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Mark Wanless Aug 2023
saw evidence of
reality ignored it
poor human mistake
I S A A C Sep 2022
i feel like i am the only one hanging on
even the wind could blow us apart
your fingertips traced the cracks in my heart
the pieces a mosaic of pain
your disposition in the shadow of vain
how do flowers bloom?
is it natural, too focused on the factual
tunnel vision, student of the actual
if you wanted to, you would
if you sought to, we would
John McCafferty Nov 2021
What values are important
for us to incorporate desire,
should we specify requirements
but be conscious of the finite?

See self intent is quickly spent
as finances continue in transition.
Look for subtle added evidence
when hierarchy of needs remain,
and the cost of which we claim climbs.

The spiralled stage in which we play
is a vast and varied space in height.
We need flexibility for growth through
both hardship and the comfort zones.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Erin Suurkoivu May 2021
Cut the limbs
off a boundary

of trees,
and the police come running.

He was more supported--
there was evidence--

twisted branches
on the ground--

video of it
in action.

It took three days
to go from comfort

to sorrow--
she who freed me

also made me
a ghost.

My i

blood on all
my four walls.

I'm still
the only one

who sees red.
His wife doesn't seem to care.

She can always deny

and stick her head
in another book.
Celestial Tales Mar 2021
I see you behind clouds grey
The beaming sunshine after a storm
Evidence of beauty in tragedy

I see you in glistening oceans
Unsure of the waters awaiting past horizon
Evidence of beauty in uncertainty

I see you in dancing fields
The swaying of grass to the perennial hum of the wind
Evidence of beauty in tranquil

I see you in a tight hug
The comfort it offers
Evidence of beauty in safety

I see you in every little thing
Because people believe what they want to believe
People see what they ought to see

And I believe that I see you in all the beautiful things —
Evidence of love so pure.

I hope you do, too
If you could just see me too.
Ken Pepiton Mar 2021
Days may package themselves in lessons
learned long before
any hearing ear may think these words
as thoughts a reader hears aloud,
not tremble and bow, but

truth has a voice.
No lie can hide the echo, that has always
been key, qi, chi

cheeky. Cheapshot bullseye.
Wanna see it again.

Been there, done that.
You remember, it was your idea, but you
let it go.
Say it if you wish you could, life's been really good, so far.
“Here’s the contract,

sign the line
with your codes
don’t forget the
shared collateral

Keep it clean

there’s a spot
between the Eyes
where the feeds
can’t see

Make it petty

grab the dirt
and his wallet
we’ll call it
‘botched robbery’

He was ****

tried to show
what we said
at the 'Yard
last summer”

… I forgot the wallet.
for The Convo Couch
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