I stand at the forefront
of human existence
and all that stands
is an empty vessel
of idealism
and missed opportunity.

A shallow mass
of pathetic selfishness
instead of selflessness;
a common mistake
of mixing words
that sound eerily too similar.

All the people
that stood here,
may become hardened
or maybe they never stood here at all.

Maybe they sat
at the center of the world
where they never crawled out of,
so they never saw all the beauty
or opportunity
that rested
right above their heads.

These are the burial grounds
for a peaceful existence:
one where equality lies,
still alive,
but buried so deep,
that it hides right outside of thought--
and each person mistakes
helping themselves
for helping the world.

Reading yet another article where prejudice minds keep our doors shut.  We should be building each other up not tearing the world down.
DJColzz Apr 12

Pull me
Kiss my lips with the passion you express
Let me push my body on yours
Feel locked together securely
No one can compare to this love
That's getting stronger all the time
I want to run the back of my hand
Gently down your cheek
I want to
Undo the buttons of your blouse
Let those jeans fall to the floor
Slide my hand inside your underwear
So that we can be naked together
Forever, sensually, softly, lovingly
Cement our love over and over as we become one
Husband and wife
For all of this life and the next
On each of these nights
As the moon provides the only light in the window
I can lose myself in your sighs
Stronger together, weaker apart
Love needs no disguise

Ma Cherie Apr 12

Five people,
all unrelated
having dinner,
under one-
so "comfortable"
they say,
just like a family feels.

Ma Cherie

A very sweet lady said this.
Sanjukta Nag Apr 1

When our home first felt the dark
You illuminated your thoughts,
And light flooded the porch of moon.

Poems were born, and I fell for you
Deeper than sun's root inside wind.

Like a child's friendship with colours
Fills the gap of rainbows,
You inked my words with voices of spring,

Turning love's tint into unaged green.

Dev Singh Mar 18

Soar high above the clouds,
And reach up for the sky;
Where dreams are everything,
And everything is you and I.

Jyoti Yadav Feb 20

Dear Wife,

My life, my love is all yours,
I will gonna love you forever.

I wanna tell you that you are a bliss,
But still, i must tell you that i have a wish.

When i die, burry me in backyard of our home,
Don't burn me with the traditional norms.

I know, on this, you would be about to cry,
But look at stars i will be in the sky.

Get me buried there, this have a reason,
Because i will always be with you every season.

Because i wanna be alive till my last breath,
Because i wanna be alive even after my death.

When you will grow plants in backyard,
In every flower, i will be smiling at you like a guard.

When you walk barefoot on grass,
You will feel me with every footstep pass.

When winds will blow,
You will smell me with the wind flow.

Because i wanna love you till my last breath,
Because i wanna love you even after my death.

When storm will come, don’t be numb.
Because protective wall i will become.

Don’t fear when it’s dark,
See me in light when it sparks.

When our children will play in lawn,
I will be watching them from dawn.

When you will be cooking inside,
I will feel the craving in wide.

Because i wanna be with you till my last breath,
Because i wanna be with you even after my death.

When it will be your birthday, Dress up like a pretty doll,
Because i will be still looking at you like a heart fall.

When our family will be celebrating together
I will be enjoying seeing you all getting stronger.

When you will be old, don’t make your life on hold.
I will still be with you, as i told.

Don’t be sad when you miss me,
I will always be around you in the winds,
Just hold your breath and kiss me.

Because I wanna be alive till my last breath,
Because I wanna be alive even after my death.

                                                         ~Jyoti Yadav

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Ma Cherie Feb 9

Imagine there's no Heaven,
it's easy if you try,
with no hell below us,
and above us only sky,

Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine no real difference
everyone sees the same
regardless of your skin tone
the only difference is a name

Imagine all the people living life as one

Imagine there's no countries,
it isn't hard to do,
and nothing to kill or die for,
and no religion too,

Imagine all the people living life in peace,

Imagine there's no hatred
no angry fingers blame
imagine no more bullies
no one to hide in shame

Imagine all the people living life with love


You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one,
I hope one day you'll join us,
and the world will be as one,

Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can,
no need for greed or hunger
a brotherhood of man,

Imagine all the people sharing all the world,

Imagine no division
imagine holding hands
farmers and great leaders
protecting sacred lands

Imagine all the people
sharing all the food

You may say I'm a poet
and I know
I'm not the only one
one day I hope you join me
and we can all live as one

Ma Cherie ©  2017

John Lennon wrote all the beautiful words not in italics - from memory so I hope it's right.
I just added some verses,
because I love the idea of the song -
I am not in any way against religion -
I just hope one day
we all see the same way...
one world one heart,
one voice,
spiritually maybe?
And please, please feel free to join me,
in comments leave a verse,
a rhyme or word of togetherness!
Love and peace - VERMONT
Ines Rose Jan 20

We have put so much time and effort in protest,

It is time we do the same for revolution .

Discontentment is the main spring to progress and innovation, but only if you take action.
irinia Jan 14

Traum ist des Besuchers Schaum

love, imposition, matryoshka dolls
sore cage-ribs
stories are replayed, everywhere crossroads with no signs

we cross each other
heads are heavy like pumpkins in the sun
hearts weary of keeping hope alive
I recompose myself within the confinement of the sunrise
falling falling further further down
to the anarchy of living
the seduced seducer, the ripped ripper
the air collapses on collars, lapels

we all visit the fountain of thirst

they still want to learn what love is
the visitors with hurricane hearts and hungry hands
the trainers of dyeing darkness

dog days are over
healing hands are genuine and humble
he finally feel the lightness of the heartbeat

(I no longer look like a fool to you...
yes, you!)

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