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Benjamin Aug 26
Differences are beautiful,
They make us all unique,
Without differences between us,
There'd be no reason to speak,
The cultures that divide us,
Are the same ones that unite,
The people that helped make us,
Are the reason that we fight
A short poem on why differences are what the make the world go round.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 21
I shall meet you
in the middle
Even a step
or two more
if need be
Once there
let's put our differences aside
- joining hands -
and with pure motive
remind each other
what we love about us
LLillis Aug 18
The green shades of spring,
Have not intimidated
The purple maple.
One young purple maple stands in my yard against an older more established background of countless greens. It seems as unperturbed as it should be, being a tree. But I find celebrating the differences, the contrasts, in all things to be worthwhile. What use is only ever seeing green?
I am different.
You are different.
They are different.
Why would I get afraid?
Why would you get afraid?
Why would they get afraid?
Syd Jul 30
Remarks hang
low in the gut
so dense they have there own gravity...
Freedom of opinions
ignorance is bliss
free speech becomes a travisty

Out of taste
and fashion
like a garish 80s bandana
an appendix burst
or rupture to the spleen
a spanner in the works
of a fine tuned machine

Hard to digest
pain bursts through my chest
like a xenomorph in nirvana
indigestible & foul
dry cat **** on a trowel
you are my green banana
I coined the phrase "A green banana" to describe a friend who you cherish dearly but has an opinion about something that you can't agree with eg. Disagreeing with the Black Lives Matter movement. You can't cut this person out of your life because of this as you've been lifelong friends. That person is your green banana.
M M E Ronan Jun 21
No thoughts to make you real,
nails clenching on my notions,
screaming without ears to hear,
perception of memories put forward
creation of scenarios torn,
oh to stop,
make myself physical,
contained within today,
to look once more,
no reasons beyond context,
you had to create a somber scene,
unsteady emotions drive hasten movements,
reasoning occurring in my racing mind,
you sank deeper into my thoughts,
fragmented comments make fuller picture,
pensive minds adhere these.
Sanjali Jun 17
Differences built us up so high
We see the world from the sky,
Clinging to the topmost branch,
The way down is to fall apart.
Among the piles of ***** clothes
Beyond the stacks of dishes
Lives a girl you’ve passed before
A truly absurd missus.

She shows the moon her moonlight
And showers in the rain.
If you glanced your eyes upon her
You would wonder if she's sane.

She wears two different shoes
One black and yet one red.
She even has three hair colors
That grow out of her head.

Her skin is very spotty
White patches all around.
Her head is red and blistered
With scales like dragons crowned.

She has teeth like a vampire
Some pointed and some straight.
I’ve been told she bites people
Who touch her by mistake.

Some people say she is a fool
Who hides behind blue eyes,
Or say she is a tyrant
With a torso full of lies.

Some people say she's misconstrued,
Not odd deliberately.
“Perhaps she's a mishap of God”
They say concernedly.

She laughs at jokes not funny.
She does everything wrong.
One time she walked around the town
With her dress tucked in her thong.

I heard she drinks alcohol
Like it's her morning kiss
And slurs her speech suspiciously
In an evil nasty hiss.

So if you see this missus
I’ll tell you what to do,
Just walk right on past her,
Until you’re somewhere new.

She is not worth your time
Not a second or a split
Not a minute or an hour
Not a day and not a tick

So simply just keep walking by,
Your dignity in check.
Keep your eyes on the horizon
And she's gone within a sec.

Don’t dare to look too closely, ma'am,
Fear what she may do!
If you gave her any time of day
You’d find out.. well.. she's like you.
Mansi Apr 25
Why are humans
Divided in race, ethnicity,
****** orientation, or gender?

Why can't we be united
In our brokenness?
Every single one of us is broken
Not in the same way or from
But still broken

This quality should unite us,
But why does this
Always draw a wedge
Between us
This is the time to stand united not divided
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