There once was a man
Who lived a long long time ago
He went by the name of Jesus
Sadly He committed horrendous crimes
He healed the sick
Caused the blind to see
Walked on the water
And dispelled any form of iniquity
And for ALL the above He received the death penalty
Today there are those who steal, ****** and ****
Their sentence ...
You shall go to a place we call prison and reside there for free
There you shall receive three meals a day ... On time
You shall have a roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep in
You shall stay there for a period of time
While you're there you can watch TV and have full use of the gym
Once your stay has expired
You shall be released back into society
Where you most-likely will commit the same offence
But not to worry
You will always have a place to call home
Where the cycle shall repeat itself
And as for the rest of society
Who cares about the people who were affected by your heinous crimes
As long as you weren't injured while committing them
Sleep peacefully
Written by Sean Achilleos 17 January 2019©
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Wolf Jan 10
Be like the English language
Make your own rules, then break them
Things can be tough to get through, though.
Leah Jan 9
Confinement rule our lives
Rigid lines to be followed
Never stray off course
There's a path they want us to follow.
A path that was written generations ago
Who can tell us to change it?
Who can tell us not to?

Confinement rule our lives
Whether we admit it or not
We are being controlled
Time, work, family, religion
Something controls us

Confinement rules our lives
I want to go astray
Lead away from those rigid lines
Why can't I create my own path?
A new generation can create new rules
Leave those old and boring ones there
I create myself everyday
You can't tell me
What I'm going to become.
KM Hanslik Jan 5
We break from these dreams without thought
"we can do anything," we cry
kicked in the back of the knees.
The bruises never show, but
we might hold out just a little bit more
might take things a little more slowly this time.

If all is well and calculated,
then aren't our errors just an altered path?
You see me as a stick figure,
another character that wanders by
familiar in my distance
safe in my unchanging rhythms.
But to each their own, I suppose;
we find meaning in whatever comfort we choose;
security blankets our minds and our homes
but I've run my fair number of red lights,
I've done things I'm not proud of.

You set straight lines around the things that I do and say;
when walls break down, you always ask why they failed,
never how to build them stronger.

And I am tired of this empty playdate
with the idea of "goodness" and "virtue"
I pick up the phone but your line is dead;
I continue to be a stick figure.
The Toxic Bitch Sep 2018
Well I did break it
But for the wrong person
I don't regret it
Nothing happened
He didn't feel the same way
But still
I don't regret it
I will deny it
But only because why
Why wouldn't I
Me actually confessing
Will only make things worse
For me
He doesn't care
Am the same as everyone else
But it hurts sometimes
Just wondering
Am i not good enough
Looking back
Am thankful
That nothing happened
As cliché as it's gonna sound
You don't deserve
What i was about to give
You're ****** up
In every way possible
But I'll still be there for you
There were times
When I wished I could go back
And not do things
That made me more attached to you
But again
These are the only good memories
I have with you
When I actually got to see you
The real you
You'll always hide
I get it
You have every reason to
But you're weaker than i expected
But it's my fault
For putting so much on you
When all you did
Was being yourself
I guess you are like that with everyone
I hope oneday
You'll be strong
But your heart is too broken for that
And now
Mine isn't the same as well
A M Ryder Dec 2018
We aren't on the playground anymore
There are new rules
We have to be mature but
Mustn't lose the spirit of childlike wonder
What is love anyways?
Maybe it's supposed to break all the rules, life is short
When two people find each other
What should stand in their way?

Because life is hysterical
Because **** is other people
And I think we love who we love and
There just isn't a **** thing that can be done about it
Araoluwa Jacob Nov 2018
I'll admit it...
I made so many rules.
But when you came into my life,
they became choices.
I said I wasn't  going to fall in love with anyone,
but I drastically fell for you.
You didn't fall with me.
However, your attention softened me.
Every time you gave me absolute attention,
I felt tension build in my chest
tension became affection,
affection grew and became stronger,
breaking the wall of rules that I built to prevent people like you.
Now I gave you a choice to follow those rules that I made.
I still don't know if you fell for me.
Even though I prayed for a barricade,
my heart has become like silk;
soft and smooth accepting your love that will soon fade.
But you are so beautiful,
An imperfect creature that has been blessed with the hands of ***.
You broke my rules,
But I know you won't want to see me ruin,
Because your intentions are not that cruel.
Rizna M Rameez Nov 2018
We poets


           Break free from

These grammatical restrains

Give not a thought
            To befuddling these scrumdillydunderings
                         Shackles don't bind

Our weary hands

Writing when

                     Life tires us
We free ourselves
                     From your rules
Don't give a ****
What you think isn't cool

         Cuz we have our own rules
We don't play by


                      Shatter 'em.
Man, did I have fun writing this. Writing this turned my mood Roald Dahl style. Kinda. Don't give a **** whether what I say makes sense right now. Enjoy :)
Khushi Saha Nov 2018
When the world was draped in the beauty of lights,
When the houses were lighted with colors so bright,
You took a path to darkness,to void.
When people were busy with crackers and light,
All that we got was tears to fight.
Strange are these rules of life,
Within seconds, mightiest becomes no less than a mite,
With heavy heart and teary eyes,
Wish you a great life ahead in paradise.
Rest in peace nani.
Jarene Nov 2018
my heart hurts
i’m stuck with
this curse
i need to learn
how to love
it kills me first
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