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Wal-Mart at 12 a.m. is almost eerie.

Silent save the occasional shopper or manager,
Perhaps following you to ensure you don't do anything foolish.

Picking out the dumbest things just because you need to smile.

Playing with your friend in the toys, letting go for once,
Just to be chased away by management.

Losing one of the squad and looking for her.

Wandering over to the makeup, glancing at the camera,
Then picking out what you want and pocketing it an aisle over.

Going to the arcade and winning for once.

It's not a secret, you needed a win,
Plus your little sibling will love the new stuffed toy.

Seeing a random family member.

Rushing away as to remain unseen,
Knowing if your parents find out you will be dead.

The general feeling of disassociated contentedness when you finally leave.

You won't remember half of what happened anyway,
But who cares.

Shopping at night is the best.
Starry Aug 18
As I shopping for
A new set of baoding *****
In China town
I find the the oddest pair
One clear and white with yell and orange
flaming dots representing
The Big dipper
And blue one clear with white shiny dots
The Dipper
At night.
And so I buy.
Tony Tweedy Aug 14
I have found true love at last so near my dying day.
A mistress who does not judge or lead me only to dismay.
Rewarding in so many ways many treasures so refined.
And gives a love to inspire in return a loyal and devoted kind.

A page for all my needs and fulfilling all of my desire.
My every passion fed fulfilled to light my internal fire.
Never finding fault in me or doubting of my worth.
No truer love have I known in my wanders upon this Earth.

No question of the love now found that meets my every need.
No lies or deceits as went before to cause my soul to bleed.
No test to tell if I am straight or perhaps leaning toward the ***.
I give praise to the creator, and will always laud him, for eBay.
Sorry.... but seriously there is no better website.... she calls me and I am hers.
Isaac Ward Aug 11
How do I buy a ring-
Silver, or gold?
Is platinum a thing?
Should price be paid attention to?
It's so complicated!

Apparently diamonds have rules,
What does it even matter!
It's carbon, from the ground,
Bananas are carbon!
Maybe I could get her a banana ring...

And who even made the tradition!
Does love need a price tag?
Maybe, or maybe not.
I'll still buy her a ring,
But I think cheesecake is better.
Aa Harvey Jul 5
Bee ware

My first week’s pay!
What am I going to do!?
I have never had this much honey before!
First of all, I will go to,
The joke shop and get me those books I saw.
I could do with some new material,
For when they say “That’s getting old.”
Well, they won’t say that when all my jokes,
Have never before been told.
By me that is,
They have already been said before, on BeeTV;
But who has the time to remember everything?

Oh that reminds me, I could do with some shorts,
For when I am playing Buzz ball;
I will have to go straight to the mall.
Maybe get me a nice new pair of sun glasses.
Got to look the part when I go out to ‘Where it’s at.’;
The place where everybody is.

Got to show off some wing-bling;
Got to get a new hair cut;
Got to buy some new tunes;
It’s time to change my style up.

I’m still gonna listen to rock ‘n’ roll,
Because everybody knows,
It’s good for the soul;
But maybe some babe would like some other kind of tune.
So I will try to keep an open mind,
But I know I won’t bee buying no Buzzy-Fly.
Man, that guy can’t sing!
And he wouldn’t know what a good lyric sounded like;
Or maybe I could buy myself a brand new sky-bike.

I have seen them on the adverts;
They have only just arrived.
Maybe I’ll catch a bee movie too,
So I can quote all the lines.
Already planned to go out dancing,
So I will have to say something.
I’m never gonna get a girl-friend by trying to sing like Bee-Bee King.  
Now that’s a guy who can sing!

I haven’t got the range or the talent,
That ‘The Yellow Stripes’ have; they sure are good.
“I’m gonna fly off!
A bee with seven arms couldn’t hold me back!”…I love that song.
I can’t wait to play my new bass guitar tonight;
Can’t wait to go and buy it.
I will just pop in, go get my pay check and then it’s time to split.

I will look so cool in the new threads I am going to buy.
I’ve got to put aside some honey though, for Mum;
Everybody wants to take their piece of my honey pie.
I have to give her a part of my wage, boohoo; but it is only a slice.
Got to pay the board, but I am still sure,
I’ll still bee the coolest bee in the hive;
Once I get those flared jeans that I have been waiting to buy…

Five minutes later,
Humble came out of the office with a sad look on his face.
I have worked all week and this is all I get paid!??
Man!  The life of a worker bee…it’s a shame...
(Such a shame.)

