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Aniket Shirodkar Mar 2019
Long Long in the distant wood
A crippled man by the river stood

He wished to create a life where
Roses are red, violets are blue
And the sunshine heals all his wounds

3 friends pointed to seek a space
Where transformation is the name of the game

He decided to play and give it a shot
After all what choice has he got

At the rendezvous, a sage emerged
Three and a half days he gave his word

The rosy picture he came to seek
Was shattered before he took a peek

After all water is wet, rocks are hard
A blank canvas stood before him
With a possibility of new colour and art

The truth dawns as he exits the forest gates
He must go to Chandanwadi where Moti awaits

Long Long in the distant woods
A stupid, idiot by the river stood.
I hit
NDA that
❤️ me
the cast
but sight
furious as
her tat
for dark
on screen
and put
her spot
to the
bed she
caught this
action purport
law was
stage guitar
Tsunami Jan 2018
Maybe the way the curve of your spine fits into me is an indication
of how the earth meets the sea.
Frothing, frigid and free

Maybe the way our lips convene is an illustration
of a star being born
Colliding, rising, expanding
With every breath we whisper to each other
the wind caresses the mountains in such delicate manners

Maybe the way our eyes meet
searching for a long lost landmark
{Home at last,
or at least until tomorrow}
reveal the discovery of deeper mysteries
Cold, comforting, coalescent

Maybe the simplest brush of skin
brings earthquakes to our veins
Seeped with unspoken words
warmth and peril rolled in one

Maybe, just maybe, the first ****** between two lovers
is the modern tsunami,
a flood of pleasure, teeming with emotions and laughter

The rain that lulls us to sleep
is the same as the water that cascades down cracks and cliffs
Racing to meet her soulmate,
Salt water
Fresh water
Two hearts beat in solidarity
Melting one into the other
Tongue on tongue
Fingertip to fingertip

Maybe the way we started is the way we end,
with nothing but empty space and deafening silence.
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
I am lost
and you are
the only landmark
I know.
Take me home.
Martin Narrod May 2014
we take a breath
I have a smoke
thank you for giving me your cold
you rub the menthol on my chest
I hold the camphor to my breast
sometimes all it takes is just a jacket button to break.

10 minutes on they'll drink champagne
and have their fun with party games
everybody yelling "cheese"
10 minutes from a third-world country
in the shadow of the rock
they don't have anyone that'll help
there isn't garbage on the ground
its the street that makes up the whole town

I know you don't even want to talk
You won't even take my calls}
After three years on and off
I would do anything at all.
Have the child of my blood
Then with blood I'd have enough.
Just a picture fairy tale
For a man with a cold and betrayed.
*Inspired by the aboriginal lives of the indigenous peoples of Ayer's Rock.
Jayanta May 2014
The way to our home
Crosses through
Six landmarks,
A marriage hall,
A primary school,
A children’s park,
A beauty parlour,  
A temple and
A cemetery.

They always remind us
Stages of our life,
Ecstasy of life,
Commitment and cooperation,
Effort to meet the divine
and ultimate

— The End —