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you're a photograph,
grayed out and dissolved by time,
washed away by an ocean of tears;
you're a photograph no longer occupying my album called my heart.
the emptiness is not cause by you; rather, the absence of you.

i'm coming into terms with my own loneliness, and it seems like i'll never fully get over this horrible feeling.

rest assured, i've finally moved on.
J F O Oct 11
Do you ever look at someone
and remember the chance
you’ve missed?

You look at how happy they are
and a part of you wishes
it was you?

Do you remember when he
confessed his feelings for you
and you walked away?

And now,
staring at this photograph,
you only wish him the world?
Tell them how you feel before you miss it.
Esther Oct 10
my camera
tries to capture
all that you are
and fails
because you are so much more
than a photograph
you are fluid
you are sound
you are fireworks
so you can't be captured
you need to be
Xaela San Sep 19
I see you everyday
I bring you anywhere
But I can never touch you
like before
'cause your just a picture
perfect photograph
Frozen in time
forever remaining to that picture
perfect smile
for I can never see you
once more
beyond this photograph of us
'cause you'll never see the sun shine
for another time
And I'll remain here silently
missing you
in the living world.
SeaChel Sep 16
We used to say in the beginning
how it felt like such a dream.
Though, somehow
somewhere along our journey,
it turned into a nightmare.
The memories of us together,
I’ve now hidden.
Yet, I know where to find them
and sometimes I find myself
flipping through an album
of moments captured in time,
a reminder that at one point it was
most definitely a dream
and not just a night terror.
Bryan Aug 12
Photographs enable us to forget but force us to remember.
Pyrrha Aug 11
It took looking at your pictures today
To remind me why I deteste your name
Taking them before I didn't know they'd linger with pain
Curse the digital world
Where I can't watch you turn to ash in a radiant flame
Sachiko Jul 29
He looked at his object with an eye.
So, he came closer to clarify.
An angle that will compliment for each element.
A product that can make a statement.
He chose the bright colors to incorporate.
Because her smile suited a great light.
He focused the subject, and suddenly it was fading.
She was started running.
Running, from the picture perfect life that he created.
She was a medium of unrealistic bliss.
And found herself out of nowhere.
People envied her but they didn’t know the  truth.
She was missing the unfiltered life.
She spaced out, and her heart was bruised.
He was definitely imaginative.
And fooled by unreachable perspective.
He looked at his object with an eye.
Thinking, with her was a root of a great life.
I wrote this during the fall season, and at the same time my brother and his girlfriend broke up. And that situation was my inspiration to just write as I see him every single day trying to figure out all the answers to all his questions.
Julia May 27
Your silhouette faded into the dawn,
but the sky remained blue,
the earth didn’t stop spinning.
That’s when I knew
I would be okay
without you,
despite how part of me feared
things would lose its hue.

But, if the light
lost its vibrancy,
filtering the world black and white,
it wouldn’t make life any less beautiful.
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