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His right is right
And so's His left.
His burden's light
Despite its heft.

Easy's His yoke,
And, I attest,
A spirit broke
Is also blessed.

Invisible God
Himself reveals
To the bipod
His Spirit seals.
Andy Chunn Jul 14
My cup runneth over
I’m dancing each day with delight
Calm, carefree in clover
Celebrate a cool summer night

The beauty of each day
Silently sings my soul be still
The wisdom and the way
Freely fashions my cup to fill

Shadows do not scare me
Goodness and mercy will follow
The valley now will be
Where evil is weak and hollow

Monumental mountains,
Sacred seas - I am just a rover
Free forgiveness fountains
Ensure my cup runneth over
Eternally accepted in God’s Son,
His righteousness now credited to me,
I’m pardoned, justified, set fully free.
By grace through faith, hesed is ne’er undone.
No merit of myself on which to stand,
my works of flesh and law won’t favor earn.
But God Himself in Christ, I’d finally learn,
had satisfied each holy, just demand.
And by same grace through faith that justifies,
Christ’s working out His righteousness in those,
by covenant before the world, He knows,
e’er keeps, upholds, protects and sanctifies.
Because in Jesus Christ I am approved,
from trusting in His love I’ll not be moved.
Red Robregado Jun 12
In hollow valleys, off the distant peaks
Down in the dim woods, braiding canopies

In the quietude of slow-dancing leaves
Through the howling and raging of the winds

Across plateau of no growth or decline
along blind, chiseled cliff, a cul-de-sac

In the triumphant reach of high summit
Between the rocky canyons of defeat

Grace at every gaze despite long travails,
dazed in wonder, never cease to amaze

In the bone-parched deserts, devoid of life
Out of flowing streams, rivers without strife

At the depth where lights dwindle to nothing
On familiar shore radiant weathering

In jubilant rejoicing when love wins
Even through the painful cuts as it stings

At the plain of anxious waiting and doubt,  
In tiresome striving to glorious thriving

As it always has, Mercy will carry
Crushed, it wont let me be; though tears may tarry
As true as the trinity
And Christ's divinity,
And as heavy as gravity,
My total depravity
Is undeniable.
But God created me justifiable,—
Me, who's more of a Don Knotts
Than an Isaac Watts.
Nala Alfira May 27
it's such a wonder that
these hardness and roughness
make me softer and gentler

after i fathom the devil's story
the downstream is a sea of mercy
wisdom unravels the impurity

and someday when you laid down, wrinkled
i'll say no curse, but apology
and pacifying eulogy

for i hope you'll land on grass too, not fire
and we left with amnesia of the bad blood
only peace and party in our eternal world
Persephone Mar 29
The most dangerous blindness in this world is happiness
For it becomes easy to mistake the devil’s hellfire for the warmth of an angel
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2021
Dear drowning soul in blackest sea,
what keeps eyes blind to Mercy’s plea?:

“Come unto Me who bear sin’s load.
Find saving rest from Satan’s goad.”

What angel of light or dark could give
the help you crave that you might live?

There‘s only One can bear your weight.
His cross alone is Freedom‘s Gate.
Persephone Feb 1
I was at the centre of her anger once.
It was violent and unforgiving.
It made me forget who’s mercy I should be asking for.
Or her’s
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