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Jeanmarie Mar 10
I painted my room the hue of blue
For a reason
You see, blue reminds me of the beach
Which reminds me of hot summer days
And cold summer nights
Which reminds me of when you lent me your sweatshirt
Which wasn’t blue, but when I wore it I swear it radiated that hue
It’s scary having deep feelings for someone
But the radiance of blue was so vibrant
It was easy to push my fears aside
Instead I was filled with calmness, peace, security, and feelings of content  
I was left the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.
I painted my room the hue of blue
To remind me what I want to strive to feel
Each day of my life
I’m open to any thoughts, suggestions, or critiques :)
The crow and his burnt feathers,
His fading Iridescent luster
calls out for a life that at one point

He knew.

Lined with dark ash, covered
In rubies and gold.
Yet one look up above
One he could not obtain.

An illuminated lie in his dreaming state.

In stillness he stood
The ink that he bore
The scattered light he once held
soaking in his obsidian hues.

Things he could not take back
Things that he could not have

And all the questions he still had
could only be answered

By the moon.

I used to have a pet crow
Shofi Ahmed Feb 6
I took the plunge into your sea.
Oh, you know what?
I am now hooked forever
on its colourless colour.

******* out a cloud-bubble.
Black or white, it doesn’t matter.
Sprinkle some drops
in your pious colourless style.
Watch, it shines and sizzles
in renewed hues
across the land and over the blooms.
Still, in the end, remains a potion,
an intact drop:
The untouched ocean down the moon!
The sky dressed in a lavender hue.
Six o'clock mornings always felt better with you.

You were my morning cup of tea,
A one hundred percent all-natural sweetener guarantee.

They could find us in the sky,
With our footprints in clouds of sunset tie-dye.

Just like that, we were gone with the wind.
Sailing, never to be seen,
And so our story would begin.
Niel Nov 2020
Ponder this well to understand more clearly

       that what we have as life

                is many-hued reflections
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2020
Queen Fathima the Queen of Heaven
she tones her rose-red colour
lending nature a cool spark.
Boom, that fires up big bang!  
So she shades her hue
puts on her black niqab
so in her shadow nature may flower.
Now the full-blown scientia nature
is beyond every hand’s touch
eyes on for her Queen everywhere!
Bullet Aug 2020
The jeans seem to be clean
The tone I bring is dark washed
My shyness is bleached
I keep thinking of spin cycles
Acid wash anything I can dream
Just a tab to expand what is loaded
Psychedelic and kaleidoscopic hues
Painting with a vivid open minded view
Let the universe hypnotize me
The spin cycle I keep thinking about
My decision to surf on a wave
Will it bring me tripped out pain
Stuck in the intertwining of space
Stuck between experience and entrapment
Acid wash me into a different color
Or drown me into a world I’m not ready for
Acid wash color me away
jia Jun 2020
amidst where I was lost,
you existed beneath the hue.
soon, I hope our lives will cross.
this time, I won't let go of you.
for the person who was there behind my lost and confused self.
Bullet Jun 2020
I’m sorry if I can’t hold onto reality
My mind slips and displays colorful escapes
Some are painted red
The others drip down in blue
My eyes remain to you a blankless hue
My name can’t even awaken my mood
Trapped in a prismatic glass waiting for the light to polarize me
Both sides get the grip of a lilac view
The whole world is told to be a blank canvas
But the gravity of gray contrasts something different into the others actuality view

Please find me a hue
Bullet May 2020
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