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Mrs. Envy is always troubled of her guilty pleasures,
Her enduring romance with emotions never ceases to die.
She needs to step out of her comfort zone,
She needs to face the world as it is.
HippoHelios Sep 20
Why do I have to be?
Try me! - I always seem to cry.
Disappointment. Again. Again!
I dare you, I invite you!
Sadness. Tears. Again. Again!
And yet, still I stand.
Or, the very least, I get up. Again. Again!
But why am I indestructible?
I wish I could break - or worse: Shatter!
Surely, then MY feelings would matter?!
But all your blazes are but tealights for me.
I am!
I sigh. Again. Again!
Smite me - at worst I‘ll buckle;
but never break or shatter.
Hammad Sep 17
It doesn't matter,
if you have given your best
People will remember - who you used to be
It doesn't matter,
if you have changed
your faults will be reminded
Every now and then
It doesn't matter,
If you have tried and failed
You will be mocked - until you succeed
It doesn't matter,
If you had stayed
and given them a second chance
They won't  accept -  for who you are
so tell me, my dear!
Why people matter to you anyway?
Pasandula Sep 12
Through the witching hour she cries

Veiled stories flood her mind

swept by mellifluous tones of lust

Still, conscience breaks through her skin

Traces of fingertips and lips

patterned on her supple skin

Yet her mind wanders; mistakes,

longing to touch the bottom

a bottomless abyss of sins
Giovanna Aug 9
You asked what am I?
I am just a bunch of unanswered questions which you always ignore and sideline!
Just a face to your questions,
from which you want to escape!
Folake Jun 21
I hate people
Even though i know i shouldn't
It's easier that way
Hating is easier than loving
So is living in the past and not forgiving
Human beings are backwards but...
I'm human too.
Sanjana Jun 13
Trapped within, the walls of guilt
My heart cries, pounding my ribs
It wants to confess, apologize and repent
For calling my mind a cheat, a fake friend
It forced me to choose itself over my mind
Feelings over logic, for one last time
I did so, and now I pay
Slowly, silently, for the mistake I made.
You gotta choose wisely when it is in between your mind and your heart.
Again we had a fight
In his view like always,
he was right.
But what does actually matters,
to be right or to feel right?
With all this dilemma in my mind
I uttered...
No, I don't wanna be one with blight
Now this is the height
with these last words, I left that place
In search of a new light to be more bright.
when one person takes others for granted this is how things turn out to be at the end.
Bhavani Jun 11
two worlds within me
one rule-abiding
and the other rule-smashing

how do they coexist
in a world of culture
and tradition

if I choose for myself
i’m selfish and

if I follow the rules
then I won’t be living

recent conversations
have made me hold a mirror
to myself

wondering again
how do I bring these two worlds

I just want to live
my truth without hurting
Arshika Kaur May 10
Just clear rejection is the fact of disinterest or integrity falling in pieces
Discomfort building in no more comfortable silences
Or paraphernalia of glances loosing it's eccentricity
Here we stand alone and no longer want to indulge in favors
Growing cold and abandoning what we savoured
Here we stand alone no longer want to clarify our choices
Whatever we'll say sounds foist
This weather is turning sad and so is our love
Disinterest building from distance or from lack of trust
It's fermenting with ignorance, leading sour roots
Day by day growing
And filling our lack of pursuit
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