It Rules The Planet

It rules the planet, schools the planet,
Still we don’t take seriously
Storm and earthquake, flood and rain,
Temperature and ocean size,
Human death and insect death,
Animal and fauna death,
Heat waves, all the waves,
Attempting step by step
To step on it,
Then conquer it.
How idiotic!  
Wars continue.

Thinking that the cyclones, floods,
The sweep of muds, the slides and thuds.
Containers, trucks,
The heaviest of objects turned,
And then the fires, people burned
And buried
Under forces too complex to list.
Category that and this,
Numbers measuring the forces.
Cars on roofs, numberless losses;
Categories three, four, five,
Searches for the people live, the few survived.
And still the wars.

Unpredictable the changes.
Some think they have a wealth of time.
Changes in intensity, they stick around through lava lime;
Stubbornly they stay and die.
Some say we’ve learned a lesson.
Experts say it will get worse.
It the curse of global warmings.
Non-believers like D. Trump play golf through stormings.
There will be repeated more to come.
Volcanic heat that lies below,
And some don’t seem to care or know,
Which (that) alone can blow the flow
As wars and hate

It rules the planet.
Still we do not seriously
Change our path.

* 1.23.2018 Horrifying coincidence; day after this is written there is a 7.9 earthquake in the Alaskan Gulf.

It Rules The Planet 1.22.2018 Circling Round Nature II; Our Times Our Culture II; War Book II; Arlene Corwin

It rules, it rules!
Mike D 5d

Autumn moves fast through the tunnel of love
Incredible pressure the bottom falls from above
Dangling leaves flexing about
Dreaming of hope is a nightmarish shout

Cackling ghouls shiver my spine
Everything that is due is due in due time
Whispering wind cool kisses my cheek
A lifetime of searching but know not what I seek

Darkness emerges as light fades away
Hold on with sheer might but no one can stay
The belly of the cursed is filled with nothing but acid
They spit out their poison with each word that is said

The roar of a flame, the warmth of the light
An intense fireball disrupts the sterility of night
From ashes we rose and into dust we return
A heart made of ice will not sooth what’s been burned

Holding my breath not rising for air
I will tell no one the nothing I share
Hugging and squeezing a soft cuddly toy
Faded memories when I was a boy

A racing car that’s red and fast
Linear stories that live in the past
An afternoon stroll through faded paths in the woods
Not doing enough when it’s all that I could

Regretfully regretting not regretting a thing
Perfectly still I sit on the swing
A swing and a miss from the bat comes a crackle
Forever I’m chained even though I’m not shackled

The future of the past is presently a muck
I am a free man imprisoned and stuck
The roaring waves speak softly to me
To convey worldly messages in secrecy

A rooster call to end the day
Children raised to adults but parents can’t stay
The end has begun and the beginning ends near
Thick fog I’m enveloped in when things became clear

Through stutter and stammer clearly I speak
The world’s strongest man fearful and weak
A worldly observer on the journey of life
Never leaving my house, alone with no wife

Confidently pea-cocking I strut my stuff
I may have had my fill but not yet had enough
Nothing I fear but much fear I have for it
Blowing out candles that never were lit

Bellowing cheers, hip-hip hooray
A round of applauds for those who’ve died on this day
The subtle blow of a blatant attack
A gift you are given you already took back

Audaciously given a slap in the face
Delivered with utmost courtesy and grace
Without allergy my body allergically reacts
Calmly I sit through a panic attack

Telling a lie until it becomes truth
Refined and of stature his words are uncouth
The deafening silence from the roar of the engine
Finishing a race that has not yet begun

The Golden Rule covered in rust
I’ll do what is necessary but not what I must
You can be anything but nothing you are
Much traveling done but haven’t gone very far

Expectations are set to not have expectations
The paradox of perception, realities set since creation
Feet on the ground and head in the clouds
Naked and vulnerable on display in my shroud

Written - April 6, 2017

All rights reserved.