We work all day for a *** of honey
And there is never enough to go around…
They can talk and talk and say that’s life!
But this sure ain’t funny
And now I can only cry the tears of a clown.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
the preacher's wife
being tempted by a new dress she was trying on.
The Devil said, "Buy it, honey, buy it!"
And the preacher's wife said,
"Get thee behind me, Satan!"
And the Devil did, then he said,
"Mm. Looks good on you from here too…"
Written by a friend. Kweku Asante.
Emily Wang Apr 27
It was prettier on the hanger.
I woke up *****
And went to the shop,
I got corn, peas, chopped gherkins,
All canned,
I raided the reduced section like mad,
Got some cheese
And some ham
That I won't allow to go bad,
cause I'll make a ton of salad
Out of this myriad,
For breakfast, munch and evening feast,
It'll last a fortnight at the very least,
I can top it up with this
Foul smelling liquor I brought from the east,
Among the other mementos in my cellarette,
I could have a party in my ******
In my kitchenette,
My flat is so hot I could sign post it
'sauna to let',
But the swingers here don't speak a word of
One time they took their ya-yas out
And called ME a delinquent,
As if I've got a funny kind of pigment
They can't live with,
I've tried to put my finger on it
But I don't want it to get stinky,
I think they simply haven't got an inkling
As to what and why they're thinking,
But never mind those pinkies,
Let us go back to my shopping
Just as it was getting *****:
Before my skimpy trolley glided to the checkout,
I got a ticket for my pfand,
Which measured fairly to my pleasure
Of having my alcoholism,
Which is confess is merely leisured,
Redeemed into a form of solid ******* treasure.
Throughout the years my drinking
Let me celebrate the fear
Of lack of meaning,
It made friends out of strangers,
Lovers out of friends,
Ex lovers out of lovers,
Clowns out of boring people,
It made a clown out of me too,
My drinking took my money
And gave me a suspicious act
To cling to,
It made me a legless athlete
In a race against the future,
It excited me with waterfalls of chaos
Bursting through cracked normality,
It pretended to bring Arcadia
Into the ruling technology,
It invaded Scandinavia  
With lawless Somalia,
It put peaks and crannies
Into the dull landscape of
Nord Rhein Westphalia,
I have a whole worthless encyclopaedia
Of what my drinking did to me,
Page after page of random numbers
Makes for a baffling read,
I don't know if I should frame it,
Burn it,
Or get some ****,
My drinking always gave me an excuse to smoke,
I puffed my hours into nothingness,
Laughter & loneliness,
A condition of no ambition
Made life itself seem like a superstition,
But I don't want the repetition anymore,
Boredom is but a bed sheet of a sore old *****,
A stifling breath of a handicapped mind;
Being now so temporarily poor
I find it easy to smile
As the cashier counts my pennies
Making the citizens in line
In their Jack Wolfskins and denims
Very uneasy,
Men & women of the Rhein get seriously queasy
When they see a foreigner like me
Simply taking it easy,
You know I had to break my piggybank just to get here,
I crossed a red light when it was all clear,
I have no bike lights - I just disappear,
Who knows what is it that I do inside the night?..
Could be something good,
Might be something bright..
I got my receipt,
Said my 'schön Tag' alright,
I should have said 'schön Abend'
But I guess I'm not polite,
Then I rode in the street,
My bags dangling left & right,
Balancing my act
Under the waning Eurodollar moon,
Some react badly
when they're given **** to spoon,
But my lack of money
In fact makes me feel immune
To superficial cravings like
iPhones, clothes, perfume,
shavings, shoes, tattoos;
I'd rather spend a fortnight
In the arms of David Hume,
Than stopping by at Rügen
On my way to Cameroon,
On a beastly ocean liner,
With pommes and Pauliner
Supplied ad infinitum!
I don't know my own mind,
I's time to take a trip down the ol' cerebrum,
While tickets are at a minimum
And the season is at a premium,
I'll tame my tantrums without ******,
I'll let my maelstroms guide me to a podium
Of perfect equilibrium,
I'll get a glimpse of wisdom
By watching my own delirium,
I'm serious about this.
I don't reminisce about the years
I dismissed by watching television series,
Dumbing down with the Big Bang Theory.
I feel so blessed to be weary
And out of breath
From the long hand of entertainment
That wants to tickle everyone to death,
It's an epidemic worse than crystal ****,
But it's not hard to shake the fever.
Only a ****** was born to be a ******,
Man was cursed to be a dubious believer.
So kiss my feet
Or chop me with a cleaver,
Nothing will stop me from becoming an achiever,
Nothing but the habit pattern of my own demeanour.
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