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all was peaceful
content in this
sleepy isolation
with only the dogs
for company
had i wished
to disturb their
soothing repose
a little-known novel
once heralded
the hero
if he could
be called such
was fracturing
on the brink
of shattering

but before
the incendiary
final pages
could be reached
this dormant comfort
by a shattering
much closer
   to home;
both dogs
and man
on the highest
of alert
for a cause
   to blame
but finding
Jo Organiza Feb 25
Tunoli ko'g bugnaw nga kalinaw
sa sabaan kong kalibutan

mga busdak sa drums
ritmo sa bass
Ug kaskas sa distorted nga gitara

Duyog sa kasingkasing kong
nalunod sa lawom nga kasubo.

Kini ang akong depinisyon sa kalinaw.
Balak- A Bisaya Poem.
Twitter: @drunk_rakista
Instagram: joraika5
Evangeline Feb 24
Poor, thou, little girl who thought
Love would get to thee one day,
Bet thou never thought to expect
It would culminate in doom.

And I am the resurrection in thy tomb
And the life that speaks of mercy at close of day,
Muddy Waters carry thou so far away
From Polonius and Laertes,
Tears in bloom.

Denmark's Prince in shambles thine heart left,
Dissembling and conniving against kin,
In his heart only one ambition firm:
Take back his rightful throne and fair Gertrude.

Neither Shakespeare nor Victoria save thee could
From the evil of the quill, it's own mind set.
In the labyrinth of the parchment thine fate met
"To be or not to be?"
Aye, there's the rub.
Jo Organiza Feb 19
Kini ang bulak nga hilig gayod mamakak
gakson ka sa tunok sa kainit niyang mga hagakhak

Kini ang dila nga tam-is mulabtik ug mga atik
duyog sa dagat na mga awit kong gipangtagik

Gidulaan ug gikutaw ang mga pulong ug silaba
duyog sa hangin ug uling sa kalayong gabaga

Bisayang pinulungan ang ugat sa katingalahan
mahimuyo sa dughan bisag mapalong man ang adlaw ug bulan.
Bisayang pinulungan ang ugat sa katingalahan.

Balak- A Bisaya Poem.
Twitter: @drunk_rakista
Instagram: joraika5
Thomas W Case Feb 12
What has become of me?
I've turned into such
a reprobate.
Watching ****, and
neglecting writing.
I think of Nin and
Henry Miller, turning
lust and clitoral
stimulation into
****** literature.
And here I am...
*** stains on my
laptop, and looking
sadly at the miniature
bust of Shakespeare on
my writing desk.
Even he looks disgusted.
poem for word of the day by BLT...Reprobate
hail to a power of authority
hail to a magic of a magic authority
magic hail magic to its power of authority
magic is a literature of magic
magic is a literature of authority
magic hail magic to its literature
the power of authority is the literature of magic

literature is literature of a magic authority
rise to a hail of authority
rise is a power of authority
rise to a literature of authority
literature rise to literature
literature rise to a power of authority
power is a sight of power

power is a sight of authority
power is a sight of literature
a power of authority is a sight of authority
a sight is a sight of authority
a sight is a sight of literature
magic rise magic to its authority
magic rise magic to its literature
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words from the renaissance for instance words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc... this poem is about a sight is a sight of authority. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
I may have loved you too much,
A part of me still loves you to this day

Your sweetness allures me so,
Like honeyed days we’d stare without shame
You were irresistible to my heart and I knew trouble cornered me

I’d shoo away the laughable thoughts,
Aiming to mail you a letter of love
To which you’d open it fresh with a scented kiss

Flower petals would descend from your heart
Your cheeks adopted a sunflower
The stars entertained you that night

You told me you always dreamed of late evenings
Informing me of the curtain of constellations
That you’d like to sleep soundly in

Of course I’d be willing to offer you anything in return of your smile
And the night we escaped, you gasped softly at the surprise
Your simple happiness was all one romantic would need

No matter where we dreamed,
Together we are one
Standing besides one another 

Fate draws near, echoing our future
Your bleakness eats me devastatingly
Tomorrow we are being

But overseas, I send you my farewells
So that you are found in perfect health
And that we consume truly divine harmonies

Made only for the sweetened couples
Whose stories fade ever so forlornly in the past
I love you brightly as the sun

You illuminate my pathways
But one kiss erases my existence
Continue to please those around you;

Without me, the world withers

Please remember my love,
And be gentle with it
For it is delicate as the world

My eyes see a star
But yours fail to see within that darkness
The gloom that retreats before you arrive

I am part of that campaign
An honorable being among the troops
Yet your continuous ignorance saddens me so

See me now,
Find me wanderlust in this world
And somewhere, we can swiftly enrapture ourselves

Whether it be in the meadows of glistening rays
Or the places that calmly send the earth into slumber
Wherever we are destined, I’ll always be there for you

Even if tonight’s curtain unsheathes
And you are no longer the image of love,
But rather, a friend I could love with silliness on languid days and somber nights.
365 word count.
My days are gone, wondering,
I am alone,
terrain full of thoughts, lost,
dying of thirst in the
want of life.
Nothing more to weep for,
I’m dying
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2021
Fireman, censor of literature and destroyer of knowledge, with his mighty flamethrower. He loves his work. He loves trouble and strife. He loves fascination with the people next door. Mostly, he loves his hammock. But sleep will be his final unrest.

A gift for the darkness: reading from the forbidden kept hidden in the air-conditioning duct. The walls within turn on and off like Cora Pearl. His wife listens to far winds and whispers and soap-opera cries, sleep-walking, helped up and down curbs by a husband who might just as well not have been there. They walk on as an extinguished connection. In the flickering of his eyeballs, he dreams of driving recklessly to Dover Beach and drowning her.

Burning bright. He is burning so brightly. In the factory of mirrors, he takes a hard look. He's a flammable book. And it's a pleasure to burn. "What are you doing?" She asks. "Putting one foot in front of another." He answers.
Sonorant Jul 2021
Banished before thon barren plains,
Where treacherous tears abstain
Fare. Fair is the waste,
The impurity of deep, decrepit weeds.
And dage brings fruit then touched
Only by their ravens of rot.
May they paint thine tainted stave
In golden garth and lull the lark;
“Mine, Sweet babe,
Robbed of cradle
Readied for ritual.
Mine, Sweet babe,
Gore masked black
Within the crimson bath.”
Lacen their throats, the gullets that gloat!
Lest langes of thorns, wrap the bairn sworn.
Death breeds glore o’er luid nights
Beldam rise belles in wicked repel.
Round the funeral pyre.
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