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Arianna Mar 9
String the harp, O Bard!
The red threads of Fate, having fallen to thy hands,
Raise the dead in song.

Unnamed names become immortal at thy touch,
Fragmented voices fill the graveyards with veiled polyphonies
Etched between the ridges of fingers deft,
Faultless, bounding down the scales
Before flying again to their heights.

Oracle of the great halls,
The words of Muses, gods, and poets alike
Fall on ears deafened with wine and revelry,
Heedless, though one day they too
Shall wail beneath thy fingers.
"Black Horse: Mongolian Traditional Music" album:


Peire Vidal - "S'ieu fos en cort"

Claude Marti - "L'Agonie du Languedoc" album
Kaitlin Evers Dec 2018
I thought I was good, but as I age
The more I see my human ways
I am deserving of God's fierce rage
Look and see how far I've strayed

Streaked and marred, let down my guard

Knowingly, walked into darkness
Foolishly I thought
The night would hide my sinfulness
I'd never be caught...

The light of God was blinding
But sin is the real binding
I preferred His hand in mine
To the crossing of the line

Wicked darkness
See His kindness
When knowing what He spent
How can I but repent
Kaitlin Evers Dec 2018
Am I doin' alright
Am I doin' okay
Feels like I'm fallin' away
Can't trust myself; don't know what to say
Am I feelin' this way
Because I know what others say
Or because I know that I've strayed from your way
I don't care what others say
Just wanna be okay
Don't wanna stray from your way
Just tell me:
Am I okay?
Am I doin' alright
Don't know why I'm feelin' contrite
Guilted by others
Or knowin' they're right
Kaitlin Evers Nov 2018
Never more than I can bear
It's what you promised me
A wrenching family affair
Obsessed with his authority,
trying to control me,
memories that hold me,
it's almost more than I can bear
He doesn't even care
It tears, it breaks, it falls apart
And this is just the start
Kaitlin Evers Nov 2018
God, piece me back together
Will it ever not hurt?
Dearest blindfold, hide me
From the truth once again
Believing the lie
Was my happiest path
Is the truth really worth it
When all it gains is pain?
Kaitlin Evers Nov 2018
Surpressed and hidden from my sight
God I need your voice and light
For distant memories and forgotten blight
I've been weak and shut them from sight
Easier for me to hide
And pretend, in no realm, do they abide
Kept secret so long it's hard to confide
I fear they'll excuse my faulter's side
Ignore my plight
I'll feel contrite
Convinced I've shown a twisted light
But NO! My words are not twisted
Though my eyes they have misted
My heart is a knot
The truth is rot
They may hide their face but I will not
I ache to stand and say, at least that I have fought
Qwn Nov 2018
We lost a young soul today
The sun screamed for his lostĀ loverĀ 
And the sky cried out for our fallen soldier
Not knowing every tear they let drop
Pushed our young god down farther


He got too close to the sun,
He was so intoxicated,
He was blinded.
He got so close to the flames,
That he couldn't see he was on fire.


He fell into love,
Then he fell out of it.
It was toxic,
And the hate made him sick.
He was disappointed,
He had let himself down.
So after he fell,
He let himself drown.
Qwn Sep 2018
Apollo watched as Icarus fell into Poseidon's waves,
some say they even saw Apollo kiss Icarus's wings
with his sun-soaked lips before he fell.
A boy fell in love with the sun not knowing
how bad it burns.


Don't fall for the golden boy,
He looks so sweet but tastes like fire.


He had the breath of a thousand stars in
his lungs;
But you can't reach the sun at the bottom
of the sea.
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