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Simon Jul 22
I was told not to venture too far! (As if I was "supposed" to do as I was told, I said to myself.) But the matters are not within the details...but within the margin that exercises ALL believes about such a trip down a path your meant to go as far as your little ("wishful thinking") can take you that far! However, you aren't supposed to venture that far, (I said too myself) again, reminded of what they simply told me. That it was safer to take the path at which had more better structured limits! Better structured limits that were enacted under the ruling nature of a commanding authority! One that I (under NO circumstances) could pace myself against not to obstruct! I was young...and essentially alone in the world! That's why I broke the limitations they simply gave me.... So I could pave my own route for a path of my own choosing. Something that (if lucky enough) I could push past the limitations of that very path (by hindering the very trail markers that were some type of barrier that weren't aloud to go...ANY FURTHER)! I ignored their rules and carried on my own way (that I thought was best). Because if I just simply walked past the limitations with courage in my steps and the dignity in my own will to simply defy those very rules... Then truthfully...I was entirely unstoppable! That's why I trusted in my very gut that whichever lie at the end of the path full of limitations enacted upon the nature of a commanding authority.... That's where I'd find myself. By looking ahead of such rules and limitations, I could (essentially speaking) find where I truly belonged in the world. Not to be afraid of any such rule (since it was now of my very making)! NO ONE ELSE'S!!! Then at the end of my journey... I would know what it's like not to be alone in the world...anymore.
PS... That very wishful thinking of mine...had now transcended!
Taking routes for a (as yet) unpaved path wasn't as "risky" as one would make it out to first. Just trust in your own guidance to help you stride onward and upward!
Amanda Hawk Jul 6
Chasing after rainbows at midnight

Greeting the morning barefoot

Letting my smile linger a second longer

Than any conversation

Collecting fortune cookie fortunes in my back pocket

Believing the world is more beautiful at dusk

Recite my dreams in two second poems

Watch the city breathe

Collecting the lights in my hands

Setting them free in my closet

I will paint this city in my rules

Live within my own lines

Ponder a second too long on the ridiculous

Greet this life with a mischief smile and open arms
Lorena Jun 27
They rode out of the water, flanks steaming and chlorine stinking.
The words of the two left behind in the hot tub floating, iridescent in the air.
The white ball standing in the dewed grass like an opportunity.
They played, passing the ball between them.  The leather stung their legs, but they didn’t care because the mist rising from the rhododendrons and the wet of the grass and the sparkling wine in their stomachs sang enough to drown it out.
The moment transcended them.
The sigh of the old trees that had seen more rule-less games like theirs than they could conceive encouraged them.
The torn grass in between their toes said:
"Yes. I feel you. You feel me. Our meeting has only been delayed.  This is pointless."
And in its pointlessness there was a point – that they were young and could use their bodies to run on wet grass and wait till risen sun drove them to their beds.
"I am alive; and so are you."
a capture
Amanda Hawk Jun 21
Pulling force
we revolve, attractive
drawing us
so many rules
try to define me
simply because
I know how
to keep my feet
on the ground
Dante Rocío Jun 14
Nella faccia del Senso e di Tutte Le Cose, come davanti al Nascimiento o alla Morte, si risolvono le domande
ed anche noi con tutti i nuostri miraggi: siamo prima di tutto gli stessi bebé, impotenti,
incapabili di vincere tutto
solamente con la raggione,
deboli come porcellana che neghiamo.
I bebé che fanno lo stesso:
provano di capire,
e passano così veloce
ed invisibilemente
come cenere.
Saremo tutti giudicati
e valorati
nello stesso modo
For everyone’s been born to the same respect and grandiosity of porcelain.
A hierarchy put in becoming slander
Dante Rocío Jun 14
Dirigirse hacia alguien
con su propio nombre
es la prueba del respecto más grande
que lo de usar todos esos títulos
formales e innecesarios,
como que enfocamos el otro ser
como una persona de verdad
y de carne, hueso y alma.
Aclamamos su identidad, intimidad,
que existe tan dolorosamente en realidad con todas las sensaciones
como cualquier otra persona.
A la vez la desnudamos y saludamos,
con un coraje calmo
Sur l’une des significances des noms.
Le reste de nous est la poudre d’étoile.
Victoria Jun 1
This is yellow, this is blue
This is green, this is red
Everything is as it has been
 Don't try to change it
 Every color to each box 
Don't ever try to mix it 
Nothing is black and white
Or perhaps it is, don't you get it?
No color outside it's line
Thats what they always say
Everything is colourcoded
Although they say is colourblind
There are not different tones
They find not use in those
No colour outside it's box
Those are the rules, do you get it?
Farida Salem May 30
I correct my own grammar.
Never anyone else’s.
Not out loud, anyway.
Line from my book: Lifeline byFS (a work in progress)
Saige May 15
I broke all the rules today
got out of my car -- no mask --
and ran
to hug my friends.

Quaran-time is one day and night,
there is no structure or routine,
just going, going, gone...
But the sun on my face
and my friends beside me
snapped me back
to now

Then the goosebumps on my arms
and the light behind the clouds
reminded me --
I was breaking the rules.

But I don't care.
Thank you to my friends who don't care that I hugged them.
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