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Never drop kick an alien,
Or they will shoot fudge in your ears,
And nut in your eye.
Then stick a needle in it,
Then stick a probe up your ****** pipes.

Nobody wants those things done to them, so I advise that you don’t ******* the alien that took you from your planet.

Oh **** the E Mother ******* T is at it again,
Stealing cows and ****.
Running the farmers out of business.
What do they need the cows for anyway.
Is their planet running out of milk or something?
Are their women not producing enough ***** milk for baby alien lips or something?
Makes me so mad that I want to drop kick an alien....
But I need to keep it together,
Because I know what they will do to me if I do.
I just heard the biggest load of ******* today.
It seems every crazy person has something to say.

He was kissing his wife, who suddenly changed form in front of him. She looked like a scaly, green asian grandma with Kardashian lips, a watermelon shaped head and eyes as black as holes.
He said he couldn’t remember much after that.

Then the following day he woke up *** naked in the middle of the scorching Sahara desert; baked like a **** in the oven turned up way too high.

If that ain’t the biggest load of **** being blown out the *** of a bull then I don’t know what is.

He must be crazy.
He must have made up a story!
It is much to crazy to be real!
It sounds like something out of b rated sci-fi movie!
Twisting words
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
It needs

Great effort
Promising time
Endless nights
Hopeful dream
To raise the loved ones

And in no-time
They got abducted

The other end of the phone
Demands for ransom
That amount
Whole life they may not have

Let the instant execute
Point Blank
It’s over

In case if the cycle repeat
Let the Point Blank be
The lesson
Genre: Rational
Theme: The Disturbed Mind Clauses
Statutory Warning: No Arguments
Sarah Doughty Aug 2018
UFOs and alien dreams
They stood around me as I screamed
They shone a light into my face
And declared ME from outer space
Tilda May 2018
Tyre marks,
The only proof she ever existed,
One black lock of hair,
A tooth on the hotel bathroom floor,
Tiny blood splatters on the mirror,
Finger print smudges on the motorway diner glass,
Boot prints on the child’s drive way,
An open window,
An empty pink coat hanger.
800, 000 children are reported to be missing each year. Statistically, that means 2, 000 children are being abducted today.
Thirty-six hours passed with no rest
but I am now deep within a dream
of strange substance and color
my emotions strained and stretched
my body turned inside-out by
floating lights
this is the price paid when one denies sleep

I blink from a nightmare of glistening
silver probes
to see in my awakened state
the blank stare of almond sized black eyes
a gray
silhoetted against the vanilla ice cream colored
shades of my living room window
the contrast visible
even in this monicum of light
he leans a bit to my right as I jump into consciousness
and I know he is surprised
before sending me back

When the morning Sun brings me around
my body
head to toe
feels worn
with fever
my daily aches
routine with age
are maximized and accentuated
the gray is fresh in my mind
the first clear thought
the clarity of his presence

A quick check
testicles intact
coffee to chase the headache
a shower to
wash away the abuse
Oldie - slightly revised
Dorian Feb 2018
In the silence I fool myself
hearing a call from space.
Laying in pools of dark
shadows, I pray for
another awakening.
With hard dirt beneath me,
I find myself sleeping.
Plasmatic ribbons of scarlet
raining soft around my body
as I lay hear in the circle of
this warm and dim light.

I can feel the weight lifting,
Oh, my body is ascending.
This is the beginning of
a long awaited night,
The words you speak come slowly.
You whisper how you wish to know me
in the quietest ways:
body and mind

I feel as though I've missed you
in the deepest parts of me
my whole life.

Will you take me with you?
Take me back to your home.
From up here where I've come from
seems so dark and cold.

If you leave me behind,
I won't make it on my own.
I cannot return.
I can't stand to be alone.
The scene you set permits
the acquittal of my submission.
Myself: flawed, and sight: fogged,
in overwhelming passion for...
...tap into me as I'd tap a tree
to leak the sap. The steady
bleeding comes in rich amber beads.

Liquid metal in my veins
serve as a token for your mission.
The time it takes to drain me
tapers in a mysterious fashion.
All I've been and all I'll be
was left with you when you left me.
I'm grounded with the weight on top of me.
In the quiet, I'm woken by
the snap of a twig.
Eyelids part, only the
canopy above me.

A sea of forest green
illuminated by stars.
I know where I am,
but not where you are.
apiwe Nov 2017
We saw a UFO in the sky
We were all alone
It was silver, slim and blazen
It shined against the blue of the sky
Floating in the heavens
And you said a silent prayer
Take me, take me home
Send me up into the sky where I will fly and never come back
I wanted to be your home
Because I knew
The UFO would never come down
You had to go to it
Lilly frost Apr 2017
It's scary after dark
The moon doesn't quite reach you
The shadows cast are all new
Footsteps echo behind
You say it is just your mind
A hand reaches out
You prepare yourself to shout
A cloth
You gag and cough
Bitter taste
You should have made haste
You fall onto the concrete
What fate will you meet
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