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This elastic band has stretched as far as it possibly can
Now is the time to cut the cord
Over enough is more than enough
It's time for the narcissist to be unveiled
Oh bride of Satan
For the wolves in sheep's clothing to be called out
Your time is up!
We've had enough!
People are not as stupid as you'd like them to be
That spoiled little brat of a child inside is to be silenced for good
Singlehandedly you have destroyed your relationships
Systematically you have ruined your friendships
Over enough is more than enough
The true meaning of loneliness you will now encounter
Your fragile mask has shattered into pieces
The protective cover has blown away  
Exposed you will stand
Finally everyone will see you for the serpent you truly are
No one is buying the lies you have so generously been selling
No matter how great a bargain
Your mind games and tactics have become stale
Over enough is more than enough
The reality which awaits you is harsh and bleak
From your put on laugh to the fake compliments
Both come from the same dark and empty space
A bottomless pit of deception in which you lurk  
Hollow vase you are
Collage of fabricated personalities
You model yourself on others
But can never hold down one character for too long  
Over enough is more than enough
Like a blank canvas you are vacant to take on any shape or form
You wear a fake smile and your eyes are dead
You destroy like a bull, but hurt like a baby
Your brain is corroded and your spirit is ill  
Your own medicine you will drink
It will consume you from the inside out
Implode you will
Troublemaker and schemer
Over enough is more than enough
You are driven by your severe deep-rooted insecurity and shame
You prey on the empathetic
Virtual vampire, always looking for someone to drain
You do unto others as you would NOT have done unto yourself
A conscience you were born without  
Quick to quote a scripture or two
But slow in applying it to yourself
And even the devil knows the score
Over enough is more than enough
Your condescending eyes will be plucked out by a ruthless crow
You will burn in your own defeat and your perfume will be sulphur
Down you will tumble from your pedestal
You no longer have a place in my life
You no longer have a place in my heart
But more importantly
You no longer have a place in my mind
sean achilleos

This poem was written for anyone who has ever suffered emotional abuse from a true narcissist.
It may be a partner, colleague, family member, or a "friend" (note, I've put the word "friend" in inverted commas, because a narcissist could pose as your "friend", but never truly be one).
The term narcissist has been used very loosely in recent times, but few people know what the term really means.
Growing up I used to think that it refers to someone who is very full of themselves. However, we now know that it's a personality disorder. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, but I do know what it feels like to be at the receiving end of such a person or people.
The key is to educate yourself on the matter. Where there is knowledge, fear must go!

First comes the discovery
Followed by great anger, anxiety, depression
Then comes healing
Finally resume your joy and sanity
Then move forward

Sean Achilleos
rather than check
the forecast
for some reason
i think it enough
to merely
look to the sky
for a cursory
ten or so seconds
to observe the drifting
of weighty clouds
the overwhelming of
any strokes of blue
that might remain
being diminished
by the shifting greys
of approaching rain
before surmising
whether or not
a coat or umbrella
might be needed
at some point
in the coming hours
there are times
when the meaning
of a word
is asked
one that
has been read
and regurgitated
used regularly
correctly adopted
as part of
an apparent
   or pretentious
however upon
being asked
its meaning
there is only
a blank
unable to provide
a succinct
or even literate

to save face
to re-establish
the hubris
of this
abashed lexicologist
analogous alternatives
will be offered
carrying a little
less gravitas
a layman's explanation
to maintain
position on his
My Dear Poet Jan 2022
Speak not
of what you’re thinking
nor boast of your doing
for as much as you are willing
Just do that, that you do

Don’t brag of who you once were
Nor gloat of what you’ll be
just become what you’re being
and from all, and in all
be free
The greatest ******* in life is our attachment to peoples acknowledgement and appreciation of us. Be you.
Rama Krsna Dec 2021
forgive him for he knows not
he keeps dipping his pen in company ink.

his fallacy is confusing luck with skill,
wealth for good taste and the inherent belief
that money buys everything!

her love which you spurned
your indifference at every turn,
that nonchalance
that lack of concern,
is now, the reputation you’ve earned

hey silver tongued Romeo!
this ain’t no game of poker,
get your feet right back on the ground,
and get to the place
where you once belonged.

