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It's been 6969 days since 2000 ended and I thought I'd just share that fact with y'all
A poem every day

III Sep 2018
For all the words I've written,
I still feel as though I will die
Completely unexpressed.
Lily Aug 2018
2,000 poems I've liked on this website,
2,000 poems that touched my heart,
2,000 poems that have made me smile, laugh,
Cry, and most importantly, feel.
2,000 poems that I've liked on this website-
Scratch that- community.
Whether you realize it or not,
Your poems really have changed my life.
Every time I log in, I am amazed at the
Diversity of the people who have found and
Created this amazing community.
Despite the glitches and the haters,
There is a large number who help,
Encourage, mentor, and support.
I know you all have lives outside of this community,
But I wanted to thank you all for the time you put into this.
It's become a large part of my life,
And reading your poems has caused me to examine myself
And learn things I didn't know before.
So, I thank you.
I'm sure I'll have another 2,000 poems
Liked before you know it.
Neon Beaches May 2018
To walk neon beaches

The space between (dimensions)

A vibrant limbo

16 bit roads lined with palm trees

These neon beaches I walk

This purgatory between life and death

A simulacrum of reality that bleeds colour

A place isolated from existence
Cat Lynn System Feb 2018
T* wo
W eeks
E arly...
N ot
T he
Y oungest...
F orever
O btaining
R adiant
T wo
H ues

O nly
F or

F ew
E yes...
B right
R ivalries
U nite...
A new
R elative's
Y earling...

                          *Hello Again, My Reminder Of my Birth

(I don't know why the strong thing is up there it's suppose to be **T**.. of well XP
...okay not the best poem...but it was something different I wanted to try?

Okay for those who didn't understand it, but something that has been passed down in my family are two different colored eyes, they aren't that noticeable like they USE to be when I was a baby but if you stared into my eyes, and looked around the edges... you can see how different they really are. My uncle on my mom's side had them, and before him my grandfathers brother had it. It's been passed down for generations. And that was the first thing they noticed with me when I was little. I was forced to be born 2 weeks early, so I was a pretty small baby XD. but.. yeah... although i wish they were more noticeable... idk it's always something I've been proud to have... I am the second youngest of my family,  although i was SUPPOSE to be the youngest. ....but yeah..

The Yearling Part is weird I know, but a yearly refers to an animal of new birth, Since I am called "Cat" and so was my uncle, some say I am his "yearling" if you will.... yeah it's weird... idk XD

Idk it's a strange Birthday Poem I wanted to try I didn't know else what to write or even how to write it XD forgive me if it's terrible

Thank You Lord <3

Cat Lynn ///
MaddHatterQueen Feb 2018
If I could find the Proverbs
arranging them accordingly
Inside these lucid creases
I would die happy, just to
concieve metrical composition

... for all time

I'd scribble heartbreaks and
rescue missions of my soul
to clarify empathy of baptism
that my love is more than love

If I had a key with a heart
bleeding at the crown
I would unlock the poison
So much I allowed myself
in suffering
I am languishing
rib cages, shutting in
all my reasoning to breathe...

were to be found another day

I'd scribe in scrolls
of my 15 yrs of sorrows
hoping your eyes can see
I am just as damaged as
a vehical wreck
Yet a mother of 1
who was lost on a sad


3yrs ago when I first decided
to bare my deepest and thickest
outpour of my poetry,
I wrote about you

Mathias Ti'avasu'e

..I became the whipping
motherless girl beneath Zues..

Conveyed the impression
at first glance
Writing my storms delicately
as when mommy first held you
helped me describe
my inner workings
so that you might understand

… exactly the mother I could have been

I love you in all of your grace,
your purity,
and your precious life.
And when that time comes
that I may write of you
I could find the words I need
to create heavenly for you
and conquer

... and if this makes perfect poetry,
then why does it still hurt so bad?
© The Madd Hatteress
For my Mathis.. mommy loves and misses you.
I wallow in my sleepless nights,
Typing away on this keyboard,
Sometimes it feels more like a page,
From my notebook from those high school days.

Where I would draw unend, ignoring science my best friend,
Fill up the pages with shapes and letters,
Where the lines define the universe,
Where people and stick beings intertwine,
With dancing letters some bold, some shy,
Lettering was also caught in my, little web,
Where a monkey does what a monkey sees,
Where limitless was just a level three,
My ninety nine was at a killing spree,
Then they soon forget as in time degrees,
Where fate was faked in an autopsy,
I guess that is what teenagers be,
A pack of animals, learning to be,
Human, again and again, I see.
When we were young, stubborn, and naïve.
My mask covers me
For my sins
Because I am wicked
Do not look at me
This mask I bear
Brings me shame
Relying on myself
Is all I can do
Remembering love
is worthless
All my sin
Placed in a bottle
All my tears

How much more do we deserve?
An unfailing love
that is pure and genuine
Such a thing exists
According to God
Eternal life and everlasting joy
are given to those who believe in Him
A new life, a new mask
A different perspective
(Read from the bottom up once you've reached the end)

— The End —