don't look forward
don't look behind
don't dwell on things
and don't be blind
stop to think
but don't get stuck in your mind
use necessary force
but don't become unrefined
find a route
but make sure you are not confined
know your limits
so you don't find yourself disinclined
don't blame yourself
especially if you find yourself inevitably intertwined
and most of all
find time to unwind

just a couple tips for life (-:
Arcassin B Mar 16

by Arcassin Burnham

Going through a life filled with pain,
Thought Being born in this life was a shame,
In the making it was love I always wanted from my family
and friends and a girl to call my name,
cut a human being off like a speeding limit,
Only to be pulled over with a speeding ticket,
learning to do right in an economy that doesn't care
about your well-being, or your soul and spirit,
You were in it,
honorable mention,
linked up all your limits,
and the feelings, well,
they just left and did some feral shifting,
Stuck in a dark fantasy or maybe a death stranding,
i was here from the beginning and when you took your last standing,
you were,
misunderstood in a world full of impurity,
lived for the love of another in this monstrosity,
serve a near purpose for people you'd die for in eternity.

Susie Ivan Mar 12




Horse, tumbleweed,
small house from the 1800s.




I had to drive through NE Colorado and it was a real struggle. So boring. My best friend and I played I spy but it was a very boring and easy game.
The Lonely Bard Dec 2016

We were higher above the entire planet,
And maybe you are afraid of heights.
I tried to conserve the relationship,
But so scared you jumped off it..
Come, hold my hand again,
Why scared of the pain...
Come where sky is not the limit.

HP Poem #1289
©Atul Kaushal
Yusof Asnan Apr 2016

looking around seeking help,

seeing nothing but shadow below your feet,

trying to move another step, but being strong has its limits,

if i could just stay still for a moment, without worrying about not achieving,

but tis not something i afford to take.


Joyce Feb 2016

A ring is round
and has no end.
It has no sharp edges.
Nor will it bend.
Love is precious.
It has no limit.
You can reach the top.
And still can't beat it.
Your high is your addiction.
Feeling so confused.
Is it real or is it fiction.
Can you handle my
love affection.
Your heart feels my
soul connection.

Inspired by The Lord of the Rings.
Love that movie.
Leah Anne Oct 2015

It is a road less traveled yet even a
long abandoned pathway has to end.
As I tried to slowly raise my foot off the ground, I caught my breath in desperation to pause the moment
only to find out that time is a moving picture playing continuously without mercy.

There will be this one fascinating thing which will come to take over most of who you are only to pass,
Fluttering its wings to an escape,
Dissolving into air.
I try, withstanding all my will to resist, to anticipate the arrival of the dark reel of film where the closing credits will soon roll in.

My body shivers as I wish to preserve the remaining last few pages,
But shivering might break my bones and I know
That it is a terrible, torturous thing
To want someone who wants someone else.

September 23, 2015. 1:18am
Deepening Wells Oct 2015

Everybody says "It's your life, take control of it."
Yes, quite indeed it's my life
And naturally, the controls comes with limitations
I keep falling back into bad habits
And each time I fall in I only get worser
"But Chalsey, you shouldn't let life limit you."
Limit me?
Well, I don't know how much of me there is.
Maybe this is all anyone gets
Maybe there isn't much more to me
Maybe I am at my limit

I think I'm pretty close to my limit.
Peter Watkins Aug 2015

We have so much freedom
in England, America, the list going on.
But no matter, how free people become,
obsessions, desires, choices come out of the woodwork
and they make people question the "outdated" law
because what we're allowed to do doesn't feel like freedom any more.

But how far can we take this?
How far do we go, until someone makes a choice,
which is considered wrong, idiotic or in need of help?
Where's the limit or line by which our freedom
gives way to insanity and repulsion?

Those who are homosexual, fair enough that's fine,
then the people who wish to change sex entirely, can be done...
Then the people that wish to change race... What the fuck?
What is next, on this crazy planet of freaks,
I want to be a zebra with goat horns and modified wings!

I can't take people seriously any more, nothing makes sense,
the world's a gutter and everyone's riddled with painful dents.
Of mind, of body, of soul, the pain goes on; people doing nothing,
but letting it be or inflicting it upon themselves in desperation.
All I can seem to find, congregating in my mouth, are the words "get a grip".

But of course, you can't say something like that.
Of course, you have to accommodate, if it's hurting no one else.
If a man wants a vagina, he can have one,
if someone chooses to cut themselves, give them support,
if a woman wants to marry a house, fuck it, it's her life.
Who cares right? Does it really matter at the end of the day?

Well the problem with issues like this is that they don't matter
and I really don't care what you wish to do with yourself.
The thing that should be taking the spotlight, the debate;
masquerading on the news should be footage from third world countries.
Everywhere, we should be talking about the best way to help people,
ways to solve all economic crisis, defeating world hunger,
turning all we know into a perfect world, knowing only peace.
But of course, why would we all want peace?
Why would a Government want peace and balance, when there's profit?
More importantly, why would a Government stop to look after the world,
when there's no opposition because it's people are distracted;
all of them wondering whether their issues will ever end and dreams come true.  
The question was never, where's the limit?
But rather, what's the limit?

More of a rant than anything else, I hope it got you thinking regardless.
Gavin Barnard May 2015

I write my poems how
I want to write them.
You can't put a limit
On my creativity,
But I can put one on
Your slavery (over me).

Limits don't exist with unnumerable words to use.

Fuck my teacher. Complaining about being way behind when he shares stories completely unrelated to history.
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