Caffeine & candlelight
pave the way through the twilight
allowing fragments of time
to transform into meter & rhyme.
I meander into the gorged ravine of my mind
before my weary eyes greet the melancholy of the morning.

There's nothing like a spot of insomnia to keep the creative flow spilling!

My lamenting mind
sends shivers
echoes of time.
I feel electricity
carving new maps of reality
at the base of my spine

deery 1d

answer me please answer me please please please you make me happy you are  usually here please just reply why wont you answer me

Arab scarabs
wielding scabbards
staggered with hilts
laid waste to
idle Cherubs in
like quilts.

They're off kilter,
with no filter, and
wear stilts where
leaves wilt, sir
please lilt yr

through fractured
refractive prisms
to help the mind
unbind from
shop, office, and
factory prisons


there's a
penitent androgyne,
sentence in pantomime
as though rhyme
were no longer
a kind of
creative crime: But


Don't worry, I don't even understand it, and I wrote the damn thing.
Rutendo 4d

Trapped in my palms
freed by your touch
your saintly radiance
slowly opened my heart like a love letter
that was a token of my hearts' desires

the thought in my eyes kept me sane
as i held u close in distance
like i was blind
i never seen myself falling for you

virtues held my spatial wavelength with more colours
reciprocal as we met in a vortex

I'll keep you like a delicate promise
i shall not break
permanently put u in a sacred dwelling
my heart
rose to garden
a tattoo on my scar with you soothing ink
words intertwined in the eye
an imagination for forever

From a friend who is greatly appreciates
Quinn 5d

i think i forgot to take my pills today

i swear somebody just slammed a car door
behind me

why else would my ear be ringing and my
body jumping

unless that was simply the sound of my
neck snapping.

as my
body dis-
and every-
looks like a
circle be-
cause it
all whizzes
past me
my body


that was the sound of my neck snapping.

Maybe i just rolled my head
back too hard in agony
tragic forget-mistake

'take these

'or what?'

'you might feel like yourself'

what a thought.

This can't be me-
i've cried three
times today, please
someone tell me
why i can't sleep
without dreaming
because i always
have to wake up.

I hate missing a day, I always feel insane :P

Chorus over verse
I stumbled
yet humbled
into the waves
of a brand-new velocity
that breeds culture
instead of despair.

Avenir Luna Jan 7

fake plastic, burning in my dreadness
some people who whispering those cruel words,
only in the end they are suffering
regret in a fake life.

i'm being myself, a proud fake plastic
being destroyed or not, it's not my problem.
those people are only uttering meaningless things
so i keep being myself, a fake plastic.

please, keep your fake plastic
until you die.

My, college is really stressed me so much ;;
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