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Zywa Dec 2023
The *** Ed booklet:

man and woman hand in hand --

keeping their distance.
Poem "At the River" (2009, Louise Glück)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s"
You are the diseased soil in which these doomed seeds were sown,

You are the poison tree from which these evil apples dropped,

And you are the acid rain that raises the earthworms from their
underground abodes
and eats


eats away.
Today I turn 18.
Elizabeth Kelly Nov 2023
There’s something so comforting
In trading in everything
The taking and giving
Of motherhood

What does it mean to be whole?
Shifting your insides around an additional soul?
The pain and the toll
Of motherhood

How to express
The vastness of universes
Alongside the mundane  
Of getting dressed in the morning?

There’s something so absolute
Something so boundlessly true
In the brown of the root and the red of the fruit
In the green of the shoots
Of motherhood
Zywa Sep 2023
We are home, we will

wait for you, yes, they once have --

said that to me too.
"Het tankstation op de route" - 2 ("The filling station on the route" - 2, 2013, Jan Baeke)

Collection "Stall"
Zywa Aug 2023
Mama keeps chasing

me, I give me the advice --

she would have given.
Poem "Moeder" ("Mother", 2022, Ester Naomi Perquin) --- Collection "On the fly"
Zywa Aug 2023
Every time I think

what my mother would have said --

Yet, do I know her?
Poem "Moeder" ("Mother", 2022, Ester Naomi Perquin)

Collection "On the fly"
Zywa Feb 2023
The girl just watches,

her parents build tall towers --

till they fall over.
"Sommarsömn" ("Summer sleep", 2020, Jens Christian Grøndahl)

Collection "Stream"
Zywa Dec 2022
Mother shakes her head,

she has a different view --

of my path in life.
"Se..." ("If...", 1898, Luigi Pirandello)

Collection "Stream"
zoe nichols Feb 2022
Things are starting to fall into place
I think or am I lying to myself
What more could I ask for
I got the man
I got two beautiful kids
So why wouldn't I be

Yet I'm still stuck
Anxiety overloads
Scared of myself
What have you done to me
Wanting acception from you
But why

You don't care about me
You only cared when I sed
Yes here take it
Yes here control me
Yes here's my life

Your meant to show me
How to live
How to survive
How to grow up
How to be strong

Yet all you taught me was
How to relay on you
How to struggle
How not to budget
How not to love

So all I will say is
The hardest goodbye I've ever done
Soo ....
Bye mum bye dad

I will survive on my own
I will teach my kids
I will make them stronger
I will make them smile
I will make them laugh

Because that is what
A parent should do
caroline Sep 2021
I swear her eyes were the ocean
a world unparalleled humming behind her eyelids
offering but a seldom glimpse
when briny streams soaked her cheeks
delicate sand entwines my ankles
creamy shells pepper the shore
her laughter glides within the salty breeze
combing my hair most gently
I miss her so, but I fret not
for there is one thing I always knew
a deep-sea soul surpasses land
and she swims at ease
where she belongs
as tides lull and waves become whispers
her ocean eyes smile back at me
written years ago
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