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Emma Dec 3
I took a photo of you
When you didn’t know
You were laughing loudly
And your dimples were in show
Your hands were folded properly
you were looking to your right
Your hair was light and messy
And your eyes sparkled with delight
I hold on to your photograph
As you hold on to her hand
A tear rolls down my flushed cheeks
And on your printed face it lands
I close my eyes and make a wish
A selfish one indeed
My heart is filled with love for you
But my mind is clouded greed
-I’m not usually like this x
Where there is love, but there is no passion
There is a hearth that has gone ashen.
It is a sleep where there is no dreaming
Day will break, but there is no gleaming,
A familiar dish, lacking in heat,
A well-known dance, lacking in beat,
A complex wine sans maturation,
A photograph sans saturation.
Ashley Lingy Nov 18
I pretend I don't know why I take you.
But really,
I like to chronicle my days, my moods, my looks.
Did I put makeup on that day?
Was I tired?
Was I happy? Smiling?
Forcing a smile?
Using a filter?
The truth is written all over my face,
if you know where to look.
At times I need to glance at this.
When you’ve gone, I'll think fondly of
all the summers from that smile,
you’re just so beautiful here.

And now as I look ahead
at the times I'll again need
to rout the insufficient days without you
my eyes will fall on this

Fraying at the edges
An old glossy paper memory
Kept perfect, still —your smile
that's mine. I’ll hold it near & dear

with me.
without you…
Final edit.
They say photographs are precious
Because they remind you that once upon a time
Even just for a heartbeat
Everything was perfect
Looking through my phone
I don't have any pictures
From some of the best days of my life
Because i was too busy dancing in the sunset
Pressing lips against the people i loved the most
To remember to pull out my phone
And snap a picture

Those moments are engraved in my brain
Locked inside my heart's deepest chamber
Melted into every ounce of my soul
Replaying in my wildest dreams every night

I guess the best place to be alive
Is in each other's memories
It's the warmest feeling
An eternal smile on our face
Fingers intertwined
Heartbeats synchronised
Under the stars
On the beach
In the sunset
At the mall
In your bedroom with too little space
With the air on
Cuddling to "The Notebook"

I guess
We are immortal in each other's memories.
Cherisse May Oct 19
you're a photograph,
grayed out and dissolved by time,
washed away by an ocean of tears;
you're a photograph no longer occupying my album called my heart.
the emptiness is not cause by you; rather, the absence of you.

i'm coming into terms with my own loneliness, and it seems like i'll never fully get over this horrible feeling.

rest assured, i've finally moved on.
J F O Oct 11
Do you ever look at someone
and remember the chance
you’ve missed?

You look at how happy they are
and a part of you wishes
it was you?

Do you remember when he
confessed his feelings for you
and you walked away?

And now,
staring at this photograph,
you only wish him the world?
Tell them how you feel before you miss it.
Esther Oct 10
my camera
tries to capture
all that you are
and fails
because you are so much more
than a photograph
you are fluid
you are sound
you are fireworks
so you can't be captured
you need to be
Xaela San Sep 19
I see you everyday
I bring you anywhere
But I can never touch you
like before
'cause your just a picture
perfect photograph
Frozen in time
forever remaining to that picture
perfect smile
for I can never see you
once more
beyond this photograph of us
'cause you'll never see the sun shine
for another time
And I'll remain here silently
missing you
in the living world.
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