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take me
before i wake
take my choice
before it's too late
i cannot learn
what you do not teach
i cannot fight
if i believe i am already defeated
take me
before i wake
i will believe i escaped
if you do not tell me i was taken
i cannot learn what you do not teach
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2020
I heard the chimes
of iniquitous wind
rush in upon
familial branches bent
in the middle
it sent the smallest stems
to spiral
as lost sons and daughters
captured in darkness
and forced to bow before
the lightning strikes
of tyranny
For the Mothers of the Disappeared
Carlo C Gomez May 2020
God bless wartime for lovers
And the heart's desire
For all things ammunition

The seminal spark
Of randomology
Runs as an aqueduct
To the mothership
Fascination is found
In strangeness
And its sister's alien sigh

The fun of fear
Is teeth and biomechanics
And morbid curiosity
Of what lurks in the brazen alcove

Abducted on Sunday morning
Returned in time for kickoff
Dressed like a fugitive
With a hole in your head
Souvenir of the brave and the new

The body's warm jets
Begin to stir as a powder keg
Any kind of love you've had
Is always far sweeter as a memory

A memory, angel
Inspired by Madilyn Cook's poem with the same title.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
A recent study on excuses
people give for missing work
found a growing trend to be
24-hour alien abduction
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
oh sorrowful
barbary coast
they took your young daughters
and sold them to sheikhs
of the sand as water

not so unlike college girls
from the mainland
disappearing now
during spring break
as midnight contraband
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Sixty three days
you went missing.

Nine weeks
a candle burned in your window.

The same window
you were taken from.

Petaluma, outraged and determined,
became a colony of ants.

Ground searches to mass mailings,
they never gave up hope
and soldiered on.

In a high-tech dragnet
you became the first internet child.

Your anxious mother
fretted over every detail
concerning you:

"I have a daughter out there--without shoes."

You would always be your parents
beloved little girl.

You were laid to rest
the day after the butterflies flew away,
migrating to a warmer climate
where they could play in safety

--the life we wish for all children.

Twenty-five years ago
you went away.

A remembrance
that is felt everyday.
For Polly Klaas (1981 - 1993)
MisfitOfSociety Feb 2019
Never drop kick an alien,
Or they will shoot fudge in your ears,
And nut in your eye.
Then stick a needle in it,
Then stick a probe up your ****** pipes.

Nobody wants those things done to them, so I advise that you don’t ******* the alien that took you from your planet.

Oh **** the E Mother ******* T is at it again,
Stealing cows and ****.
Running the farmers out of business.
What do they need the cows for anyway.
Is their planet running out of milk or something?
Are their women not producing enough ***** milk for baby alien lips or something?
Makes me so mad that I want to drop kick an alien....
But I need to keep it together,
Because I know what they will do to me if I do.
MisfitOfSociety Feb 2019
I just heard the biggest load of ******* today.
It seems every crazy person has something to say.

He was kissing his wife, who suddenly changed form in front of him. She looked like a scaly, green asian grandma with Kardashian lips, a watermelon shaped head and eyes as black as holes.
He said he couldn’t remember much after that.

Then the following day he woke up *** naked in the middle of the scorching Sahara desert; baked like a **** in the oven turned up way too high.

If that ain’t the biggest load of **** being blown out the *** of a bull then I don’t know what is.

He must be crazy.
He must have made up a story!
It is much to crazy to be real!
It sounds like something out of b rated sci-fi movie!
Twisting words
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
It needs

Great effort
Promising time
Endless nights
Hopeful dream
To raise the loved ones

And in no-time
They got abducted

The other end of the phone
Demands for ransom
That amount
Whole life they may not have

Let the instant execute
Point Blank
It’s over

In case if the cycle repeat
Let the Point Blank be
The lesson
Genre: Rational
Theme: The Disturbed Mind Clauses
Statutory Warning: No Arguments
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