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Gazing into your eyes
Lost in time
Lost in space
Crossing all the boundaries
To a faraway place
When all is said
And heard
The truth, and the lies
Cause for concern
Until the end of time
An affair with your mind

Unlike anything
I have ever known
A journey to you
Find me
In your breath
Theme: To be where, you are
Caulk these broken bows, please
whether salt or fresh water,
it has weight, presence
and if allowed to pour in
it will sink me

Trying not to think too much
won’t work
as the only perpetual motion found
in this empirical life
is in our anxious minds
so as life jackets go
it’s a no no

To ask for a shipwright is unfair
but to have you there,
tar brush in hand
is enough
Thomas Steyer Aug 31
I ordered a wheelchair for my mother
The rest of the family was filled with horror
As it might make her feel sicker and look much older

She's weak, no surprise at ninety-four
She can walk maybe fifty yards but no more
She was a ballerina and raised kids no less than four

Cancelled the order but it was too late
When it arrived I rolled her through the gate
Really enjoyed ourselves, luckily she's of little weight

Arriving at the park, she was delighted
Seeing the flowers the ducks, she got excited
She held my hand and we were pleased to be united.
Anais Vionet Aug 26
No treaty is negotiable with the eager viral assassin.

Doubt the truth of gossip. What's sadder than the unreasonable sucker?

Tribal outcries and worldly conceits are not impenetrable refuges.

May you all be sheltered and safe and may modern alchemy protect you.

May you have what you need and be happy.

We will rise or fall together.
yeah, I said it
From the initial dawning

lithium sky met infernal waters

and it all went awry

the light of happiness

constituted halos

leaving intimate words

paperclipped, tongue-tied

and love bruises

upon inner thigh

the wellspring enveloped

char and holm

with faint kissed alkali

abating the stormy umbrage

as if a softly whispered lullaby

and suddenly along this watermark

only you, me

and the need to multiply

Jo Mar 30
why is racism still a thing?

why is it that some individuals have to experience such pain and trauma?
simply due to their physical appearance.

we all bleed the same color.
we all bleed RED.

we are all the same.
we should all be fighting for equality.
every. single. one. of us

it is so disheartening to know that this is america.
that this is the place that my parents left their home for...

devastating. and exhausting.
The one you love
so passionately
Is coming like the wind
Leaving you behind with
just a breeze....
till we meet again
Oh take me wind
along with you
to great hights let me fly
Let me lay down in your
Gaze deeply in my eyes.
Let me be your sea my love
The force behind your force
That’s what love is supposed
to be....
Oh secret love of mine!

Shell ✨🐚
Sometimes we love in silence
We people
live alongside each other
Without really knowing
how very very vulnerable
we are...... that’s why
Let’s make a sweet gesture
towards one another
Let’s mean something more
then just passengers passing by

We must be there for each other!!
Nowadays it’s more everybody for themselves leaving many isolated and lonely!!
Hold my hand
Let’s laugh and cry
Hold my hand
Let’s explore this life
Hold my hand
Never let go of it.

When you find that special someone
Sharing a lost freedom
you gave us a fleeting,
distanced touch of colleagues,
friends, your girls

free laughs flowed in honour
til you passed us for the last time
in this grey world
and we choked a little

but even then, the technicolour
of next time rained,
irrepressible as red laughter
and leopard print
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