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Kristin 7d
Great, Merciful Destroyer,
your mercy is abundant, overflowing in your devastation
as the dross is cleared

The time of great surrender is here
It is today, now
And, like a lover, I yearn to surrender
I yearn to let go

In your magnificence,
only the raw, unvarnished, pulsating, living truth remains
All else is dross  
All else is no-thing
All else is glimmer, not gold

Great Merciful Destroyer,
please give me the courage to witness
the destruction that creates
that fire that cleanses
the truth that liberates
Beneath the soothing suns feet
Where the border of heaven and earth kiss;
Encircled by the sons of El,
Dwelt our great ancestors,
Grooving to an
Ancient dance
Orchestrated by our grand director.

Peculiar attributes but identical in nature,
Complementary mates crowned to embody
His majesty's ordained purpose;
Real marriage.

Out from the gates of their innocence
Came forth an
Uncut black opal,
Dazzling above the
Filthy garments that we are.

But pityness overcame him
When he beheld
Our ill-fated doom,
For his advisor is justice.

So He descended to
Cement his undying will
By issuing out a certificate of
Divorce to sin and her spouse death;
Bringing their capital to his knees and
Printing a salvific
Covenant to taste our quill
Before this rarity takes leave
Empty handed.
Poetus Oct 6
A King does not stray into a rival kingdom,
A King steps boldly into his enemies' domain
To wage war,
To destroy,
To claim,
To conquer,
But most importantly
To employ wisdom before mercy
Miraji: Urdu Epigram translations

I'm obsessed with this thought:
does God possess mercy?
―Miraji, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Come, see this dance, the immaculate dance of the devadasi!
―Miraji, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Echoes of an ancient prophecy:
when my life has come and gone,
when I am dead and done,
perhaps someone
                            hearing again in a distant spring
will echo my songs
the world over.
―Miraji, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

If I understand things correctly, Miraji wrote the lines above after translating a verse by Sappho in which she said that her poems would be remembered in the future. I suspect both poets and both prophecies were correct! Keywords/Tags: Urdu, translation, translations, God, mercy, dance, prophecy, song, songs, world, mrburdu
Passion Sep 10
The sins which I commit are many and very grievous. So much so that I do doubt at times if I have been running in vain! For how could one, under such wondrous love and grace, transgress against the one who has bestowed treasures enumerable upon a wretch such as myself? Oh, I do fear for my chastisement will be great! I am dried up for lack of communion with the Father! God forgive me! A sinner and the chief of them! Not one has so transgressed as I have in knowledge great and arrogance far surpassing all I know! For though I look around me and do see sinners, not one has blasphemed you in such a way as I have! I cry- not for a mere escape from your wrath, that does abide on all unrepentant sinners-but because of you; my God in all your majesty has loved me. So much so that you sent your son to shed his blood and to be crushed by you father! I could not submit one of my brothers to death, and you gave your only son to be a sacrifice! How wicked am I that I should seek sin for a season instead of forsaking all for you my holy God Forgive me! Break me! Stop my hands, my mind, my mouth! Let not a single perverse thing ever be uttered again from me let me not wound against my Savior and my God! Let me live as you have made me! A new creature! Oh father I believe that it is through your son's sacrifice that I have the cleansing of my sins! I repent from my wicked ways! Save my wretched soul from destruction! Make me as white as snow and let me forget it not! Have mercy on me! Oh Lord have mercy!
A prayer of forgiveness
So today I realized
That she already stole my heart
She can hurt me whenever she likes
I am at her mercy
SomaSonata Aug 19
I'm torn and wearing down
I'll leave your town without a sound
When the love is fading out
I'll crawl like a mouse
Out of sight and out of mind
It dampens my fire
***** it all out
Low down
Go down
Smoldered and shouldered
I'll play the clown
Once the garden was green
The birds chirped and sang
The light of day nurturing
An aura of peace
Love and warmth and
Milk and sweetness
And golden honey
But a babe who twisted the rules
He played the keepers for fools
Always some trouble of playing with fire
From a prodigal son into a merciless liar
He promised and swore not to open that door
But the fruit was ripe and yet tempting
Like ambrosia of yore
Sweet and spellbinding
And barbed at its core
Taunted and haunted
Bound by a contract
And the roof came crashing down...
In order for the gospel to go it also must come.

come Jesus come.
go Gospel go.
The Most High in Heaven
Seventy times seven
Times has forgiven
This sinner who should 
In twain be riven,
For the LORD is good.
Qweyku Nov 2017
infected by your
contagious smile

for this the heart
has no antidote

© Qwey.ku
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