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Be there for her
Hold her in your arms
Always guide and protect her
Give her those loving charms
Be the one who stays dedicated
Carry out your mission and reach for the goal
Love your lady unconditionally
Enlighten and enrich her soul
Jen Snow Sep 4



In between







In between





Marle Aug 30
Red --- for my Passion for You.
Orange --- for our Symphony of Sunsets.
Yellow --- for how you Brighten my Life.
Green --- for how Lush the Earth is.
Blue --- for the Heart of the Ocean.
Light Blue --- for our Dreams.
Purple --- for the night skies.
Pink --- for our kisses, when they touch.
Girl, with each moment that we share
We cherish everything
The magic is in the air
It is the bliss that we both bring
With each tender kiss
We both feel the fire
We lift one another up
And take each other higher
Priyanka Aug 22
Under the comforting blanket of the night
Beneath the sky pregnant with rain-laden clouds,
A sea of emotions poured on me
As I saw you, so near yet so far.

My mind soaked up your image,
Stolen from the corner of an eye
The one I’ll go to bed with
Slipping into slumber, hiding,
In the cosy comfort of this moment
That belongs to none
Other than you and I.

Then I’ll dream of a world unseen
Where all else is a blur
The only truth is togetherness
All else is a lie.
Girl, as we embark on this journey
We will always have one another
It is simply just you and I
We're in this thing together
The path may become rocky at times
We may take a slip and fall
We rise above the struggle
And together, we stand tall
Derrick Jones Aug 19
It’s not despair but dis-pair, you and me instead of unity
Together we are a part, separate we are apart
Side by side we start the spark
Creating art, a walk in the park
But without you, there is no us
Wondrous becomes blunderbuss
So how about you stay with me
We live together for eternity
I help you keep your sanity
And you help me see humanity
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I stand on an abandoned dock
There's nothing in the desolate water
Just me facing the wind, no one to talk
Blowing onto my face, salty tidewater

Eyes closed with clouds overhead
The wind blows, bringing in different things
grief, pain, loss, lies, all unsaid
But the wind runs its own course, caring for nothing

Yielding for none
So I stand there, fists clenched
Faced stoically towards the wind, I could run
I remember the people behind me, each entrenched

Those who rely on me to block the salty sea
Sometime they don't feel the breeze
At times they forget the wind even blows, if only they could see
I never could through, as my very soul it tries to seize

This is my duty, like a giant totem pole
Watching over my people, they are my pearl
Keeping my hands clenched, I think of my role
They are ignorant to the real world

But that keeps me locked to the world
Against each gust of wind
Then I remember the one before me and all his worth
The one I looked up to, the one I wish I could send

Always there looking off at the horizon
Waiting for something
But always blocking the wind and what lies within
At the time I knew nothing of these things

Then like the wind, he moved on
Leaving that patch of worn wood where he stood abandoned
But just because he left didn't mean the wind moved on
The wind destroyed the home my family had made so grand

I was left with a choice:
Let the winds destroy my home
Or listen to my inner voice
So I marched down to that dock all alone

The winds in my face
Threatening to knock me over every step I take
Hands against the wind I pressed against its chill embrace
Until I found the end of my fate

I placed my feet in the ground
Locked into place
So now I stand here not making a sound
But now there's something in the water

Ships coming into harbor
As they lower their anchor
They come out single file
The first walks out

"We've all braved the storm too"
Then she grabs hold of my hand
As if following her orders, the others do the same
One by one

Ship by ship
The line following the shore from my crowded dock begins to unify
And with each one of their cries
The wind slowly begins to die
The first poem I ever wrote. I wrote it this year in my creative writing class.
Girl, together we can make it
Our hearts have joined as one
Sharing and caring for another
And having so much fun
With every tender moment
There is nothing but pure happiness
Of an ecstatic nature
Together, our souls are blessed
kayleigh Aug 3
Something must be done,
So that justice can be won.
No more insensitive remarks;
Or fire starting sparks,
Of the hate from so many,
That wears us down like an old penny.

It seems that so little, so few,
Can actually see through,
The transparent glass,
That seemingly separate our class;
“All for one and one for all,”
A neglected rule that sadly is our downfall.

We must band together,
It doesn't matter whether
You know them or not,
Save one another, cover your blind spot.
We’re all brothers and sisters,
Not your personal battle enlisters.

Work together, never against,
It’s the reason why we’re always so tensed.
No one to brace our fall,
Someone who only makes us feel small.
No one to help when we bleed,
Be the selfless hero we all need.

I wonder why some feel the need to
Belittle and overdo
Stray from Racism, sexism, anti-semitism,
And bring love, hope, and activism.
If you practice what you preach,
Maybe hatred can be just a figure of speech.

Keep your friends close and enemies closer, they say,
But that’s deceit in a simpler way.
Don’t tear another down
Never let them drown
No, instead we must build up,
Praise and makeup.

Don’t complain or whine
Leave indifference on the line
If total equality is what you seek,
You must be ready to speak.
Speak out against the hate,
But only some await.

An open state of mind
Sadly so many have become disinclined.
I question as to why,
The tree of kindness is running dry.
Through thick and thin,
That’s how it should have always been.

If effort is what you require,
Why do we all wait until it becomes dire?
Few of us care about the wellbeing of our peers
Maybe in fear of the comments and jeers.
That is the precise reason why we need this!
It’s a shame some would rather stay and reminisce.

An Endless, brainless, aimless, way
To be stuck in the so-called “ good old day”
The future is now, the time is here,
Where everyone is new, and all can cheer.
Erase the bad times, but do leave time to renew,
Because in the end, we’re all just humans too.

There are changes to be made,
No reason to be afraid.
Love thy neighbor and it will be okay,
Not just tomorrow, until your very last day.
Something must be done,
So that justice can be won.
The poem that won me second place & a scholarship!
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