I lick the salt off my lips,
Pinpricked with vinegar.

I can feel the current
Smooth its navy hands,
Along my curved spine.

I am swallowed whole by you
And wrapped in silence.
You are a breath of fresh air.

TheGumDealer May 19

A man of darkness is what I am.

Dressed in rags from alleys of hex,
my language lost beneath
this filthy face.

Sunset is receding and
midnight is alive,
climb the fire escape to reach
the ledge and jump.

Foreshadow,  I sink, overtaken,
emerge off the street towards a
crowded mirror to see a man of darkness?

A man of many is what I am.

Dylan Piper
Zan Balmore May 18

Hair line
From face
To shoulder
To lower back

Never friend
Poor choice
Painful words
Your halt
Your cease-fire
Human respect

I got none

A poison dipped

A venomous
self righteousness

Brewing, pointed
behind your back

Pehind lol
Tanya Louise May 11

Wind in my face
pain in my legs
my reflection in the calm clear water

Rustle of the trees
crunch of the leaves
my shadow on the unmoving rocks

The smell of burning wood
it's smoke in my eyes
it's heat against my skin

Falling, I fall
sinking in my unclear thoughts.

Tanya Louise May 9

So much love
But I'm down to my last.

While I walk through this darkness
So comes love
It lights up the path.

Limited supply is what I get
It won't last forever.

Back to the darkness  
I start again
Waiting for love to return
Now or never.

jdotingham May 9

a royal wave from a p(L)easant slave.
a microwave from a tsunami (which won't behave).
       bang! bang!
...no/more/brainw  v    s
                                a   e    .

                                                     let's post it/anyway <3-4-<3 right?

Alan Crilley May 2

Paper thin flesh,
veins running across like lettering,
tinted with the pain of life;
upon this chaotic sphere.

Abstract thoughts in a solitude place,
company in lonesome hours,
something the brain doesn't know yet.

Decaying of the ivory bone,
marked with hot blood..
dripping down
filling up your soul.

Manda Raye May 1

and i are more

alike than we think.

you experienced so much
at my age, so

perhaps i'm destined
to have

at yours.

What happens when there's too  much?
Too much for your mind to handle?
It's all a mess up there,
Everything running faster than they should...

And you, yes you...
Trying to grip the handholds of the slick walls...
Of the well that is your mind...
Of your very consciousness.

Falling, drowning in your overpowering,
Abstractness of your own human mind....

I'll tell you what happens....


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