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Ceyhun Mahi Aug 25
I thought that daydreaming
Was  allowed always,
That  no age  could
Stop you  from  doing  so,
Far  away,  to lands
With a precious gaze,
Who no one  other  than  yourself
Would know.

There would be  many
Pastel  meadows there,
And  storylines
Of  characters unknown,
Some  ****,  tragical  or  only  fair,
Who still  all  have  to be
To people  shown.

But  no, it's hard  to think it is allowed; I  should be  serious,
Only  think of the  things
Who're  near,
And  not  be  like  a  cloud,
Always  o­n well-known  earth  –
Not  up above.

Now  I  am  in my
Twenties and reflect,
If  I  should embrace  this,
Or  only  neglect.
This poem is actually a rhyming, iambic and Shakespearean sonnet but I made it look like free verse :p
Niki Gray Jul 13
Your power is limitless.
It threatens the insecure
exposing what they are not.
They come at you with hatred.

That hostility is theirs
to hold and carry not yours.
To hell with all the haters.
Rise and regain your power.
Trying something new.  To my children (Sydney and James) and everyone else out there remember you are limitless and capable of amazing things.
Eric Angels Jun 28
Let her see you vulnerable,
And she will be the strength you need

Let her see your dark side,
That part of you that you have always kept hidden from her,
And she will be the light that you have been missing.

Let her see you cry,
And she will become your everlasting source of joy

Let her see you when you are broken,
And she will build you up again even better than you were

Stop being scared and let her in,
Love her better, truly...
You know she deserves no less.
Mercy Kabi
Bummer May 7
You always push my art to the limit.
How the hell am I supposed to put your perfection into words?
you are so hard to write about. you leave me high. i can’t put it into words without looking like a *******. i guess i’m just trying to say thanks.
Erian Apr 12
With color shone in his eyes
Of darkness and light
Deep in twilight
They blossomed like asteroids
Plummeting to Earth
Tiny black holes twirling
From the spheres of his sight
He saw the world with magic
Sparking from his palms
It was extraordinary
To be that love
Knew no such limits
Like the color in his eyes
Deep down from the darkest space
The lifeless voice screams in fear
"Someone get me out of here"
When I go near the voice,
That was not someone else
What I saw was my own soul
Screaming there loud.
It's get suffocated by the facades
I have to wear in front of others.
It's exhausted of taking every breath
As the choice made by other's.
It want to breath without the rules.
It want to smile without the limits.
be-no-one Mar 10
I can take you to the limit as x tends to infinity as you're the homogeneous solution to my infinitely many equations!
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Limit the lust,
Quench the thirst,
Before it get worst,
Understand you are enough !!
Get out of mad race.. that's what I urge
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