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Nobody May 31
He is like the SUN,
She is like the MOON,
Always connected,
Yet never together
Lunar Apr 8
Born in different worlds we became unalike people
Its funny they say opposites attract but really it should have been illegal
Cause sometimes our differences make it painful to stay
We laugh and chat but I have to disguise my pain
Whenever I'm sad I reminisce about our past and ignore why I am mad
I give you reasons and covers, throw my feelings in the trash
Its not your fault cause I never say
But why cant you recognise how miserable I am some days
Why did I ever let it get this bad?
Is it you or is it me that I'm disappointed at

By Lunar
There are as many different people
As there are as many different souls.
Not two of them the same.
Still they all look so
very much  alike .
Especially from far,  
just like the stars.
All one
still one of a kind!

Shell ✨🐚
We all are unique in our own way still we are all one kind and yes we look the same!
Traveler Dec 2020
It was a big leap
from nakedness to
those hideous fig leaves!

To me the gender phenomenon
parallels romanticism

it’s all backwards to me
Fields of lovely flowers are all I see
Your *** is fluent and mighty
The greater the wave
The deep the sea.

Evolution can’t go backwards
or else we’d all take off your clothes
Wouldn’t that be nice
If your genitality was exposed
You do understand
We still wouldn’t be able
to see your soul...
Romanticism is a belief that we should do things like in the past, but the reason things change is because they weren’t working to begin with.
this is also known as a Paradyne shift
Mei Dec 2020
If relationship were like baking
We are flour
Just like how it is sifted
Lumps and bits  are recognized in the
Middle of sifting or the end
Our only difference is that
We are both
Ball of lumps in the beginning
Scratching, rubbing, bumping
Against each other
Trying to figure out
How to get through
The same sieve,
To see how much impurities
Of ourselves we need to get rid
And how much of us
From scratch we can save.
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