gabrielle Jan 8
watch me see,
watch me feel,
watch me do everything
of my list of dreams.

except for one thing,
and that is to be loved by you,

even for a moon

who gleams.
at this very young age of mine
i already knew that of this
long list of my wishes, i still
wouldn't achieve the last one.
Whit Jan 8
that crick in your neck when you're looking at books

sometimes violets pop up early

there is always chocolate

it's fun to get letters in the mail

things are going to be ok.

rainbows happen (or you can just draw some)

there are babysitters getting bored of peek-a-boo

drinking really cold water when you just finished exercising

again, chocolate

i know this looks like
nothing more than a list
but, it's a new year and
for some reason
in the middle of
silly traditions
we can get a little
booster of hope.

things are going to be ok.
Overwhelmed by the possibilities
My thoughts race in my head
Grabbing concepts and ideas
Faster than I can comprehend
Like a hamster wheel
No matter how far I go
My thoughts remain
With no action to show
I cannot indulge in my obsession
As it turns into a phase
Overshadowed by another infatuation
So easily it can be replaced
I want to do everything
Yet have the energy to do just one
The choices overwhelm me
I'm left with a list undone
Anya Dec 2018
Today I drank straight peppermint tea
Normally I’d sweeten it
With spoonfulls of
Sugar or honey

Today I read five chapters straight
Normally I’d take
Frequent breaks

Today I didn’t check my phone once
Normally I’d do it at least
Seven times

We’ve all gotta grow up
Some time
I guess
Anya Dec 2018
Poetry is for thinkers, I think
Those who’d spend their days dreaming away
Or those who, in a moment of passion
Scrawl down their thoughts
On little post it note poems
No matter the medium
Though, one can not deny
Poetry is for thinkers

Now, this past week I’ve been a doer
Typically, my lazy temperament
Would prevent this
But things happened
And more things needed doing
Without a doer to do them

And now my mind has switched
And all I can think to do is do
Rather than think to think, reflect
My mind has transformed
From a dreamland
To a bucket list
I see the students looking at me as I teach
I see their bored, dull faces
I see anxiety, and the deep, passionate boredom of angsty teens
I hear them behind me as I write on the board for them to learn

About Walt, about list-poems, and life, you see
They are whispering and think I do not hear
True story
Mohannie Dec 2018
Shopping list:

- Milk
- Eggs
- Oranges
- Pie crust
- A poem
- Strawberries
- Pencils
- A story
- Cereal
- Soup
- A way to express
- A need to feel
- Someone to impress
- Conflict to heal
- For people to see
- How this world can ****
- A place to be free
- To not feel this chill
- That life leaves behind
- This battle uphill
- Of not being blind
- And staying together
- In a time of hurt
- To fight off this weather
- And to wipe off this dirt
- Yogurt
This is a different poem from what I usually write. It was super fun to make and I hope you like it!
Alyssa Herndon Dec 2018
I made a list of all the things I wanted to tell you;

And I stored them in a box.

Time went on and the list grew so big the box had broken.

I burned the box, the list, and all of my memories with you.

I should've just gotten a bigger box...
This has actually happened to me, and now that the person is gone forever, I don`t know what to do with my life...
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