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I want to say sorry
but there are no words
that carve out my apology
without chiseling at wood
set for the fire in hell
I sculpt with tired eyes
my need for your forgiveness
Karijinbba Aug 29
Today and for a few days now
I just had to look at your photos
different ones two of them
In one you wore a tie and one other from a while back and I
felt like a billionaire everywhere.
I felt a different kind of wealth
A peacefulness about it,
in places too mystical to share.
A rush of lightening quickened
my breath and happiness never
felt so real as in looking,
at your photo more for it's inner worth though your outercore
is mostly holy for me.
I love you to tears in every look
and best that midnight criptic
shadowy one I cried all night long
with this one, and in love the most.
A verse asleep in memory chip, awakened me, you love me.
your love apeace my entrails.
Beloved of God divine.
You maketh me to lie down in green pastures:you leadeth me beside the still waters.
You restoreth my soul: You leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for your name's sake.
Alhough I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear NO evil: for thou art with me;
thy ROD and thy STAFF
they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over precioso.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in
the house of you my Lord
my beloved for ever.
By: Karijinbba
Gerald Aug 28
I guess you like it when I'm begging.

You thought you'd always have me at your mercy.

Well you should know; even the strongest feelings fade, when taken for granted and ignored.
Sy Lilang Aug 21

O giliw at ginintuan kong bayan,
Sa mga galamay ng may burdang hinagpis
Ay ‘di patitinag ang katapatan kong sayo’y itinatangis
Panaghoy ko’y ‘wag sanang lisanin
Ang pangako nating hanggang sa dulo’y mananatili.

Hindi man sa ngayon
Ang paggawad ng medalyang kailanma’y hindi mangangalawang,
Ako’y magtitiis sa muling paglipad
Ng kalapating pilit na itinatali’t ikinakahon
Sa mga islang tanging anino na lamang ang kasarinlan.

Kung mamarapatin lang ng may Likha
Na ako’y tupukin na lamang ng apoy na hindi nakasusunog
At ako’y ayain sa hardin nang walang kamalayan
Kundi pagpuri sa Kanyang kagandahan.
Ngunit kailanma’y hindi ako mangingimasok
Sa kung anumang inilatag sa aking harapan.

Gustong lumuha ng dugo
Ng aking mga matang may iisang tinitingnan.
Sa mga kamay Niya’y
Hahayaan ko na lamang na dumungis ang mga butil
At ang Kanyang pagkalinga’y
Magsilbing panlaman-tiyan.

Kung makararating man sa lahat ng mga pinili
Na ang aking pananatili’y hindi pansarili lamang
Kundi ito’y aking pagpasyang piliin pa rin
Ang tahanan bagamat ito’y pinagtaksilan ng karamihan.

Sa mga pulong walang kapanatagan
At walang kapaliwanagan ang may kapangyarihan,
Ay naniniwala akong hindi paglisan ang solusyon.
At kung takot at pangamba ang kanilang mga naging dahilan,
Ay hindi ko kokonsintihin
Ang puso kong anumang oras
Ay kayang piliin na rin ang paglisan.
At the walking distance from my home,
There's a small shop at the roadside.
A person is working hard there alone,
From 6 o'clock in the morning till 9 o'clock at night.

Wearing a white apron on his body,
Carrying a sharp chopper in his hand.
Enjoying his profession as his hobby,
Whoever is visiting his shop, he's greeting every man.

A big chopping board is placed on the counter,
He is chopping the meats, whether it's frozen or fresh.
If you want then give him a reminder,
He can cut the meat pieces in any shape.

Some peoples are calling him merciless,
Because he's killing the innocent creatures.
But, I think he is faultless,
After all, he is also doing everything for his survival...
hello everyone,
I was watching a documentary in which animal rights activists blame butchers for the declination in population of meat producing animals such as lamb and chickens... they think them as the culprit for their insensitive behavior towards animals... but I don't think that it's only their fault.. bcz they are also doing these cruel things for their livelihoods... if they don't **** those animals then they will die because of starvation and in need of money....
You can distract me when
I'm older.
You can have all the
pieces of my heart.
I'm soaking up the sun,
trying to live out my dreams.
I'm taking it day by day,
not letting anyone stand
between her and I.

I know it's a crime.
I just can't let it go
I know I'm wasting
my time.
I guess it's just not
time for me to become
a prodigal son.

Someday I'll do it the
legal way.
I'll get down on my hands
and knees.
I'll ask her to claim my
Her father will give me
his blessing.
I won't stop until
I hear him say I'm clear
for take off.

I know it's a crime.
I just can't let it go
I know I'm wasting
my time.
I guess it's just not
time for me to become
a prodigal son.

Is it true what they say?
Will you leave the
lights on for me?
Will you come running
if I wanna come back
to you?
Will my brother throw
a fit at the sight of my
Will he refuse to show
me grace?

I know it's a crime.
I just can't....
Not based on actual events. Although most of us probably know what it's like to sin at some point in our lives. We can certainly all relate to the feeling of being lost.
Faithful you are who washed away sin and pain
Strengthen me and walk with me through the storm that l face
You took the blame and saved my soul
You called my name up in the mountain fog
A reason to live in my life again
You breathed within my soul
You grace and mercy unfold in the future
I thank you Jesus because you are with me now and forever.
Be blessed with this poem
At which point in vivisect ​
of the physical body
do we parse in twine
the real and the imagined
self? Some point soon
muscle must cede to
hedged bets in extraspace,
wish upon itself mercy.
Hamna Apr 13
I'm no less than a lion-hearted soul
Who lives by high heroic skills,
Courageously fights off jackals,
And rescues victims with flawless charisma

But I ain't less than a dignified warrior
The most Blessed Teacher, an exemplary
Has taught me
About a weapon
Which has been the answer to infinite sorrows
dreamy desires and unthinkable perils
I've used it to cheer up saddened souls
And to relieve the unrelieved

It is my light
It is the weapon to divert from hapless ends
it is the key to unlock the gates of Mercy
It is otherwise known as Dua
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