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TomDoubty Apr 18
Cow on grass
Settling rooks
Cross sky
All around
Sound playing
On wind
Gold leafing
The horizon
Veiling arc
And furrow
And shadow
Poplar lined
Fields below
Quiet here
A moment
Contrast sharpens
Trees recede
Into darkness
Sun bleeds
Into Earth
Mark Feb 27
As I sat on my bed
On a gloomy evening
Listening to the soft Yet sonorous sound of falling raindrops
Looking Outside of the window
I gazed upon a dainty figure that was approaching towards me
I sat there confused
Thinking whether it was you or visions playing inside my head
I blinked, and You faded away with the raindrops As they splashed
I smiled in the midst of realizing
I was a fool Thinking I was in serendipity
While My memories were getting the better of me.
Mik Feb 21
I fear that inside
I’m made of silver halide
I can’t risk exposure,
so my pupils go wide

as they thirst for light
in this room sealed tight
while lusting and longing,
for my dark to turn white

and print on my brain
black and white frames
of a moment in time,
that will always remain.

But a moment of light
means I must let some in…

I'm sure my development
can never begin.
made possible by light
ruined by light
Everyone cares how they are perceived in society; otherwise the ones that supposedly don't care... wouldn't insist they don't care!!
The limitation of language
Just Maria Feb 10
Photographs tell our story
About good times and days of glory
Of relationships that didn't last
They're like a time machine to our past

They're the memories of places we've been
And gives us a chance to visit them again
They'll show our kids who haven't a clue
That we were young once too
Although, I’m mindful of the President’s tweets
and the pundits’ chatter;
And, while I keep up with the world news that matters;
Amid the pandemic, the politics, and the police brutality;
I often settle my spirit on . . . poetry.

I take some time.
I free my mind.
S l o w l y, I sip from a glass of smooth merlot wine.  
I relax,
I kickback,
and I ride the rhythm of the rhymes.

Because after a bit,
the constant “Breaking News,”
the quarantine,
the vanishing Lysol disinfectant spray amid covid19,
the social-distancing,
the quest for a vaccine,
the protest rallies,
the unsettling maskless scenes,
and the viewing of America’s racial unrest,
just invites unwanted and needless mental stress.

So, during these anxious days of shelter in place,
I retreat to a quiet and pleasing space,
where literature calms all worries within.
I find a book. Take a sip.
And, I warmly welcome fiction like a cherished friend.
The poem "Sipping Wine Over Rhymes" is also the name of the book published on Amazon written under my pen name "Tanya DeVonne"
Corey Taylor Nov 2020
I liked capturing the perfect moments. For example: When leaves fall, but
sway left or right and pause for that perfect moment. Where
the shade compliments the dark spots of a dying tree, yet the caterpillars become
humored in the fact that knowing that that tree is full of new leaves and
all the old half bitten tampered leaves are dead. "What a beautiful meal".
They think to themself, yet we as humans see it as just, a tree.
And for that reason. If being just that reason. I chose photography.
Nature has its ups and downs, but with photography even the worst
moments taken as a picture can be beautiful. From tornadoes rambling fields to cracked
roads from an earthquake. Photography puts me in an imagination. It gives me a
different life. And for that reason, I love capturing moments.
Human lives can be complicated. And I hate it, but then there are those moments.
Those moments that you remember and you laugh or smile at the thought of them. Reminiscing on
that specific day or time. Wishing you can go back there or just relive that moment, but I can't.
And it saddens me. So, I take pictures and call them life.
n-khrennikov Nov 2020
My darkest art is different shades of the same color.
and so my obsession began…
My-Girl Nov 2020
You can never know about this.
This is not right in your world.
I ask for nothing.

In every way we are complete opposites, I do not desire to be with you.
The idea of us, is an idea, not a reality.
So allow me to keep these images of you,
As we part ways, may the memories of me in your mind disappear.
A goddess like you and a mortal  like me can never be together.
- My-Girl
Short story.
My-Girl Nov 2020
I have expressed my admiration of you
From head to toe and,
Mind and soul

In my mind a song plays
The room goes dark
The spotlight is on you.

I gently stroke my hand down on the right side of your face,
I put my hand in yours
And we dance.

Gliding side to side
Still dreaming in your eyes
Confident and free, I am…
Not… ready… to open up.

The lights are on.
Back to reality now.
These day dreams never end!

They have a way of making you think what’s in your head is your reality.
It’s not!
  ­                                                    Are
         ­                                               A
                ­                                   Figment
    ­                                             Imagination!

In reality you see what I want you to see
In my head there is a path of yellow flowers that lead to you.

                                 BUT WE ARE DIFFERENT!
I keep my distance and my feelings hidden to avoid confusion.
It is too dangerous to come close.
Never will we see things the same.
Never could never ignite that sentimental, sensational candle of emotions.

You are a goddess.
I am a mortal,
With an eye that focuses on you.

- My-Girl
Short Story.
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