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in the distant future
when I’m old and grey
some kid who isn’t even
swimming in his daddy’s
***** yet will one day
flash those red and blue lights
in my rearview mirror
and pull me over
to the side of the road
to write me a
moving violation
like a ******
with a love letter
because the world
had done him wrong
and I’ll just happen to be there,
vulnerable and pliant
at that precise moment
to help him trounce the
infantile victories
that have bedeviled
his infantile mind.
Egeria Litha Jan 12
There is a wisdom in my innermost layer
laying there
Other layers lie, rest assured there is nothing substantial to see
Not a hint of revelation or emotional release
She wasted time under a Bodhi tree
Thoughts insisting she kept on persisting
I will breathe and close my eyes

There is a fire in my heart burning blood
Pumping all through me
My rib cages rage at the overgrown branches
Wishing they had more space to grow
Other people deny my conditions
They stir up wind inside of me with their cigarettes and blades
Instantly, my flames retaliate,
“This wild fire can’t be tamed
As a super star rises to fame
I will destroy the hate you made!”
Fire purifies pain

There is a way no one has been and no will go
It’s my unique path
It’s my highway home
trail blazin’ on the back roads
It’s a bumpy ol’ dirt road
Now, I’m using my hands and knees climbing up a rope

There is a dream in me only I can breathe
There is a place for me in this world only
I can keep
Kaitlin Evers Nov 2018
Never more than I can bear
It's what you promised me
A wrenching family affair
Obsessed with his authority,
trying to control me,
memories that hold me,
it's almost more than I can bear
He doesn't even care
It tears, it breaks, it falls apart
And this is just the start
writer omsy Oct 2018
They'll just let you
A few amounts of strength
Just to pull you out
And dip back into the darkness

Hear your voice trembling
Underneath their shoes
Won't they believe in you?
Won't you matter to them?

Sometimes, you crawl
And they watch
Sometimes, they fall
And you watch
It's Just Business.
Rizna M Rameez Sep 2018
When I rebelled
On a huge scale
For the first time

I learnt a lesson

What authority wants
Authority gets.
Read my poem Had I Let Go? For the description of why.
SC Kelley Aug 2018
We're all rebels WITH a cause.

We all have something that we would put above all else.

Even authority.

~S.C. Kelley
For all the rebels out there
Madison Aug 2018
Revolution is

Five syllables of meaning

Life without restraint.
Madison Aug 2018
Please stand for our ode

To the elite corrupt.

Sing loud for your majesty

And let him interrupt.

Bask in his diluted glory

Grotesque and proud.

Hear his sob story

About what won't be allowed.

Look at his knights' creations

Pushing opinions

All his own.

Posters read 'know your enemy'

With unsuspecting faces overblown.

See him mellow


As he satisfies his gluttony with wine.

Hear him bellow

'Those who aren't cheering

Are no friends of mine.'

Feel the rage burn my veins

As the crowd follows him blind.

See me lost in my brain

Wondering if they care

About the things in my mind.

Watch the show end

As he calls on his court

Inviting them to sup.

Hear their satisfaction

As they leave for dinner

On the way

Swallowing me up.
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
If our authority

For what
We dream
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Curiosity
donia kashkooli Jul 2018

i ******* hate structure in every sense of the word. always have.
any expecting mother, upon finding out that she's going to have a baby girl, suddenly begins spending all of her life's work on gingham overalls, and gigantic, faux-velvet bows to adorn her newborn daughter's bald head. my beautiful persian mama had nothing to worry about at first, she had it her way, and for a while, i was the baddest baby on the block, except i didn't have a block. i grew up on a dirt road on an island called whidbey in the north puget sound. much to fatima's dismay, all that little me wanted to wear once i turned six months old and developed a personality was big t-shirts with logos of bands whose music would keep me sane and my heart only half-broken seventeen years later. i wouldn't let her put pants on me. i would crawl around in my backyard in little more than an alice in chains shirt and a diaper, sometimes riding on my beloved golden retriever's back. i was young when my parents realized that they could try all they wanted, but their child, born on the cusp of gemini and taurus, was too much for them to handle.
i started skipping class when i was in kindergarten; i would run out into the acres of heavy forest behind the playground during recess, and i'd be ****** if i decided i wanted to come back. in middle school, i would skip because growing up middle eastern in a post 9/11 society was enough for me to be bullied to a ****** pulp. in high school, i would skip because i wanted to smoke cigarettes behind the football field with my friends who couldn't go to class because they were tweaking too hard. we would make daisy chains and listen to everything that mark lanegan ever made. i was throwing my life away; well, at least that's what they told me, but i was happy. and it was cause i had been successfully fighting the man since before i could walk.
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