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where we are now is the causation
of thinking someone gets you
that they understand what you mean
where you're coming from
that they treat you the same way
you treat them
like the world’s most empathetic nurse
despite the blatant risks available

and the *** is
because it is like
fighting but
we want to hurt
each other
a dance of
mutual combat

i am your photographer
of war baby
i am
by your truths and
scars and death
not because of their
imperfections or ability
to stain my mind
with schizophrenic ptsd
but because i am a casualty
of your purpose

and much like war
you’ve relentlessly sold me an idea
and shown me how much of myself i have to give up
and to betray
for your manipulative propaganda
in order to soldier on
towards an empty promise
this patriotic love
is a cause that remains lost
like bodies in rubble
a love i have a tendency to incline to
this serviceable love
is scarce amongst rust and ruins
and instead of cultivating it

you rage war

      me                        and




(thanks for the experience…good luck)
i was only just getting to know her well
and just when i developed stronger feelings
i realized i knew too much
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2023
if you're feeling sinister tonight, come inside the darkroom. picture yourself pouring over mental images of a demure young botanist, loitering around the trapdoor of nostalgia, kissing someone new for the first time.

now imagine she is conscious and clustered in titillating blur, her smile beachy and airborne, with only the slightest suggestion that something troublesome is lurking underneath.

can you see her double exposure? totally tranquil, she poses with an arsenal of poisonous plants, as if she’s already slipped their venom into your tea.

solEmn oaSis Dec 2022
Kapag natuyo na ang ilog ,
Hintayin mo ang mga ulap ...
Pasasaan ba 't mumunti **** daigdig
Tatahan ang hinagap sa paghagilap !
Patingala ka man na masdan ako
O kahit pa tanawin mo ako ng payuko

Magmumula lagi sa kaliwa
Aking simula patungo sa kabila ,
ikotin mo man ang iyong tingin pakanan
Manunumbalik ako tulad ng isang orasan
At sabik muli ako sa iyong masid sa lagusan,
at tanging gabay lang ay hangin na may bahagdan...

sa umagang may lamig kapagdaka ' y init
At kapag ang ibaba nga ay nag-aalumpihit
Ang kaitaasan ay napapasailalim
Wari ay kabiyak ng kabibing walang lihim
Bukas-palad mo akong minamalas at sinasalamin
Habang tikom-bibig kitang tinatalastas at pinaparinggan

Nang walang ibang ibig sabihin...
Hanggang pawang totoo lamang ating anihin !
Kaya naman paulit - ulit ko itong binabalikan
Dahil sa araw-araw mo akong Mahahagkan
Gamit nga ang Lente ng iyong minamahal na sining..
Kapit lamang sa tuwina ako sa iyong paglalambing !!!

Sapagkat ikaw nga ang magiliw kong siyentipiko
Na may hawak ng tubong pansuri ng aking laboratoryo !
Pasasaan ba 't mumunti **** daigdig ,
Tatahan ang hinagap sa paghagilap !
Kapag natuyo na ang ilog ,
Hintayin mo ang mga ulap !!!
a prequel from the poem entitled
Kapag natuyo na ang ilog ,
Hintayin mo ang mga ulap
uv Apr 2022

A cold windy day.
Your palms are shivering
Under the gloves you wear.
With you are your loved ones
Laughing with play..
You sit down on those chairs
Chatting away...
Or may be waiting for some one
Who has lost their way. .
You look around and smile
You have had a wonderful day
May be you drink cofee
To keep the chill astray.
You click a photo
To remember someday...

To remember someday. 😁
This write goes well with a photo.. To see the photo
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The hammer is falling, my fists are clenching and teeth gnashing while my bones are crunching. Waves of pain are crashing, breaking. The voices are calling but no one is there, not even myself. The blood is pumping, aided by adrenaline dumping. The lack of the drug is inducing my mind to start seizing, both my legs are freezing, involuntarily quaking. The sensation of claws are slashing my back. As my heart keeps thumping, pumping and jumping. Now my blood is pooling. So the attack dogs keep drooling. They smell the blood and begin to whip into a frenzy. I jump up and start running, because the dogs, when hungry are very cunning. I was moving fast as if I had wheels, but one dog was much faster and now nips at my heels. The dog bit my foot so I tripped and then fell. Now it’s gnawing on my leg and I don’t feel very well. So I patted the dog’s head and then laid down for a spell…will I wake up? Only time will tell.
Just HAD to write something. Couldn't take my lack of productivity any longer. And I don't ever want the (suicidal thoughts) that can result. So, yeah, here it be my beloved people.
Thank you Lord Jesus for always staying with me. For never leaving me whilst in the valley of the shadow of death, Lord, Your mighty love, your guiding rod, Your comforting staff, they inform me. Thank You Jesus for helping me to use, even the toughest of times to glean some forms of positive personal growth and for the spreading of the hope Your Holy Spirit brings... It's good to know that You've got my back, Lord Jesus...
Mark Feb 2021
As I sat on my bed
On a gloomy evening
Listening to the soft Yet sonorous sound of falling raindrops
Looking Outside of the window
I gazed upon a dainty figure that was approaching towards me
I sat there confused
Thinking whether it was you or visions playing inside my head
I blinked, and You faded away with the raindrops As they splashed
I smiled in the midst of realizing
I was a fool Thinking I was in serendipity
While My memories were getting the better of me.
Mik Feb 2021
I fear that inside
I’m made of silver halide
I can’t risk exposure,
so my pupils go wide

as they thirst for light
in this room sealed tight
while lusting and longing,
for my dark to turn white

and print on my brain
black and white frames
of a moment in time,
that will always remain.

But a moment of light
means I must let some in…

I'm sure my development
can never begin.
made possible by light
ruined by light
Purcy Flaherty Feb 2021
Everyone cares how they are perceived in society; otherwise the ones that supposedly don't care... wouldn't insist they don't care!!
The limitation of language
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