Seema 15h

Kitne aur zakhm, dikhao ge mujhe
Gir kar kabhi bhi, na pasakoge mujhe
Teri kismat mei mein nahi, koi aur hai
Tu mera sanam nahi, na jane tu kaun hai
Har waqt aazmate ho, apni mohobat mujh par
Lekin raham kar,
Chala ja mujhe meri haal par chor kar...


How many more scars will you show me
Even if you fall, you will not be able to seek me
I am not your fate, but there's someone who is
You are not my lover, nor do I know you please
Everytime you test your love on me with keen
But have mercy,
Leave me alone in whatever situation I might be in...


You cannot lie, when it comes
to me. I see everything.

Go fetch your brothers.
I want to talk to them.
They've done some wrong.

You'll try to hide, but I'll
always know. I know everything.

Go fetch your sisters.
I want to talk to them.
They've done some wrong.

You cannot deny, when you
have eyes to see. You see

Go fetch your siblings.
I want to talk to them.
They need to be forgiven.

Seema Aug 25

The hungry flames dance
Upon the mighty fire
Reaching the silent skies
It leaps on higher

The rage grows more at a time
Burning everything in its way
Turning greens into ashes
Letting the charcoalled trees sway

Smoke and heat everywhere
Animals and forest creatures lost
Unfriendly fire like a devils stare
Many lives it has tragically cost

Perhaps rain would've shown mercy
But unfortunately it hadn't rained
For almost a year and half now
This part of the earth is much pained

Seen recent forest fires in the news
I am thankful as we are on tropical ground
For the suffering countries in despair
I hope more help gets around...


Global warming!!!a result of our ongoing mistake.
Jobira Aug 23

At 4:57 AM EST, 8-23-2017
The sky is closed and
The thunder subsided.
The sky is quite and dark
Just drizzling raindrops pouring down
As if it's eroding and washing away our original sins
I smell the minted fresh air and
Many souls are still sleeping

I guess, god decided to give us another day
Another day to change our courses
For that, my gratitude is immense
For he is love and
Love knows no revenge but
Love knows mercy
and love knows forgiveness.

I felt it was the end of the world, hearing the sound of that violent thunder roaring, but now nothing is happening
Jobira Aug 23

At 12:17 AM EST, 8-23-2017
The sky is wide opened and
Thunder is violently roaring,
lighting, striking bolts of flashlight  
As if it's the last day to breathe  
And alarming to wake up the sleeping.

So if this is the last day of being
I shall kneel down
and ask for mercy
For his glory
As this soul spent a lifetime on nothing
As supposed to coming to his home
To leave in love and peace.

Lord Almighty,
Forgive us all
Be gentle and merciful
Of our transgressions
Which we have done
Knowingly or unknowingly
Be merciful  
To the sleeping souls like myself
For your love is always beautiful!!!

I am terrified to look through the window as this lighting and thunder is blasting.
Saint Titus Aug 6

I watch them fold up into my palm
And I see them take shape, as lines are drawn
Always looking down, lost but ever found
Until I found the one, who broke my solemn crown

Now, I stand here shaken
Unsure of what to do
Because everything inside me
I've found the same in you

So I tried for simple
And I tried to rearrange
I tried for love, but defiant, nothing changed
I tried to follow, this path I've since refused
Because now I know, I never should have tried
And for you, I refuse to lose

I can see it building higher, behind your searching eyes
Looking for a reason, confusion on the rise
I know you thought that you had broken through
To be left vacant, as my own I do reprise

And I don't know why this world keeps turning for me
And I sure as hell don't think it would for you
Depression and its icy grip
Might be enough to make one sick

If not, for this

And now we know, that this just wasn't true
Tell me, what was I supposed to do?
I could have left with you in toe
And then we both would die, alone

But the time ticks out

And the tide goes out

As my light fades out

There's something I have known

I won't be coming back for you, and you won't be coming back for me
I hate to turn a back on you

But this distance is mandatory

Some people man...
Seema Jul 25

Lean not on to me
O' dear one
I am weary and old
All day in the sun

Standing, bearing
The heat and rain
Abused and vandalized
Pinned with pain

My branches shade
To one and all
Now too old to stand
I am ready to fall

No leaves, no greenery
Only dead branches stand
Birds just pass by
As I am stuck on this land

An woodcutter showed
No mercy today
Chopped off all branches
And took all my pieces away

Now I am just rooted
Like an ugly dying pole
Wishing for a great storm
To release my tortured soul...


Respect the nature, respect our trees, if they ain't around, there will be no breeze. Don't just kick on a dying tree to make it fall...look carefully, it may just be alive like our grandparents.
Mahdi H Jul 12

I am for you
You are for me
And what lies between us
Holds so much beauty

babymagick Jul 11

The wisdom of the world

has been beaten and tied down.

The devil has gotten his freedom

His chains are now unfurled.

Put through constant abuse,

put on display

to attempt to amuse

hide the screams, hide the dismay.

Small eyes plead for help

Does anyone even care?

Listen to the yelps.

Reality is an inhumane nightmare  

“All of this is too explicit!”

The people agree.

“The pictures seem like a gimmick!”

Disregard the facts so they are not put through unease  

Far from sweet and innocent, the audience's derisive laughter is heard.

Cackling at an animal’s misfortunes, how absurd.

I modeled my protest song after James Oppenheim’s poem, “Bread and Roses”. The issue that inspired me to write this song is the recent string of pictorial evidence portraying horrific abusive events against animals, committed by Ringling Bros circus. I have a special place in my heart for animals. I am a member of both PETA and Mercy for Animals, and I have been vegan for four years now. My heart just breaks whenever I see a picture of Ringling Bros circus animals being abused. You can see into the animals’ souls through their eyes, and it looks as though they rather be dead than in “the best show on earth”. Baby elephants are ripped away from their mothers. The elephants are tied up with rope in confined concrete spaces, while trainers use ropes and electrical prods in an attempt to control the rightfully wild animals. Elephants spend their whole lives traveling in boxcars, and are abused for the slightest disobedience. Elephants even appear at shows with large scars, yet the audience still gets a kick out of the animal’s forced performance, which turns my stomach over.

Little man
Little man
Do you revel in the darkness?
Is your distress a discomfort
triumphant as the water rises?
Wrapped in solemn disguises
When did you yearn for the broken embrace
Laced with a never ending dusk?

Oh, but you must be proud.

The tenebrosity of her persuasion
Draws you in, a baby to candy
Feeding the depression with a concoction of sweet whispers and raking nails across once strong skin now a back that weeps of foul misconduct and sin.

Little man
despite the desires
one can only drown in the ichor of demons.

The black hole she dug in your soul will extinguish the fires of your dreams - enjoy!
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