of me the same?

But i dont know
If it's all in my head
And i dont want to lose them

If i lose them
There's nobody left
I just wish i could be sure of if they were lying to me

Or if i was lying to me
God i hope
It's just me lying to me
Wish i could stop thinking that everyone i know is just watching me believe i matter to them and laughing at my stupidity.
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