Joseph 7h

lust for summer blues
trust in someone's truths
cluster of sunny views
busting out sudden clues
bluster over pumpkin stew
dusting off sullied suits
fussing over dulling shoes
gushing over sunday news

nonsense dedicated to my favourite song lust for summer blues - Adustam

Extend a digit
figit, figit
give me credit
edit, edit

edit out
the scream and shout
photoshop in
the happy scene

not listening to your words
absurd, absurd
I'm watching you now
yeah you heard!

Crazy, crazy
it's so surreal
you paint a picture
unreal, unreal

Abraham Oct 13

Grey lions run with us
through the mirrored cave and down
the temple staircase
will I remember you?
or this day or night
will you remember me?
feeding obswine turtles by the orange shore
them lions sleep next to us
and we dream.

girl diffused Oct 11

If she were to touch you
                taste you
                hear you
                observe you
Fingers tentative
Mouth pliable
Ears fine-tuned
Sight keen
You would taste
like stardust and glass
like galaxies and rust.

i do feel a little dead today.
it's a little harder.

"I'm an abstract painting.
Some people
will easily judge me
as nothing
but an ugly painting.
Some people
will like the colors
or the composition
of me.
Some people
will praise the painter
for creating a piece of art.
But only a true artist
will understand
that in every stroke,
I'm telling you
only the truth
about a journey
of the soul" .
-Kanya Puspokusumo-

Vale Luna Oct 10

Brick by brick
Stone by stone
Screaming out
Shattered tones

Fleeting life
Wanting death
Fucked up dirt
Shooting meth

Vacant hole
Ill spirit
Puking shit

Crumbling veins
Spilling red
Broken blood
Damning dead

Darkest day
Blackest night
Drowning black
Losing light

Tempting fate
Inner itch
Hearts will freeze
Blood will twitch

Bruising cracks
Inside bones
Brick by brick
Stone by stone.

today, you seem

to swim consciously
in the blurry happenings

of both their chaotic canopies
and their knotted stilts
in substantial intertwining

your recent form, you
effervescing lightness, as i deep-delve
into your freeform spectacle
in scribes and silence


a contemplated combobulation
in almost a hidden haziness: there's  
but a fiery flame within
in boundless lucidity  

of the flaring galactical suns
and the sacred smoking eyeblack
smears around from cores, the blackwhole scripts

that you realized
and still in the go as you grow
full and null  and full and null
and so.     verse traverse

your phasal swings
unto that yielding amplitude

that one unreturning



abstractions within ...syncs with the elements ..the moons and the suns and the skies in you and around . this consciousness, the subconscious heartmindsoul as it arts...
Donna Jones Oct 3

Coat hanging on fan
Pretending to be human
In this crazy world

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