On Tumblr,
I am  not going to offend anyone with my posts.
Absolute liberty is the rule there.
No one is going to tell me
That the video I posted
Of a nude woman in Queretaro, Mexico,
Putting lotion on herself
Is obscene.
However, I have one warning for men
Who try to use Tumblr.
Don't try to befriend
A nude model!
Appreciate looking at her,
But don't try to get in a serious discussion. with her.
These ladies have passionate feelings about things
That are hard for most guys  to understand.
They might believe in What they're doing
Just as much as Religious Zealots!
Exhibitionists need Voyeurs
Just as any entertainer
Needs an audience.
It's a SYMBIOTIC relationship.
If you try to befriend
Someone who you like to observe in the nude,
The fantasy  will fade.
You might start to perceive her as ignorant and vain
Rather than sexy and smart.

Is grace being treated lightly
Are the leaders
Minsters of  church of Scotland
some  not all
In the church of assembly
Not truely living like the bible commands.
God clearly points out
If we continue to live like
this we will not inherit the
Kingdom of God.

Jesus says I never knew you.
Stevee Stone Jun 24

Born into an ancient legacy
Of an endless war between wrong with right.
Holding Olympic flames under father's mantels,
Arms shortened to the desired height.

The scrub of history,
Cuts to the heart of me.
Sounds have been made since, yet
Unable to see, the heart of me.

They say it's all an illusion,
And Clever thoughts, they rule the day.
My breath sighs into stale air.
For and against must have their say.

In short, Oliver's’ hands wrap around fatmens scraps.
It's all you've got I suppose?
Yet that's the thing about integrity,
It's not a game.
Dice lay silent in cups
And love is once again allowed to move.

I feel the claws digging,
I know that its trying to claw away at the skin;
That locks it all away,
What is it trying to get at, I will never know.

I feel the inside of my chest wanting to ripped apart,
I can feel the aching numbness in the pit of my heart swell.

Something wants to be set free from within my fragile frame.

I wish for this feeling to be no more,
I do not want to cave into the craving,
I cannot destroy my appearance of "Normal, or "Just fine,"
I cannot be "Strange," my mother said.

So smile and laugh even if it hurts to move,
The stitching will soon heal all wounds.
It was your fault anyways, for giving in.

I cannot try to claw away at the feelings deep within me,
It is unnatural to react upon these things,
"You must not be so strange,"
Mama will say.

The unknown feelings will soon turn into aching feeling,
Its likes a scratch that you must never scratch at,
Because people have told you that it will just make it worse.

So these feelings deep within in my chest,
I must ignore, I must be actually how society wishes me to be,
"Perfectly fine."

If you spend your life following the rules
set out for you by others
you will never have the integrity
of following your own rules.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq

I’m breaking the rules
This page is littered with prose
It’s what I must do

Back to writing about writing.
Em MacKenzie Apr 24

In this rule book I carry till the day I die,
first lesson is; you have to learn to lie,
and cover those wounds with a wistful sigh,
'cause penguins wouldn't be loved the same if they could fly.

Wyatt Apr 18

This time I know that
I want to write a haiku
that doesn't obey rules.

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