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In the vastness
of the drafty
slat wooden

along the tidal
of Gearhart;

Snapping images
with waning
filtered light
inside the darkness,

waiting for ghosts
to drift out of

wondering if my
family's past
have to wait in line
the house spirits
to announce themselves;

Asking us why
we almost
always keep a light

In time,
will I leave
a small energy
after I cross,
it out
degrading buildings
after waiting in line

the living
worry so much
and live
so little
Stayed in an ancient wooden mansion on the Oregon coast and photographed ambient light in the dark. Musty, cold, and definitely haunted. Tis the season!
Cross Boundry Sep 23
i told him i didn't love him
every word burned truth
he said he could wait forever
he could hold his love to the last
that he could keep the time we spend
and capture it in the lens of his newly dusted camera
he said
"if that's where i can have you,
                         i'll love you there."
like a thing to be phtotgraphed
           he talked about me like a thing worthy of being kept
a story he never wanted to forget
           a moment to capture
"i see what others can't and keep it
                          the  difference between dreams
                                        and reality
                                            is her."
true story
thanks to anonymous

The sun set right behind him
While he tried to match his steps
Busy, the last hours of the daylight has always brought him the best
His lens captured the shining moments
As the sun set

William Marr Sep 6
Beating gongs and drums

they celebrate light
in a world
where black
is white
What colour are your eyes
Pale and blue as skies awake
in heaven
Gray as the clouds with their burden
of a thousand words
for every sight they've seen.
Each time your eyes were opened
a new splendour captured.
A treasure at the rainbow's end
Yours an aperture to another epoch
The maker of Princes ... a King
Saville and Vogue as the Gypsy's eyes?
Meek and Sombre as the Catacombs'?
In a perpetual motion
life flashed across your face
so unfamiliar... so familiar  
and ambitious secrets of the pupil
made an eternal portrait of you;
a Master of Photography
A Still so extraordinary, though,
transparent as the rain.
Neither a tint nor hue ... just you.
What colour are your eyes
Richard Avedon a Master of Photography
starstrike Jul 17
and for a moment
just a moment
everything stands still but me

and for a moment
just a moment
the world is mine entirely
I am a true mighty warrior
Foaming lands of silver
My lack of gold
Doesn't hold me close
I choose my surroundings  
Open far and wide.
My wings take   me far and
Beyond .
To rivers
I see
I often known
For my virbrant colour's

I nest close to the ground
I am a protected specie
And I fight for my right
I am not to be hounded
Or taken
For granted
I am a rare we bird
Look after its brood
Next time you catch a glimpse of me
Smile from within.
Mitch Prax Jun 25
Our love is
like a polaroid-
it developed slowly and
even shaken along the way.
But no matter what our
perfect picture has endured,
it will always be worth framing
as long as you are
center frame.
Mansi Jun 2
When looking at old pictures
Look at the eyes
They convey so many emotions

I see a little kid who's
eyes are sparking
like a diamond

What do I need to do
to get that child like
happiness again?
nora May 18
art is around me
like the wind in my hair or the grass on my feet.
art doesn’t come and go
even as humanity
in fact, when humanity is unsure,
art flourishes.

i have created my fair share of art.
after all,
i am an artist
at least, that is what i call myself
and that means many things.

i like to draw, and drawings cover my walls from
top to bottom.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to write, and words flow through me
like water through a stream.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to sing, and lyrics whisper out of my mouth
when no one is listening.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to take pictures, and images
of flowers and rivers and streams stream through my mind.
therefore i am an artist.

i have created my fair share of art.
after all, we are in quarantine.
meaning we are at home.
meaning we have “nothing” to do.

i like to draw
i like to write
i like to sing
i like to take pictures
therefore i am an artist
and i have work to do
Part two of my school project. Like this one even MORE!
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