Happy as Larry who ever he once was with the partner of your dreams
Full of life and to tell the world were so joyous and as bright as two fresh sunbeams
But it’s there
It will always be there
That fall-back option
With the one that could always and might just hurt her
Simmering away, popping up in random thought, always on the back burner

The split, you saw it coming, how could this heaven just carry on
That roaming eye, always on the prowl, who do you think you are, the Fonz (eh)
But you cared
You always cared
For that one that got away
Another path for you to walk down, give her a ring, what’s the worst that she could say?

A tragedy now unfolds, how could this of happened, a date of lost proportions
Hanging on for that lost soul, it didn’t go well, best tread with foreseen caution
I have been such a fool
Breaking that unwritten rule
Love has its borders of which he did not see
Lets set sail again, a new love to find on these choppy waters of loves iniquities


Rachana Jan 4

You bring out these rules
to make me look like a fool,
And to these rules you make amendments.
Insisting me to follow these commandments,
And I can do nothing but concur.
Let me free!

Eliah SolRae Oct 2017

I climb through time, weaving in and out.
I ride the wave of time through my life.
Time hold me, time controls me. I have
So little time for anything else.
Time is my friend, time makes my end.
Time takes me, I cannot fight back.

spacewalker Oct 2017

no rules allowed and chaos ensues
alcoholics start hitting up the booze
teens start trying on Holocaust shoes
men in black suits keep signing off on paper
no regard for woman no they just rape her
people once in power now cry in the shower
but at least they can't feel the fear on the streets today
people still fearing to be gay
people still fearing to say hey
no way
tired black suits just sign away

Amanda Shelton Oct 2017

Chaos and free,
judged are we who don’t conform
to your views of reality.

With society’s broken ideology.

A pretty face in a magazine,
stitched together with fake
believes, judged for not being
pretty enough,
Photoshop can’t fix me.

Oddly enough you think I am
odd because you don’t see like me.

My mind you say is broke
because I don’t think like you.
You act like everyone should be
the same,
if one goes off frame,
their judged for not sticking
to your guns and your filming rules.
Are no joke.

Such hatred you reflect,
yet you won’t admit you are
the ugly and bad,
not me.
You make me choke.


© 2017 By Amanda Shelton

Anastasia Black Oct 2017

yeah, it's me
the girl in the corner
your girlfriend's eldest niece
the one you didn't even say hi to,
because you spent the entire time with my older brother,
my younger brother, and my little sister the "middle child"
no, i didn't try talking to you, but
you see, i'm like my oldest uncle on my mom's side
if i'm not comfortable with someone my voice is different
and it's squeaky when it's different
so will you understand that i'm not pleased by this change?
you say you're a middle child..
so was i, and you thought my sister was
you didn't talk to me, not once
and i keep imagining you as my sister's piano teacher Mr. Billy
because it seems she likes you that much.
yes, that's a good thing
but you haven't told me one thing about yourself, yourself.
everybody else has, but i haven't heard it from you yet
so i'm just going to be patient.
i know you're most likely to be my uncle
my aunt has been waiting for you,
and she's got the idea for the wedding already.
but if i'm going to let you be my uncle it'll require a few things
from Ed Sheeran, no less.
first, you treat her like in Perfect, like she is the most...
the most beautiful thing in the world.
second, if you are ever apart, keep a Photograph and sing it
over the phone, because i know you know the song.
third, take her to a Castle On the Hill, so you can tell her
how much she means to you.
yes, it might be embarrassing, but do it.
dance for her, love her, make sure she is happy.
never let her not understand love.
my aunt, you see, is one of the most important things in the world.
she is an artist, an explorer, a lover and she is my aunt,
she is someone that i love.
so if you want her to be yours,
you better be hers first.
~your possible niece

Mims Oct 2017

Reading old journals
I might start a small fire
Set old me ablaze

I don't write haiku's, too many rules. But inspiration struck me today.
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