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aj 1d
I came back to a bag of clothes on my bed
that you left there for me while I was gone
they looked little and silly, the things;

once mine, then yours
now neither of us want to take credit for what belongs to us

you were giving back what you'd kept hold on to in the most material way you could

thought basically saying in less words than one
"I've made the choice to forget you"
Zywa Nov 15
When he cried, I listened
I looked at him without

saying anything, I don't know what
the time was, whether it was busy

in the street, in what kind of room
we were sitting, I looked and listened

not beyond him
His words sounded

low and slow
like a bass

in my silence
and later

my questions sang
as a cello, along

with his story, my feelings
accompanying his sadness

That's how we walked through the pain together
Nothing else
Collection "The Big Secret"
Gods1son Nov 14
There is strength in our togetherness
There is peace in our oneness
Especially when we respect each person's uniqueness

There is power in our unity that
We can harness
To bring about individual and unified progress
And ultimately our overall success

But instead, we judge one another to condemnation
We operate on islands of isolation
We practice segregation
Lack of love is our biggest limitation!
Girl, with every kiss
We both feel that fire
We share that loving bond
Together, we take each other higher
We build each other's desire
Our hearts have become one
Nothing but peace and harmony
Together, we have so much fun
Girl, your loving smile
Shines so bright
Beautiful and charming
It lights the skies at night
Stunning and wonderful
A pretty sight to see
You truly are a masterpiece
You are radiant as can be
Girl, beautiful you are
Always in my eyes
Along with a wonderful personality
And a smile bright as the sunshine
Your effervescence and glamour
Simply takes my breath away
Charming and loving
Each and every day
Priyanka Oct 23
Left behind
After a devastating ruin
I was the last of poets,
Left alone, to ponder
in a barren world.
They wanted me to write,
To tell our story
But how could I,
With you not around?

You weren’t among those
to submit to longing
And fairly warned
that burning desire
could etch history, or
We could bring us down.

Togetherness had a cost,
It pulled us low
from the high pedestals,
Of palaces we built
to justify our pretences
In the functional world.  

But how could I
Tell them of all the tales
You wove for me,
each word dotting
the timeline of my life,
And of the parallel universe
the one we created,
Like children knitting
magical tales
Oblivious to the adult sphere.  

The way we receded
into nothingness
and quiet evenings,
beside each other.
The night, a fellow traveller  
and the wind whispering
songs of our past,
That then faded
into a sea of companionship. 

The horizon of togetherness,
lost souls finding each other
its silver lining, working
Like the sunset taking away
trials of the day,
A blanket of the dark
soothing the aches,
The scent of our love
covering all wounds
like healing gauze.

What could I tell
of the unspoken words
that spread out each day
like fairy dust,
Sprinkled over
a mundane existence
Lending a special,
O special meaning
to our dreary lives
Complicated, yet so simple
in its wants,
that heard only
language of the heart.

Could I even begin
to talk of the rhythm,
The pulsating earth
beneath our feet,
When we danced
to those songs,
the numerous serenades
That held our minds
like morse code
messages from another
parallel universe,
Feet on feet
rocking together,
Swaying like madmen
to the tunes of our
silent disco.  

If only I could narrate    
alongside you, this tale
would bring alive
Saplings in a barren land,
Brought about
by that devastating ruin
called the real world —
the marriage of pain
with daylight drudgery —
fresh flowers would emerge,
Jasmines of love,
not those plucked buds
saved in a book of poems
that neither you, nor I wrote,

If only I were not
The last of the poets
Left alone
In a barren world.
What am I if not the last of poets in a barren world, without another to complete my story?
Take the time to communicate
For it is a must
Tell your lady everything
In order to have her trust
Speak wise words of wisdom
Have a listening ear
Hold her close in your arms
Always be her comforter
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