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clem turner Jul 10
i see you
and i wonder when this will end -
when the honeymoon phase will end
[because it always does]
and we'll have to pack our bags
and ride back to our home
after a few weeks in paradise.

how the deciduous trees will transform
into eyesores,
life sour without the view of palm trees
or the smell of sunscreen.
wrote this awhile ago... yikes.
I'm afraid that if I tell you
"I love you" too much
the word will lose its meaning

after all, it's just a word

so I guess I'll just have to find a way
to express my love to you
in infinite different ways, somehow.
I love this boy so much. ****!
Tommy Randell May 18
The night had begun in earnest
The promise of victory remote
Any hope like flesh in a furnace
Any outcome way out of control

Hell bent on a win we were gamblers
Forgetting the risks in denial
No chains of fate could handle us
Only we were built for survival

The Rules of the game unwritten
Set out in graffiti and neon
Our strategy a bad work of fiction
No one would choose to rely on

But the game must go on regardless
No matter how hopeless the end
We Gamers we know what the score is
And upon what reputations depend

This morning it all seems a farrago
We were beaten by gin before we began
That we took part at all was bravado
Without a gallon of coffee as a back-up plan

You non-gamers won't have a clue
What on earth all the fuss is about
But I promise for us it was true
It was ****** there in the slaughterhouse

It was War & Peace, it was hell
A bloodbath of politeness and manners
It was farting as loud as a bombshell
It was Valhalla with mirrors and hammers

It was Fire and Ice, it was legendary
It was The Ride of the Valkyrie on soundtrack
It was **** on the iPad, incendiary
We are regrouping for another attack

The first casualty of war is truth
Marriage is a fog of confusion
That the enemy is weak I have no proof
But I will honour the call to arms and duty
SITREP /ˈsɪtrɛp/  noun INFORMAL
"... a report on the current military situation in a particular area."
Call me naive.
Blinded by a honeymoon phase
and sickly sweet jest

Because I want to keep
this blindfold
pulled down over my eyes.

I don't want to know
what time it is—
day or night, stars and light —
but this comfort
wraps my body and glues me to my bed.

He likes me
He likes me, not
the me I always try and hide behind
but the me that's real.

And he's honey sweet
and golden feat,
how I managed to find him
I'll never know.

He tells me once
twice and again, actually,
that they couldn't have made
a better half for him in a lab
if they had tried.

I'd lift my blindfold to see
you and your gorgeous honey blue eyes
shining through the dark like a moon,
and what we bake together
might just be the most delicious cake maybe ever.

If my words were sugar
I could have told him then
and there, his lips on mine
tasted sweet.
Like everything he says to me.

But I'm bad at baking cakes with no sugar
and all the store had was keyboards and pens
so I wrote him this instead;

To my perfect other half,
Each joke you make resounds
laugh for laugh, I sculpt you a present
epitaph commemorating you... for you
with words, to say

I think...
I might love you?
I have a really good feeling about this one, he's amazing
Darryl M May 8
A beggar is not a chooser.
Love begged me and chose you.
You’re the one I want to be bound to.
Take me as your prisoner.
Let me serve my sentence for life.
You’re the face I want to see besides me every morning.
Coz yours is the one I prefer without makeup.
You’re the alarm keeping me up through the night.
I have no problem cutting my evening short
just to see you glow with the dawn.

You’re the lips I want to taste and taste a little bit more
just to heal my short memory.
I’m addicted to your love, yet you’re my rehab.
I can’t get enough. Yet you’re my perfect prescription.
Amateur Sonnet.
ashley Aug 2018
in the year i've been gone i learned a lot about love, and honeymoon phases.
it comes in waves, almost immediate and crashing down onto you, submerging your being in it's path.
its so powerful, powerful enough to make you blind to everything around you, turning your head at the slightest grey cloud hovering in the sky.
but when its over, when the storm comes, the only way to be truly happy is to escape.
i thought i loved you. i convinced myself so. and if you're reading this, the good times outweighed the bad, your bright blue ocean waves captivated me and i turned the storm into a tidal wave of beautiful memories.
now the only wetness i find is the tears in my eyes when i think about the calm before the storm.
kind of messy, but im back.
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
Until death do us part

Until death do us part, that’s how it all starts.
Entwine two hearts and you will be dancing under stars.
Today we find smiles that stretch on for miles,
With family and friends all around us, dressed in style.
From top hats to sharp shoes and dresses covered in diamonds.
The ‘just married’ cans are rattling behind us,
As we drive away towards a tropical island.

And when we return from our honeymoon holiday,
The love is never ending; the memories never fade.
When we have spent the last two weeks under sunshine and in bed,
We look towards the future and talk about a life we haven’t lived yet.

Then the children are born and our enormous hearts grow;
Our love is always with them and they add value to our home.
New gifts are forever appearing and our future is written in vows.
Let’s hope this love is eternal and we remain side by side,
Even after we are sitting upon a cloud.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
The world was left behind
As we soared into the clouds
Our private escape waiting for us
The birds welcomed the new lovers
And sang along with the sounds of joy
Consummating the wildness in our hearts
The rain gently patters down,
And the leaves blow in the breeze
Fanning the passion between us
The animal hunger arises again
Only to feast on each other
To consume us in desire
Your are my bride
And I am yours forever
Sharon Thomas May 2017
When it rains here once again
I remember the time we clenched hands that monsoon.
And we trailed down that railway track on a cloudy noon
We weren't alone did you know?
In a place unknown to fog and snow
The weather had lost its temper
The train had been blinded enough to lose track.
Who doesn't know it's all a knack!
Derailed, they say.
Before the next I wish they simply care
These are not mere accidents you bare,
But testimonies you claim on a paid fare.
Indian Railways or any other for that matter I say,
When they pass the word 'happy journey'
We simply wish it's not our last.
When it rains once again here,
I remember the time we clenched hands that monsoon.
And I wailed down the railway track on that tragic day,
I do not understand which side to stake.
Or wish for summer once again in my life
Or curse the rails, frames and journeys that shatter.
Shatter! Solely due to human hands that fell short,
short to value the lives that derail.
I don't want many ties that unwind

I don't want to feel the omnivorous shade of blue over and over again

I want to be your Save By The Bell

That doesn't stop after four seasons

Giving you a million reasons

To love life more than before

I found you perched up in my heart

Don't squander the beauty

You have a deep ingenuity

That entices me like the victim I am

So helpless yet so assertive

You're too grand and I'm unsure if I deserve it

I aspire to be one and done

To the honeymoon

To the gravestones

Be the whiteness that's in our transient bones

When the doubt creeps in

Remember I pray to God every day that you'd be mine

And that you're always feeling jolly and fine

It's for real this time

It always has been.
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