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Simon Aug 1
Detesting authority isn't in the background service for pleasure. But for authority to simply detest it's own offer at a newer starter development. Then it should have taken that very chance at not becoming more detesting of itself. Unless the authority is being too harsh onto it's own background service for pleasure. Exceeding boundaries where none were ever supposed to have surpassed!
Detesting authority is one thing... But remember that authority (in it's own right) isn't valid to prepare for the worst.... Unless that very authority is detesting all essentials without pleasure to know of it's own decisions? Which is no different from even telling left from right apart!
Graff1980 Jul 29
Couldn’t be bothered to remove your knee
from a man’s neck.

Couldn’t be bothered to protect
the huddled masses of poor,
when you and your buddies can make more
from building machines and waging wars.

Couldn’t be bothered to tell our youth
the deep and painful truth
about our history.

Couldn’t be bothered until you were
Until your bosses see this
and you get in trouble
for vile rants.

Couldn’t be bothered to be
a decent human being,
and you wonder why
people cry,
let it burn.
Anais Vionet Jul 24
Build your fort and be its watchman
Wound me with silence or cut me with words
Humiliate me, remove happiness
Put me in lonely company
Make me autarkic

I will battle with whispers
I will hide in plain sight
I will sulk in the now
I will **** with looks
I can cry in secret
sometimes you have to wrestle with authority
Words' Worth Jul 4
I don't know why the garden behind a lulled neighbourhood
Reminds me of the forgiving past
When, I jotted my thoughts from the start
As a pale boy

Understanding the road of violence taken
Many ideals ceased to exist until poetry came
Maybe, because of white privilege
But, the Bible is all we had for freedom

Now that black lives matter, thorns stub your head
As the nail impairs the prolonged hammer
We write for a culled audience
Dealing with prejudice, with our hands tied

Things are not black and white anymore than before
It is my duty to see the color
Life is more than warm and white color
Like blooming flowers grasping their innocence

Life is a beautiful wonderment
It isn't born of acceptance
A dirge-like procession always carries on
Yet, indelible writings are on the wall
LC Apr 29
slash their words by
demanding obedience.
burn them by
shaming their dreams.
cut them to the core
by belittling their feelings -
say their feelings don't matter
as much as yours.
the result?
doubts bring them
to their knees,
constantly questioning
others and their motives.
they wonder if they're
too much and not enough,
if their feelings are valid.
their wounds scare them
into submission.
authority is not an excuse
for abuse.
nothing is.
#escapril day 28!
your feelings are valid, and you are enough.
What makes something writeable?
My typical struggle is that of one with all ideas, and yet no authority to output them.
What terms must one abide by in order to have validity in them.
My words have no meaning, simply because I have chosen not give them any.
Zoe Rain Feb 19
Trample my thoughts like you have the authority to say what is right or wrong.
Hack down my ideas like this mighty forest is your personal play-thing.
These ropes you've tied me down with are but a construct of your twisted imagination. As effective as dental floss restraining an elephant.
Get off your high horse you tiny fool.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
And all that you need
Is to turn towards
Your back
And trust
Your wings

May your soul
Find a purpose

How far
Where to glide
Above & below
Space to explore
Holding the grip
Stretching your wings
Live your imaginaton
Everything will fall at place

You can
No matter what
Genre: Inspirational
Theme:You are a wonder, yes you can
Graff1980 Jun 2019
I will tell you
the truth,
adjust and fine tune
till your view
the matchstick
reality I made
for you.

I will cut and clip,
snip and rip
all of the
fairy wing bits
that I want you
to forget.

I will mold
and distort,
stretch and contort
till your
red clay mind
to the norms
that I formed.

But if you dare despair
act scared
and air
your understanding
to try and repair
of our shared

I will find you,
and take your rationality,
ostracize, or exclude
till you die
or submit to
the prechewed
military issued
world order
I eschew.
Natasha Bailey May 2019
authority, a position unknown to minority...

Military will only help temporarily,

Until the repetition

Becomes addiction

To violence.

Then like a sheep to its Sheppard,

Follows the police.

Diminishing the quality,

Of equality.

As chaos doesn’t subside.

Authority turns ruthless,

dressed in weapons everywhere they ride.

Contradicting by disrupting ‘world peace’.

Desperately in need of headgear and a mouthpiece,

Praying to reach a pleasant release,

Before hitting solitary, on the edge of madness,

With fear of fatality,

That could have you permanently resting in the cemetery.

How is deprivation of freedom correcting one’s behaviours?

Is gaining the ability to fend for your nation now classed as an act of superiority?
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