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Ali Hilout Mar 31
Feeling the scent of thee;
It came through me abruptly,
Consuming my sense of smell completely;
My core quivered as I inhaled and exhaled fluidly,
Gave me affection, fondness and serenity.
Thy scent brought life to a forgotten memory;
A memory I chose to lose willfully;
Yet, attached in a corner of my mind unknowingly.
I just followed her blindly,
She woke me up every night unexpectedly;
I was captive to her voluptuous allure thoroughly.
Chris Saitta Mar 8
Death undoes itself like a woman undoes her dress
With knowing look and shrewd-salt of beguilement
Of supple shoulders and bared back, of life shimmying
Down the legs of the longest dark road of disappearing.
Marri Jan 30
To those in search of my heart, you won’t find it.

Not here at least,
I hid it,
No offense to you.

It is locked behind doors of thick bone,
Tucked under flexing armor of muscle,
And secured away in the silky depths of my skin.

I see yours is ripe for the taking.
Plump and precious,
Pulsing it’s sweet red juices,
It’s taunting me.

Why haven’t you hidden it from me?

This isn’t a joke,
I’m deadly,
I’m a predator to hearts like yours.

But, since it is there.
I’ll take it.

I’ll take it in my palms,
I’ll sink my nails into it,
I’ll lap up the love it drips.

Tastes like honey.
Sweet, so sweet, so yummy.

I’ll press it to my lips,
I’ll line it with my tongue,
And pierce it with my teeth

The way it beats for me drives me wild.
I can taste your rhythm.

You’re not naive or ignorant.
You’re just in love,
How could I not take advantage of that?

You’re weak,
And I’m strong.
So, let me take care of you.

You’re sad,
And I’m here.
Just give yourself to me.

I’ll take precious care of the heart fruit you bare.
I promise.
You’ll be safe with me.
You’ll be happy,
And satisfied.

But, eventually, heart broken.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
Let the stars
And be shy

There is nothing

Lovely dreams
Just to remind
Genre: Experimental
Theme: We dream so we live
Marri Oct 2019
I dream of you.

Over and over,
Your hand is held in mine.
Time and time again,
Your arms are wrapped around me.

You light my fantasies.

You caress my cheek with the pad of your thumb
carefully tracing my lips.

You haunt my every thought.
You taunt my aching heart.


I dare to wake,
I can't bear to lose you.

You allure me.

You pull me in.
You smile, teeth, dimples, and all.
You laugh, I laugh-- In love.
As the smoke overtakes your image.
Slowly, but surely.
As fast as you arrived,
You left.

(Lost in a dream)
Makenzie Marie May 2019
I’ve never known a love like this
No lying
Or cheating
And no emotional beatings
Or pain
Or anything for his gain.
I could
Make a list
Of how with you exists
None of this.
With you
It’s so much of the opposite.
And trust
You’re given to me as stardust
I’m Adored
You are teaching me how to
Let go
And hope
And you’re willing to take it slow
Show me
Showing me your dedication
Until I fell
For sure
You caught me with your allure
I love you
My dear
All I want is to keep you near
With you
Just seems like the right thing to do

I’ve never known a love like this
And I intend to keep it.
In my solitude lives
A lagoon as
Alluring as
It is untouched.

I have only beheld
Through my eyes
Just birds looking down
While they fly.
I can't touch
What I see
No matter how beautiful.

They are the days,
Nights, memories,
Stars, boundaries but
is in the eyes,
I have only gazed at how much I feel.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
from death, alive,
the wedding between the good and evil gives birth to the death’s sublime beauty,
far from the depths of darkness,
in the huge void,
nobody can see, feel or perceive,
the truth and nature of the fragile consciousness,
a death alive will **** the spoiled allure of the world,
a touch of death over my eyes,
the gaze which brings sounds and rhythms after life,
death over beauty in the dark,
from void and blankness I rise,
the virtues of the infinite,
dimensions of time and lustful waters soak the mind,
I am the gate of irresistible hell,
passions and fashions of the dark,
the love from death was a temple of endless births,
inside my prowess, inner joy,
I put a spell over the time ending its life and continuity,
today time is finished and vanished from perception,
ending but never,
prolonged by a luring infinite.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time', now available on amazon.
vanished in the allure of time,
my spirit grows in a flower,
I am dead and still alive,
ashes blown up in the sky,
burn my flesh, burn me alive,
the youthful poor, the richness of life,
I am the spiritual emotion,
the flesh of hopes and bleeding bones,
steam and clouds above the sea,
my soul will reach the luxury of time.
My Book 'The Allure Of Time' is now available on amazon. Get your copy and get inspired by the wisdom of my book.
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2019
If skeptic
How can one be
So decent
So blissful

Look at her, closer

Her way
Her moves
Answers the all

She is
A work of precious art
Who breathe
Who  inspires

You don’t need to be a writer
You don’t need to be a poet
Whoever you are

She has something
Alluring, magical charm
What makes you
Something to say

She is the dream
And the reality
That, She is
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: She is no other than, the hope
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