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How can you truly see darkness if you don't recognise it within yourself?
If it's denied or if we declare it's a place we'll never succumb to,
where does it go when we choose not to own it within?

So often we are afraid of the dark or what is perceived as such,
but how can we be scared of something we don't really allow ourselves to feel..
When this dimmer, blacker absorption also holds a light
it too holds a truth,
a potency that's thick at the bottom of our bellies
and it's linings are waiting to be known.
So why are we so hesitant to keep digging within the pits of all we are,
to hold and delve within a space that is just a denser shade of us.

The darkness absorbs and yet it exists  
as part of our (w)hole.
If we try to separate and ignore it how bright does our light truly shine?
The darkness lives and it can passionately love,
we just have to learn to see it's darker disguise.
When it rises heavily having felt and held so much in it's untamed years.
Who says that darkness is not just as bright as the light,
that it's also wise as well as reckless,
that it's blood bleeds the same,
that it's unknown or known doesn't touch as deep or feel as high...

I see in the light too and the light has at times blinded me,
and has led me like an addiction.
I saw that such a light can be even darker than night
casting us in it's shining.

What if within the pit of our deepest darkness we also house the brightest light
and at the pinnacle of our light....
our deepest darkness can also shine bright?
George Krokos Aug 24
I'm all for love in case you haven't yet been told
and not for any amount of money can it be sold.
You may well ask what price this love would fetch
if traded on the open market by a hand to stretch?
The answer would be that on whatever given day
this love in my heart isn't for sale at all anyway.

No one, except God, could have access to the source
out of where love springs from and knows its course.
Attraction and repulsion are the main forces at play
and determine at what distance one's love will stay.
An awakened spirituality is based on universal love
that's blooming in the heart with a light from above.

We all have an urge to go beyond a certain limitation
that's been holding us down without any justification.
Past life impressions hidden in the subconscious mind
can play a significant role in life that's mainly to bind.
Pure love freely given can have a transforming effect
on all those around who imbibe its goodness to affect.
Written July-August, 2020
the trouble is
sleep doesn't
ever seem to last
long enough
no matter how many
hours are lost
to its nothingness
discarded willingly
to the vague
and the vacuous
some might say
for dream's sake
but debate remains
around the benefit
relevance or reverence
to be found
in that logic
waking up always
brings with it
a desire for more
for a return to
a form of non-being
where presence
and nullity
have equal sway
to be
not to be
free of interference
from that backwards
   of consciousness
GaryFairy Jul 2022
The best thing we can say is "I don't know"

It is also the hardest thing for a lot of folks to say. They like to think they know things, but a lot of the time thinking you know something keeps you from learning.
Things we think we know keep us from seeing
Chelsea Rae Feb 2022
It's weird. . .

The way humans shame those who can and do feel more deeply than them,

For having a more intensely experienced reality,

Just because they can't see it, hear it, feel it, then it must be

That we are just over-dramatic, that we are "making it up" . . .


But really, who's fault is it that you're still dead inside?
They know not what they do.
Val Vik Feb 2016
"Have you ever dreamt of me?
Have you ever written poetry?
Have I ever inspired you?"

Blazing amber blinds
my surfboard flips.
I clear my eyes within
the sapphires' atmosphere.

Deep within the waters of my soul
Sea turtle flows; that is where
you smiled and embraced me.

And I don't know anymore. . .
Will you stay
or let go?

Or, sapphire?
Freud's concept of the unconscious
Dave Robertson Jan 2022
I had a full head of hair and you.

When I woke I had neither,
as the grey frost light
scoured my eyes true awake
I found other lies of the subconscious
hadn’t taken as hard
as your pretend shape

no real surprise, I guess,
but that doesn’t make me hate it less
Shounak Sanyal Nov 2021
You are my ocean of existence

oh, My fifteen-centimeter galaxy

you make me myself

yet we are so different

you are a horse untamed and wild

and here i am weak and mild

should have been me who held your rein

but its you who is making me dance like a puppet on your strings

strings of desire to gain the entire world

you are the worst AI dream man can ever think

yet you're fragile, so much that in a blink of an eye when my heart calls it a day

and I become too late to stay

you too get your bags packed without any say

you are like the best mine of gold which i can ever find

only that this gold can roar and pounce from behind

yet a gold mine you are and a gold mine you'd be

and I guess it’s for time to see

if civilization was an outward thing or did men really become true lords of the ring
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