Who made these rules and words we speak, the decision of good and evil defines as the laws of gravity , what goes up must go down.  Where there is life there to will follow in death . Even the flowers that bloom wither away with time , soil begins to mold as the waters drip from the sky and the sunshine heats the world . Opposites attract and love and hate. Who made these rules we crave . Heaven to hell, right and left, sinners and saints , to rich and poor who made these rules we say
Rules are made to be broken but who really defines these rules
leinstinct Apr 7
Give me something to be deprived from
                    I will take it anyway
If there are no rules that I can follow
                    I will break them anyway
Whoever said it's simple
                    Never tried to LIVE a day.
No truth can be prescribed through
Jo Barber Mar 19
You're like a record.
Play one side,
and you think you know the whole tune,
but flip it once
and it's all brand new.

It's only fitting that people be music,
since life is a dance
we must all learn the moves to.
Samra Mar 17
The bloody walls of the room,
Were the brightest of them all.

Breathe in and slowly out,
Were the whispers outside the walls.

Never eyes to eye with the devil,
Always glue them to the floor.

Do as you’re told,
Was the sweet simple rule.

No back talks or loose tounges,
He knew how to deal with them all.

Never eyes to eye with the devil,
Always glue them to the floor.

Sweet lullaby from the hall,
Was the only soothing sound through the walls.

Never speak nor move,
Oh dear, how simple were the rules.

The bloody walls of the room,
Were the brightest of them all.bloody
Words from the soul.
Trapped in an prescripted plan
Held back by unwritten rules of the human clan

I wander down the dark alleyways and I hear them whisper
You should do that! You should do this!
You're not a kid anymore stop the whimper!
Forget those foolish naive dreams!

As I get older those whispers get louder
I hear them scream
Go to college! Find a partner! Work from dust till dawn to satisfy the hunger for the papers so intoxicating, so beautifuly green!

But what is this for if it doesn't bring me joy?
What if I don't want to live the same boring life as they all did?
egoistic without purpose so horribly materialistic

No! That is not the path I want to take
I'll rather be broke than fake
I'll rather be single than in the arms of a snake
I'll rather be uncertain than certain about every little detail

Set me free so I can be what I was always destined to be
I'll find real happines for me and I don't need you all to agree
We sometimes think that we have to follow certain path that somebody had previously made for us but we often forget that we have the ability to build our own.
Rule 1: Tell me what you need
Rule 2: If you don't tell me, I will give you what I have
Rule 3: If you bitch about what you get, see rule 1
Ya can't fix, stupid (I use this a lot, Ron White is my hero ;D)
Merlina M Mar 11
i can't write when i should
my words don't like rules
they have their own sleep schedule
but ohhh when they want
to came and play i can't stop them
they are pouring out of me
like a juice out of those juice boxes
when you blow air in the straw
Invest wisely
move silently
observe keenly
speak respectfully
act accordingly
hustle aggressively
exercise regularly
seek continuously
ask politely  
eat properly
pray fervently
build your dream quietly
...tomorrow is soon here!

Some rules were never written down yet life is governed by them.
Poems don't have to rhyme.
What a way to spend your time,
Constrained within a paradigm.
But, admittedly when they do,
They are quite sublime,
Giving each word a reverberating chime.

Writer's block
Is like a rock,
A door that's locked,
A brain out of stock.

The mind is a forest
Still with places where no one goes
It doesn't disclose the secrets no one knows

There is no line between poetry and prose.
Because poems don't have to rhyme.
"Opportunities are never lost; they are just found by someone else"

"You'll end up where you are headed if you don't watch out"
Life rules
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