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Everything / Everyone
Is as flexible as
The breaking point
Nothing more

I repeat
Genre: Observational
Theme: Limit
The Heart ---- is bigger than the universe  ---- For ---- Hanuman ripped apart His chest ---- Ram was inside His Heart ----No limit for The Heart to expand ---- On you it depends ---- There is little ---- You have to spend
Moushmi Mehta Jul 30
Blue and black
She’s like a wallflower
Reflecting your shiniest self
Without any power

Pink and red
She’ll always be there
Just look up, up, up
But we don’t really care

Orange and purple
She absorbs every cigarette smoke
Does she know, she’s enough?
Standing tall, just for us folks  

Yellow and grey
She feels insecure today
Lightening strikes
And she smiles again tomorrow
Shuvam Sharma Jul 28
My dear sister, friend, aunt or a senior
You have crossed a long journey to reach here today
Look at yourself and be proud of what you are
With that dream job you got or that dream degree you graduated in
With the freedom you get, your wings wide open when you fly high
Be proud for being independent, for taking responsibilities
For taking and applying your own decisions
For creating a safer and happier future for yourself
For waiting till the time you learn to help your family economically
It's okay to reach 30 and still be unmarried
Marriages can wait lady, it can wait
Until you are ready physically, mentally, socially and economically
It can wait, till any age you reach
Cause age is just a number, never a limit nor a boundary!
Why do you
Why did you
How could you
Why should you
Why did you say you love
When all you do is hate
Why did you say you care
When all you do is cause pain
Why do you chat me
When all you do is to go behind my back
You claim to trust me
When all I see fear
How do I believe what I feel
when all I feel is guilt and not relieved
How do I fill up the space
When I am not open
How do I tell you what I want
When you are never around
Why do you invite
When you are not up to it
How do I come through
If you are closed
You gave a limit
Why shouldn't I cross
You say you want me
When you have eyes for another
You promise
When you create problems
Jammit Janet Jul 15
Burn me alive,
End it all now,

I’m tired of the world,
I want to crawl back into my shell,

Of ignorance and bliss,
Before feeling overcame everything,
And my mind could manage and stall,

The unending dread,
The unending pain,
That recycles through my body,
And mental membrane,

Temporary relief,
Doesn’t last long,
Seeping into my bones,
Polluting my core,

Lack of presence,
Take me away,
Bury me down low,

Erase me from existence,
Free from my soul.
Those moments where everything is just a bit too much to take.
Asominate May 16
I'm trying to do nothing
Lest I do something
That I'll regret.

I'm under pain and pressure,
Know not the measure
And it makes you upset.

Maintaining my functions
Lest I malfunction
And blood spills

If you keep pushing me
I will.
InkHarted May 15
figures, flames and dancing silhouettes
shades and flashes and a zing
warmth, chills and lost in azure cloud
falling to a limitless pit
a face a mirror a pathway
a door a lamp a distance
a shadow a fear a climb a cliff
a death a memory a gateway.
Sabika H May 2
Mummified me tight in her web,
she finds it funny
that my eyes are left open.

I shake
but I cannot listen
and I cannot scream
and she stares until
my heart is broken.

she whispers and I read her lips:
"I am fate,
and you were held firm in my clutches
ever since man has fallen.

"Lay, watch, and twitch
and remember my dear,
every breath you take is testimony
that you were chosen."
Dr zik Apr 4
The Rise has not a fall.
Only He has the rise
Fall is a matter of materialistic height.
Spiritual Rise has not a fall
Because Everlasting Life has transformed its boundaries.
Therefore, the final limit of such rise is also hidden from the matter.
An Extract From:
Book: Sada si batain (سادہ سی باتیں)
Author: DR Zafar Iqbal Khokhar
عروج کا زوال نہیں ہوتا۔
عروج صرف اُس کو حاصل ہے۔  جسے زوال نہیں
زوال فقط مادی عروج کا خاصہ ہے۔
روحانی عروج کو زوال نہیں کیونکہ لازوال نے اس کی حدود وضع کر کے اسے دائمی بنا دیا ہے۔
لہٰذا ایسے عروج کی آحری حد بھی مادے سے پوشیدہ رکھی گئی ہے۔
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