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The angel of the Lord came down to the young girl to tell her the good news.
"Greetings, oh favored one, the Lord is with you!"
But before he could continue she interrupted him saying,
"One sec I have to get this on my Snapchat story."
"No you don't understand, replied the angel, you will bear a child and his name shall be Emanuel.
And Mary looked at the angel, phone in hand, and said
"Could you repeat that I wasn't recording just yet?"

If *** came down today what would he think?
If He hung out with your friends what would he say?
If *** came down today do you think He'd blink?
If He hung out with your friends do you think He'd stay?

I'm in doubt because of how we act, a society packed with people not exact-ly intact.
Attached to our phone like it's our baby.
But babies are babies they don't deserve rights!
Unlike ladies, who aren't actually ladies and you can't gender a baby but you can tear HIM limb from limb and yes I said Him...
While you throw Him in the bin I'll call it as I see.
A Godless world never to be free.
This is not meant to offend anyone. I think the mother who goes through with an abortion is hurt as well as the child. The solution isn't to shame these people, but instead to bring awareness and help expecting mothers in the most trying time of their entire life.  But right now our society does not value the unborn child. This greatly upsets me.
vbdulrhman Dec 2
o my ***
I'm freezing
have mercy
upon me
send me love
as if I've never
tasted it before
a flame
to burn my very soul
Mercy hold me now
I missed the mark
What’s do be done
When the archer’s shot
‘Round target passes
But another shot taken
May find the mark

So mercy,
Mercy hold me now
I wait for impact
And a ****** dawn
Time has frozen
So that this moment
Is perhaps the longest
I have ever known

Mercy now

I used to play with Lego blocks and Barbie dolls
I used to jump rope and write all over the walls,
Now I play spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven
I party all night and don’t come home till eleven.

I used to never care, about what I wear
I used to sleep with a mound of teddy bears
Now I put on make up to cover up my face
Now I wear fashion, not pink frills and lace.

I used to always do good in school
I used to always think I was pretty cool,
Now I bomb tests and always slack off
My parents don’t treat this as so soft.

I used to talk about little puppies, and kitty cats
I used to gag at the sight of snakes and rats,
Now we spend our time gossiping about who’s a *****
Who the most beautiful, and who looks like a witch.

We used to play with toys
Now we talk about the cute boys,
Every second you’re on the spot and being judged,
Every time you breathe someone’s watching.
You try to smile but it’s all an act
Don’t you feel as if you’re being attacked?
By hungry eyes that are just looking for a flaw
So they can get you with their claws.

What has happened to this carefree child
Who used to enjoy being crazy and wild,
They grew up and developed some sense
They learned to be more mature,
Or maybe it’s the other way around
May they didn’t grow up, just down,
Into a world where nothing is what it seems
Our image trashed just like our dreams.
I’ve changed so much, if change doesn’t hurt,
Then why do I feel so much pain?
No one wants to see your face
She thinks herself such a disgrace,
She has no confidence and doubts her worth
She wants to remove herself from the earth.

She sees herself all alone in life
She’ll never have kids or be a wife
She hates herself, she hates her world
And this is how it ends for the sad little girl.

In the morning at sunrise
She lacks the strength to open her eyes
An empty pill bottle and note on the door
Her lifeless body on the floor.

No one should feel how she did
All alone and love forbid
All she needed was to know someone cared
And maybe then she wouldn’t be lying there.
Nathan Duncan Nov 26
I try and try to change my life
because I feel such inner strife.
There’s discord ‘tween body and soul
that keeps me from reaching the goal.

My mind says yes; my flesh says no.
Without true strength I’ll never grow.
I need some help from higher pow’r:
***! Please be merciful this hour.
Just leave behind any words you heard that weren’t kind. Learn to greet your enemy with a smile, It will only hurt for just a while.
Marvin Gaye sang it ” Mercy Mercy Me”
But I don’t want things to go back
To the way they use to be
I’m saddened by poverty
I’m thirsty for unity
I feel we need more community
Purposeful change is needed
Merciful motivation when seeded
With compassion from you and me
Can move all the obstacles
Blocking the sun from shining on WE
 I long for Marvin’s dream of
“Love And Happiness”
To become a reality
I wish we were all color blind
And our brains didn’t undermine
What our heart was meant to be
Which is used to love one another
Regardless of ***, religion or nationality
I never cease to wonder
At the dawning
Of the

Glory, bright:
The Mercy-Light –
It leaves my heart undone
"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness" (Lamentations 3:22-23).
ChildofGodyay Oct 30
I was dying.
Wasn’t even trying to survive.
I was fading and withering away as I lived.
And I didn’t even know.
Didn’t know such things are still relevant today.
About what Jesus did before I even came to be.
So ignorant.
How foolish and ****** I was to think I deserved and earned this love.
I didn’t care about him.
What he did.
I didn’t seem to know his love was so deep.
He died. For a criminal like me.
He knew me.
And I didn’t even know him.
Or recognised who he was.
I never even knew him before I was born.
We stood in front of the angry crowd on that day.
they demanded to free me.
And they let me live.
Jesus died.
For me.
On the third day, he rose from the dead.

You guys can read if reverse I guess haha
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