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The shutter clicks twice.
"You take too many pictures"
But you pay me no mind.

The years fly by and,
As you begin to forget
I keep asking why.

Still you smile at me,
Though I've become a stranger
Lost in memory.

I bring your pictures.
"Remember when we lived here?
Or these light fixtures?"

I brought your tapes but,
I see your bed is empty now.
Mourning your lost shape.

When you left I found
Your philosophy makes sense now.
There's so much beauty
That can't afford to be lost.

I look one last time
At the first picture
You took with that camera
Now gathering dust.
A collaborative project with Liberty Urban. This poem is inspired by one of her paintings.
Kai 4d
everything around you is blurry
all my focus is pinpointed

your eyes shining
while laughter light up your face
all I see is you

sounds, smells, sights
all come down to
I'm coming out with a lot of photography themed stuff lately.  Sorry if it's all weird I'm just really passionate with my photography stuff right now but It's to mushy half melted snow out for good photos. It just spills out into my poetry apparently. Don't worry I'll stop after this one, maybe.
Kai 4d
Fairy lights
like bubbles of light
little round dreams
float behind you
crowning your head
Bokeh /bōˈkā/
the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.
Hunter Green Apr 10
You’re a flipped mirror upside wrong, right side right where you don’t belong,
Can’t tell where the end begins,
The horizon is the only thing that lives,
Unless the bottom drops out into a free fall heaven,
Taking with it the hopes that the reflection could be more than a hand made inception.
Let me fall back into my own right side wrong.
I wanna be in the background that finds its basis in the foreground,
So maybe I’d believe that the beauty exists in me,
So maybe the creativity could set me free.
Mohannie Mar 13

I aim the old camera
And focus for the subject
As my fingers dance to adjust its settings
For the perfect shot
With my eye in the viewfinder
I angle myself
While feeling for the shutter button
It's picture perfect


You know who Jan 31
I don't remember your name
And not everyone saw your picture the same
But as you lay in the earth
I can remember your joy to this day

You were sick and you weren't to eat
But the doc said this wasn't an illness to beat

So a pizza was brought to you
Mushrooms pepperoni sausage ricata cheese
Slathered in sauce covering your face.
Some one took a picture

Some one who saw it's beauty in it
Some one who knew that in that picture purest joy was expressed

I do not remember your name but I can still see your face and I thank you

For in your graceful moments of enjoying every ounce of the morsels taste you remind me in dark days when staring into the bitterness of death,
One slice of pizza can shed light,
while it may not beat the unyielding pressance it stays at bay allowing for rest.
I work as a funeral director and while I was becoming licensed a younger man had his services with my funeral home. The family had a photo of this man eating pizza, to this day it is the single greatest photo I've ever seen. Days when things get tough I think back to how happy this man was to simply have a bit of his favorite food and it helps me look for what's good instead of the bad.
Gerry James Jan 28
“Smile, my boy.”
The dad, with a smile, said.
The boy just shook his head.

“Please smile, son.”
The dad said, his voice pained.
Jaw muscles, the boy hadn’t strained.

“Smile, look at the cam, boy.”
The dad said with a frown.
The boy looked down.

The dad shouted loud.
The boy no longer bowed.
If i coulda advised my younger self i woulda just said "look straight g and force that smile, no problems caused." :)
But if you think about it, isn't this just another variant of smiling to hide our true emotions?
Were Paging my favorite book
With a cup of hot chocolate
& Reading diplomatic poems
Got bored
Wear my socks again
Bring my coat & camera
Run away...
Shlup shloop
Wet snow wets my boots
Seeing patterns designed on the wall(seem not professional)  but charming
Low key light screamed on my eyes
slow down please.
you're low contrast
Then fade away
Hunter Green Dec 2018
My eyes, that I carry in my hand.
They let me hold the beauty of this land.

Just a square, it’s not much to revel,
Even with its grid and with its level.

It goes beyond some glass and metal,
It opens my heart and mind just like a kettle.
The steam and scream find their place in self esteem,
Because through these eyes the world gives sighs,
And I finally find a reason why life looks oh so green.
kiran goswami Dec 2018
Photography was his hobby,
And she became his favourite scenery.
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