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Stork brings the baby
Happy mom and daddy
Stork comes to the hospital
Drops the baby in a basket of wicker
Mom is saved of birth pangs
The celebrations are grand
Daddy is happy
Wife's figure no more shabby
Stork flies away to heaven
To fetch another baby
Another pair of blessed ones
To be mom and daddy
Storks, your job is onerous
I take on you pity
I have a suggestion
Drop all the babies
With Jeff Bezos
He would supply them
world over
You would be saved of
Locating addresses
And lot of drudgery
Stork brings the baby
Mom and daddy are happy
Amazon would deliver on order!
Mom saved of birth pangs
Daddy is happy
Wife's figure no more shabby
It's a gup!
Anais Vionet Jul 30
Fashion’s symbolic sensuality draws eyes, stir passions and maybe even resentments!  =]

Of course, maybe you’re above worldly conceits, above fashion. YOU, go through life as unaware as sinless Adam and you’re excessively handsome, or pretty, obviously.

But for the rest of us - fashion is the medium of our beauty and God created Paris for fashion.

We’re pretending we’ve come to Paris (our immediate, pandemic safety-pod-family) for a family reunion - but REALLY, we’re on safari - a freshmen, college-wear, “back to school,” ensemble hunt (for meeeeeeeeeeee!).

Step 1 (there’s only 1 step) - go to the Rue Saint-Honoré.

This year, I like-like Anna Molinari - most of the ready-to-wear daily-trash I snapped-up is hers - all hers. It didn’t start out that way - but she sould me on an uncharted course at first sight.

Other designers seem to be pushing old-lady-looking floral prints this season. Eeuw! Why?? DIAF.

My gran-mère (grandmother) told me - 6 days ago - as she attempted to tame my run-away hair: “You need to be unpredictable, petite beauté, not some comely young automaton. Then everyone will find you interesting and watch to see what you do next.”

Thank you, gran-mère - I’ll settle for looking interesting any time.
It was wonderful to be able to go and see beautiful things again.
Bezos, you experienced
Zero gravity
I admire, your alacrity
You went beyond the Karman line
On New Shepard  flight
Wonderful is technological leap
You're by no means a creep
Your thinking is quite deep
You have given jobs to millions
Efficient delivery of goods at doorsteps
Online shopping quite
Fascinating and reasonable
Making great variety of things
Hitherto inaccessible
But there's a murky side
Terrible is petty shopkeepers' plight
They find it difficult to survive
You thanked your employees
They funded your ride
You're a smart guy
They create your wealth
Ignoring their families and health
You please them telling analogous
Earth belongs to everyone
Some own thousands of hectare
Some not even an inch square
Nevertheless, you're a great guy
Idiosyncratic I am
Your giant leaps in this world
Make me wonder
When you die, where would you die?
Whether in the sky in zero gravity
And keep flying
Or on mother or a sister planet and buried under gravity
Whatever, you would be remembered for ages for good
Great guy!
karly codr Mar 18
i need to stop
getting depressed
and getting ideas
and making impromptu trips
to craft stores
yeah so i went to get gas in my car today and while i was waiting in line i had an idea so i made a trip to the craft section of walmart and spent money on things that i probably don't need
karly codr Feb 19
a really bad habit to get into
is retail therapy
you know, buying things
when your mental health *****?
well i've been stuck in that habit
for a while
and today after school
i went and spent sixty dollars
on things that i didn't even need
at least the scrunchies that i got were cute. oh and i got some more pens that i don't even need anyway because i have plenty. also i don't know why i was so willing to spend that much when i need to get fabric for a pair of pajama pants that I'm gonna make and fabric is expensive as hell
Hannobal Jan 1
Shopping malls in Malaysia are good for generating business revenues,
but during the pandemic times since March 2020,
most businesses have closed for quite the longest time till late May 2020.
Without business revenues, many business outlets deteriorate by 30% if not 70%.

Shopping malls,
can be sleepy business or dead walking malls,
due to the sales of merchandise items or F&B items.
which had occured losses of business revenues in March 2020 till May late May 2020 (in Malaysia context),

Businesses are in dire need of survival from losses to profits,
Profits are beneficial which are better.

Therefore, profits in the making are good for businesses.
business revenues
Anais Vionet Dec 2020
(a poem in Senryus)

You don’t have to count,
when you lose a boyfriend, you
know. There was just one.

He was gone before
I knew it - he wasn’t, you know,
******* or anything.

For a moment I
toy with saying, “Alexa, add
rope to my shopping list."

In High School boyfriends
come and go - it's like shopping
- where you return things.
shopping is SO much fun - don't you think?
JohnBu Nov 2020
Cool shop’s
Flip flops
Pimped with
Hip hop
Barge in
Wrong size
Can’t win
Anais Vionet Sep 2020
I’m in LOVE - drunk love,
look stupid love - and I
expect a harsh trial.

A hurricane is
due - the sky is coldly-gray,
and the wind is fierce.

Tech issues have school
on hold and walking is a

Then - the blue gray truck
rounds the corner and I’m hit
with Christmas-like joy.

I LOVE shopping,
like a lush loves drink or a
gambler loves risk.

It’s nigh ******.
How can YOU resist it? Please
- tell me your secret??!!

** Amazon trucks are blue gray =]
shopping.. it's a narcotic for prison world
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