© 2021
Julia Celine Dec 2021
Am I letting my hopes get away from me
Because it's been so long?
I've forgotten that the right things
Can somehow still go wrong?

Because I've pushed away my options
And narrowed it all down
Now I think that this will work
Simply because I stick around?

What arrogance I've shown today
High hopes falling from their fever
I fall for you just to find that
I don't think I'd like me either
Julia Celine Nov 2021
I couldn't hear your voice
Above the raging silence
I figured you weren't saying much
Unbeknownst to my changing faces
That sees meaning in milliseconds
Seeking out a love that's chaseless
I'll find errors in complication
I'll find a way to erase us
I'll love you 'til you're empty
And claim I'm feeling wasteless
You'll raise an upper hand
And find us switching places
I )  Transitivity

If X is a terrorist
And if Y supports X
Y automatically
Joins the blacklist.


By all accounts
A marked terrorist
For holding
Mirror to devil
Engaging in all acts
Revoltingly evil.

A terrorist why?
Now in the open,
Now on the sly
Nonstop it labors
The innocent suffering
Lacerating pain
To die.
It either kills
Or sponsors
The killing of toddlers
And women with
A bun in the oven
More often.

To maximize, selfish
Political objective,
Its duty,
TPLF knows no pity.
Its head
A box empty
Like a child naughty
Make noises
To swap
The victimizer &
The victim
And tip the balance
In the global
Political roadmap.

Long before
ENDF’s law–enforcement
Three out of 5
Women in Tigray
Were subject
To ****
Many heard the
Report agape.
The response from
The west was
Tossing it off
Like a ladies hair
Not tied
On the nape.

Pillaging food aid
Many were the
Instances TPLF its
Impish army it fed.

III) America

TPLF’s inception
To its tyranny
We were on the ball
That is why
We are mourning
Its demise &
Catastrophic fall.

Before our eyes
TPLF stands tall
‘cause it saw to
Our dictates all,
When we asked it
A room
In Ethiopia’s politics
It used to
Give us a hall.
For our satisfaction
It was on the toes
It sleeves to roll.

(Dear Meles Zenawi)
Our soldiers in Somalia
Are suffering
Ignominious defeat
Forced with their tails
Between their legs
To retreat.
Valorous march and  
Invade Somalia
‘YES’  it said
To diplomacy
Longstanding relation
Having  little
Or no idea.”

We know
Very well
TPLF, suffering
Death knell,
Is past master
In terrorism,
Not in store
Even in hell,
Seeing its deeds
That everyone
Could tell.

Devoid of
Mental health
TPLF was out
In East Africa
To spell death.

It was adverse
To peace brokers.

When TPLF said
An election result
It conducted was
Hundred % a hit
We (Susan Rice)
Laughed till
Our sides were
To split
But we showed
A green light
“Go ahead
Do it!”

To Bin laden
We showed
No mercy
But around
A horseshoe
Table with TPLF
You, peace-seekers &
Peace keepers,
Have to sit
With the
Worst terrorist
Defeated, exposed
On the retreat.

To meet our ends
We use
Carrot and stick
To terrorist
The former
And stick
To the latter.

Pulling off
A gigantic dam
By own head, arm
Defying our interest
Our arrogance,
Our image
Ethiopia did harm.
This way Egypt
Our bargaining chip
Is slowly but surely
Getting out of
Our grip
So on Ethiopia
, our pushover, let us
Use a sanction whip.
Ethiopia we have
To flog, to beat
Before it zooms
Africa’s head
To the East.

We wrecked down
Many nations
Under the name
Of peace waging war
From Libya
To Afghanistan far
Unless the
Global community,
Own citizen &
Specially the east
Our action bar
We are out
World’s peace
To mar.

America's latest action on Ethiopia to twist arm is unacceptable
He walks with disgusting confidence
Confidence that ventures into arrogance
Arrogance dancing so ugly
Arrogance worn like a costume
A costume he always wears
He thinks he is a gift
A gift sent from heaven
I count all the way up to seven
Before I disappear
i count all the way up to seven
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