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Glumbugged Jan 14
Localize broken eyes,
Fated lies, go retry
Snapping till you awake,
Come back for your own sake,
Testing blows, it's music,
Melodies make me sick,
Hefty stack on the way,
Laughing out, celebrate,
Open skies, nothing new,
Sun outshines all the blue,
Flooded land, rushing green,
Endless too, such a scene,
Fleeing fast, go away,
Made money for the day,
Fortunate, for my head,
Checkmate, kings, i'm not dead
Dillon Driskill Nov 2018
Sometimes in life
It is a dreary day
And it seems
Like always you will be the hunters prey

But you must take that beating
and turn it into a meal worth eating

Sometimes you must put up with the storm
Because a desert comes from no rain
Where all life the sun had since slain
King Nov 2018
I’ve never been so cold
While lying next to you
I’ve lost that hand to hold
You watch my skin turn deathly blue

I am the venison
Left unwanted after the hunt
Still warm, sensitive
Dying in the cold front

I only wish I freeze peaceful
The snow covers me white
My death comes so blissful
As the moon overtakes the night

The hunters have left to kiss their women
Hug their kids and sleep soundly
While my decayed body is unwritten
And my spirit is ungrounded

Doe of the night,
Wisting away in the wind
The soul of The Taken takes flight
And finds his own ending
Galib Jul 2018
It’s a dream, you desperately follow,
You live in a miracle world,
What I give you is solely sorrow,
Yet you see me as a gold.

You are left with deepest vibes,
True love is taken for granted,
Your feelings are sharp knives,
Mind is blurred, soul is hunted.

You stuck in a distressful ship,
Heading to port of sadness,
Let me give you a tip,
Leave my ship, for goodness.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
The Wanderer

What land is this stretched out before me?
I am forever lost inside a world of hatred, hunted by their vengeance.
Trusting in no one but myself inside this ****;
I find myself wandering in search of a saviour to offer me guidance.
I beg, I plead; I foretell a future with an unbroken promise,
If I am to be blessed with sight, when I am blind to all witness.

I confess I am lonely in such a barren place;
I fall detached from any form of comely shaped temptress, blaming all.
I am unworthy of your anger, for I am invisible to any kindness;
I seek some meaning inside this world,
But I see no way of becoming disenthralled.

A dark ranger stalks my footsteps;
I shall be captured and added to the prisoners of hopelessness.
Pain reigned, so I sought shelter within a drug.
Now all I am is lost in the wilderness and all I can do is wander on.

Could I have foreseen this foretold future?
Was it written down for me to read?
Is there any way I can fix my existence with a simple suture?
I need a loophole in my downfall, in which I can believe in,
So that I can put my faith in the hope that one day I shall be set free.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
kevin hamilton Sep 2017
a snake eats my dreams
but i could watch her
speak forever
i could let the words cascade
across my eyes by moonlight
and learn why it is
we sleep at night
sophie Aug 2017
Stalked by the lion

I am the weak prey evading it’s jaws

My legs are lagging and I cannot rest until I know I am safe

This barren savannah has no mercy

No respite to hide , so I must keep running.

A vulnerable antelope, my stamina wanes

Stumbling and panting, my will to survive subsides

Tunnel-vision focused on an escape, when will this end?

Only when the hunted becomes the hunter.
Poetic T Jun 2017
focus on the ****
sights collect, gullible prey

antlers collect prize
Who says the hunter is the winner
Pepper Smith Jun 2017
My wolves are at war,
Angry ******* beasts,
Mapping out their territory,
Tattooing stigmata on my flesh,
Haunting my moon,
My soul a ****** battleground,
Stripped bones,
Marrow ****** dry.

At the first speck of dawn,
I am their master,
Shackling my beasts,
To distant lands,
Decaying facades and dead spirits.
My wolves howl,
Feed me,
Break my chains,
Set me free.
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