Freddie Ruiz Jun 18
There ain’t nothing you can’t do with this man,
gather all around me, have no shame.
Move along the beat, let me hear you scream.
I’m the type of fella that likes to ride a beat.
I set the place on fire.
I take a yawn party and turn it into a massive smasher.
Can we get started?
Let JR Musik move you and make of tonight the hottest.

This is a warning, the place is about to go down
and what you didn’t know about me you’ll know now.
I’m about to prove my talent,
so let me have it my way.
Who said anything about keeping it low?
I’m known for having no shame, so let’s get out of control.
You can’t stop a train with no brakes.
Who said a little rain will stop us from doing what we do best?

The night is still young and we’re here to party.
Mix whatever you want as long as you don’t spill it on my converse.
Keep laughing till you get tired.
Act crazy, move something, otherwise get outta here.
Everybody come on,
If you are corner people you should’ve stayed home.
I’ll keep this party going till the last person left leaves.
Nobody does it better than FR and the Ds.

Like a pizza in the oven it can’t get hotter than this
So, come and join me to celebrate this night and all that it brings.
Raise up your glasses, plastic cups are good too.
Down goes the beer, there goes the wine too.
What the heck! let’s just sing and dance,
and for tonight, let’s not act our age.
Written on March 27, 2011
Composition number: 378
Girl, with every little step
Together, we build our confidence
As each day passes along
We cherish our togetherness
We share and care deeply
Together, we make everything bright
We walk hand and hand
In order to make our magic and take flight
Girl, even though we are apart
Thoughts of you linger in my mind
Your gentle loving touch
Is tender, peachy, and kind
Your beautiful smile
Can light up the night stars
You have a wonderful personality
That will take you far
Girl, we have each other
It is just us two
Together, we care for one another
As we guide our way through
Our love is pure and true
Our hearts beat as one
Let nature take its course
Together, we have so much fun
Girl, when we lay together underneath the moonlight
We take each other higher
With every precious kiss
We both feel the fire
Our hearts beat together as one
There is a heavenly bliss
Nothing but magic in the air
Such a sweet tenderness
Amiso Pius Jun 1
Black and white       
and grey is born.                        
Colour me grey.         In,out.                      
And i'd paint the world anew.
Girl, you truly are a masterpiece
You are stunning and pretty
You have everything going for you
So sassy, classy, and witty
The beauty that you possess
Brings out the highlights in you
You have a wonderful personality
It empowers in everything that you do
Aisa koi humsafar ho,
Jiski mujhe na khabbar ho,
Shaant aur sheetal kisi nadi ki tarah,
Jiski gehrai ka sirf mujhe pata,
Wo mujhe mujhse bhi jyada jaanta ho,
Jo meri aankhon se dil me jhaak paata ho,
Jo mera saath kabhi na chode,
Bhale hi duniya apna raasta mode,
Jo Mujhe aur mere faislo ko samjh paaye,
Jo mere andar ke toofan ko thama paaye,
Jo mere jwalamukhi ko shant kara paaye,
Jo mujhe samjhaye aur raah dikha paaye,
Jo mujhe wo pyaar aur izzat de paaye,
Jo aaj tak koi nahi de paya,
Thoda sa mugrur ho,
Thoda sa ziddi,
Jiski adaaye dekh kar,
Koi bhi ghayal ho jaaye,
Jo har aurat ka samman karta ho,
Par bhav kisi ko na deta ho,
Khuda sa ho wo iss zameen par,
Insaniyat jiska roop ho,
Jo aaya ho iss dharti par sirf mere liye,
Aur Usse mujhse jyada meri jarurat ho,
Ek dusre ke bina adhure ho hum,
Ek dusre ko paakar poore ho hum,
Jab koi mushkil aaye ek duje pe toh,
Ek saath mil kar usse ladd paaye hum,
Kabhi wo kuch sikhe,
Kabhi mai kuch sikhu,
Humare rishte me wo izzat ho,
Humare rishte me wo pyaar ho,
Humare rishte me wo vishwas ho,
Bas yuhi,
Bas issi tarah,
Hum dono ek duje ke saath
Yeh Zindagi bita de
iss dharti par iss baar...
Brent Kincaid May 21
I was doing the dishes
And I was thinking of you,
Of back when our love
Was so shiny and new.
I was thinking of how we
Found fun in simple things
Like scrubbing and cleaning
The stubborn bathtub ring.

I was take the trash out
And I was thinking of you
And the looks you’d get
With the things that you’d do;
That beautiful smile when
The meal turns out right
And the bewitching smile
When you’d turn out the light.

I was folding the laundry
And I was thinking of you
Separating the whites from
Red, green, yellow and blue.
I remember you laughing
When I did them all at once,
And that you worked so hard
Not to call me a big dunce.

I was bringing home groceries
And I was thinking of you.
And missing you terribly
And that is so sadly new.
You were always here for us
And now you are gone.
Now I don’t have your love
That I can lean upon.
Girl, you are precious
It shows in everything that you do
Your loving personality
Glows right on through
Your beautiful face
And pretty smile
Can light up the night stars
It is peachy and mild
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