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Michael Hole Aug 23
I float through life,
Ignoring the strife,
No kids and no wife,
And I’m fine.

I’ll listen or not,
I’ll like what I’ve got,
I’ll not take a lot,
I'll Not whine.

I’ll drink all the night,
I'll Fight if I like,
Then I might steal a bike,
Now it’s mine.

I’ll guzzle some whiskey,
I'll do something risky,
Then I might get frisky
And find.

A fine willing woman,
Not boring or wooden,
Lay on sheets a'woollen,

I’ll wake up tomorrow,
Some money I’ll borrow,
And then I will swallow,
Some wine.

I’ll do it all over,
A young Irish Rover,
You better move over,

I’m young and I'm clever,
And I’ll do whatever,
Whatever the weather,
I’ll shine.
Haha, twenty-something, drunk and feeling cocky.
malluraeh Aug 20
why should you care
not even there
sometimes not aware

people looking at you
in your head
everyone else beneath you
no one will ever reach you
Carl D'Souza Jul 30
When I was a youth
I was ambitious
to be recognised
as a know-it-all,
and so I often spoke
beyond my experience,
speculating when I did not have experiential-evidence;

Now that I’m wiser,
I never speak beyond the evidence
of my experience.
Aa Harvey Jul 22

History is anything that has already happened.
The future is anything that will, or could, possibly happen.
The present time does not exist, it is already gone;
Not even a chance to place a full stop,
As existence is constant, evolution permanent.
All stupid questions have never been relevant.

Living a life of apathy is not a God send.
It hollows me to not care about pleasing others.
Write the words that make you happy in the end.
Paint my dot-to-dot with any colours.
In front of you all stands a giant wall.
A barrier between us to save me when you fall.

Now is the time to draw a line under what I have said.
Cross out your anger,
As your picnic hamper is glowing red,
From all the second cheapest wine you could order;
So casual this disorder.

You think you exist, therefore you do not.
I have already lost everything that you think you have got.
I didn’t miss a single thing.
All I want is for you to say something.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
He once recieved someone's disapproval
He wasn't fit for the cause
He made a terrible mistake
But then someone left
Now he acts to earn others approval
To make up for his flaws
When really he just wants to make
His own self stay
Zywa Jul 11
Play the waiting game,

scan each other silently:

brainstorming session?
"Grand Hotel Europa" (2018, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)

Collection "On the fly"
kenny Jul 2
Chained and collared
By Mara’s daughters

No safe word Baby,
bound by

They put their
on me

and they drew blood
In the symbol of currency

Then they sold my soul
Into *** slavery;

No one blinded the cyclops
Now we’re walking wounded
Fueled by hubris
We’re headed toward the rocks.

We’re only gonna die
For our own arrogance
Caught up in some bad religion
Without self
The sirens sing,

Some people wanna
watch the world burn
Some die before they rise the fire
History repeats
We don’t learn
Burn the forest into a funeral pyre
NM Jun 12
Confidence says: "Thank you!"

Arrogance says: "I know I am."
Learn the difference.
Stay humble. :)
D'Angelo Jun 6
So I'll write about you.
A lot of feelings I denied about you.
Every other night I fight about you.
Got a lot of pain inside about you.

Not enough crying I do.
A lot ******* hiding I do.
A lot ******* lying I do.
Last night I tried to cry about you.

So let me write about
everything you got me tight about.
The petty things you wanna fight about
but all my heavy **** you making light about.

Always got insight on **** you wanna be right about.
You focus on, who's right and who's wrong
that's not even what the fight's about.
I know, you want me to be quiet now
because I got your *** on trial now !

I know that "hot seat" got your *** on fire now !
I done brought it to the table
time to dine now !
I know what you're feeling inside now.
I'm ******* up your pride now
but keep that energy, why you being biased now ?!

I'm done "letting it slide" now !
Ain't letting **** fly
I'm done playing pilot now !
See, you done sold a lot of dreams
but I ain't buying now !
And you done told a lot of things
don't be quiet now !

So, after I write about you
after this, fight, about you
and after all this crying I do...
tonight I won't cry about you.
Empire May 8
I like to believe
My pride is rooted
In insecurity
Because somehow
That's better?
However some
Nagging notion
Makes me wonder if
My self-demeaning
My self-sabotaging
My self-harming
Is all simply to hide
From myself and
From the world
The arrogance
Consuming my mind
There's this strange sense of cycling that makes cause and effect far more confusing than one would think... especially when you're not sure you want the answer.
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