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N-umbed heart slaughtered **** Godly lives
E-nslaved mind sent messages to conscience
W-inning by killing was not the teaching
Z-ombies are being replaced by us
E-thereal was the human soul called- peace and beauty laid in it
A-mbitious for making the world but every pint on blood on land is irony
L-ove was meant to heal, but today the love of religion killed lives
A-rdent peace in every life lost is such a dying-bloom
N-ever was it wanted out of humans,
D-emons were made for such an onslaught!
I pray for the lives lost in the Newzealand Mosque attack. We all have to stand together to create a beautiful world of love and togetherness. These evil are born out of us. We have the duties on our shoulders to create a peaceful and society which embraces unity. We have created **** basis for divisions- Religion, borders, ***, caste, creed and **** lot more. Let's come together and carve out a peaceful world!
Angelica Feb 17
stardust fell down from her honey brown eyes
and kissed the neck of her wooden guitar
and inside her aquamarine gloom lies
truly the most ethereal gold by far
and for every single shaky breath
is worth one hundred dollars to a fool
and for every fragile thought of death
is cut exactly like a priceless jewel
her hurt worn like a 1950s fur
as she licks the rotten fruit of Eden
they rearrange her life all around her
into their own holy flower garden
she, seraph, looks up to the heavens gates
remembers how it felt, plummeting to hate
Pyrrha Feb 6
A picture paints a thousand words
but even a thousand words
is not enough to paint
a picture-perfect portrait of you
too ethereal, too unique
pulchritudinous in the way you think

Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
so we can make a novel out of you
Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
so the world can learn that perfect isn't a myth
perfection is hidden within your smile
within your eyes, within your voice

Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
so I can immortalize you in my art
Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
and maybe then I'll have all the words I need
to make you believe me when I tell you
just how perfect you truly are
worthless Feb 5
She giggles like a baby
And dances like an excited child,
Twirling amongst the wind and rain with no coordination.
Her smile is quiet and often,
I never really thought about how much I love teeth until I looked at how cute yours were,
Her canines sharp and ready to bite at my ear.
The waist on that girl is about the size of my neck,
Maybe smaller.
I wouldn't doubt it.
Pale milk in the moonlight is no whiter than her skin,
But it is not nearly as luminescent and ethereal.
Her freckled narrow nose shows how much she is in the sun.
She will run around, having kid's fun, until millennia go by.
Her ears poke out of her hair sometimes,
Showing themselves just to make me smile.
And her locks are thick, unlike her thighs.
Her hips are so wide and fluid,
But she does not worry of them.
Her only worry in the world is of her music.
Her multichrome eyes are canyons filled with amusement, joy and love,
And they are framed by long elegant eyelashes that tickle my own when she kisses me.
Her hands, ever so small but broken, rush around, messing with whatever there is to be played with.
And her tongue intrigues me as much as it enchants me. One flick of it, and I'm melted in her hands.
Her body is what I'd imagine heaven's angels to appear as,
mes Jan 31
how to explain this feeling in me?
I sense an earthquake
It has destroyed and shaken
All the pain away
It is an ocean
In renewed devotion
The woman with the hair on fire
This revealing ghost
Mere haunting creature
And no bad is left behind her
Only longing
Only hope
So delicate
it explodes
In thin air
So I close my eyes
And we weep together.
poem tribute to Florence Welch
All within my hands: I carry the aura.
All within my hands: I carry the gift.
All within my hands: I carry the essence.

A soothing, dark red.

Is it crimson? No...
Is it scarlet? No...
Is it burgundy? No...

It is carmine.
Carmine is in me.
And I am within her.

She is pleasant.
She adores all.
She loves unconditionally.

I will look after her well, Lord.
I will not let anyone quench her.
I will not silence her beauty.

I will nourish her;
she will become a radiant brilliance.

A shining sun.
A peaceful presence.
A soothing seraph.
A gift..? Empathy. Empathy as a gift.. I am thankful. I see the colour of the aura in me. It is carmine. We all have a gift.. I have found mine..
When you really put your all into something,
a little part of your soul
gets poured into the chase
and that little part of your soul becomes something you will never get back -
something ethereal,
in an unforgiving universe,
for a chance at getting everything you ever wanted.
theodosia Dec 2018
i am currently on progress
of the art, i am doing
carefully tracing the lines,
carving the most perfect face
i've never had.
random thought, i wanna carve my face LOL
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